• Tour De France stage 183 hours 24 min ago255pts....my best tally ever

    255pts....my best tally ever Big Grin ...full house...top10 on the stage....forum's scorum's stage win(day late for the queen stage though!!).....green arrows across the board......sometimes a stage like that reaffirms your faith in the game after what has been a distinctly average tour for me.

    Team was:Nibali,Majka,Nieve,TenDam,Schleck,Bardet,Pinot,Peraud,Konig

  • TDF - Stage 193 hours 30 min agoGone for a sprint Kristoff,

    Gone for a sprint

    Kristoff, Kittell, Coqurad and Renshaw in (maybe I should have looked closer at the profile but didn't really have the time)

  • Three cyclists hospitalised in hit-and-run on Kent A2 — police appeal3 hours 31 min agoSimonS wrote:cryocon wrote:I

    SimonS wrote:
    cryocon wrote:
    I am no way condoning the drivers actions, but you do have to question why the cyclists were on this road in the first place. I am very familiar with this road and at that location it temporarily turns into a 3 lane dual carriage way, with a slip road coming on then off. Also at 10.10pm it would be pretty much dark. I don't like that stretch of road driving a car when it' s light, so on a bike when it's dark is just crazy.

    Like you I suspect the road is a horrible place to be but......

    They're not local riders (all from North of UK) and riding late at night. Making a few sweeping assumptions I'd say likely this was the English leg of a on a long distance tour, probably heading to Dover to catch a Ferry. Looking at the map there don't seem to be a great number of alternatives.

    They wouldn't have known what the road was like in advance and A roads vary from country lanes (http://tinyurl.com/o2qhcz7 in Yorkshire) to 3 lane roads that are indistinguishable from motorways.

    It's quite possible there is a 'cycle route' along the road that will be shown on a map - such as there is on the A3 from London to Guildford where it is signposted down a narrow 'hard shoulder' with unprotected crossings across slip roads.

    http://tinyurl.com/otslwdn. This http://tinyurl.com/nznvv39 is the point where you run across the slip road at 90 degrees, remount your bike and join what is then 5 lanes of traffic on a cycle lane that is shown on that sign but doesn't actually seem to exist on the ground.

    Even sections of Sustrans 'national cycle network' run on major A roads....

    I'd second your thoughts on this. If I were planning a long-distance ride on unknown roads I would certainly use A roads as the basis. B roads also vary considerably and some of them are little more than single-lane tracks with very poor surfaces; not ideal if you want to make good progress. A roads also tend to be the most direct route to the places that people want to get to.

  • TDF - Stage 193 hours 32 min agoNo sprinters for me, just

    No sprinters for me, just taking the GC points and concentrating on the last 2 stages. A nice random breakaway going all the way would be nice...

  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists3 hours 32 min agoJust saw you've already lost

    Just saw you've already lost a stone, that's great work. Have you altered your diet at all too?

  • Southwark can’t impose speed limits on cyclists, says CTC3 hours 33 min ago700c wrote:Depressing how

    700c wrote:
    Depressing how most people have totally missed the point, judging by the comments on here.

    If we're more outraged by the 'illegal' injustice to cyclists of an enforced 20mph limit and can only see this as another 'excuse to harass cyclists', then it undermines the important arguments we can - and should - make about road safety.

    20mph limits are a good thing for vulnerable road users.

    What's irritating is that so much of Road cc's content is really good but then you get controversy-seeking articles like this which pander to 'them-and-us' ideals, for those who believe motorists and society are at war with cyclists

    But its not so much 'outrage' as weariness at, and suspicion of, the constant need to take a swipe at cyclists when doing any little thing to try and deal with the real problem of motorist behaviour. Not 'outrageous' - its just a bit tiresome, is all.

    Plus, as others have pointed out, there are (were) quite a few practical problems with this idea (e.g. sudden changes of the rules as you cross the invisible boundary of the borough).

    If there's any real evidence that super-fast cyclists (exceeding 20mph plus the usual leeway motorists get, so, maybe, 25mph?) are a serious problem in Southwark the council doesn’t seem to have presented it (how fast do you lycra-roadie-types actually _go_?)

    Also, as a pedestrian and lifelong inner Londoner, I don't personally see 20mph limits as a huge benefit. I mean, they are better than nothing, but nowhere near enough, especially when not enforced by the police. Personally I want to see more roads actually bollarded off or even pedestrianised.

  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists3 hours 35 min agoClimb them more often? Ride

    Climb them more often? Ride in 34-32?
    Strength to weight is what dictates hill climbing though, and it's a lot quicker to lose weight than it is to build enough muscle to push the guts and extra muscles uphill.

