• Been involved in a road crash in Manchester? Your police commissioner wants to know what you think of his force1 year 2 weeks agoThey could skip the survey

    They could skip the survey and simply send out more patrol cars, pulling road users over for bad driving/cycling/whatever and fining them.

    Then publicise what was done, why, and how to behave better to avoid getting fined or banned.

    That'd actually make the roads safer.

  • FAO York Road Cyclists - York Rouleurs Club Concept1 year 2 weeks agoUp and running now. Going

    Up and running now. Going strong so far. More details at:


  • Could Giro d'Italia points jersey rule change see Cavendish and co rethink plans?1 year 2 weeks agoConsensus last year was that

    Consensus last year was that the Giro as prep for the Tour didn't work very well for him. I'll revist the parcours, not that one needs an excuse...

    Still can't quite believe it's starting in Northern Ireland... Cool

  • Chris Boardman welcomes report on inactivity epidemic - but bashes government's inactivity on cycling1 year 2 weeks ago+1 on starting with

    +1 on starting with schools.
    Set aside funds to put in infrastructure and get a handful of flagship schools set up (the latest all party committee recommends setting aside road funds for cycling - do it). Perhaps make the funds available by application, maybe on the basis of surveying parents where there is greatest appetite. Put in dutch infrastructure where the car comes a distant third, after walking and cycling. Set it up to succeed and hey presto, you have the blueprint to adopt across the country.

  • Best Cycling kit?1 year 2 weeks agoIf money is no object you

    If money is no object you cannot, in my opinion beat Castelli. If money is tight try Start Cycles. Its a Newcastle based company which do their own make and its very good and ridiculously cheap.

    I use a lot of their gear, its comfortable, fits well and is not adourned with numerous names and badges.

    EDIT: forgot to add their make is "More Mile"

  • Leveret Roofscope car mirror1 year 2 weeks agoI was about to pull into a

    I was about to pull into a stable yard in Cumbria with the beloved £4k bike on the roof thinking 'What is that tw*t behind me flashing and beeping about?" I wound the window down to ask him what his problem was and he just pointed silently to the roof of my car..... Whoever you were in Cartmel that day - I thank you.. D Oh

  • Been involved in a road crash in Manchester? Your police commissioner wants to know what you think of his force1 year 2 weeks agoComplete waste of time, and

    Complete waste of time, and thats just the Police commissioner.

    In all honesty the public will put down what they feel and the commissioner will inevitably task a few cops to look into their comments and it will then fall away.

    So more cops spending less time doing what they are supposed to do so that the commissioner looks good.

  • Best Cycling kit?1 year 2 weeks agoTry CervoRosso for premium

    Try CervoRosso for premium quality and fit. It may be a little more expensive, but certainly not in the Rapha/Assos price range...the fit is very good and the comfort (pads etc) is first rate....and the selection is excellent as is the customer service (...personal touches, handwritten notes, thank you's etc)...and they look terrific too....

    Check out their Facebook page, there was a discount code/promo ongoing

  • Sir Chris Hoy dreaming of 2016 glory - at Le Mans, not Rio (+ videos)1 year 2 weeks agoHas he been on Top Gear then?

    Has he been on Top Gear then? I bet Clarkson would say 'You see. Work hard and you can get a car!'

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 31 year 2 weeks agoMade the mistake yesterday of

    Made the mistake yesterday of no quick guys so brought in Swift and Matthews for todays stage. Looking at the profile it wont be difficult for them all to stay together but it depends on who is in any breaks.

  • Where's daddy going?1 year 2 weeks ago@ ike2112 It would also be

    @ ike2112

    It would also be good if you posted up on the forum how you get on - I'm sure people would be interested to read of your experience, I would anyway!

  • Eastway CX 2.0 cyclo-cross bike1 year 2 weeks agosurly_by_name wrote:What is

    surly_by_name wrote:
    What is the point of this bike? Or perhaps - who are they planning on selling this bike to?

    people who want a really solid day-to day commuting bike that they can maybe do the odd cx race on?

    people who want a reasonably fast bike for the road but aren't that concerned with weight, and like the extra stopping power of discs?

    people who don't have storage space for multiple bikes and need one that's fairly capable at a range of disciplines?

