• GP Camaiore / Strade Bianchi / Roma Maxima1 year 7 weeks agoMy purist is made up of

    My purist is made up of italians + 1 other. Most are riding 2 out of 3 races with the odd one doing all 3. Ended up with 13 credits spare !

    I managed to get one brit in my standard team who's riding all 3.

  • GP Camaiore / Strade Bianchi / Roma Maxima1 year 7 weeks agoray silvester wrote:Are we

    ray silvester wrote:
    Are we allowed to save some of the 6 transfers between GP and Bianchi and add them to the 6 we get between Bianchi and Roma?

    I'm banking on rolling over unused transfers within a competition. Thats what I understood my tenner to get me amongst other things Thinking

  • le samyn1 year 7 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:1. Tsatevich 2.

    Gkam84 wrote:
    1. Tsatevich 2. Boeckmans 3. Petit 4. Kenny de haes 5.Bazzana 6. Ciolek 7. Sutton 8. Haller

    Bit annoyed now as I would have had 1,2,6 Devil

  • Tour de France 2013: Official 100th edition trailer released… and it's a corker1 year 7 weeks agoDoes that mean I've missed 99

    Does that mean I've missed 99 other TdFs this year?

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks agoDon't people in England call

    Don't people in England call physicians by their proper prefix,Dr., not Ms or Mr. Typical. You would do well not to disregard the advice of a neurosurgeon.

    To all you bone heads who claim helmets don't protect and might actually hurt, you have zero evidence to support these claims. Post your evidence here, and I'll believe it. Certainly we don't have great evidence from randomized trials of helmets that they help, but the weight of the evidence suggests they do. Still the data are lacking, and this comment board is riddled with opinion and anecdote; typical for this debate.

    At issue is also WHAT helmets help with. In low speed collisions where the head strikes the ground or another object, of course they reduce the force transmitted to the head; what idiot would suggest otherwise. Show me data that proves they don't or could actually hurt. In high speed accidents with cars and trucks, forget about it.

    To all who claim that helmet wearing creates a perception that cycling is dangerous, that there is a public health cost to this perception, and that if helmets were not encouraged, more people would cycle...what complete and utter nonsense this argument is. You cannot oppose helmet promotion because of the false perception some people get...like your false perception. Cycling carries a risk of head injury. Do you deny that? It is your uninformed opinion that will damage public health; fortunately, no one is listening to you.

    Lastly, helmet design is stupid these days. A rounded, simple design is probably the safest, avoiding little spikes to improve aerodynamics which are indeed pointless for most of us and might twist your neck of you land just so. As a practicing pediatrician, I have NEVER seen or heard of someone twisting their neck because of their helmet! I have seen kids with serious head injuries after falling off their bike not wearing a helmet.

    This debate needs sanity and evidence, not opinion and anecdote.

  • Report estimates 50,000 people in UK turning 70 this year will keep driving when no longer fit to do so1 year 7 weeks agoTom Amos wrote:That first

    Tom Amos wrote:
    That first comment is very shocking. It shows that the system isn't working.

    It never has - it presumes our unalienable "right to drive" over and above everything else, even personal fitness.

    My grandfather had several (very minor) prangs before we finally convinced him to give up driving. He was an absolute menace; couldn't see very well, couldn't judge distance/speed accurately yet his doctor could do nothing about it. Ridiculous situation.

    Mandatory retests (inc sight) and the ability of a health professional to revoke your licence should be law.

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks agoPaul J wrote:Oh, and let's go

    Paul J wrote:
    Oh, and let's go through all the logical fallacies:

    "Well, why wouldn't you wear a helmet?": Fallacious, because there are many equally risky activities where the same people saying this do not wear them.

    "Wearing a helmet can't hurt": Fallacious, helmets increase certain injuries. Further, ignoring the specifics of injuries, there is reason to think that where helmets are viewed as necessary for cycling (legally or culturally) this depresses cycling rates. As cycling is overwhelmingly *good* for people and their long-term health, then those people who have been put-off by helmets have been *harmed*.

    "I fell off and my helmet was cracked, it must have saved my life!". Fallacious, it only means your helmet cracked. Indeed, that's a sign your helmet *failed* - helmets absorb energy by crushing, not by cracking. To actually know whether or not it saved your life, you'd have to rerun the accident exactly - which is impossible. Indeed, there is a possibility you actually were injured *more* than otherwise.

