• Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Wipes1 year 2 weeks agoSame here, I've in the past

    Same here, I've in the past jokingly suggested to the Mrs about rebranding baby wipes as bike wipes and selling them at a markup. Looks like someone else had the same idea...

  • Ride Report: Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 1001 year 2 weeks agoI am an aspiring amature: For

    I am an aspiring amature: For me the day went extremely well. Happy with the event as a whole: load up, the set off, the etiquette of the other riders, the well wishers, Hub 3, the course workers: all the way thro' to the finish, Medalled, Bagged and returned luggage before being discharged back to reality and the London traffic.

    Just loved kicking off the final bend to the finish at 24mph

    Sure there are always somethings that do not turn out to well but overall with close on 16,000 amatures and being human to boot, expect an error or three...

    Although located in Coulsdon, skipping a couple of hours work to pick up my Excel package was easy... Feel for you guys further afield...

    Maybe Excel is the place to go to buy last minute entries for to spaces gained by those who had to sadly pull out... whiles computers or local agencies can deal with the issuing of packs/numbers. I know, I know the sponsors would not like that.

    Final thought: Well done Boris for riding and Team Boris for putting it all together.

  • Tom Boonen & Omega-Pharma Quick-Step riders to roll out for Etape Pennines1 year 2 weeks ago"Etape Pennines has set

    "Etape Pennines has set itself apart from regular cycling events as the toughest in the UK, as well as the most rewarding."

    Surprise Thinking I smell british pound shaped BS! Liar

    Mr Robinson clearly hasn't travelled west to do the Fred Whitton Challenge... alternatively known as 'The daddy of them all' - granted the roads aren't closed and there's no OPQS riders put up in the ivory tower but then there's also £310 change after the entry fee!!

  • Video: Scotland’s Nice Way Code ads go live1 year 2 weeks agoFollowing your logic then

    Following your logic then Colin, do you think the cab driver was justified in forcing me into the curb because he bears a grudge towards some cyclists who have jumped lights ?
    Believe it or not I am a cyclist and car driver and accept that it is a minority on both sides who are the problem. However extending your logic I would be perfectly justified in forcing any old car off the road and flaming them because I saw another car driver using his mobile phone. I am sorry but this is just nonsense and the longer the poor behaviour of a minority of road users is used to detract from the real issue, that there are too many badly driven vehicles on the road, the more needless deaths and injuries will continue to be inflicted on our roads.

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 2 weeks agoif you want to increase your

    if you want to increase your cadence, make a cheap hack fixed bike and fit it with a spinny gear. you won't have any option but to learn to spin your legs then. Big Grin

  • 50,000 turn out for Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle round Westminster1 year 2 weeks agoWe already have a traffic

    We already have a traffic free part of London once a week but it lacks the connections to deliver the same effect as Ride London, and the preceding closures to motorised traffic for the Freewheel/Skyrides, le Tour (2007) and London 2012, and now the promise of a once a year opportunity to enjoy moving around Central London on foot on a bike, or just about any other non motorised form of transport.

    London lags far behind when you note that Bogota has been doing this every Sunday for over 20 years.

    It obviously has a huge potential to improve the utilisation of the Capital's transport infrastructure given that some of the city's train operators saw fit to restrict or even ban cycles from travelling on their, generally under used Sunday train services. Some operators however do demonstrate a greater willingness to deliver, most notably Greater Anglia, run by the Dutch National rail operator Abellio, who used a few of the substantial number of trains that sit idle on Sundays, and are needed solely for the few hours of mayhem that is the peak hour commute, and ran 4 12 carriage trains specially for cyclists on 21st July (London to Southend Bike ride Southend Victoria to Stratford express services) and 2 8 carriage trains on 28th July (London to Cambridge Bike ride Cambridge to Ponders End express services).

    A monthly or even weekly opportunity to reprise Ride London, and give the widest population an opportunity to roam the parts of the city free from the intrusive presence of motor traffic is possible and relatively simple to deliver, using the fact that the Royal Parks and waterways of the capital provide an armature or core which can then connect adjacent streets, where the through traffic has a parallel route. Sunday trains in to London instead of carrying 20 passengers on a 250-seat 4 carriage unit (with the prospect of the newly ordered fixed formation 600 seat

    So now we have once a week in a very small bit of London a mini RideLondon every Sunday, thanks to the CTC's Patron closing the roads serving her London house, and the almost convenient connections to Hyde Park, and the Thames Path/Upper Ground. With a bit of lobbying here's a suggestion which might be rather nice to try for every Sunday in Central London.

    Close the North side of Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge, and since no exit from South end of Whitehall, close this off (traffic from Embankment would be sent to Trafalgar Square via Northumberland Avenue) South side of Parliament Square 2-way from Victoria Street to Millbank.

