• Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agolivestrongnick wrote:1, 2, 3,

    livestrongnick wrote:
    1, 2, 3, 5, 7, Cool

    +16 & 17


  • Bike fits in the North East1 year 1 week agoI used David Eardley at

    I used David Eardley at Peacocks opposite Haymarket in Newcastle. Don't think he uses retul but well worth the money IMO.

    Bike fit perfectly after the session and got rid of the back pain I was getting.

  • Chapeau Chamois Cream1 year 1 week agoRob PC and Monkeyjo We're

    Rob PC and Monkeyjo

    We're sorry you didn't find our chamois cream to your liking. When developing the creams we investigated the viscosity of the Assos cream and matched it against the menthol, so there shouldn't really be a difference there.

    However, what we did find during testing is that people used up to a third less cream when squeezing from a tube compared to "scooping" from a jar. This difference did, of course, affect a rider's perception of the longevity of the cream.

    We also found that the absorbency of the rider's chamois also affected longevity and comfort. If a rider did not apply enough cream to breach the saturation level of a chamois then all the cream would be absorbed and the rider would not feel the benefits for as long.

    Our riders have tested the creams on and off road, during multi-day events such as the Marmot and at endurance events such as Twentyfour12 and, when used correctly, the creams have performed to our highest expectations.

    Some riders do not like the fresher feeling of the menthol, and also like a slightly thicker cream, which is why we developed the Original "flavour".

    As we hate to see our customers disappointed by any of our products we'd love you to try the Original for free. If you email me we'll get some samples out to you. If you then still feel that Chapeau Chamois Creams are not for you, well, at least we've given it a fair shot.

  • Dead Litespeed Vortex Compact... What next?1 year 1 week agoDescision made, Im going for

    Descision made,

    Im going for a Giant TCR advanced SL.

    Found a decent deal for a lightly used 2012 example (400 miles and looks like new).

    Once i've picked it up and made a few tweaks i'll add pics to the 'show us your bikes' thread.


  • Specialized launch AWOL adventure bike1 year 1 week agoBars level with

    Bars level with saddle...

    Rough stuff on-/off-road long distance adventure bike in the mould of a Rivendell. Fundamentally different geometry to bikes available from all but a few niche otp manufacturers. Ideal for a more laid back style of commuting and for bridleway/sustrans hacking of a weekend in the UK, I'd have thought.

    So it won't sell in significant numbers here then. (Would love to be wrong)

  • Westminster Grand Prix women's race on final day of Tour of Britain1 year 1 week agoThe men are not riding a road

    The men are not riding a road race in London but a circuit race, as are the women.

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week ago2,3,5,8,14,17 for me Where

    2,3,5,8,14,17 for me

    Where were Saxo, no-one sprinting for them Thinking

  • Edinburgh Council leader Nice Way Code blasts bus ads1 year 1 week agoThis whole "niceway" campaign

    This whole "niceway" campaign appears to be a anti-cycling campaign dressed up as something which it appears not to be.

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agotop 20 1 Mark Renshaw

    top 20

    1 Mark Renshaw BELKIN PROCYCLING TEAM 4:01:14
    2 André Greipel LOTTO BELISOL 0:00:02
    3 Giacomo Nizzolo RADIOSHACK-LEOPARD 0:00:02
    4 Ariel Maximiliano Richeze LAMPRE - MERIDA 0:00:02
    5 Elia Viviani CANNONDALE PRO CYCLING 0:00:02
    6 Taylor Phinney BMC RACING TEAM 0:00:02
    7 Michael Van Staeyen TOPSPORT VLAANDEREN-BALOISE 0:00:02
    8 Davide Appollonio AG2R LA MONDIALE 0:00:02
    9 Alessandro Petacchi LAMPRE - MERIDA 0:00:02
    10 Ruslan Tleubayev ASTANA PRO TEAM 0:00:02
    11 Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi MOVISTAR TEAM 0:00:02
    12 Manuel Belletti AG2R LA MONDIALE 0:00:02
    13 Danilo Napolitano ACCENT JOBS - WANTY 0:00:02
    14 Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil MOVISTAR TEAM 0:00:02
    15 Jon Aberasturi Izaga EUSKALTEL - EUSKADI 0:00:02
    16 Yauheni Hutarovich AG2R LA MONDIALE 0:00:02
    17 Arnaud Demare FDJ 0:00:02
    18 Tyler Farrar GARMIN-SHARP 0:00:02
    19 Christopher Sutton SKY PROCYCLING 0:00:02
    20 Lars Boom BELKIN PROCYCLING TEAM 0:00:02

    Got a feeling scoring this is gonna be a nightmare, as im not sure im gonna get intermediates breakdown. Thinking

  • Bike purchase - need info!1 year 1 week agoHave a look at Canyon -

    Have a look at Canyon - canyon.com - their bikes are outstanding value for money and among the best there are around. At your price the Ultimate AL would be a sensible purchase - outstanding modern frame (Bike if the Year 2012) and you will get a full group set and quality wheels. The ultimate AL 9.0 with full Ultegra and Ksyrium Elite wheels is currently £1569, for example. You could get with Ultegra Di2 for just £1743.

