• CTC and British Cycling heavily critical of legal system over £35 fine for collision that caused cyclist's death1 year 12 weeks agoNothing has changed in 45yrs

    Nothing has changed in 45yrs since my moped was stolen. The two kids who took it were each fined £35.
    In the same court, the same week, a driver of a car with "virtually useless" brakes knocked down and killed a man on a pedestrian crossing. He was fined £20.

    Nothing changes. The law values property higher then human life.

    Write to your MP and all you get is a standard reply from a list of stock bland replies.

  • bib tights (un)padded?1 year 12 weeks agoI wear a pair of unpadded

    I wear a pair of unpadded Lusso bib tights with some regular non bib padded shorts underneath. Lovely stuff.

  • bib tights (un)padded?1 year 12 weeks agoWorks for me.

    Works for me.

  • Someone's been reading too many forums1 year 12 weeks agoTo the "real cyclists don't

    To the "real cyclists don't wear hi-vis" school of thought, in a radio discussion a few weeks ago, Graham Obree said that he would personally ban shops from selling black cycling gear. Good luck trying to destroy that "flashing budgie" if you meet him on the roads.

    Personally, I think hi-vis is useful in town and in unlit country roads as I want to have a passive back up to lights, but dont want to rely on reflective materials that depend on a drivers headlights being properly aligned and working. However, when you have as many lumps and bumps as I do, black is definitely an attractive option for jerseys.

    In short, I wear what I want and anyone who tries to impose an orthodoxy on what cyclists should wear, one way or the other, can [insert expletive of choice] off!

  • Saddle lock design wins Red Dot award1 year 12 weeks agoThe Tigr lock should be

    The Tigr lock should be winning awards

  • Saddle lock design wins Red Dot award1 year 12 weeks agoproblem with design schools

    problem with design schools they dont practice reality. had this bloke rode a bike all his life and long, he would understand the bicycle, like the wheel has reached its full design potential. to design an integrated lock like this is like making a hexagonal wheel. I've seen samsung tv's where techwise they have eradicated blur meaning when Black Beauty runs across your tv screen you wont see the beauty of motion blur. Believe me, I rather have the blur. When I want to watch a swimwear pageant I will call them.

  • Rapha Rain Jacket on sale1 year 12 weeks agoYes fair point - I would have

    Yes fair point - I would have bought the grey one if they'd had it in a large but no such luck. But then what's a little mud stain here and there? It is a cycling jacket after all...

  • bib tights (un)padded?1 year 12 weeks agoI'm an ex rower so I have a

    I'm an ex rower so I have a few pairs of leggings (non bib). I've often worn leggings over bib-shorts or even over bib tights when its been really cold. No problems for me!

  • bib tights (un)padded?1 year 12 weeks agoThere's no reason why they

    There's no reason why they shouldn't be fine. Give it a try.

    Unpadded tights, 3/4 or leggings of some kind are what I wear most of the time when it's too cool for shorts, I ride 5 or 6 days a week all year round.

  • Phil Liggett says Lance Armstrong's accusers were motivated by jealousy1 year 12 weeks agoHasen't Phil been around

    Waiting Hasen't Phil been around since flip-flop hubs and all wool kits ? Old announcers are like fish, if it stays in your icebox too long, it starts to smell.

  • Geraint Thomas wins Stage 2 to take lead in Santos Tour Down Under1 year 12 weeks agoMostyn wrote:BTW - Geraint,

    Mostyn wrote:
    BTW - Geraint, has not peaked too early; and it's time people realised he is a GC contender for some of the Major tours in the not-to-distant future.

    Brilliant news; and he did it in style.

    I believe cat1commuter may have been being sarcastic there? Possibly in reference to 2012 when Wiggo had peaked too soon in every stage race he won (which was more or less every race he rode) Smile
    You're right; G's got massive potential if he concentrates on the road now. I would love to see him win one of the Flandrian or Ardennes Classics this year; a Brit Paris-Roubaix winner...

  • Morvélo CityCross launched1 year 12 weeks agoI always wanted to do one in

    I always wanted to do one in the Battersea power station, would make a cracking venue

  • Mule Bar Kicks Energy Gel (box of 24)1 year 12 weeks agoI'm a coffee lover and I'd

    I'm a coffee lover and I'd like to find an alternative to typically sweet gels, so these sound particularly appealling. Not sure I'll want to buy 24 at a time, will wait and try one of each to begin with.

    The faff and mess of opening and consuming a gel is the part that puts me off so the 'notch' sounds good, and I'm pleased that they are organic and F/T, worth paying a little extra for IMHO.

