• Drunk, speeding, hit and run van driver who killed cyclist sentenced to eight years in jail51 weeks 2 days agoQuaternions wrote:Yet another

    Quaternions wrote:
    Yet another lenient sentence by yet another British judge.

    I'm almost glad I left the UK.

    He was only following sentencing guidelines. It's the law that's wrong.

  • Drunk, speeding, hit and run van driver who killed cyclist sentenced to eight years in jail51 weeks 2 days agojasecd wrote:...while taking

    jasecd wrote:
    ...while taking someones liberty through imprisonment has to be a balanced decision, the taking of their driving licence does not.

    Couldn't have put it better

  • Lidl cycling gear!51 weeks 2 days agoHadn't realised there'd been

    Hadn't realised there'd been such renewed interest in this thread, or a further Lidl sale either.

    I'm on holiday at the moment but have spotted a fairly large Lidl nearby so will take a look. Will cover it by saying I'm off to buy a cheap bottle of wine or something!

    Multi-tool looks like a bargain at the price, thanks KiwiMike for your blog on the bits you picked up.

  • Sahara Dust Cloud - Avoid!51 weeks 2 days agoAnother who rode in SE London

    Another who rode in SE London and kent and now have a very unhealthy hacking cough.

  • Drunk, speeding, hit and run van driver who killed cyclist sentenced to eight years in jail51 weeks 2 days agojasecd wrote:If I'm honest in

    jasecd wrote:
    If I'm honest in these cases I find the custodial sentences difficult to assess - what are they really designed to achieve? Punishment, rehabilitation or as a deterrent to others? Generally the families involved understandably want a far longer incarceration but they are far from objective - this is the challenge of the judiciary.

    They should achieve punishment for the crime committed.

    This man drove around all day drinking beer without a thought of the consequences of getting behind the wheel of a car.

    Under the influence he goes on to kill an innocent person.

    Not difficult to assess the sentence here should have been a full 14 years to reflect his crime.

    He has taken a life and destroyed those of the mans loved one.

    14 years would give him enough time to contemplate his actions.

  • ***RAFFLE: Bike/Pedals/Wheels/Groupset51 weeks 2 days agoCmiller3 wrote:Hi, I'd just

    Cmiller3 wrote:
    Hi, I'd just like to clarify...

    Go on then. Please provide full details of the said victim along with any other information to validate your raffle, as requested by others but which you have so far chosen to ignore.

    When you've done that, can you send me about $1,000 as a form of guarantee. I'll return it after I see evidence and the results of the raffle. Honest, guv'.

    Seriously, though - how do you expect your post not to be taken without a degree of scepticism if you provide nothing to prove it's genuine?

  • Leeds plans 20mph zones in communities along its £29m "super cycleway"51 weeks 2 days ago“Overall, the identified

    “Overall, the identified schemes programme will deliver a 20 mph speed limit on around 60% of all urban streets in the city and surrounding communities by 2020".

    Or alternatively, how about 100% by the end of next week? Just get some crews out to change every 30mph sign for a 20mph one. If there's a general consensus for change, then what's the problem?

  • Deep Breath Everyone51 weeks 3 days agoGkam84 wrote:Once a race is

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Once a race is open, I cannot adjust deadlines...

    Wow. I was under the impression you could. I appreciate the response...

  • The adverts on this site...51 weeks 3 days agoFlashblock FTW. The day

    Flashblock FTW. The day companies advertise on my laptop screen while heating it up and draining the battery is the day... well actually it's probably not that far into the future tbh. Sad

  • Colnago brakes versus Ultegra51 weeks 3 days agoIt could be

    It could be rims/blocks/calipers. Try swaping bits from your spesh to your colnago, blocks first, then maybe wheels, and then calipers, if/when you find something that works, you can then spend money on sorting the problem.

  • Leeds plans 20mph zones in communities along its £29m "super cycleway"51 weeks 3 days agoThere's also the issue of

    There's also the issue of noise pollution, which is generally sidelined in favour of discussing 'pollution' pollution and... 'death pollution'. If that's conceptually sound.

    Still, noise pollution an issue I've been picking up on more recently, and it's more meaningful than I'd imagined. You can hear a car from a mile away - literally. They fill residential areas with an ongoing aggressive cacophony, and even away from the road you can still hear the grumbling buzz of motor traffic in the distance. We have forced the notion of 'peace and quiet' out of most of the places where we live, walk, and play, and the atmosphere suffers as a result. You can't hear the birds sing when cars are nearby; nor hear the trees swaying in the breeze, or people chatting, or the sound of anything simply living.

    It's another ongoing reminder of who 'owns' the roads (and hence 90% of public space), and that the pace of towns - and therefore of our lives - is dictated by loud, large and anonymous machines, rather than simple, honest, un-augmented human beings.

