• Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoTransfers done, with my two

    Transfers done, with my two transfers for tomorrow planned as well. The only problem I know have its my team is not geared to bring in a big sprinter for any sprint stages Thinking

  • I saw a deer in the city on Friday, what's the most unexpected thing you've seen on your commute?1 year 21 weeks agoDue to living and working in

    Due to living and working in a built up area i dont get to see much wildlife whilst commuting but we do get a boat load of Foxes running about the streets.

    Best i've seen, outside the nick was a tom cat with a large fox either side of it - the cat was not happy !!! it possibly got to close to the foxes den and pups Thinking

    At work though seen a load of deer and a badger in the nearby park during the night.

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 5: Cav the daddy as he wins in Fano in front of girlfriend and daughter1 year 21 weeks agoCav's let his cycling do the

    Cav's let his cycling do the talking.

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoMade a big change for today

    Made a big change for today and put in J-Rod so it means i dont have to work at getting him in later. My team for todays stage:

    Marco Pinotti (BMC)
    Joaquin Rodriguez (KAT)
    Geraint Thomas (SKY)
    Enrico Gasparotto (AST)
    Arnaud Demare (FDJ)
    Ramunas Navardauskas (GRM)
    Manuele Boaro (SAX)
    Domenico Pozzovivo (COG)
    Jack Bauer (GRM)

    Still got a couple of sprinters in just in case its an easier than expected climb.

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoIt could be a very good day

    It could be a very good day for riders like Visconti, Pozzato, Gasparotto, Lastras but also a bit risky because these riders are not the most appropiate for Saturday and Sunday stages and there are only 2 changes...

  • Riding with the Lion King: the Cipollini Gran Fondo1 year 21 weeks agolocalsurfer wrote:Cipo did

    localsurfer wrote:
    Cipo did actually ride then? A friend of mine took part, and he said he never actually saw him on his bike.


    I'm jealous, though not of the weather. I saw Cipo at the start of the Giro Stage in Milan 2009 and to say he owned the place would be a huge understatement.

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoOk, I just hope Cav, GT and

    Ok, I just hope Cav, GT and Bennati do not make it over the climbs with the leaders Wink

    39 May 11, 04:52 Giovanni Visconti in for Geraint Thomas
    39 May 11, 04:52 Filippo Pozzato in for Mark Cavendish
    39 May 11, 04:50 Dennis Vanendert in for Alex Rasmussen
    39 May 11, 04:50 Thor Hushovd in for Daniele Bennati

  • Road cc website sooo slow!!!1 year 21 weeks agofico wrote:Gkam84

    fico wrote:
    Gkam84 wrote:
    Everything is working super quick for me tonight, Maybe because everyone else cant get on?

    What browser and OS are you using?...

    I've been testing it on everything i have in the house. So here is a list

    Windows 7 - Chrome browser, works perfect
    Windows 7 - Firefox browser. working fine
    Windows XP both above browsers working fine

    Linux - Chrome working fine

    Android tablets, working fine
    Android phone, working fine

    TV browsers, working fine also

    Sometimes it is slower, but only because of the traffic coming through at certain times.

    DONT use Internet Explorer, its shocking. Get yourself Google Chrome. Also, run whatever spyware/anti virus you have, but it sounds like a problem on your computer rather than the server on Road.cc Wink

  • Some mechanical advice sought.1 year 21 weeks agoI totally agree Roberj4. Alas

    I totally agree Roberj4. Alas I was taken in by fantastic prices and bought directly from the manufacturer. I have no doubt that they would sort it out if I took it in but I was hoping that with a bit of research I could avoid the 60mile round trip which it seems I have done.
    In hindsight I will be buying my next bike from a LBS having already had to take it back for attention twice, but that's a tale for another topic.

  • Giro Stage 51 year 21 weeks agoWoot! one of the stages I

    Woot! one of the stages I needed to make up for a bad Paris-Nice, made up 80 points on No.1 spot and 40 points on most teams above me in overall. Still need a couple more stages like it.

    Almost had Modolo in my team instead of JJ Haedo (did on during pre stage 4 workings, but decided Saxobank better chance in TTT & was right).

    Still made the right transfers yesterday, Kristoff for Phinney (I wanted Kristoff for stage 6) & Demaere for Rasmusseun (almost went Guardini but wanted option of Pozzato for stage 6 and would be problematic with two FAR riders in my team)

  • Giro d'Italia: Stage 6 Preview - Urbino to Porto Sant'Elpidio 210 km1 year 21 weeks agoI've swapped in Henao

    I've swapped in Henao Wink

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoIf you thought Thursday was

    If you thought Thursday was chaotic inside the last 20km, it will have nothing on today, short 18% climb up a narrow street will sort out a few more contenders.

    The only flat bit today is the finish, expect early breakaway, sprinters getting spat out the back and forming an autobus, the main peleton catching the breakaway with 25kms to go, all hell breaking lose as they hit that climb, with some GC riders like JRod trying to make a bit more time and anywhere from 1 to 20 sprinting for down the last 1.5km of boulevard for the line.

    Looking at using at least 3 or my 4 transfers today, the next sprinters stage is the downhill stage 9, followed by a MSR like stage 11 (flat stage with climb 11km from finish). Stage 10 has a picturesque TA type finish, (ie steep narrow streets).

