• FS: Selle San Marco Aspide saddle1 year 6 weeks agoHi saddle now reduced to £50

    Hi saddle now reduced to £50

  • Halfords!1 year 6 weeks agoI might just take you up on

    I might just take you up on that. I'll let you know nearer the time the C2W comes out.

  • NOT IMPRESSED1 year 6 weeks agoDave Atkinson wrote:Quote:

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    You could even go as far as removing the total overall?

    yeah, i can just imagine the silence on this forum if we were to do that. Thinking

    we're not 'continually moving the goalposts' anyway, we're just trying to make the early classics – which has been a learning experience – as interesting a comp as possible. one race got cancelled, so we put another one in. and one we couldn't get information for, so we swapped it out. There's no prizes for this one. It's not like anyone's being done out of a bike.

    i'm aware that people are paying money to play, which is why we're trying to make the experience as good as we can. we won't always do everything right and you can't please everyone anyway. but hey, at least you can talk to us, eh?

    Dave, not that it makes any difference, but i'm really happy we have more races. It is time consuming but as you said there are no prizes so it means you can mess about with teams and pick people who might do well instead of going for the usual suspects. Keep it up Smile

  • Bianchi Infinito1 year 6 weeks agoThanks David.

    Thanks David.

  • Just in: Ridley Noah Fast1 year 6 weeks agoRaleigh wrote:*One of the

    Raleigh wrote:
    *One of the ugliest bikes in the peoloton

    Don't get why the Belisol Women's team get lovely S5's, and Greipel and his ilk are stuck on these pseudo aero, generic ugly carbon bicycle shaped objects.

    Ridley makes me ill.

    you are joking right? The only pro-peloton bikes uglier than the S5 are Lampre's Meridas.

  • Transfer deadlines as ICS?1 year 6 weeks agoWhats an ICS ???????

    Whats an ICS ???????

  • Starting a Cycle Club - Woking1 year 6 weeks agoGood on you for doing this.

    Good on you for doing this. I'm part of a club that was formed a few years ago out of a group of lads that just liked riding bikes. We've got BC affiliation, but it's a very small minority of us who race.

    I found them because I googled around for a small club without political agendas, annual general meetings and the like. The unique selling point of ours is that we ride out earlier (8am) than others, so we tend to attract people who have kids etc and can't simply block out most of the daylight hours every Sunday for riding.

    Get yourself some jerseys, and encourage everyone to behave and ride responsibly while wearing them. Try and get your LBS to subsidise them with their name on them, and get a couple of posters put up in the shop.

    Your website is decent, and you sound like a friendly lot (I read the bit about doing away with the excuses for not doing sportives). Maybe get some pictures up which show that you are in fact human and not all 9-stone racing snakes with intimidating calf muscles and aero-shaped heads.

    Get a facebook page, link up with all the members, post some stuff and get a few likes. Link to a club page on Strava and show people where you've been. The members will come, I'm sure.

    Good luck.

  • Katusha's Angel Vicioso back racing after giving Operacion Puerto evidence1 year 6 weeks agoWhy doesnt this surprise me?

    Why doesnt this surprise me?

  • Trial opens of nine cyclists arrested at Critical Mass on night of Olympic opening ceremony1 year 6 weeks agoSimon, cheers mate, just read

    Simon, cheers mate, just read through it and, as i said before, i accept i was wrong on this case. However, my initial point that you cant organise a demonstration without informing the Police was correct (sect 11 poa 1986) so in relation to an earlier correspondent "i did know the law" and was correct. Apology accepted from you in advance Wink

    I was not aware of the case involving cm otherwise i would not have added the comment. Mind you the comment from paulbrock shows how comments can be twisted to suit and perhaps he should also consider reading up on the law regarding demonstrations before he tries to lecture.

  • NOT IMPRESSED1 year 6 weeks agoNot Impressed , not

    Not Impressed Thinking , not impressed by the original post. I think it's great that you are flexible and looking after all followers, I am not saying you just ignore these self centered individuals, after all if they do not want to partake in a particular event, they do have the option of missing it out. You should be congratulated for finding the time and effort to provide for all.

