• Aldi Cycling Gear for Summer51 weeks 15 hours agoLink to the cycling special

    Link to the cycling special buys


  • Café du Cycliste launches summer clothing51 weeks 15 hours agoBut there is almost no

    But there is almost no writing on it, I want to know what kind of french washing up powder you use. I'm out.

  • Riders banned from New Forest sportives for urinating in public51 weeks 15 hours agoNo pissing please we're

    No pissing please we're British!
    Been to a jazz festival in Denmark where they have porta loos in the streets. These consist of an X shape contrivance for men with 4 pissers in them. Just turn your back to the world and piss away. No one gave a toss over there. After all we all do it. And everyone has something to do it with.

  • N Yorks launches Think! Bike campaign to warn motorists to look out for people on two wheels51 weeks 15 hours ago“Vulnerable road users such

    “Vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclist should also ensure that they have the most appropriate protective and highly visible clothing and equipment.”

    Usual old hi-viz and lids, non-evidence based victim blaming ****. See http://rdrf.org.uk/2013/11/03/hi-viz-for-cyclists-and-pedestrians-the-ev... and http://rdrf.org.uk/2013/10/31/hi-viz-for-cyclists-and-pedestrians-sensib... on hi-viz and http://rdrf.org.uk/2013/12/27/the-effects-of-new-zealands-cycle-helmet-l... on lids.

    Difference this time is that cyclists are lumped in with motorcyclists - quite different kinds of road user hurt and killed in different ways, although with motorised road users generally the issue.

    (Motorcyclists more likely to be at fault with lots of going off carriageway incidents in rural areas, with high speed a factor in most cases in urban areas - and although I haven't checked recently, likely in rural areas as well; cyclists seem to be mainly motorists at fault. But typical motorists are implicated in a large chunk in both cases, and for pedestrians and other vehicle occupants as well)

    Motorcycles are heavy and used at high speeds, hence posing problems to others that cyclists don't. (In fact, particularly in urban areas, motorcycles belong with other motorised vehicle's as sources of danger to pedestrians)

    But then official "road safety" does not like to distinguish between endangering/hurting/killing others and being endangered/hurt/killed.

  • Video: Unboxing the new Garmin Edge 100051 weeks 16 hours agoI've just discovered Garmin

    I've just discovered Garmin have removed the ability to upload files via the website from the updated Garmin Connect - which everyone will be moved to. Uploading will only work via a Mac/Windows "Garmin Express" programme that you have to install.

    That will suck if you're not using Mac/Windows (e.g. Android or any other Linux).

    That'll be the end of Garmin for me.

  • The big 451 weeks 16 hours agoOn looks alone, the Bianchi

    On looks alone, the Bianchi and Pinarello are spoilt by that god awful chainset from the worlds leading manufacturer of angling equipment.

    Colnago and a few upgrades would be my choice of the 4.

    As you have your heart set on Italian, why not go with an Italian groupset too?

  • That difficult second album !51 weeks 16 hours agoAre you ok building it up

    Are you ok building it up yourself?

    For £1200, it would be quite easy to get a self build into your spec.

    But if you are not ok with building from scratch, stick to the Pro 6 at £1400 or go second hand.

    If you want more advice about self building, get in touch, I could throw something together within your budget and spec info@b-kam-cycling.co.uk

  • Liege Bastogne Liege51 weeks 16 hours agoWatching it , it looked

    Watching it , it looked nothing like a pedal strike Worried

    The front wheel slid out from under him as he was out the saddle on a turn ...my initial thoughts were gravel but if he says oil it's just as probable

  • Tour de Romandie Prologue Dream Team and Top 10 Challenge Results51 weeks 16 hours agoI'll keep mine to myself thx

    I'll keep mine to myself thx

  • Packing away the Winter kit51 weeks 16 hours agoSitting on the fence

    Sitting on the fence here....still got the rear mudguard and both clinchers on....everything else is summer!

  • Romandie51 weeks 16 hours agoWell I'll tell you now....no

    Well I'll tell you now....no froome in std or purist and my std team has about 10 credits spare ready for changes for stage two .

  • Riders banned from New Forest sportives for urinating in public51 weeks 16 hours agoI'm not surprised by this. On

    I'm not surprised by this. On the Sunday at the feed stop one bloke was asked to refrain from pissing across the road from the hotel by a member of staff, his reply "where are the fucking toilets then!?"

    If ever the NIMBY's needed fuel for the anti-cycling fire that twat was it.

    Bottom line if we don't police ourselves we'll have it done for us.

  • Romandie51 weeks 16 hours agoOoh, this is proving tough-

    Ooh, this is proving tough- who's actually riding this full on, injuries, no summit finish, nightmare! Not sure what I would do even with 200 credits tbh...

  • Families to the fore as thousands turn out for Scotland's Pedal on Parliament (+video)51 weeks 16 hours agopjclinch wrote:Segregation is

    pjclinch wrote:
    Segregation is a solution that appeals to motorists and people that don't ever cycle and some novice cyclists. It has benefits for some short commuting routes. The type of paths and speeds provided are suited to novice and slower cyclists. It generally doesn't require a change of behaviour amongst motorists.

    Oh dear.
    You've not spent much time in NL have you?

    Go over and spend some time and you'll see that segregation appeals to lots of folk there who have decades of experience. It appeals to Chain Gangs operating at high speed. You'll find that where there are inevitable conflicts at junctions that the driver behaviour is remarkably different (and deferential to cyclists) to that found in the UK. So your summary is, in summary, wrong.

