• Beach slapped50 weeks 6 days agoEpic! Where do you sign-up?

    Epic! Where do you sign-up?

  • Saved By The Gel50 weeks 6 days agoIts a good idea to wrap a

    Its a good idea to wrap a spare tube inside a cut section of tyre, keeps the tube free from abrasion damage and you will always have a really useful boot to hand.

  • New wheel set.50 weeks 6 days agoHate to bore you but I vote

    Hate to bore you but I vote pro lite braccianos too. Also done several thousand miles on them. Commuting through all weathers on London's potholed roads. Roll like a dream.

  • What did the cycling Santa bring?50 weeks 6 days agoNew aero helmet for the TT's,

    New aero helmet for the TT's, Cavs new book & a shedload of vouchers for my LBS, with which I'll be buying a saddle for the TT bike.

    Extra Xmas bonus was meeting Cav yesterday, as he was back for a race which we all did here (IoM). Winning. Big Grin

  • Beach slapped50 weeks 6 days agoWhat a great piece. Very

    What a great piece. Very well written and very engaging. I too, will be giving Noordwijk or any other beach a miss Applause

  • Beach slapped50 weeks 6 days agoThis beautifully written

    This beautifully written article was an absolute joy to read .... but if anyone ever sees me on the start line of a 50Km beach race, consider yourself fully authorised to shoot me ... both feet, preferably.

  • Help needed with headset bearings...boring but frustrating...50 weeks 6 days agoFirst off, is the bearing

    First off, is the bearing seized? if not pick the seal out and clean the race and cages with disc brake cleaner or a good spray degreaser, let it dry or blow it out and repack with grease. Before putting back in, hold the outer race and spin the inner race, feel for any stickiness or play. If it's ok then it will be good for a while. I tend to repack mine every 3 months especially the pivot bearings.

    Headset bearings are not of the shelf and are made for the manufacturers, your only choice is the bike shop. I checked our bearing catalogue at work when I was after some for someone. They are not standard taper bearings.

    Have you searched the headset? should be able to find what ones they are from the specs.

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  • City cycling 'could do damage to heart' due to polluting chemicals, new research claims50 weeks 6 days agoFar sooner take the much

    Far sooner take the much smaller risk from pollution and traffic as a cyclist than the risk of gatting an inactivity based illness.

    society needs to take the same line with cars and pollution as they have done with smoking and stop/contain the offenders, not blame the innocent third parties

  • Corporate track days coming to London's Olympic Velodrome50 weeks 6 days agoCorporate ticketing ruined

    Corporate ticketing ruined the spontaneity of the Manchester Revolution series. Booking in advance at the velodrome and pay at the door was very successful, cycling fans packed the place. After placing the bookings with companies we saw 'sold out' signs up and loads of empty seats on the night, much the same as we saw at Olympic events. Sure the money rolls in but I'd rather it was the true cycling fans causing ticket sell outs.

  • Gopro or Garmin Virb50 weeks 6 days agoNilox, less money for the

    Nilox, less money for the same results. I read that you should use 30fps for filming on mtb rides to sustain the quality. I use mine at 60fps and I don't have any issues. I have the Nilox Ducati which comes with Remote, LCD screen, waterproof case and various sticky mounts. I bought the Helmet mount which was £19.99. The Camera should be £270, MY local shop did mine with the mount for £235.

  • Bravery award for Middlesbrough cyclist who saved child in dog attack50 weeks 6 days agoLove the positive stories

    Love the positive stories though, always nice to end on a better note. Can't help wondering if the two cyclists who were content enough to dive into water were triathletes though, either way having fit people about to do such acts has got to be a good thing for society as part of the overall 'cycling is good for everyone' message.

    Normally the press treats 'cyclist riding away' stories as a great evil, normally after a car was left with a scratch whilst another episode of a motorist leaving the scene of a potentially fatal hit and run is regarded as status quo and of course...a complete 'accident'.

    Congrats to the heroes here though, not everyone would get involved.

