• Sir Bradley Wiggins says he may not target Tour de France again1 year 3 weeks agolol I guess Brailsford has

    lol I guess Brailsford has dropped him then. Wink

  • Neglected Glasgow estate could become a model cycling town - and athlete's village for Youth Olympics 20181 year 3 weeks agoWrong photo...... Apparently

    Wrong photo......
    Apparently all Celtic and Rangers fans are having a massive Love-in when this happens.Must be some sort of election coming up.

  • Which 30-35 deep rim wheels for my new project?1 year 3 weeks agoHav u looked at fulcrum

    Hav u looked at fulcrum quattro,s 35 mm rim and at reasonable price.

  • Tips for Sportives please, Overtaking riders1 year 3 weeks agoa.jumper wrote:farrell

    a.jumper wrote:
    farrell wrote:

    I'll refer you back to my original point, which was quoted but apparently not read:

    While you cut my point because you seem to hate the idea that fast riders should be allowed to overtake and that beingfaster doesn't make them aany less vulnerable as road users. Also, I'm definitelya slow old fart by the standards of this site. It would take me 5h to do that distance. I don't want you stuck behind me. Go past, please.

    Share the road. Leave space if you're slow. Overtake witha helpful call if you're fast.

    Just so we can stop banging our heads against walls here, are you aware that this course is open to young kids? As in kids from the age of 3?

    I'm not talking about getting held up above some bodger having a pootle, I'm talking about young children. I'm also not saying that you cant over take, I'm saying that at certain points, if you get stuck behind a group of children and families you are just going to have bite the bullet, slow right down and pass safely and take the hit on your time.

  • Best Road Shoes for about £1001 year 3 weeks agoShimano R170. Retail at 150

    Shimano R170. Retail at 150 but with discount code I got them for just over 100 on ribble. Great shoes. Super light and super stiff.

  • Which 30-35 deep rim wheels for my new project?1 year 3 weeks agoAlloy or Carbon? Personally,

    Alloy or Carbon?

    Personally, last year bought a set of 38mm carbon clinchers and never looked back. Ended up a little later buying a 60mm front and lacing a 50mm rim to a new powertap hub. (note I race)

    Now only use 3 wheelsets, the two carbon wheelsets, though it is usally the 38mm front and 50mm rear. And my older powertap wheelsheet laced to mavic open pros as training wheels. Have a nice set of Reynolds Solitudes which are good to ride, but are 400gms heaveir than my carbon wheels at at 30mm not as aero. So they never get used.

    If you want alloy the Solitudes are good wheels, but the same weight and almost three times the price of Planet X model b wheelset

    So you choices are:
    1 lightweight carbon wheels from china (I got mine from FarSports go look up the road bike review thread on carbon wheels for more info)
    2 brand name alloys like Reynolds Solitudes 350GBP or Easton EA50 240GBP
    3 Planet X at 130GBP

    Me after a year on carbon, I would go for carbon.

    If I could not afford then, then Planet X and start saving

  • £55 fine and three points for driver who left cyclist with broken leg, elbow & weeks in hospital1 year 3 weeks ago1) Is it right that the

    1) Is it right that the costs of staying in hospital and other necessary NHS treatment can be recovered from guilty drivers? I sure hope so. But why haven't we heard of this being done?
    2) If David Cameron or any other senior political or establishment figures or a member of their families were injured like this rider there would be the most unholy stink.
    Are their limbs and wellbeing any more valuable than mine, or yours? Do they have more right to the protection of the law than you or I?
    3) There should be the legal assumption that the driver is at fault when killing or injuring cyclists or pedestrians, unless it can be proved otherwise. I understand this is common in continental Europe. Is the UK still part of the European Community? Go figure.
    4) I repeat my suggestion for the need of a cyclists militia to 'pay a visit' to those who thumb their noses at killing/injuring vulnerable road users.

  • Best Road Shoes for about £1001 year 3 weeks agomattsccm wrote:Exactly the

    mattsccm wrote:
    Exactly the same question from me.
    How do Diadora sizes come up? My reference would be Specialized

    You see this kinda ties in with another thread regarding LBS..you need to try shoes on to get a good idea of fit. Not impossible with Internet shopping I grant you, but far easier to go to the shops and handle the goods(!?)