    Calls for segregation (where it's appropriate) are calls to do it properly, as it typically is in NL. Not as you may have experienced it in the UK. (And yes, I'm quite happy with "vehicular cycling", to the point that I actually teach it to people as a Cycling Scotland CT+). Cycling in NL is a fundamentally better experience at practically every level aside from getting away from it all in remote wilderness or getting your hills in, and neither are connected with the road model.

    Yes I have ridden and driven extensively in the Netherlands. NL has a population of just under 17m it's densely populated. It's cycling infrastructure is an urban /suburban one.
    In that regard it resembles a series of medium sized towns. So some parts of the uk might benefit from some of the type of infrastructure it has. But most of the UK isn't like that.

    Just be careful applying solutions from some countries to others. They don't always translate so well. The uk needs its own various solutions based on our own road heritage and geography, culture, demographics and economics.

    Lessons can always be learned of course but just being lazy an thinking you can crib wholesale from someone else's homework is unlikely to work.

  • That difficult second album !51 weeks 16 hours agoCan't advise on exact bike to

    Can't advise on exact bike to choose, once you have chosen then you may need to change the stock tyres if you want: 'good puncture resistance and decent road speed' - my advice here is Continental GP 4 Seasons - they do a 28mm version.

  • Spring cycle clothing guide: the best kit and ways to wear it to get the most from cycling in spring51 weeks 16 hours agoI agree with you Emmy ,the

    I agree with you Emmy Smile,the women's range of cycling kit available is awful mostly Flowery and pink or even worst ...sparkly!!!! Sad((( arghhhh Sad(( and I .rather wear a black bin-bag than that shapeless monstrous gilet .
    I invested in a really nice team kit from Lululemon-Specialized and
    It was worth every single penny .... and every single hour of overtime too Smile

  • Close to the Marco51 weeks 16 hours agosounds amazing chapeau

    sounds amazing Applause chapeau

  • Updated: Team Sky says its riders are not given painkiller Tramadol and it should be banned51 weeks 17 hours agonotfastenough wrote:Team

    notfastenough wrote:
    Team transparency, yes, but that doesn't equate to telling individuals "if you ride for us, you forfeit your inalienable right to medical privacy"

    Listing TUE's is hardly a massive invasion of privacy.

    Surely, a public list of TUE's such as: 'Rider-X takes a certain drug under a TUE for asthma', or 'Rider-Y has applied a certain cream under a TUE for saddle sores' is not unreasonable given that we are apparently in a new era of clean cycling.

    Sky never shut-up about Froome's medical history!

    I guessing that if we had full knowledge of current TUE's in issue in the pro peloton we would be shocked by both the number and the recurrence of certain conditions.

  • Romandie51 weeks 17 hours agoFroome not in for me. Not

    Froome not in for me. Not with a tickly cough and revolting veiny legs.

  • Updated: Team Sky says its riders are not given painkiller Tramadol and it should be banned51 weeks 17 hours agonotfastenough wrote:Team

    notfastenough wrote:
    Team transparency, yes, but that doesn't equate to telling individuals "if you ride for us, you forfeit your inalienable right to medical privacy"

    Given the sports past, I think it only reasonable that riders are asked to waive that right. Its the only way to restore trust. Fair? Maybe not, but that's the reality of the situation.

  • Team Sky's Sergio Henao currently off active roster for altitude tests says team hope he can race Tour de France51 weeks 17 hours agostumps wrote:He has had some

    stumps wrote:
    He has had some adverse findings, not a failure of a drugs test.

    No doubt some will put 2 and 2 together and get "drug cheat" or "sky cover up".

    I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong but if a rider fails a drug test whether in or out of competition then the relevant authority have to be informed and an enquiry is launched.

    Absolutely, if it is an 'official test'. The point here is Sky appear to be conducting their own testing to avoid inquiries, hence why the whole thing seems a bit suspect. One could argue Sky have "sin-binned" Henao pending their own investigation to avoid UCI sanctions.

    I agree people should be careful when speculating, but on balance, especially given Henao's very timid response, it is difficult not to conclude that he has been caught by sky management doing something he shouldn't. Especially when Brailsford, in his own words, says "We want to do the right thing and we want to be fair. It’s important not to jump to conclusions." What sort of conclusions could he be referring to? Clearly the tests are indicative of, but not proof, of some malpractice on Henao's part.

  • Updated: Team Sky says its riders are not given painkiller Tramadol and it should be banned51 weeks 17 hours agoThis has always been my

    This has always been my biggest worry when you look at the performances of some of sky's riders. Given their resources it is easy to imagine them being able to take advantages of practices that whilst technically legal and within the rules, go against the spirit of the sport and the spirit of the rules.

    To me this seems a much more likely problem than US Postal style team doping programs.

  • Updated: Team Sky says its riders are not given painkiller Tramadol and it should be banned51 weeks 17 hours agoTeam transparency, yes, but

    Team transparency, yes, but that doesn't equate to telling individuals "if you ride for us, you forfeit your inalienable right to medical privacy"

  • Café du Cycliste launches summer clothing51 weeks 17 hours agoThat's nicely understated

    That's nicely understated gear! If you like UK/North American sizing, DannyShane does a nice/quality fit.

  • That difficult second album !51 weeks 17 hours agoYou should be able to get

    You should be able to get something very decent in that budget and could probably build your own with some canny purchasing but may not save a lot in the process. There's a bit of a spectrum within the road-cross bike market though, ranging from touring/utility to the more racing/sporty end so you might want to decide where to pitch your cash to narrow down the choice.

    The rear spacing, by the way, depends on whether its a disc brake or rim brake frame - 135mm for discs, 130mm for rim calipers.