• Poshbikes' 4.26kg Olympia 849 superbike51 weeks 6 days agoIt's good to see what can

    It's good to see what can actually be done. We know that 6.8 is just arbitrary these days, but I didn't know how low you could feasibly get the weight.

    It would be interesting to see some some sort of generic price/weight curve - vagaries of kit choices aside, of course.

    That saddle, though, looks terrifying.

  • The big road.cc lights test 201351 weeks 6 days agoDave Atkinson wrote: yeah, we

    Dave Atkinson wrote:

    yeah, we did try that but it wasn't ideal either. maybe we need to do a combination of both next time.

    That's a shame. I wouldn't commute without fibre flares (and exposure flare) but the test makes them look like they aren't on.

  • 'Boris e-Bikes' set to be trialled in North London51 weeks 6 days agosm wrote:Excellent - as a

    sm wrote:
    Excellent - as a Haringey resident I welcome these - e-bikes will give me something to chase as I do my hill repeats on Muswell Hill!

    Surely you get enough sprint training from avoiding the muggers?

    (Used to live in Turnpike Lane).

  • 'Boris e-Bikes' set to be trialled in North London51 weeks 6 days agoNorthernbike wrote:I hope

    Northernbike wrote:
    I hope these electric bikes have oxygen to help the riders avoid altitude sickness as well. Those London hills sound pretty daunting.

    Try Highgate Hill on a 23kg clunker with three gears and an unsuitable riding position and let us know how you get on Wink

  • The big road.cc lights test 201351 weeks 6 days agoMrmo, there are more dynamo

    Mrmo, there are more dynamo units starting to appear that have a bit more poke - the new B&M Luxos looks good. But as I say, if the beam shape is right it's really not an issue.

  • Charge 2014 range first look51 weeks 6 days agoThanks for providing the

    Thanks for providing the weights, I'll book a test ride with Evans as soon as it is available... Big Grin

  • 'Boris e-Bikes' set to be trialled in North London51 weeks 6 days agoVeloPeo wrote:That money

    VeloPeo wrote:
    That money should be earmarked for (and was originally announced as) putting in a better cycling infrastructure.

    There's no point chucking more Boris Bikes in until you provide an environment where people get injured and killed on bikes 'cos we're cramming too many things into too little space

    This man speaks sense!

  • Jens Voigt tells British fans: Keep fingers crossed to see me at the Tour51 weeks 6 days agoI'll buy something from Trek

    I'll buy something from Trek if the call up Jens one last time.
    The guy is a freaking machine!

  • Giro Air Attack helmet51 weeks 6 days agoI do really like the design

    I do really like the design to be honest, definitely stands out and it has a certain sci-fi je ne sais quoi.

  • Poshbikes' 4.26kg Olympia 849 superbike51 weeks 6 days agowhy is it you people cannot

    why is it you people cannot just accept this for what it is? This is poshbikes pushing the boundaries of what is possible as a purely technical exercise and surely it doesn't matter who owns it.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2012-201351 weeks 6 days ago10 Nov 1 Point 103.5km Total

    10 Nov 1 Point 103.5km Total Points 1 Total km 103.5
    17 Nov 1 point 104.9km Total Points 2 Total km 208.4
    28 Nov 1 point 100.4km Total Points 3 Total km 308.8
    15 Dec 1 point 101.1km Total Points 4 Total km 409.9
    22 Dec 2 point 222.7km Total Points 6 Total km 632.6
    27 Dec 1 point 118.1km Total Points 7 Total km 750.7
    28 Dec 1 point 108.7km Total Points 8 Total km 859.6
    30 Jan 1 point 102.5km Total Points 9 Total km 962.1
    9 Feb 1 point 108.9km Total Points 10 Total km 1,071.0
    12 Feb 1 point 166.0km Total Points 11 Total km 1,238.0
    27 Feb 2 point 211.3km Total Points 13 Total km 1,449.3
    9 Mar 2 point 288.2km Total Points 15 Total km 1,737.5
    14 Mar 1 point 106.4km Total Points 16 Total km 1,843.9
    29 Mar 1 point 106.3km Total Points 17 Total km 1,950.2
    30 Mar 1 point 102.6km Total Points 18 Total km 2,052.8
    05 Apr 1 point 101.1km Total Points 19 Total km 2,153.9
    06 Apr 1 point 112.5km Total Points 20 Total km 2,266.4
    09 Apr 1 point 144.2km Total Points 21 Total km 2,410.6
    10 Apr 1 point 208.7km Total Points 23 Total km 2,619.3
    21 Apr 2 point 217.2km Total Points 25 Total km 2,836.5
    28 Apr 1 point 100.2km Total Points 26 Total km 2,936.7
    10 May 1 point 121.7km Total Points 27 Total km 3,058.4
    10 Jun 1 point 102.0km Total Points 28 Total km 3,160.4
    04 Jly 1 point 114.9km Total Points 29 Total km 3,275.3
    06 Jly 1 point 107.5km Total Points 30 Total km 3,382.8
    15 Jly 1 point 114.0km Total Points 31 Total km 3,496.8
    16 Jly 1 point 102.3km Total Points 32 Total km 3,599.1
    17 Jly 1 point 119.9km Total Points 33 Total km 3,719.0
    18 Jly 1 point 101.7km Total Points 34 Total km 3,820.3
    20 Jly 1 point 104.3km Total Points 35 Total km 3,924.6
    26 Jly 1 point 158.9km Total Points 36 Total km 4,083.5
    29 Jly 1 point 100.5km Total Points 37 Total km 4,184.0
    05 Aug 2 point 219.9km Total Points 39 Total km 4,403.9
    12 Aug 1 point 100.3km Total Points 40 Total km 4,504.2
    25 Sep 1 point 101.4km Total Points 41 Total km 4,605.6
    01 Oct 1 point 101.0km Total Points 42 Total km 4,706.6
    22 Oct 1 point 130.6km Total Points 43 Total km 4,837.2