    Are helmets bad? No. Should you never wear them? No, there may well be times when it might be a good idea (e.g. cycling fast, competitive cycling, cycling on rocky terrain - I'm just guessing). However, equally so, there are times when you may not need them (e.g. utility cycling). Further, there is *definitely* a strong correlation between high rates of helmet use and *low* rates of cycling. It may well be that helmet culture is *BAD FOR CYCLING* generally, which may be bad for people's long-term health!

    It may even be that helmets and the warped road-safety culture here are costing the UK a *lot* more money in healthcare for obesity related diseases than are saved in head injuries. Computer model studies suggest so at least!

    Nicely put, although I still wonder why others cannot read this and understand what you are saying rather than citing further fallacious examples.

  • NOT IMPRESSED1 year 7 weeks agoIt can be frustrating after

    It can be frustrating after picking teams to log in a few days later to see the races all changed at short notice. Not everyone is on all the time and teams picked for certain races then get skewed and no points gained at all, but still its only a game.

  • Bianchi Infinito1 year 7 weeks agoI agree with the reviewer,

    I agree with the reviewer, this is a strong fast bike that really responds to hard riding. It seems to have suffered in the market by Bianchi marketing it as a sportive bike. Those buying it for that alone will find it gives too much feedback.

    I bought a size 55 frame of the 2011 model and built it up with Ultegra 6700, Syntace carbon bars and seatpost and Fulcrum Racing 3s. It's ended up closer to 7kg and I love it.

  • New cycling magazine Simpson launches this week1 year 7 weeks agoMy sentiments exactly

    My sentiments exactly crazy-legs!

    Beat me to it.

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks agoThe "holy grail" of the

    The "holy grail" of the cycling world has reared its head again (no pun intended).

    I've got peoples backs up to much recently so i'm going to be a good boy and not going to comment. Big Grin

    But i wouldn't be without mine.

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks agoSo the neurosurgeon, who

    So the neurosurgeon, who looks at heads and brain injury all day is pro-helmet and the orthopod who looks at broken bones etc says they're not the be all and end all of cycling safety. I never saw that one coming.

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks agoMy mate came off at the

    Cool My mate came off at the weekend on ice
    fell on his side and cracked his head on the side
    he said that if he hadnt worn a helmet he would have had a serious head injury
    As he walked down the road with buckled wheel in hand he remarked that he would never go out without a helmet......until then he would sometime not wear one.. Smile

  • Fantasy Directeur Sportif Challenge1 year 7 weeks agoJust had a tot up and on

    Just had a tot up and on provisional start lists I have 16 of my 27 active riders entered in Paris Nice. Knew I'd picked a good team for something... Top 9 riders take me to 180.6 points though, so...

    van Garderen, de Gendt, Talansky
    Tiernan Locke, Roche, G Izagirre
    Kittel, Astarloza, Gutierrez

    Astarloza as captain, Kittel as sprinter and hopefully 6, maybe 7 of the top 10 in GC... Hopefully KoM is in there too.

    and the other 7?
    Voigt, Fuglsang,M Iglinsky, Roy, Cattaneo, N Sorenson and Zandio.

    Too much choice aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!

    Trouble is that leaves me with just 6 riders in Tirreno.

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks agoI came a cropper on black ice

    I came a cropper on black ice in November and head butted the tarmac.

    The impact, on the right temple, destroyed my helmet, and left me with a head ache for the next 16 hours. I shudder to think what the result would have been if I was of the anti helmet persuasion.

    I've always been firmly in favour of wearing a helmet. I see no reason to change my mind now.

  • New cycling magazine Simpson launches this week1 year 7 weeks agoI bought the new mag 'Urban

    I bought the new mag 'Urban Cyclist' first edition, being a fixed week nut I looked forward to the issue two. I paid £4,50 for the first issue but when I found the issue two was £6.00. my interest waned on the spot. The point made about mags being filled with nothing but stuff we can't afford hits the spot, but I love pressing my nose up to the shop window, as I did as a kid wondering what I could afford next with my paper delivery money.

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks agoOh dear here is the "cycling

    Oh dear here is the "cycling helmet" debate yet again! Crying

    So to repeat myself here (probably) - I only started wearing a lid back in 2007 when a friend of mine died in what would have been a survivable fall with a fracture to the base of the skull.

    So after damn nearly 30 years of cycling without a lid, I decided in the end that it was one of those "discretion is better than valour" decisions and while I don't particularly like wearing one it is now rather convenient to mount the camera and lights on etc, rather than screwing the attachments to my skull.

