• Police in Devon stop cyclist riding the wrong way... along the M5 Motorway1 year 7 weeks agoEven a busy dual carriageway

    Even a busy dual carriageway can feel like a terrifying mistake if you accidentally get onto one due to an error in navigation while touring. I hope I never go one better and end up on a motorway. I presume your best option is to hop over the barrier and carry your bike back to civilisation over fields and bushes, if it's even possible.

  • Carbon fibre frame manufacturing with Scott + video1 year 7 weeks agoNo man, of course they can

    No man, of course they can innovate. The process of design and manufacture is a two step process.

    What Scott do not do is what they showed in the video. That is the problem.

    Besides, the manufacturing technologies ALWAYS belong to the factory, not to the brand that is using it...even in your example of Apple it is Foxconn that owns the manufacturing technologies and processes. Apple controls the designs.

    For some reason bike brands have this need to own the manufacturing process too. The problem is that they do not. They have just about nothing to do with it.

  • New 'Dora' helmet design incorporates indicators + video1 year 7 weeks agoSo you are approaching an

    So you are approaching an intersection, vehicle on your left waiting to turn, you indicate a left turn with your helmet. What do you do then? Turn your head right so that they can see the indicator? I am struggling to see how these are going to be useful except for traffic immediately to one's right or left.

    I think I will stick to hand signals thanks.

  • Carbon fibre frame manufacturing with Scott + video1 year 7 weeks agoSo scott can't innovate

    So scott can't innovate because they don't own their manufacturing facility? don't tell Apple Thinking

    scott would like you to think that they're solely responsible for the whole process, and you seem to be saying that they're barely involved at all, whereas the truth is somewhere in the middle. the factories do innovate, and so do the R&D facilities of the manufacturers.

  • The impossibility of not training1 year 7 weeks agoIt seems like you are making

    It seems like you are making the best of what you've got which is a very good thing especially if you are pressed for time. If you can get out into the open countryside it is well worth it. Long streches of quiet road are what gave my cycling a new lease of life when I moved out of London and the lanes of Essex were a real relief from traffic when I lived there. If you can get out of Town at all then do it whenever you can, it's proper cycling as opposed to the self preservation required on urban roads. what I took away from Sam's blog was that he was too inclined to pootle along when out riding alone which had served him well when cycling to lose weight but now lacked the required intensity to prepare him for races. It appeared that he'd drawn much the same conclusion himself and decided to find a way of working harder to improve his performance. From what you've written it seems that you're doing your best to maximise the returns from every ride too. I have a good friend who does a short commute through London every day on a Brompton. He treats all the stops for traffic lights as opportunities to do interval sprints and as a result has quads that wouldn't look put of place in a German track team.
    I understand your frustrations, your ride is always what you make of it, stick with it and try to explore whenever you can. If you can get put into the Peaks, or anywhere that you can truly appreciate being out on the open roads you won't regret it. Tom Simpson used to ride 25 mles from Harworth to Fox House just to meet up to go training and then have to ride home again. Having ridden the roads he used to train on I can understand why, they are a great combination of beauty and serious challenge. It sounds like you're doing a great job. Good luck with your prepartions for the 2013 season.

  • Carbon fibre frame manufacturing with Scott + video1 year 7 weeks ago...guys, Scott is mostly made

    ...guys, Scott is mostly made by Giant either directly or by subcontracting to another factory and has been for about a decade at least. All of this "technology" has just about nothing to do with Scott.

    For a good overview on who made your bike, look here:


    The rest is just marketing of the worst kind.

  • Police in Devon stop cyclist riding the wrong way... along the M5 Motorway1 year 7 weeks agoWasn't there a thing a couple

    Wasn't there a thing a couple of years ago in CW about a sportive being mistakenly directed down a motorway?

  • Carbon fibre frame manufacturing with Scott + video1 year 7 weeks ago_SiD_ wrote:I'd prefer my

    _SiD_ wrote:
    I'd prefer my frame to be made in a grubby workshop by old grumpy men to the sound of Puccini - or is it Verdi?

    Our team is actually sponsored by Sarto. They are cracking bikes and the workmanship is incredible. I think the two types, represented by Scott and Sarto, are both great and the refinements in the respective processes mean that either way you will get a top notch frame. Each to their own. I certainly wouldn't say no to either!

  • SMIDSY drivers beware the Helmet of Justice is watching and it's got 360° vision1 year 7 weeks agoSMIDSY drivers beware!

    SMIDSY drivers beware! Seriously, I don't think so. These cameras starting recording at the point of impact .... so by that time what led to the impact is in the pass, i.e., the evidence you need to present to the Police is not actually recorded!

    I can see this happening: Head hits ground, cameras start recording, nice vision of tarmac and road ... yep real good evidence.

    Not sure this is a winner at all. A couple of half decent cameras pretty much can provide all the evidence one needs; maybe three if you really want full on coverage.


  • Paris-Nice: Stage 21 year 7 weeks agodavemchol wrote:As a premium

    davemchol wrote:
    As a premium member do your free transfers total up over the week if not not used?


  • Paris-Nice: Stage 21 year 7 weeks agonorthstar wrote:Ah, cheers,

    northstar wrote:
    Ah, cheers, another lantern rouge Thinking

    Yes, he got me my first

  • First road bike1 year 7 weeks agoCan you get more for your

    Can you get more for your money by getting your bike on the Cycle to Work scheme? Would you be able to stretch to £879 for a Canyon Roadlite? It's a class leading bike that would cost well over £1200 from other manufacturers. If you really catch the road cycling bug then you'll be wanting to upgrade an entry level bike within a year. You won't need to do that with the Canyon.

