• STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!51 weeks 5 days agoridewithgps and track .....

    ridewithgps and track ..... me - totally stress free Smile

    having turned 50 I have defo found that I no can't do what the 25 y.o. on the
    club run do Smile

  • Club Cingles - any advice for the day?51 weeks 5 days agoFantastic I've done

    Fantastic Smile

    I've done Malaucene-Bedoi-Sault both times I've attempted it (one DNF with heatstroke and one success). I'd rather ease into it that way than hit Bedoin from the outset. But there's not a great difference between the two.

    Heat of the day for Sault really shouldn't be much of an issue. It's nice and steady, it's well-shaded. You want to avoid it on the second one more than anything else...the forest section of Bedoin is just stifling.

    Obviously...pace is key. Break it up into 6 sections mentally - Bedoin to Chalet Reynard, CR to summit, Malaucene to Chalet Liotard, CL to summit, Sault to CR, CR to summit. Makes it mentally easier than 3 'longer climbs'.

    CR and CL are great places to stop and eat/drink/fill bottles. Even if CR is shut depending on the time you reach it, there is a tap outside.

    There's also a little shop at the top for food/drink. They sell beer, which is critical for that third summit Smile

    Try to use real food where possible... apparently the best way to do it is to get two climbs in and have a colossal feed at CR on the second descent, so that you're fuelled up for the third. Sault is easier, both on paper and on the road...but don't underestimate it at the end of all that!

    Finally...enjoy, get your stamps and look forward to receiving your certificate from M. Pic.

    chapeau in advance Smile


  • Video: Road safety film from Norway asks drivers, would you act so aggresively elsewhere?51 weeks 5 days agoIt'd be good to run those on

    It'd be good to run those on British TV - leave them as they are and run them with subtitles.

    I've seen the examples of bad driving/cycling before. I love that roll over the bonnet of the old Citroen. I only ride clips on track myself.

    The guy with the shopping trolley should have a BMW badge on it or be brandishing a set of BMW keys.

  • Single Speed riders - how many of you are out there?!51 weeks 5 days agodjgorey wrote:farrell

    djgorey wrote:
    farrell wrote:


    Surprise Bloody hell. I need to up my game a bit

    Aside from one slight lump going over the Fallowfield Loop (an old converted railway line), my commute is fairly flat and straight.

    There is one particular hill in Stockport near my mates house that I am determined to make it up on that gearing but as yet not quite managed it and end up just track standing on a hill.

  • Bradley Wiggins says California victory can help restore US cycling credibility51 weeks 5 days agoGkam...I have to ask. Are you

    Gkam...I have to ask. Are you actually 'Hora' in disguise?

  • STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!51 weeks 5 days agoIf you're using Strava to

    If you're using Strava to compare yourself against others - seriously - then you need to take a good long look at yourself. Just go and pin a number on and actually race them. On the same day, in the same weather conditions, with the same number of km in your legs before the finish line.

    It's very good for tracking your *own* progress. But the whole KoM thing...those people who put their 'stats' in their signatures...is pretty pitiful.

  • New US brand Wraith Fabrication launches with steel road and cyclocross frames51 weeks 5 days agoQuote:The Hustle .... has

    The Hustle .... has clearance for up to 25mm tyres.

    Seriously ? Isn't that a little limiting ?

  • Wheels and Weight Distribution51 weeks 5 days agoIs it the frame

    Is it the frame characteristics? Planet X Carbon Pros are known for having vague steering at speed. For years I thought it was me or the wheels. I now happily ride the same wheels off my Ridley.

    If you look at the physics, centrifugal forces will be higher on a heavier rim and there for the stability on the bike is increase. Think of a flywheel or even spin a wheel in you hand and try to alter it's angle. Therefore a light rim may wander at speed and any input could result in over compensation and a wobble.

    Weight distribution, the idea of shifting weight back I think is to allow the front wheel to follow it's own track to a point. Also under braking it allows your body to move forward without feeling like you are going over the bars.

    Like with most things bikewise, experiment and find what feels right for you. Ultimately, if you have confidence you will go faster.

  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral51 weeks 5 days agoSurely this is similar to a

    Surely this is similar to a speeding case? The registered owner is liable unless he can prove he was not the driver?

  • Race v sportive video marshal clarifies incident details51 weeks 5 days agoPity the video has been

    Pity the video has been removed as it gives the debate context. The report says BC call for regulation or co-ordination but both events were listed on their respective sections of the BC site, where would it end, charity rides without numbers, reliability rides, Audax rides, and the clubs who are fortunate to have larger numbers?

  • Mio Cyclo 505 HC GPS computer51 weeks 5 days agoGood shout - just ordered a

    Good shout - just ordered a base 505 - £198 plus £4.80 shipping - £100 less than Wiggle, £50 less than box.

  • BTwin Aerofit 900 bib shorts51 weeks 5 days agoGood info on shorts, but what

    Good info on shorts, but what size did you try, in article you said Medium, but in the blurb (road cc test report). it said size tested was large. I'm about the same size so would like to know before ordering.

  • Videos: On board with Giant-Shimano at the final Tour of California stage - more great footage51 weeks 5 days agoooooohhhhhh mummy ... squeaky

    ooooohhhhhh mummy ... squeaky bum times ... Smile

    Absolutely fab !!!!