  • What did the cycling Santa bring?50 weeks 6 days agoCastelli Velocissimo Team

    Castelli Velocissimo Team jersey (should go well with my Pocket Liner Jacket and Surpasso leggings)
    Pipe Clamp for my camera
    661 Rage Knee Pads
    G Form Knee Pads
    And some massive smiles from the riding done over Christmas.

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  • Bravery award for Middlesbrough cyclist who saved child in dog attack50 weeks 6 days agoIn some ways counter

    In some ways counter intuitive but give a biting dog something to bite and then you have some control of it. A bicycle pump is handy for this but failing that an arm preferably with a coat or heavy sleeved upper garment covering it.

    Force the pump or arm back into the dog's jaws, and lock it in place with the other arm around the back of the dog's head. The option then is to break the dog's neck or force it to the ground, by putting all your weight down on the back of the head.

  • City cycling 'could do damage to heart' due to polluting chemicals, new research claims50 weeks 6 days agoQuote:Cycling in cities could

    Cycling in cities could do more damage than good to a rider’s heart thanks to dangerous pollutants in the air, a new study has found.

    Haven't found any studies on bicycle emissions, but am fairly sure that it's motorised vehicles that are throwing out PM2.5/10 (the apparent focus of Ms Nyhan's research), CO, NOx, and VOCs, not bicycles. So let's try changing that quote a little.
    Driving in cities could do more damage than good to a rider’s heart thanks to dangerous pollutants in the air, a new study has found.

    There, that's better. Now we have a fair idea of where the problem is coming from. You'd think that the best way out of this is to stay off that nasty, unhealthy bicycle, and get into a nice, healthy car. Whoopsadaisy. From 1995, "The exposure of cyclists, car drivers and pedestrians to traffic-related air pollutants (van Wijnen JH, Verhoeff AP, Jans HW, van Bruggen M.)
    Despite the much higher concentrations in the personal air samples of car drivers, the uptake of CO, benzene, toluene and xylenes of cyclists sometimes approached that of the car drivers. The uptake of NO2 of cyclists was clearly higher than that of car drivers.

    And from 2001, Differences in cyclists and car drivers exposure to air pollution from traffic in the city of Copenhagen. (Rank J, Folke J, Jespersen PH.)
    The concentrations of particles and BTEX in the cabin of the cars were 2-4 times greater than in the cyclists' breathing zone, the greatest difference being for BTEX. Therefore, even after taking the increased respiration rate of cyclists into consideration, car drivers seem to be more exposed to airborne pollution than cyclists.

    Now I didn't buy the full articles, and am quoting highlights of the abstracts. But I'm seeing a trend here. Pollution seems to be worse inside a motorised vehicle than outside it, particularly for the type of pollution looked at in detail for Ms Nyhan's research, and without the added benefit of a cardiovascular workout as well. But no articles saying driving to work is bad for your health. Can't help wondering why cyclists have been singled out to be advised to stay off busy roads. Suggestions on a postcard please.

    While I'm here...

    There is good evidence that nitrogen is harmful to health.

    Never mind. We're all screwed. The air around us is about 80% nitrogen.

  • Beach slapped50 weeks 6 days agoI think I'll give beach

    I think I'll give beach racing a miss. Great article though Applause

  • Bravery award for Middlesbrough cyclist who saved child in dog attack50 weeks 6 days agoBrave chap, I had a similar

    Brave chap, I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. A new family and their dog (Japanese Fighting) moved in next door, as I was leaving for work it bolted over the gate on it's yard, ran up the street and pounced on a neighbour's dog, her owner was clearly terrified. With no hesitation I got them separated and put me and the bike between them and the attacking dog then got my neighbour and her dog in their house and chased the hound back down the street.

    When I've told people about it most seemed to think they wouldn't be able to help, but how could you refuse? What if it turned on you? You just don't think about that, you just do.