  • The big road.cc lights test 201351 weeks 6 days agoMr Agreeable, because of the

    Mr Agreeable, because of the age of my current lights, they are only around the 3-400 lumen mark anyway, so enough but i wouldn't really want to go dimmer.

    As said i am interested in a dynamo at some point, i have a 17mile each way commute, most of it on unlit country roads, so am charging batteries most days through the winter. Just being able to grab the bike and ride without worrying about the batteries is attractive.

  • Road.cc new look discussion thread51 weeks 6 days agoThanks Dave.

    Thanks Dave.

  • Are police fining 'speeding' cyclists in Richmond Park exceeding their authority?51 weeks 6 days agoIf Plod stops you and asks

    If Plod stops you and asks "do you know how fast you were going?" You could legitimately say "No. My bicycle does not have a speedometer, nor is one required, so I have no way of knowing."

    I think that could be the basis for a defence.

  • US teacher tracks his bike rides by GPS - and creates some stunning artwork (+ gallery)51 weeks 6 days agoGreetings from Adelaide in

    Greetings from Adelaide in South Australia Smile


  • The big road.cc lights test 201351 weeks 6 days agoMrmo, unfortunately as Dave

    Mrmo, unfortunately as Dave says, doing a meaningful comparison on lumens is really difficult when you have different beam shapes. I have the B&M Cyo and by the standards of my MTB lights it's pretty weedy - more like a 400 lumen light than a 900. However it puts the light in just the place where you need it, so it's more than adequate for unlit roads, plus it's visible from the side, and doesn't dazzle other users when you're on a narrow road or a shared path.

  • Wegelius expects nervous start to Tour & Millar to end career with a bang51 weeks 6 days agoAt this stage – no pun

    At this stage – no pun intended – it looks like anyone's race. Let's hope Millar has a good 'un. It would be fun to be able to give him a Applause as he bows out.

  • Brian Cookson set to announce independent investigation into UCI51 weeks 6 days agoGuyz2010 wrote:MercuryOne

    Guyz2010 wrote:
    MercuryOne wrote:
    What? No complaining? This is not the Road.CC way. I'll restore some balance. Brian? Yellow ties are naff. Stop it.

    Aaagggh come on he's an Englishman. We are known for our choice of outstanding dress code. Keep it up Brian.

    Brits win last two tours...Englishman in charge at UCI...Grande depart in Yorkshire...surely a union jack tie wouldn't go amiss?

  • Wegelius expects nervous start to Tour & Millar to end career with a bang51 weeks 6 days agoFroome's quote when the route

    Froome's quote when the route was announced was diplomatic,saying the route has 'something for everything..', in other words...'oh great....cobbles!'.

    Should be fun watching Millar getting in the breaks and looking for a stage win.

  • 'Boris e-Bikes' set to be trialled in North London51 weeks 6 days agoWouldn't it be fantastic if

    Wouldn't it be fantastic if other areas had a £913 million fund to develop cycling.

  • Who introduced you?51 weeks 6 days agoGoogle!

    Google! Day Dreaming Big Grin

  • First image from Stephen Frears' Lance Armstrong movie51 weeks 6 days agoJust found this striking new

    Just found this striking new image; too muscular you say? Thinking
    Not in the leg department.

  • Poshbikes' 4.26kg Olympia 849 superbike51 weeks 6 days agoBut does it have lugs for

    But does it have lugs for mudguards and panniers? If not that could be a deal-breaker for me.

  • Tour de France 2014 route unveiled51 weeks 6 days agobikeboy76 wrote:Okay geeks,

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    Okay geeks, we get it, the first three stages are in England, get over it. What about the rest; 6 uphill finishes and only one ITT on the penultimate day, sounds like a continental conspiracy to attack Froome. Nibbles each-way?

    You can forgive us getting excited about the race coming past our front doors, surely? First time ever for me.

    I reckon Prudhomme has constructed a route he thinks Quintana will be able to fight Froome on.

    Also Pinot doesn't have too much downhill to contend with...

  • The big road.cc lights test 201351 weeks 6 days agoAnother Ebay special user

    Another Ebay special user here - the one you've got has a smooth mirror which is why it gets the bright central spot. But on-road, that's exactly what you want so as not to dazzle everyone else.

    You can also get 'orange peel' ones which spread the beam better and are more for off-road use.

    Great test though - best on the Net I reckon.

    Any chance of adding the new 2x Cree light at some point?