    Of course, reducing the speed limit won't solve this entirely, but I think the drop in volume would be appreciable, and - fluffy as it may sound - I think you're much more likely to feel 'part of your environment' at 20 than 30, and therefore more responsible for it.

    It's certainly an intuitive way of 'levelling the playing field', and calming the angry rivers of steel that carve up the places we live.

    Also, in response to the idea that 'the 30 zones should simply be policed'; dropping the speed limits to 20 would no doubt reduce the average speed to... well, 30 or less, which is exactly the same result - and far more likely to actually work. And besides, I'd rather they were policed at 20 than 30. This is at least a step in the right direction.

  • Deep Breath Everyone51 weeks 3 days agoOnce a race is open, I cannot

    Once a race is open, I cannot adjust deadlines, only boss man can do that. All I do is set up races, do startlists and points. I do not have the power to open/close races or adjust anything once a race has started. As Dave found out just recently, he thought I had more options that I actually did.

    It is maybe something for him to think about, but to be fair, there are four of us running races and I cross between them all, setting up stages well in advance, I've got every stage set up till the end of Tour De France at the moment. I load in startlists and do scores when others aren't available. But there cannot be someone on hand 24/7, no matter how much I'd like to be. So if a problem comes up, it cannot always be sorted right away.

    Also, I did take a nice big penalty in Volta Catalunya: Stage 5

    1103= http://fantasy.road.cc/leagues?action=show&ldtid=3&sid=7905

  • Deep Breath Everyone51 weeks 3 days agonorthstar wrote:... it's

    northstar wrote:
    ... it's still cheating...

    Well, I'm running out of ideas, but this (!) one may work! Thinking Gkam, why don't you take take a 50 point penalty in the next race and that way you voluntarily give up the points you gained with the breakaway? D Oh Crap, there's unlimited transfers for Flanders, that (!) won't work... Hmmm.... damn, Northie... what now? Waiting

    I have to say this. I think Ray (below) was very upfront and (!) he brings up a point that's potentially more significant:

    ray silvester wrote:
    I freely admit to taking advantage of it by changing Gruzdev to Aregger after the break was known... I'm happy to have my 177 docked to 167... people are getting so worked up about it....yet barely a ripple when breakaway riders are scored that don't even finish without a mention of this rule change anywhere... Surely over the course of a season this will have much more effect on the final rankings than one breakaway being taken advantage of due to a clock change?

    On another note, according to the Gent - Wevelgem thread, chris noted that the clocks were wrong at 10:09 30th March 2014:

    chrisdstripes wrote:
    Has the clocks going forward thrown out the transfer deadlines? eg this one says deadline is 11:25 UK time, but the race starts at 11:25 Belgian time. Just didn't want people to be able to make transfers once the race has started. Might be wrong... its all a bit confusing for me...

    I think the transfer window was supposed to close at 11:30, if I'm reading correctly (http://fantasy.road.cc/stages)

    Gkam84 posted his team at 12:27 30th March 2014.

    G, I don't know if you have these system privileges, but could you have been able to close the window? I don't know how fair it would have been to notice the error and close the transfer window immediately, but in the worst case, it might have been better to close the window than to leave it open... chris and ray did both bring it up with enough time to have been able to close it at the posted time...

  • Anyone using Campag Centaur?51 weeks 3 days agoCentaur gets you a little

    Centaur gets you a little less, especially with the carbon levers and cranks but it s probably not worth the cash difference. The feel of the shifts is better though, so I can recommend Centaur, I bought most of my group off of eBay.

  • Council withdraws 'sexist' leaflet advertising sportive51 weeks 3 days agoFluffyKittenofTindalos

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:

    Well those adverts are from private companies. So its up to them if they want to limit their market (or make correct judgements about who their customers are). As this is from a local council, so presumably funded by council tax, and is apparently about encouraging physical activity and more cycling for its own sake I don't see that its the same thing.

    That's what I have a problem with - if it were an advert made entirely by a private profit-making company running Sportives, with no state involvement, purely as a commercial venture, I don't think it would bother me all that much (though it still would put me off the event, personally).

    And I don't think targeting 'those they think are interested' is the same as sending a message to everyone else that this is not for them. This ad, with the whole 'girls going shopping' bit, seems to be more of the latter.

    Private companies? The sportive appears to be hosted and advertised by 'Velo 29' and simply sanctioned and/or sponsored by Stockton Council as part of their 'Cycling Festival'. It's not clear to me if Velo 29 are a private business, a non-profit or whatever. They're inviting 500-odd riders and charging them £15-25 for the privilege of participating and so generating about £10K in revenue.

    Advertising is a notoriously hit-or-miss affair. As you say, private companies can spend their money how they wish, however if this *was* public funds being spent then I'd hope it was being as targeted as narrowly as possible ... because that's a far more efficient use of the money. There's absolutely no point in spending half the money advertising to women if it's well known that 99% of them simply aren't interested.