    In my experience lots of people have bikes like this, because they're really useful bikes.

  • Best Cycling kit?1 year 2 weeks agoCastelli make great gear,

    Castelli make great gear, lasts really well!

  • Bodmin earmarked as ‘cycling town’ - just weeks after council admitted getting more people on bikes was ‘unrealistic’.1 year 2 weeks agoIf Cornwall are going to have

    If Cornwall are going to have a county "cycling town" I don't think anyone can suggest anywhere flat. So the "too hilly" thing is a bit of a red herring.

    Bodmin has a train station just out of town (Bodmin Parkway) and is near to the Camel trail, and on the LEJoG route. So it has excuses for being a cycling town and it has to be somewhere!

  • Husband of Flanders crash victim tells Johan Vansummeren: Win Paris-Roubaix for Marie-Claire1 year 2 weeks agoAllez JVS then.

    Allez JVS then.

  • Husband of Flanders crash victim tells Johan Vansummeren: Win Paris-Roubaix for Marie-Claire1 year 2 weeks agoAs Gizmo says - sometimes an

    As Gizmo says - sometimes an unfortunate series of events lead to an accident. Nothing more sinister than that.
    There always, too often, *has* to be someone to blame.

  • NeilPryde Bikes renames its Alizé bike following trademark dispute... with Specialized again1 year 2 weeks agoSurely someone out there is

    Surely someone out there is offering a Nazare build with Cafe Roubaix wheels!

  • Husband of Flanders crash victim tells Johan Vansummeren: Win Paris-Roubaix for Marie-Claire1 year 2 weeks agoIt wasn't a case of he didn't

    It wasn't a case of he didn't see her until it was too late, he would have crashed whether she was there or not. Just really unfortunate that she was.

  • Eastway CX 2.0 cyclo-cross bike1 year 2 weeks agoIn short, a person like me!

    In short, a person like me! I have a charge plug 3 which is aiming to do similar things. It's my first road bike since the early 90s and realistically, while I would like to have more than one road bike, there is room in neither the shed nor the wallet. Especially once the MTB and the BMX are accounted for.

    Granted, this does seem quite steep in terms of cost for what you get.

  • Chris Boardman welcomes report on inactivity epidemic - but bashes government's inactivity on cycling1 year 2 weeks agobanzicyclist2 wrote:There are

    banzicyclist2 wrote:
    There are more people taking to bikes

    According to the data given on the road.cc report next to this one, that may be the case in a few towns and cities, but certainly not across the country (Cambridge and Oxford top cycle to work league table).

    Desirable as it is to encourage more people to cycle to work, the measure we should really be looking to increase is children cycling to school and elsewhere, on an everyday basis. According to Sustrans, 48% of kids would love to cycle to school, but only 2% actually do.

    banzicyclist2 wrote:
    one of the things that would encourage people is changing facilities at work.

    That's a cop out. Do workers in the Netherlands, where cycling enjoys a high modal share, all have changing facilities where they work? And are UK children not cycling to school because of a lack of changing facilities?

    For most kids changing facilities are irrelevant, mostly because our roads are no go zones if they want to use their bikes.

    It might be important to you, but provision of changing facilities isn't going to make any difference to the low take up of cycling anywhere in the UK. It doesn't for me, and I've been cycle commuting in London for 25+ years.

    banzicyclist2 wrote:
    As far as the roads are concerned, you just have to pick a route and be mindfull of traffic.

    Another spouter of Boris's 'keep your wits about you' nonsense, which doesn't exactly fill parents with confidence about letting their kids loose on the roads. Cycling is fun, and encouraging more people to do it isn't about making it appear dangerous - it's about making it the easiest, safest and most convenient solution for short journeys, for everyone - starting with kids.

    As David Hembrow says on AViewOfTheCyclePath: 'Today's children are the only possible source of tomorrow's adult cyclists ... children love to cycle and cycling is a transport mode which can offer children a greater degree of freedom and affordability than anything else that is open to them.'