  • Fantasy Page Down1 year 21 weeks agoWell its 2 in the morning and

    Well its 2 in the morning and I have finally made my transfers.....Dave if this persists you will need to add another button to the Menu bar,reading "Marriage Guidance Councelling".......Good night all.... Smile

  • Site Navigation Problems1 year 21 weeks agoJust tried again and all

    Just tried again and all seems ok now, thanks for the input. I'll probably wish I hadn't bothered!

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoThe Chaplin wrote:With 131

    The Chaplin wrote:
    With 131 points today I am drafting in :
    Ryder Hesjedal (GRM)
    Enrico Gasparotto (AST)
    Nelson Oliveira (RSN)

    Might consider Basso next stage, will see how it pans out.
    Breakaway in my head, but keeping Goss for the possibility of sprint finish...

    Cheers for telling everyone my team Wink

  • Fantasy Page Down1 year 21 weeks agoSite back up, just logged in

    Site back up, just logged in at 23.54. Smile

  • Site Navigation Problems1 year 21 weeks agoNo problems here, except my

    No problems here, except my transfers cost me 20pts.
    Lets hope that all 3 guys brought in score 20+ points

  • Site Navigation Problems1 year 21 weeks agodarren13366 wrote:Anyone else

    darren13366 wrote:
    Anyone else having difficulty?

    I'm not able to get in either. My antivirus keeps popping up messages like this one:

    Infection Details
    URL: "http://hisixtwosix.dyndns.org/mix/"
    Process: "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
    Infection: "URL:Mal"

    I wonder if the game site got exploited... Thinking

    I'm also wondering if it's fair to count tomorrow's scores if we're not able to make transfers! Confused

  • Fantasy Page Down1 year 21 weeks agoSame probs as everyone else

    Same probs as everyone else somewhat frustrating !! Crying

  • Driver convicted after ramming teenage cyclist in road rage attack1 year 21 weeks agomrcheerful wrote:I note 'Old

    mrcheerful wrote:
    I note 'Old Ridgeback' does not attempt to answer the question posed.

    What is the correct way to deal with a gang of unidentifiable yobs on bikes that have deliberately or accidentally damaged you or your property?

    I thought you could read between the lines but evidently not. The correct way to respond would be to use your cellphone to take images of the perpetrators and also of the damage to your vehicle.

    This could then be shown to the police as evidence. The people may not be identifiable to you at the time but I'm sure they would to the police - especially if they were regular offenders.

    If a child is under the age of 16 he or she may not be held liable if my memory serves me correctly. The teenager in this attack was aged 17 and if the driver had been able to prove his girlfriend's vehicle had been damaged, he would have been able to sue. However, had the teenagers been younger the car owner would still be able to claim from the insurance, albeit in the knowledge that this would affect the following premium renewal.

    In the case reported here, we have not seen evidence that the teenagers actually did damage the vehicle either maliciously or accidentally though. The man did claim this but then he's proven to be an aggressive and abusive bully with a hair trigger temper wnd who does not understand what constitutes a fair or measured response to a minor incident, so I wouldn't exactly describe him as trustworthy or reliable.

    I've had my motorbikes smashed up by careless drivers who have then buggered off and left me with costly repairs to foot out of my own pocket so I'm well used to the idea of people doing hit and run damage. As far as I'm aware, not one of those was carried out by a teenage driver though and according to witness reports (who were all too slow to get a registration plate) they were all middle aged white blokes. The one who I did see was in a manky old Ford that probably wasn't insured or MOTd, which was why he pissed off while I was lying on the ground.

    And don't get me started on hit and run drivers in cars and vans knocking me and other cyclists off our bicycles.

    We don't live in the Middle Ages and nor do we live in a lawless society in a country without government or organisational structure such as Somalia. If someone does you wrong in the UK (or any developed nation) there are systems in place by which you can seek recompense from and punishment against offenders.

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoWith 131 points today I am

    With 131 points today I am drafting in :
    Ryder Hesjedal (GRM)
    Enrico Gasparotto (AST)
    Nelson Oliveira (RSN)

    Might consider Basso next stage, will see how it pans out.
    Breakaway in my head, but keeping Goss for the possibility of sprint finish...

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoflippin clueless for

    Thinking flippin clueless for transfers! Few big names got alot of time to make up ie; gadret over 2 half mins down!! may go for 1 or 2 AR and save transfers Confused

  • Some mechanical advice sought.1 year 21 weeks agoBeing a few months old and if

    Being a few months old and if all else fails. Give the bike a good wash and take it back to the shop for it's 'free' (if it hasn't had one)after sales service. Even if it's had a service any descent bike shop should further assist you, see you right without further cost to you. Customer service is what this is all about. While it's there the mechanic can show you how easy it is to maintain Shimano gearing which once settled in and looked after should never be a bother. If you've bought the bike online and having limited maintance knowledge the initial 'bedding in' period will cause you problems, we've all been there. Always buy bikes from a quality high street dealer to help you with maintance and warranty issues.

  • Giro Stage 61 year 21 weeks agoMy head says its a breakaway

    My head says its a breakaway day, and since Bak seems to have taken Casars thunder, I put in Hushovd, Thinking and the ARs are starting to go in.

  • Fantasy Page Down1 year 21 weeks agoCan't transfer. Help!!

    Can't transfer. Help!!