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins says he may not target Tour de France again1 year 3 weeks agoPitstone Peddler

    Pitstone Peddler wrote:
    Something went pop in his head in Italy and remains popped. Best thing for him is the Worlds TT. Roubaix??? Another Giro pipe dream Yawn

    No descents in Roubaix. Surely a race that does suit him and worth a crack! Wouldn't require so much sacrifice and Sky have had precious little success in the classics.

  • Best Road Shorts1 year 3 weeks agoGBW "Xenon 2.0 Bibtights

    GBW "Xenon 2.0 Bibtights short+" are just the best you can get!

  • Tour De France - Stage 1 - Predicted top 51 year 3 weeks agochiv30 wrote:ray silvester

    chiv30 wrote:
    ray silvester wrote:
    cherrypicked wrote:
    Picking 3 of the top 6 for stage 1 shouldn't be that hard, and it's not where the tdf (real or fantasy) is won or lost. Picking riders to fill out the team and knowing what to do on stages 2 and 3, well, that's a bit harder.

    Here's some random names and numbers I found.
    Mark Cavendish 5/6
    Andre Greipel 7/2
    Marcel Kittel 13/2
    Nacer Bouhanni 12
    Matthew Goss 16
    Peter Sagan 16
    John Degenkolb 40
    Tyler Farrar 40
    Aleksander Kristoff 50
    Edvald Boasson Hagen 50
    Mark Renshaw 66
    Yauheni Hutarovich 80

    Very true

    I'll be picking a team with stage 2 in mind and then work backwards to put 2 pure sprinters in for the opener.

    Then hopefully my stage 2 team holds together up till stage 8 with just a tweak here and there so that I've got as many transfers as possible.

    That is some planning going on ....I'm just winging Corsica full stop

    My plan is to pick a team that lasts at least to stage 5 without making a transfer than I can change the whole team whenever I like without any of those pesky penalties. Cuando cambio mi equipo del todo, Enrique, voy a avisarte immediatemente.

  • Neglected Glasgow estate could become a model cycling town - and athlete's village for Youth Olympics 20181 year 3 weeks agoDespite some issues with

    Despite some issues with inappropriate comments in the past, Cclr Frank McAveety probably has the drive to make as much of this opportunity as anyone in the Glasgow Council labour group - so here's hoping

  • Sagan parking vid1 year 3 weeks ago(No subject)

    Big Grin

  • Crash related advice1 year 3 weeks agoDid you get her insurance

    Did you get her insurance details?
    If so contact the insurer and inform them that she has caused an accident which resulted in damage to your bike and that you intend to claim for the repair and reasonable costs for inconvenience. It will cost her even more in the long run as they will up her premium and it will probably affect her NCB even if she thinks it is protected.

  • wheels1 year 3 weeks agoMy LBS advised that buying a

    My LBS advised that buying a rim and doing the spoke work etc was probably too much trouble, and in the end I went with the easy option of buying the mavic 319's already made up and with 15% off at Evans it was not too damaging to the wallet. Thanks for all your help I have learnt a lot.

  • How to spot digital epo cheats on Strava1 year 3 weeks agoOh dear...bordering on

    Oh dear...bordering on obsessive. You're really not a fan of Digital EPO, are you?

  • Lorry that killed Paula Jurek had faulty indicator inquest told - CPS dropped case against driver1 year 3 weeks agoThis shows that better

    This shows that better cyclist education is needed, you can't rely on a vehicles indicators, at a junction, you do not cycle at the left of HGVs. This message clearly hasn't gotten through to the mass population and more cyclists are going to die until it does.

    Fault lies with gov't for not getting the message out clearly.

    And with cycling proficiency organisations because they should sit you down and make you watch a video that makes you want to cry because that is the way to get you to remember that those 20 ton vehicles can't see you and will crush you to death.

  • How do you clean your bike?1 year 3 weeks agoChain in a jar of White

    Chain in a jar of White Spirit, Cassette GT85'd and cleaned in all the nooks and crannies with a rag and a strip of rag to go inbetween the sprockets. Whip the chainset off and GT85/rag it until it shines, unless it's REALLY bad in which case I "paint" it with White spirit and that usually does it!