  • Videos: On board with Giant-Shimano at the final Tour of California stage - more great footage51 weeks 5 days agoDefinitely want to see some

    Definitely want to see some TTT footage, that'd be pretty cool

  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral51 weeks 5 days agoWould Wiltshire's finest have

    Would Wiltshire's finest have pursued this without the social media storm?

    Will Wiltshire's finest take this any further?

    Will the CPS take this any further?

    What will the driver be charged with?

    What punishment will be handed out if any?

    Is the arrest just an attempt to pour oil on troubled waters until the fuss has died down?

    All questions, no answers.

  • Lezyne Super Drive XL front light51 weeks 5 days agoThe Super Drive XL is top of

    The Super Drive XL is top of the light range offered by Lezyne

    I'm pretty sure that's not the case. It's quite clearly their mid-range offering

  • New US brand Wraith Fabrication launches with steel road and cyclocross frames51 weeks 5 days agoMasterclass in marketing a

    Masterclass in marketing a brand, 10/10.

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 1151 weeks 5 days agoPer the spreadsheet Wilco was

    Per the spreadsheet Wilco was always coming in today. Should have been in yesterday though, missed 28 points.

    Malori fell today, either that gets him super stoked for the win or damaged. De Gendt is too inconsistent, Hepburn was knackered last week and I don't think anything has changed.

    Decisions decisions....

  • Wheels and Weight Distribution51 weeks 6 days agoInteresting questions. I've

    Interesting questions. I've never had issues with front wheel wobble on fast descents but my husband did with his Masi. On descents in excess of 25 mph the front end would shudder violently to the point where he felt he'd be thrown off the bike. Ultimately the LBS where he bought it discovered a crack on the carbon fork where it went into the head tube. But I doubt that's what's going on with your bike as something structural like that shouldn't change based on your wheelset I would think.

    In terms of weight distribution, I've found that when I'm on a steep (>10% grade) I feel more stable when I'm in the drops because it lowers my center of gravity so I can control the bike better with minute weight shifts, especially in turns, and I go faster because it's a more aero position. When I'm on the drops it definitely feels more squirrelly to me as I'm pushed around by the wind more and I just feel more tippy. I would assume that the physics of lowering your body shifts your weight balance as it pushes you slightly back on your rear wheel but still maintains enough weight in front so that you don't get that unbalanced feeling like the front wheel is going to wiggle out from under you. Theoretically, if you shift your weight too far forward there's not only the risk of end-overing the bars but also having the rear wheel slip out from under you as there's not enough weight on it (similar to how you can fishtail when standing up on climbs as your weight shifts mainly to the front) Is this similar to what you've felt with the wobble?

    Here's also a much more eloquent article with tips from Antonio Cruz about descending position and front/rear body weight positioning http://www.bicycling.com/beginners/bike-skills/descend-rocket

  • Colnago C60 road bike51 weeks 6 days agoThis is the bike Max Headroom

    This is the bike Max Headroom would ride.

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 1151 weeks 6 days agoI fancied Ludvigsson, but

    I fancied Ludvigsson, but couldn't afford so went for Monfort. Also considered De Gendt and Zoidl, but in the end left them out.

    Actually fancy Kelderman for the win.
    Think Evans, Malori, Castro and a surprise will end up in the top 5 (maybe someone like Weening or Hesjedal, who I nearly punted on but went Rogers instead)

    Rogers and Uran to top 10, along with Ludvigsson, Zoidl and Monfort. De Gendt somewhere between 10-15

    Majka, Pozz, Aru, Basso, Kiserlovksi Quintana to end up somewhere between 15th and 30th, but without loosing much on each other, maybe Kis to loose most.

    Kelderman to be big winner either way and finish 3rd on GC after the stage, Uran doing just enough to hold onto 2nd

  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral51 weeks 6 days agoString 'em up!! It's the only

    String 'em up!! It's the only language they understand! No. Hang on. 'Anging's too good for 'em. Luvva duck.

    Happy notfastenough?

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 1151 weeks 6 days agoI've gone 1 penalty and

    I've gone 1 penalty and already have Nizzolo in for Friday.

    Cadel Evans (BMC)
    Rafal Majka (TSB)
    Rigoberto Uran (OPQ)
    Giacomo Nizzolo (TFR)
    Wilco Kelderman (BLK)
    Riccardo Zoidl (TFR)
    Fabio Aru (AST)
    Adriano Malori (MOV)
    Marco Bandiera (AND)

    Found it a very difficult call and also fancied De Gendt, Ludvigsson and Cataldo but decided against an extra transfer.

  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral51 weeks 6 days ago"I want to reassure cyclists

    "I want to reassure cyclists in the county that we take all matters involving their safety on the roads extremely seriously", "If any cyclist or member of the public witnesses a similar incident, I would strongly urge them to report the matter to the police as soon as they can" & how many of us done this & got nowhere with the UK Police force?
    I think it was only acted on due to it doing the rounds on social media not coz the Police cared. I've tried reporting a few to Police & it went nowhere.

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 1151 weeks 6 days agoToo long (and rolling) for

    Too long (and rolling) for Hepburn in my opinion (and based on Orica quotes, im thinking they think the same).

    This is my team with 20 penalties (ive gone Malori despite his crash, as id rather have him and him not go well, than not have him and him win)

    Malroi (for Ulissi)
    Castroveijo (for Hansen)
    Monfort (for Godoy)
    Rogers (for Chicchi)