  • Paris-Nice: Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoAh, cheers, another lantern

    Ah, cheers, another lantern rouge Thinking

  • Paris-Nice: Stage 11 year 7 weeks agoI'm on 6 Lanterne Rouge! My

    I'm on 6 Lanterne Rouge!

    My purist team not looking good... Costa out, Kristoff looking doubtful!

  • Paris-Nice: Stage 21 year 7 weeks agonorthstar wrote:Is Kristoff

    northstar wrote:
    Is Kristoff out then?

    No conformation, but he rolled in 17 mins down so cant see him contesting the sprint tomorrow

  • LBS vs. on-line?1 year 7 weeks agoFrom a good LBS you'll get

    From a good LBS you'll get expert advice, good conversation, dug out of a (possibly self inflicted) hole, something for nothing every now and again, the seemingly impossible made simple, a proper fitting, excellent service and warranty or returns made easy. Some may even match online prices for you if you ask nicely.

    From a bad LBS you may get none of the above and worse, I've had spokes incorrectly laced, brake blocks aligned to tear a hole in the tyre sidewall, a worn chain replaced on a new cassette and a new chain put on a worn cassette. All of which led me to understand that there are very few, if any, people who care about your bike as much as you do yourself. The natural conclusion is that you should find someone that you really trust or learn to do as much of your own maintenance as you can. In my opinion, the only service worth taking is the total strip down and rebuild from a top level mechanic. Everything else is easily done at home, the cheaper services are generally cynical exercises designed to make money out of the ignorant or uninitiated. Do you really need to hand over £50 for someone to change your brake blocks, pump up your tyres and tweak a barrel adjuster?

    Online shops certainly have their place for convenience and pricing and I have to admit to having made a considerable contribution to Wiggle's bottom line over the years. My favourites for ease of use and pricing are Wiggle and Bike Discount. For components and accessories it's hard to beat online retailers. For clothing, online works as long as you know what you want or are prepared to go through the hassle of a postal return. For a serious new bike purchase, I think an LBS gives you the best chance of being totally satisfied as they'll give you a proper fitting and allow you to decide on componentry. There are some very good online only bike retailers like Canyon, but you have to be pretty certain of what you want or prepared to wait days for an exchange if things don't turn out exactly as you'd like them to.

    The workshops that I'd recommend unreservedly are Priory Marina Cycles in Bedford and Condor Cycles and Bike Fix in London. I'd give Corley Cycles in Milton Keynes an honourable mention for being well stocked and having a first class attitude to customer service.

    Expert advice isn't just related to bikes either. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I made a pit stop in Glossop in between ascents of Holme Moss and Snake Pass. We called in at High Peak Cycles for a coffee shop recommendation and Kimberley's Cafe turned out to do an excellent espresso. The quality of the coffee and cake almost redeemed the fact the the Super Six on display in the bike shop window was in the small chainring. A direct contravention of rule 26 but maybe also a pragmatic view on the practicalities of leaving Glossop on two wheels.

  • First road bike1 year 7 weeks agoAs far as I know, same frame,

    As far as I know, same frame, different bits. I bought a 2012 model (advanced 2) last autumn as it was cheaper, and I got nicer kit. Did the same with my anthem x the year before too so I'd go for the older model.

  • Police appeal for road rage calm following incident that left Cambridge cyclist with 13 stitches1 year 7 weeks agoChuck wrote:Bike Lifer

    Chuck wrote:
    Bike Lifer wrote:
    If a cyclist is ahead of the driver, why on earth can't a driver slow down and allow the cyclist to pass first?

    That sort of assumes the cyclist has already started to pass and doesn't just pull out in front of the driver. Doesn't seem clear from the article which happened here.

    Quite. We simply don't know.

    Still, it's probably best to avoid obscene gestures. A slow, sad shake of the head normally suffices.

  • New 'Dora' helmet design incorporates indicators + video1 year 7 weeks agoNo mike, I think the point is

    No mike, I think the point is that you do look, but in doing so, the angle of your head could imply that you are turning in a different direction to your actual intention.

  • Paris-Nice: Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoAs a premium member do your

    As a premium member do your free transfers total up over the week if not not used?

  • Paris-Nice: Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoIs Kristoff out then?

    Is Kristoff out then?

  • LBS vs. on-line?1 year 7 weeks agogood lbs shops are hard to

    good lbs shops are hard to find. Luckily I have found one. Terrys cycles in Yate- very good shop.

    I get wheels built there as they fab. They offer good advice. Sort me out when I need something done quickly. So I buy some stuff there even though I can get it cheaper elsewhere, and I get stuff serviced there as they are people I can trust. I still buy some stuff online.

  • New tyre time, please help...1 year 7 weeks agoNormally always GP4000 rear

    Normally always GP4000 rear but go cheaper for the front gatorskin etc, rear tyre has to be the best money can buy. Front sees no where near as much ware. Over time this saves a fair amount.

  • Paris-Nice: Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoForced into subbing out Rui

    Forced into subbing out Rui Costa, so had to use a transer. Brought in a Basque...

  • New road wheels?1 year 7 weeks agoYes. I have them and

    Yes. I have them and wholeheartedly recommend them as quick, light and rigid. Stick on a pair of Conti GP4000Ss and you're away. Shiny Bikes have them for £268