  • Oxfordshire cyclist fights off bike thieves (four of them)1 year 12 weeks agoSimon_MacMichael wrote:Some

    Simon_MacMichael wrote:
    Some Fella wrote:
    "Lies to the north of RAF Brize Norton"
    Wondering if the cyclist was perhaps blessed with some military training?

    I'm local and that was my very first thought.

    I'm sure, if that is indeed the case, there'll be a cheap direct-to-DVD Steven Seagal movie made out of it with the week. Although "Under Siege 3: Carterton Crisis" might not tempt buyers to pick it up from the bargain bins next to the checkouts in Walmart, so they'd have to change the location to Bumblefuck, Idaho.

  • Rapha Rain Jacket on sale1 year 12 weeks agothe rapha rain jacket is

    the rapha rain jacket is worth every penny. as is the wind jacket. stunning pieces of kit, fit perfectly and most importantly to me no flap at all in the wind

    downside of the cream is you will easily bea able to say 'this old thing' after one ride as the colour is a dirt magnet Smile

    makes you look rich though when you are rocking a £200 jacket stained to hell.

    dark colour for me if i need to replace it

  • TDU Stage 21 year 12 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Any tips for

    drheaton wrote:
    Any tips for Lantern Rouge?

    Probably one of the two riders I axed from my team today Cool

  • Oxfordshire cyclist fights off bike thieves (four of them)1 year 12 weeks agoI've got a strong suspicion

    I've got a strong suspicion these 'characters' are the ones who tried to steal a Kona MTB off a young teenager last summer. Happened in the same area, group of 4 involved, locals saw them off and Police - unsurprisingly - not particularly interested.

    The ridiculous thing is this happened (literally) just across the road from the Police station.

  • Newbie looking for advice - It's Done - Photo Added1 year 12 weeks agoI'm with Sammy G. Don't take

    I'm with Sammy G. Don't take reviews too literally, they're only one person's opinion. It's what suits you best that will bring the most satisfaction.

    A thought: if it's a fixed budget I would consider spending a bit less on the bike and buy some good quality clothing, shoes and tools with the balance (unless you have these already).

  • WorldTour Team Bikes 2013: Ag2r La Mondiale's Focus Izalco Team SL Carbon1 year 12 weeks agoFor some reason the photos of

    For some reason the photos of the team bike we weren't sent don't have EPS fitted, it's just plain old Record.

    The team will be racing with EPS groupsets though. I have seen a blurry pic of the actual race bike and the battery is mounted on the downtube

  • Bike Spikes for tackling snow and ice + video1 year 12 weeks agoI own a set of AutoSocks for

    I own a set of AutoSocks for the car. They are waaaaay better than chains, basically a synthetic woolly, er, sock for your tyre. Totally quiet, sticks like a blanket to the proverbial, and now approved for alpine roads in Europe instead of chains.

    What cycling needs is the same thing - basically a knitted, tight-fitting tube around the tyre. Silent, super-light, super-low-profile, folds up smaller than a tyre and possibly a universal fit for road or MTB. Maybe there's a reason that wouldn't work (speeds too low to throw snow out of the tread?), and this will. As others have said, the noise is a major issue.

  • Crank length1 year 12 weeks agoThanks for all the comments.

    Thanks for all the comments. I think it has allayed my fears about buying an off the peg bike with 170 cranks. Where I was worried about it affecting my pedaling it seems it might actually improve it!

  • WADA chief slams Operacion Puerto trial's focus on cycling1 year 12 weeks agoThe lesson from cycling and

    The lesson from cycling and athletics has been well learned by other sports - whatever you do don't catch drug cheats, because it is only when they are caught that the media takes any interest, catching cheats is bad for your sport, and sponsors don't like it. The whole thing is a charade, and the influence and power of those in control is here being clearly demonstrated. Feed the media the cycling dopers and the public won't ask any questions. It also demonstrates how controlled main stream media is, no-one I know outside of cycling circles has ever heard of operation puerto. Clearly the sport sponsors are also the big advertisers, and no-one dares upset them.

  • clearout, loads of stuff and an orange p71 year 12 weeks agoBernie, I'll buy the

    Bernie, I'll buy the camelbak hawg off you for my son. See you at work. Peter.

  • WADA chief slams Operacion Puerto trial's focus on cycling1 year 12 weeks agoIs there no freedom of

    Is there no freedom of information in the European court system? Make them spill the beans.

  • Never mind the Dutch and Danes - it's following the German example that could Get Britain Cycling1 year 12 weeks agoGhedebrav wrote: Hence the

    Ghedebrav wrote:
    Hence the slightly bonkers phenomenon of cycle commuters in lycra on four-figure road bikes speeding to work in the traffic at 18mph.

    I am a slightly bonkers phenomenon!