    Or shop around: eg I saw the Cube Agree GTC at Cycle Surgery yesterday with a partial Ultegra group (cheap cranks, FD, brakes) for £1,599 on special.

    The problem with your Giants or your Spesh bikes is you'll only get a partial groupset and cheap wheels at this price range.

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 1 week agobikeboy76 wrote: Maybe I just

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    Maybe I just have to change me.

    Honestly, I think that's the solution.

    From your description of the ride and how you were feeling it sounds to me like you are biting off more than you can chew.

    Yes you need to get your equipment sorted but that's not going to cause a drastic improvement.

    Lower your sights in the short term and use the time to do some better training and lose some weight.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh but I know a lot of people who obsess about equipment to make up for their own lack of fitness and ability, and in the long run it doesn't help.

  • Specialized launch AWOL adventure bike1 year 1 week agoGates on Alfine Di2 is a

    Gates on Alfine Di2 is a problem (as I have very recently learned) unless you're lugging loaded racks. Smallest cog that will fit is a 28t (and the only size they make), meaning you need the 55 or 60t front ring if you want reasonable road gearing . . .

  • Specialized launch AWOL adventure bike1 year 1 week agonowasps wrote:d_c_h_w

    nowasps wrote:
    d_c_h_w wrote:
    Not a great advert for hub geared bikes (an extra 10kg in weight!)


    I was highlighting a typo that has now been corrected.

    Erik’s bike weighs in at 14.6kg (32lb), 24kg (53lb) fully loaded

    Erik’s bike weighs in at 24kg (53lb)

  • Bike fits in the North East1 year 1 week agoThere,s bike sciemce in

    There,s bike sciemce in newton aycliffe ind est retul fit not cheap thou bout 2 1/2 hrs long

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week ago1,2,3,7 I think - probably

    1,2,3,7 I think - probably nothing else but I'll take that. Had my team sorted all week and then brought Renshaw in for Moser last night Big Grin
    EDIT - If that was Viviani in 5th, then I have him too - better than expected. Wonder if Napolitano squeezed into the top 20?

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agoRider 1 RENSHAW Mark Belkin

    1 RENSHAW Mark
    Belkin Pro Cycling Team 4:01:14
    2 GREIPEL Andre
    Lotto Belisol Team 0:02
    3 NIZZOLO Giacomo
    RadioShack - Leopard ,,
    4 RICHEZE Ariel Maximiliano
    Lampre - Merida ,,
    5 VIVIANI Elia
    Cannondale Pro Cycling Team ,,
    6 PHINNEY Taylor
    BMC Racing Team ,,
    7 VAN STAEYEN Michael
    Topsport Vlaanderen – Baloise ,,
    8 APPOLLONIO Davide
    AG2R La Mondiale ,,
    9 PETACCHI Alessandro
    Omega Pharma - Quick-Step ,,
    10 TLEUBAYEV Ruslan
    Astana Pro Team ,,

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week ago2,3,5 for me as well

    2,3,5 for me as well

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agorenshaw greipel nizzolo riche

    van staeyen

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agoKittel was 24th and Kruopis

    Kittel was 24th and Kruopis 30th I saw on the screen above the finish

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week ago2,3 and 5 maybe for me 2,3

    2,3 and 5 maybe for me

    2,3 and 6 for purist

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agoI don't have Renshaw , but

    I don't have Renshaw Crying , but good start for my purist team I think, with Boom and Phinney picking up some points.

    Greipel 2nd
    I think Nizzolo may have been 3rd (although didnt look like him), and Richeze 4th Thinking

    Bozic lost ground Crying

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week ago1, 2, 3, 5, 7,

    1, 2, 3, 5, 7, Cool

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agolivestrongnick wrote: renshaw

    livestrongnick wrote:
    Big Grin renshaw wins it Big Grin

    Nice pick dude!

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agorenshaw wins it

    Big Grin renshaw wins it Big Grin

  • Eneco Tour - Stage 11 year 1 week agoBoom, Phinney, Bodnar 1,2,3

    Boom, Phinney, Bodnar 1,2,3 at the last Bonificates sprint
    Jacobs, Verraes, De Vreese 1,2,3, at the 2nd one
    Those 3 contested the 1st but was in a different order, I believe it was won by Verraes

    De Vreese won both the primus sprints