  • Lord Foster takes on plans for London SkyCycle with 135 miles of elevated safe cyclist routes50 weeks 6 days agoFar cheaper to just identify

    Far cheaper to just identify roads across the entire country that could be removed from general motorised use and set them up as cycling only roads to link cities across the UK.

    1/ The roads are already there.
    2/ Cyclists could easily pay a nominal annual sum to maintain the facilities and promote future investment. I'd happily pay £100 year to have use of such a network.
    3/ Cyclists of all abilities and interests could use the space as they wished, meaning you could actually go for a very long ride on essentially protected roads.
    4/ Skyborne tubes are cool from a design perspective but that cost is absurd and doesn't offer any rural protection for those of us who want to go cycling in safety.

    If the government can (most likely will) push forward with the HS2 project then doing the above should be a walk in the park.

    (Couldn't they route wide cycle lanes along the full length of the HS2 route?)

    Can you imagine being able to go for a long training ride in complete safety on older roads now free of motorised traffic? Would be fantastic and is actually not that impossible to implement.

  • Beach slapped50 weeks 6 days agoWow, that was one of the best

    Wow, that was one of the best entries on Road.cc that I've seen so far. Really great read!

  • City cycling 'could do damage to heart' due to polluting chemicals, new research claims50 weeks 6 days agoI actually dont care any

    I actually dont care any more...hate to admit that.

    I've tried it, essentially cycling to work amongst hung over and late motorists distracted by looking at phones or doing their make-up resulted in far too many near misses and for what?

    I drive now, making sure of course to make a very visible point of driving very carefully around my fellow cyclists.

    I hope the muppets behind will get the hint that others do actually recognise that any inocuous lump clad in lycra is actually a human being with an extremely fragile life that I temporarily have responsibility for as I pass.

    I've had it with half arsed government attempts at encouraging sustainable transport solutions and endless reports screaming out the frickin' obvious benefits of people not sitting on arses all day long.

    Bring on the smog, the clogged highways, the broken roads, obesity, the NHS timebomb with the multi billion pound price tag and everything else that the national obsession with the car entails.

    Perhaps then our MP's will get it...of course it will be the fault of the previous government as the latest smug waste of space sidles up to you and asks you where your vote is going Yawn

    Just how many times can you lead a horse to the trough before you get fed up and leave the wretched thing to its fate? At Wits End

    Controversial I know and it pains me to write this but just what are we supposed to do to get anything to change?!

  • Corporate track days coming to London's Olympic Velodrome50 weeks 6 days agoSome Fella wrote: If Team GB

    Some Fella wrote:

    If Team GB move their training from Manchester there too it will be even more so.

    GB aren't moving. They're established in Manchester and London's far more expensive for the athletes and staff to live in

  • New wheel set.50 weeks 6 days agoPro lite Braccianos are real

    Pro lite Braccianos are real bargain have used mine for training, racing and tour of Flanders sportive and been very impressed

  • Corporate track days coming to London's Olympic Velodrome50 weeks 6 days agoI think the tone may have

    I think the tone may have already been set

    face partnership charges £1200 ex vat for a table of 10 in corporate hospitality at Manchester but wants £3500 ex vat for the same thing at Stratford

  • Lord Foster takes on plans for London SkyCycle with 135 miles of elevated safe cyclist routes50 weeks 6 days agoSo many problems. So, the

    So many problems.
    So, the basic idea is cycleways above railways (not roads). That runs very quickly into problems. What happens when the railway goes into a tunnel, or even just has an over bridge- even just a station footbridge? In central London itself, where most of the focus is, the railways either terminate or are underground.

    The "narrow ancient streets" straw man is duly raised into position. But the narrow streets are generally fine and could be often further improved by restricting through traffic to just bikes- no roadscpace reallocation, segregation needed.

    Where the big focus is, where the greatest need for segregation and reallocation is, are the wide multi lane roads- often with three or more lanes in at least one, if not both, directions. The fantasy £6-7billion they're talking here could give a vast swathe of London street level provision that would truly be the envy of the world.

    But of course Boris is attracted to this sort of dribbling lunacy.