  • Prolive Gavia 2011 for non racer? ? If not what 30-35 deep wheelset?1 year 3 weeks agoWell .... I was looking for a

    Well .... I was looking for a 30-35 rim for aesthetic reasons ...

    I want a rim that is of that deapth and totally black Smile

    yeah ... i am thinking as a gal Tongue

  • Tips for Sportives please, Overtaking riders1 year 3 weeks agoThe amount of self

    The amount of self righteousness that has appeared on this thread is ridiculous, especially from the board's Misinterpreter-in-Chief. I have already told you what speed I will be going and it isn't excessive. Ask for advise and get condescension. You are telling me I shouldn't be doing a road cycling event because I don't want to do it at the speed of the slowest rider, what would be the point, shame on you. Should we have an egg-and-spoon race instead? I shall be at the front with other BC members to avoid these issues, but the problem is more with the route layout than my intentions.

    Thanks to a dose of sanity from a.jumper and darren who went fast than me already.

  • Prolive Gavia 2011 for non racer? ? If not what 30-35 deep wheelset?1 year 3 weeks ago@Simon E, you've taken my

    @Simon E, you've taken my comments out out context (I did say handbuilts were appropriate for the OPs classic bike)

    I gather you've not been satisfied with deep carbon rims in the past, I understand your viewpoint and would probably stick to clinchers myself if, for example, my deep section wheels were particularly uncomfortable, or prone to excessive wear etc

    However, mine simply make my bike more efficient, with pretty much no trade off, so given that I've already made the investment, it seems silly not to use then whenever I can. It's nothing to do with trying to set a PB every ride..

    Remember not all carbon is equal, this applies to wheels as it applies to frames

  • Updated: Brian Cookson tells Lance Armstrong he'd back Truth & Reconciliation - but investigating UCI is priority1 year 3 weeks ago"What I can say as a general

    "What I can say as a general point, is that the UCI has expended too much time, resource and money fighting battles which have distracted it from far bigger problems – in particular doping.

    So, does this means he still regards whistle-blowers as a problem?

  • Crash related advice1 year 3 weeks agoAccidents should be reported

    Accidents should be reported as soon as possible but within 24 hours. Unusual law as there is no requirement to report a non injury accident. Whatever, the police won't get your money back.
    Tell her the cost of your solicitor on top of the £15 will get messy.
    Are you a BC member? Their insurance may help recovering the money.
    Or you could wait til the end of the month?

  • How do you clean your bike?1 year 3 weeks agothe most critical part of the

    the most critical part of the bike to clean is the drivetrain - if you want to get the longest possible life span out of your cassette, chain and chainrings. I wipe these down thoroughly with a dry cloth after each ride to get any grit and sticky muck off. I clean the drivetrain properly once a week or every two weeks depending on weather conditions and mileage using a detergent (used Fenwick for a long time, excellent stuff; but now use No Nonsense Degreaser from Screwfix - works equally well and at £7 for 5L an absolute bargain). I use a round head fairly stiff paint brush which I dip into the degreaser and then work my way round the chain and cassette, rinsing with plenty of warm water - takes me a few minutes. Then hose the chain to remove traces of degreaser, and wipe the chain dry with a clean cloth - try not to leave the chain and cassette dripping wet to airdry as this will encourage rust if the air temperature is anywhere near average UK summer levels...

    I also clean the brake blocks and rims with a soapy solution to avoid any grit/grime wearing down the rims excessively - check nothing is embedded in the brake blocks.

    I do not spend a lot of time getting my bike super shiny, I get more pleasure from a smoothly running drivetrain.

  • £55 fine and three points for driver who left cyclist with broken leg, elbow & weeks in hospital1 year 3 weeks agoKrazyfrenchkanuck wrote: But,

    Krazyfrenchkanuck wrote:

    But, imagine if the victim had been someone with a high visibility profile, you can bet the outcome would have been totally different.

    Er, no.

    Sir Wiggo got knocked off and the driver received a slap on the wrist.

    If feck all happened to the irresponsible driver whom did this to our national treasure, then what chance has Joe Soap on a bike got?

    Write to your MP or whomever is the force behind change in your country.

    Cyclists are there own worst enemy because they won't stick together as one voice.