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 2 weeks agothe reason you don't get

    the reason you don't get 53/34 chainsets is because the rear mech can't cope with the difference between 53/30 and 34/11 - they don't have the spring capacity for that.

    however, you *can* get 52/36 chainsets these days, which are a good compromise. however, you can't fit a 36T to your standard chainset, as the bolt circle diameter won't allow it. smallest you can go on 130mm BCD is 38T. newer standard chainsets have started to use 110mm BCD so you can run whatever rings you like off the same spider.

    if you're 'spinning out' a 50/11 on the flat then that means 36mph, even at the fairly normal cadence of 100rpm. I'd suggest that your cadence is low and some work on increasing it would probably help your riding generally.

    you can get a tiagra 12-30 cassette for less than £20. a Sram Apex 11-32 will cost you about twice that. the mech you're running probably has a stated max of 27T but you can normally squeeze 28 in; if you want to go bigger you'll need a new mech too.

  • Updated: Police arrest cyclist after bus driver's emergency stop leaves passenger seriously injured1 year 2 weeks agoThe account states, very

    The account states, very clearly, that the old chap was sitting in the front seat, therefore the fault for his injuries must lie with the bus designers & operators. However, the cyclist is guilty of cycling dangerously.

  • Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Wipes1 year 2 weeks ago+1 for Pampers active baby

    +1 for Pampers active baby wipes.

    Since I discovered these having had kids we're never without them. Get muck out of anything and a hell of a lot cheaper

  • Rome's cycling mayor closes Colosseum road to cars1 year 2 weeks agoPlease, please please can we

    Please, please please can we sack that joke Pickles and employ this guy instead

  • Strava Heatmap shows worldwide activity on a single day1 year 2 weeks agoIt's not just us, the dutch

    It's not just us, the dutch and belgians seem pretty strava-mad too.

    though france seems almost pitch-black! In fact i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the strava traffic on the Alp etc was from visitors, especially brits.

    My ride oxford-silverstone is in there, too, wrong turn and all.

  • Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Wipes1 year 2 weeks agoAre they any better than a £1

    Are they any better than a £1 packet of baby wipes?

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 2 weeks agoYou really would be much

    You really would be much better off with a compact. I am a masher and I still do the majority of my long hilly rides on a compact, it is a lot easier on your legs when there are hills involved. 800m is basically flat, you may need all the gears you can get when it gets lumpy.

  • Updated: Police arrest cyclist after bus driver's emergency stop leaves passenger seriously injured1 year 2 weeks agoThere are a few interesting

    There are a few interesting questions from this. I hope the elderly gentleman makes a full and speedy recovery.

    Buses need to make emergency stops. Surely there is an issue if it is possible for a passenger to fall down & injure themselves in this way.

    What if the "thing" running out had been a dog, or someone absent-mindedly pushing a pram/pushchair in the road (see that often around here)

    It was a "cyclist", nope it was an individual person riding a bicycle. I absolutely do not condone the persons actions.

    It is right that he is charged. It is not right that the overwhelming number of drivers either dont end up in court or or the ones charged with causing injury or death of people riding bicycles get such lenient sentences.

    It will be very interesting to look out for the case and the sentencing and compare

  • Survey: Eight in ten cyclists fear for their safety on Britain's roads1 year 2 weeks agoWhat I don't understand is

    What I don't understand is how a mode of transport can define someone. I cycle and have a car, but as cyclist I tend to be more aware and drive correctly around other cyclists, but then I learned to treat others how I would like to be treated very early on in life (thank you Mrs Do-as-you-would-be-done-by).

    I think the problem is that many drivers see cyclists as some sort of annoyance. It's really up to the government to sort out this situation. That takes vision and money. A vision of how we want to evolve this country.
    Perhaps nothing will be done until cyclist start killing drivers in acts of road rage and then they will ban cycling Smile But I can't really see that happening...cycling tends to take the rage out of you.

    The reality for a cyclist is that most likely any incident will result in a woeful punishment for a driver. That in itself can dictate behavior. Who could feel safe cycling with that in the back of your mind?

    Actually I do feel safe, usually very early in the morning when there are no cars around.

  • Survey: Eight in ten cyclists fear for their safety on Britain's roads1 year 2 weeks agoThis whole "two tribes"

    This whole "two tribes" language really really really winds me up. It deliberately sets up the scene for confrontation and gives casual onlookers the idea that people riding bikes provoke a lot of the problems and that we are at war.

    I don't and I am not at war with anybody. I ride courtesly, but I am not shy in taking space or the lane at junctions etc. As a rule I don't jump lights, although there are some near me that I occasionally have to as they do not detect cyclists, and if it's quiet I would sit there all day. I try to avoid them.

    I still occasionally am on the receiving end of abuse and bad driving that puts my life at risk for no other reason than the person driving the vehicle cannot be arsed to see me, or hasn't the skill, sense and compassion to drive near me with care.