    There's also another way of looking at this. The fact that 'Sarah' has decided to go shopping with the girls is essentially providing the 'permission' that her feeble man needs in order to participate in the event. Ergo ... Sarah is wearing the trousers in that relationship. Sarah didn't need permission to go shopping __ she's her own woman. If she *hadn't* chosen to go shopping then there's no way that her oppressed partner would have been *allowed* to do as he wished for a few hours.

    This advert is clearly a sickening portrayal of how dominant women are in their relationships with their pathetic, henpecked men. Otherwise the bloke would be saying "Fuck Sarah. I'm doing what I want and she'd bloody well better have my dinner on the table for when I get back". That's what I'd be saying anyway. Last time I checked in my underpants there was a pair of bollocks in there. The bloke in the poster needs to grow himself a pair.

  • The adverts on this site...51 weeks 3 days agoI've never noticed any ads

    I've never noticed any ads there. Adblock Plus ftw.

  • Just In: Sublime Six C Aero51 weeks 3 days agoI agree the colour is

    I agree the colour is horrible, but in a different colour it might look quite nice, look at the black and orange on the website

    £2500 with Ultegra

  • Ordnance Survey launches free iOS Ride Tour de France route app with Chris Boardman51 weeks 3 days agoAndroid omission does seem a

    Android omission does seem a bit silly. That said, I would hazard a guess that iPhones dominate amongst the moneyed MAMIL audience who would be particularly keen to retrace the Tour route. In fact I am even typing this message on an iPhone. Oh, God...

  • 64 year old cyclist found to be carrying knife, air gun and nunchucks after being hit by car51 weeks 3 days ago[[[[[ While we're fantasizing

    [[[[[ While we're fantasizing about weaponizing ourselves, I saw a piece in a local rag about a geezer emerging from a shop with his fish'n'chips in a bag, and four young plonkers stopped him and demanded money---with menaces. The hungry chap, (a Scot, I believe), turns out to be a multi-Martial Arts blackbelt holder, and he kept kicking them all in the kneecaps until they got the picture and hobbled off into the sunset, not a penny richer, but hopefully a bit wiser.
    Since perusing the story, I confess to having mused about a pair of cycling shoes with steel toecaps---and in case any of you cycling cops are thinking of "cautioning" me, these protective daisyroots would be a defence against motorists driving over me toes, seeing as I always put me RIGHT foot down when stopping at traffic lights, and several drivers over the years--even a bus--have come way too close for comfort, and I need my toes for balance, see?
    What't that TV prog called? Oh yeah, Dragons' Den.....

  • Just In: Sublime Six C Aero51 weeks 3 days agoIt's the matching paint on

    It's the matching paint on the rims that really gives it that 'Tesco' look. It would probably look fantastic in a more muted colour.

  • Leeds plans 20mph zones in communities along its £29m "super cycleway"51 weeks 3 days agoThe whole point of 20mph is

    The whole point of 20mph is to get people to drive below 30mph - rather than the usual 35-40mph in a 30moh zone which has become accepted behaviour over the past 20 years.

    The death rate being hit below 30mph is markedly less than above 30mph.

    Once enough drivers are creeping along at 25-30mph in residential areas then they stop the speeders doing more by weight of numbers.

    Beg to differ all you like but the current limit isn't working and in the absence of a better solution - you can call me old fashioned - but I'm all for reducing cars to the pace of a dangerously fast horse and cart around my neighbourhood. Better fuel use, fewer deaths, traffic moving more smoothly... What's not to like?

    We created this self entitlement nightmare and it's time for change.

  • Cycle helmets have "major flaws" in safety, insists cyclist airbag firm Hövding (+ video)51 weeks 3 days agoPaul J wrote:pdw: The first

    Paul J wrote:
    pdw: The first study says "if you fall off a bike, you're better off wearing a helmet".

    No, that's not what the first study says. It says "Under ideal laboratory conditions, in the exact kind of impacts that helmets are designed for, helmets are very effective at absorbing accelerations".

    Fair point, but it doesn't alter the fact that any benefit that helmet may have in the event of an accident is completely dwarfed by the negative health effects of helmet compulsion, and the helmet "debate" is a total red herring in terms of road safety.

  • Ordnance Survey launches free iOS Ride Tour de France route app with Chris Boardman51 weeks 3 days agoIs Chris trying to go for the

    Is Chris trying to go for the Gary Barlow beardy look, cause he looks more like Dave Gorman.

  • Colnago brakes versus Ultegra51 weeks 3 days agoI'd just try better blocks

    I'd just try better blocks initially. Cheaper than buying new complete brakes & from my experience, can make a huge difference.

  • Yet another "Which Bike Should I get?" (Mine was Stolen)51 weeks 3 days agoSRAM Force or Ultegra? Give

    SRAM Force or Ultegra? Give me Ultegra any day.