    Would I recommend wearing lid, well considering all the miles I cycle (and through ol' London town too), I do but I leave it down to personal preference of the individual, as long as it is fitted/worn correctly it is likely to protect the skull and its contents at relatively low speeds or minor impacts.

    OK, not a prefect argument though, it is the one I use with everyone excluding parents - which I REALLY do recommend that all youngsters that cycle, REALLY should wear a lid because they are more prone to accidents that helmets are likely to aid in protecting the head.

    As to legislation....well I do think that children should be "encouraged" to wear them whenever cycling but the thought of all the man hours the police would spend in enforcing this law could be better spent elsewhere keeps me from wanting anything more stringent.

    I think that the vast majority of cyclists think along these lines too....which does go to prove, regardless of the medical expertise that these surgeons have, will go on for some years yet to come! Thinking

  • Surgeons in Scotland debate the helmet issue - do they increase cyclists' safety or not?1 year 7 weeks ago@ir_bandito. This is where

    @ir_bandito. This is where the misunderstandings comes in. Helmets have never been designed to protect against a 30mph crash. The maximum impact speed they are designed for is about 10mph. And worse than that, even if they did work fully as designed in a 30mph impact, because of the way impacts work, a helmet would make it equivalent to a 28mph impact instead. Now if you think that the difference between 30mph and 28mph is certain death and certain life then fine but please don't mislead people with your mistaken common sense.

  • Report estimates 50,000 people in UK turning 70 this year will keep driving when no longer fit to do so1 year 7 weeks agoThat first comment is very

    That first comment is very shocking. It shows that the system isn't working.

  • Madison Genesis rider Ian Bibby gets his stolen bike back1 year 7 weeks agoMelvinned!


  • Report estimates 50,000 people in UK turning 70 this year will keep driving when no longer fit to do so1 year 7 weeks agoI was knocked over by an old

    I was knocked over by an old woman driving up our side of the road round a corner. Had my arm smashed to pieces and received two major operations to sort it out. She had absolutely no idea what she'd done and one of my mates had to stand in front of her car so she couldn't drive away. The police had to visit her on two occasions, on their second visit she had no idea she'd knocked me down and couldn't remember the police visiting her the first time. Charges were never brought against her but she had to give up her license. I still shudder when I think that it could have been one of the many families from the area that go out cycling on that route. On the plus side I got a huge payout from her insurance company Wink

  • Lance Armstrong to argue US government should have known about doping on USPS team1 year 7 weeks agoThat bloke's living

    That bloke's living knob-cheese.

  • Short Documentary on Custom Road Bikes1 year 7 weeks agoThe full version of InRoads

    The full version of InRoads is up if anyone wants to check it out: https://vimeo.com/60518573

    Let us know what you think. Thanks!

  • New cycling magazine Simpson launches this week1 year 7 weeks agoMartin Thomas wrote:Time to

    Martin Thomas wrote:
    Time to reveal myself as Simpson's deputy editor. Thanks for the article, Simon, and for your comments, everyone. Hicksdesign, you're my new best friend Smile Farrell, you won't find Simpson in supermarkets cos we've funded it ourselves and thus have the smallest print run in the history of publishing. We're working on our distribution network now - think bike shops, cafes clubs etc rather than WH Smith - but the first issue will only be available from the website or by coming along to the really-not-all-that-pretentious LMNH on Friday. (Actually I think it'll also be available in Condor Cycles too). Hope to see some of you there. If you make it, come and say hello. I'll be the tall bald bloke wearing a Simpson T-shirt.

    Haha - Chapeau Martin. Hopefully, there will be a few red faced people out there following what I deem to be their prejudiced remarks (but who doesn't have prejudiced thoughts running through their head). The site looks good. I think the look appears to be appealing to gentrified cyclist and to that extent probably those that wear Rapha and/or ride a fixie.

    There are a number of new magazines which have angled away from the mainstream magazines which do nothing but print training guides 'For your first 100!' and 'Bikes for less than 1k', which I think do nothing to progress cycling.

    I do however like the new 'Cyclist' magazine. Though I wish they had more extensive information on their continental rides. Or information about epic UK riding areas.

    Anyway I wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing your magazine around.

  • Rapha launch spring/summer 2013 clothing range +videos1 year 7 weeks agoLove their stuff. I'm still

    Love their stuff. I'm still wearing a long sleeve t-shirt I bought in 2008. During winter it gets washed a couple of times a week. And worn nearly every day. Colour still good. It has kept its shape as well. All the stuff I have fits well, better than other brands to be honest. People buy me gift cards. That helps. The kit simply looks smart rather than garish with large logos. I hate logos.