  • Where's daddy going?1 year 2 weeks agoike2112 wrote:I have a

    ike2112 wrote:
    I have a question for you though Sam; I just read your blog entry on your BC point gained last year, saw you mention your physical turnaround. I'm on a similar turnaround, going from rugby player to cyclist.
    At what point did you join a club, and feel comfortable to keep with their weekly routes? I'm out around the Bathgate hills, 40-50k every Sunday, climbing around 500m gain but doing it at a casual 22/23 kph. No real reason to hurry - I like to cycle and look around as I do it.

    I think I would struggle to ride at 24 mph for example, as you mentioned is the speed of your chaingang. How did you bridge from the point where you were losing weight and able to get up climbs, to being able to maintain a high pace and being competent at climbs?
    Right now I think I need the challenge of a group and pace-setting to push me, but if I joined a club I'd get dropped on the climbs so it'd be kind of pointless.

    First thing for me was putting in time on the bike; 1 hour or so per day before work, then 3-4hrs on Saturday, usually racking up 8-9hrs per week. When I got to the point I was cycling at 17-18mph average on my own, I then started riding with the club. I started in the middle group but soon moved up to the faster guys. Riding a club ride isn't too difficult, but a chaingang is a different beast altogether, it's like one massive interval session, without recovery! Essentially it's like a race, but clubs run development groups which will teach you good bike handling skills and there should be a pace to suit your ability.

    Best thing to do is find a local club and go out on their slowest ride, our club has rides that go at 13-14mph for about 35-40miles, it's a great way to get people into cycling without the fear of getting dropped. Nobody gets left behind. Pedal Power (West Calder) have rides to suit everyone, check out this thread, and also look for their Facebook page http://www.pedalpowerrt.site50.net/showthread.php?tid=101 I also think West Lothian Clarion have a good range of rides. Don't be fearful of trying out clubs and seeing which one you like before you join.

    One thing you should do is have a go - you'll find that people are welcoming and will be happy to pass on what they know and enjoy seeing you develop.

    PS. we went up the Bathgate Alps on Saturday - the first time for me and it was an eyeopener - the ride up to Beecraigs out of Linlithgow is brutal!

  • Recovery from a hip injury1 year 2 weeks agoThanks for all the comments

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Have spoken to the physio and he was very encouraging about getting cycling again and 6 to 8 weeks seems to be the time scale before some very gentle action. Am considering getting a turbo trainer. Very interested to hear that my injury is not unique! Luckily I suffered no other injuries in the crash so it simplifies it somewhat.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 2 weeks agoMy new ride (and I love it):

    My new ride (and I love it): A Felt F95.
    This was taken just after I took delivery of it and I had put it together and before setting it up properly - the saddle has come down a couple of inches. For the price I paid for it (£399 new from Wiggle) I could not be more pleased.

  • Eastway CX 2.0 cyclo-cross bike1 year 2 weeks agoLet me preface what follows

    Let me preface what follows with this: I love bikes. Pretty much all bikes.

    But what is the point of this bike? Or perhaps - who are they planning on selling this bike to? It looks like a very handy - although not especially competitively priced - all rounder. But who buys an all rounder? In my experience (of me and numerous friends and acquaintances), once you get past one bike, you tend to be looking for bikes that are specialized - like a cross bike (you could use this Eastway as a "fun" cross bike to try cross racing but it is at least 3 component modifications away from being a bike you would race cross on week in/week out) or a mountain bike or a proper tourer. Not a bike that is fair-to-middling at any of these disciplines. While the Eastway is pretty much all the bike any of us will ever need, I suspect very few of us will ever buy one.

  • Oxbridge cities top cycle-to-work league table1 year 2 weeks agoNo it is all wrong! It is

    No it is all wrong! It is time for Cambridge to have it's name mentioned first. Camford, not Oxbridge.


    Though what would be interesting is to see how these stats correlate with the topography of the regions and the urban sprawl.