    Over the last few years I have slowly moved my riding to more and more quiet roads and off-road routes to avoid contact with drivers as despite my experience and confidence I do often fear for the complete moron/
    psychopath who may encounter me next and write me off

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 2 weeks agoQuote:Wiggle has a Ultegra

    Wiggle has a Ultegra 11-28 for £44.99, maybe there is a 11-30 out there somewhere or a 11-32 (how do you determine the size of a medium or short cage? It just says Shimano Ultegra, no numbers.

    In the Shimano ranges it looks like you have a choice of 11-28 OR 12-30 - no 11-30. If it were me I'd rather lose the 11 than the 30 given that it's the hills you're worried about.

    However SRAM make an 11-32 10 speed cassette, which should work with a Shimano rear mech OK (right everyone?). Could be the answer. You'll almost certainly need to put a longer chain on.

    As for whether you have a GS or SS cage, this might help - I guess "centre-to-centre" is the distance between the jockey wheel axles. Doesn't cover Ultegra but I can't think why they would be different. http://sheldonbrown.com/harris/derailers-rear.html

  • Disc equipped Do-It-All bike1 year 2 weeks agoI've not had the chance to

    I've not had the chance to ride any of the bikes I've been considering but have managed to settle on a Boardman Team CX which should be arriving today.

    It'll be interesting to see how this sector of the market evolves over the next 12 months.

    Thanks for all the replies.

  • Mike Cotty's 666km trans-Alpine bike setup1 year 2 weeks agoMavic aero tyres to go with

    Mavic aero tyres to go with their aero wheels: http://www.mavic.com/en/product/tyres/tyres/tyres

  • Strava Heatmap shows worldwide activity on a single day1 year 2 weeks agonowasps wrote:Strava appears

    nowasps wrote:
    Strava appears to be more popular in the UK than elsewhere... Confused

    Indeed. I wonder what it tells us about the psyche of us Brits that we feel compelled to record, share and compare every ride.

  • Just in: Bianchi Infinito CV1 year 2 weeks agoThanks Dave, looking forward

    Thanks Dave, looking forward to your review. I'm excited about the CV because it seems to me that it's technology might be a step ahead of all the other sportiv bikes for 2014. Great to read that the bike comes in at under 7kg. I guess with the disc brakes it will be a little more, though this might be offset by having carbon wheels not requiring any aluminium for the rim brakes.

  • Survey: Eight in ten cyclists fear for their safety on Britain's roads1 year 2 weeks agoI got purposely sideswiped by

    I got purposely sideswiped by a van today if the police don't deal with it i am going to go apeshit

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 2 weeks agoWhere to start: Thanks Dave

    Where to start: Thanks Dave but I did start at about 6:09, they didn't really stop the C's rolling out with the B's, so plenty of people could have started behind me by up to two hours and still got a better time.
    I was not blessed with a whippet like body, more of a sausage dog, all middle. Lets me just see how I get on with the beer and biscuits for now.
    I work in central Manchester so any proper hills are about two hours away. There is no way to get to them 3/4 times a week. I will look at finding a small local hill to do reps on, but I will have to learn about new muscles the hard way as riding out of the saddle seems very alien to me and seems to drain me even quicker than struggling in a low gear.
    I do have a 'normal' front set 53/39T and I know you might think a compact is better for climbing, but in the words of Meryl Streep, the Crankset is strictly non-negotiable. I am already using the 53/13+12+11 90% of the time and was in London. I am already giving away speed to younger skinnier guys swooshing past me, it isn't just cadence. I used to have a compact and was just spinning out on the flat so it is not an option.
    I don't understand why you can't get a big and small combo like 34/53 so that there is little overlap between the rings; a compact or large, or triple always seems like you are loosing range or function somewhere.
    I am glad my puny struggles amuse you Al. Those hills do sound steep and you are fortunate to have them on you doorstep but I thought the point of mountains were that they were not so steep but very long. Five miles at 20% would take you a mile up which is well, Denver is not in the UK.
    So back to the rear Cassette, it is Shimano 10 speed, I don't know how you know this by sight Dave. I don't have money for new cages, I know how easy it is to mental spend money here. So no cranksets, no triple (an entirely rebuilding, really?) Wiggle has a Ultegra 11-28 for £44.99, maybe there is a 11-30 out there somewhere or a 11-32 (how do you determine the size of a medium or short cage? It just says Shimano Ultegra, no numbers. Some of my components come off ebay because my level of remuneration does not reflect my level of qualifications,) but then I might loose some of my options in the teens. Maybe I just have to change me.

  • Cycling in Rhodes, Greece.1 year 2 weeks agoCyprus or Rhodes? If it's

    Cyprus or Rhodes? If it's Cyprus I'm interested in knowing the answer too!

  • Marin launch 2014 bikes1 year 2 weeks agoA lot of the photos above say

    A lot of the photos above say they are for the Lombard but they are clearly for the Verona. Someone may want to correct that.