  • Starting a Cycle Club - Woking1 year 6 weeks agoGood on you for putting it

    Good on you for putting it together - I'm no blazer-wearing rules afficionado, but if you call yourselves a Cycling Club would new members expect to be able to join races and events as affiliated club members?
    I'm part of a club and also an informal ride-out group that has no name or rules; each meets different needs.

  • Lance Armstrong to argue US government should have known about doping on USPS team1 year 6 weeks agoWe're constantly hearing of

    We're constantly hearing of America's love of guns, semi automatics, etc ..

    Will someone please just shoot this hateful, sociopathic C••T and put him out of our misery already!!

  • Cycle to Work scheme guidance to allow accessories-only packages1 year 6 weeks agopaulmcmillan wrote:Whats the

    paulmcmillan wrote:
    Whats the residual value on a puncture repair kit after 12 months then HMRC?

    Surely that depends on...

    Wait for it...

    Inflation! Big Grin

    (I'm here all week.)

  • Passoni Top Force W1 year 6 weeks agoWouldn't Enigma do similarly

    Wouldn't Enigma do similarly nice work for less than this?

  • Get Britain Cycling inquiry resumes today with focus on the local picture1 year 6 weeks agoI wonder if the design and

    I wonder if the design and printing will be done by greener firms like Calverts and Paperback?

  • Vespertine Sash-ay Scarf1 year 6 weeks agoyou've just googled the words

    you've just googled the words 'buff' and 'stylish' and posted the first link you found. at least i'm hoping you didn't click on that link and think, 'what style!', for your own sake Thinking

  • le samyn1 year 6 weeks agoI think my team was this, so

    I think my team was this, so thats probably the top 9 sorted - get down the bookies!

    Demare, Ciolek, Ravard, Boeckmans, Caethoven, van Stayen, De Haes (plus a couple for Strade)

  • Vespertine Sash-ay Scarf1 year 6 weeks agonbrus

    Plain Face

  • Australian teens hospitalised with burns after 'jump through fire' bike stunt goes wrong (+ video)1 year 6 weeks agoGood on them They got away

    Good on them
    They got away with it, very sore and scarred maybe but you do stupid things as a kid.
    Agree that damaged kids isn't good but nor would be a world where people didn't do stupid things.

  • World and Olympic champ Dani King reopens Hampshire viaduct as part of National Cycle Network1 year 6 weeks agoOh well, maybe someone can

    Oh well, maybe someone can update opencyclemap/cyclestreets soon. I'll ride it when I get chance, but Winchester isn't one of my usual areas and South West Trains were a bit rubbish with bikes last I tried.

  • NOT IMPRESSED1 year 6 weeks agoReally enjoying it so far, no

    Really enjoying it so far, no complaints Big Grin

  • Narrowest Tyre?1 year 6 weeks agohttp://sheldonbrown.com/tire-


    are good references

    Cannondale site shows they are DC3.0, but maddux don't list them (grrrr). Could be anything between 16 and 20mm ID if you take in the 700c rims in the trekking list too.

  • Vespertine Sash-ay Scarf1 year 6 weeks agocactuscat wrote:because buffs

    cactuscat wrote:
    because buffs are *so* stylish, said no-one, ever.

    unusual to see you commenting on one of leonie's reviews, nbrus. what? oh. Thinking

    The comments section exists solely so that readers can post comments related to the review/article. It isn't there for h*lf-w*ts to make personal attacks to other users when they don't agree with their opinion. Stick to the topic and we'll all get along fine. Smile

  • Vespertine Sash-ay Scarf1 year 6 weeks agocactuscat wrote:bit silly

    cactuscat wrote:
    bit silly that they make it in scotland and you have to buy it from the US. wonder how much it would be if they could send one direct?
    You seem be be good at inferring inaccurate opinion and reaching baseless conclusions from what you think you've read. Smile If you re-read the article it says the scarf is 'Woven' in Scotland. This infers that the tweed fabric is produced in Scotland, but the scarf may well be finished off (e.g. that button stitched on, etc.) elsewhere. Oh, and 'scotland' is spelled with a capital 'S'.

  • Narrowest Tyre?1 year 6 weeks agoTake tyre off, use ruler to

    Take tyre off, use ruler to measure inner width of the rim? I reckon 23mm or less would be fine for 28 mm tyres.