  • TDF - Stage 193 hours 38 min agoDidn't really want to take

    Didn't really want to take pens so 2 transfers dropping tommy v and ten dam for Renshaw and feillu. Kept my GC guys

  • Beginner's advice on pedals & shoes?3 hours 39 min agoSuffolk Cycling wrote:I've

    Suffolk Cycling wrote:
    I've not had a clip-in fall yet, so it can be done. Been one or two near misses, though, including when crossing the finishing line at a sportive in front of dozens of people Smile

    Only time I've ever gone down stationary is when I got dominoed by a clip out failure to my left. He took three of us down at a feed station on a sportive. Poor bloke was mortified!

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists3 hours 40 min agohampstead_bandit wrote:We've

    hampstead_bandit wrote:
    We've had a 20mph limit in LB Camden for over a year. Is it enforced?

    Of course not. The local Police commander admitted in Camden New Journal newspaper the Police does not have resources to enforce 20mph limit in Camden. If you cycle in Camden every day you'll see a lack of enforcement with prevalence of speeding, red light jumping, asl infringing, mobile texting motorists...as well as cyclists doing whatever the hell they like and pedestrians walking willy-nilly all over the place

    I find it quite interersting that the police admit that they don't have resource to enforce a 20mph limit. This would suggest that enforcing a 30mph is less resouce-hungry but for the life of me I can't understand why this would be. To my mind they either have the resouce to enforce speed limits (regardless of the actual limit) or they don't. Why is 20 more difficult than 30?

  • Southwark backs down on 20mph cycling limit3 hours 42 min agocrazy-legs wrote: At every

    crazy-legs wrote:

    At every single turn, there are politicians mouthing platitudes, groups coming up with (usually fairly rubbish) "safety" or "awareness" campaigns but behind the scenes it's the same depressing rubbish designed to make it look like they're doing something.

    At the same time we have us lot with our views, ideas and experiences but I bet most of us spend more time moaning to each other on the internet than actual campaigning or constructive action.
    Maybe we should all get some spray cans and go out riding our bikes and painting circles round pot holes or something, or try to bring these issues to a wider audience.

  • Three cyclists hospitalised in hit-and-run on Kent A2 — police appeal3 hours 48 min agoHousecathst wrote:truffy

    Housecathst wrote:
    truffy wrote:
    dp24 wrote:
    truffy wrote:

    I guess because 'attempted murder' indicates intent, which is unknown. Possibly?

    Which is why I said "whilst we don't know the circumstances of this incident".

    Innocent until proved guilty. Think about it!

    (although drivers seem to be guilty until proven innocent on road.cc)

    Well, there guilty of leaving the seen of an accident at the very least.

    Whilst true, leaving the scene of an accident is not proof of intent to kill (i.e. murder, which was the subject of the discussion).

  • Recommend me a... jersey3 hours 48 min agoI got several of

    I got several of these..


    They are not skin tight, which helps in my case Wink

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him3 hours 51 min agoJoeinpoole wrote:You are *so*

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    You are *so* wrong and your view is so breathtakingly idiotic, if that's how you *really* conduct yourself on the road, that I'm fully expecting your good self to be a personal contributor to the KSI statistics within the next couple of years.

    Rule 126 of the Highway Code provides the following advice;

    "Drive at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear."

    That's excellent advice and, believe it or not, it applies to cyclists too. In the video Cyclejack bizarrely maintains his fast pace even though it was apparent that his way could quite predictably be blocked by either of TWO vehicles. At 22mph. On a wet road. Fucking madness in my view.

    As a car driver I am legally 'entitled' to drive on a minor road at 60mph. After all, I have the 'right of way' and everything. Do I maintain my speed around a blind bend at that speed? Not a chance. There might be a tractor or a broken-down vehicle in the road. I'm even more cautious when riding my bike because I don't have the protection of a metal cage with air-bags. Truth is, Cyclejack did NOT have a clear road in front of him when 200 yards from the point of collision ... although in his view and yours, he did. Wrong judgement.

    Writing my previous post on this subject last night made me slightly late to meet the boys in the pub. When I got there I explained this incident, and my view of it, to my mate Jim, a local taxi driver. His view immediately was that not only should a cyclist have backed off ... but he would have done the same in his taxi (a huge 9-seater Citroen Dispatch). That vehicle is his livelihood and there's no way he is going to risk it being off the road due to "the crap driving of some silly tart" if he can help it. He would very happily 'concede ground' to a smaller vehicle, without the right-of-way, if it enabled him to continue earning a living. It amazes me that you *are* prepared to risk life and limb protecting what you believe to be your 'right of way' ... especially when you know that the only real difference you are ever likely to make will be an addition to the KSI statistics.

    If you watch the video there really *was* fully 2 seconds in which to react. Time it yourself. I have done several times. I know that if I had been riding that bike from say 10 seconds before the collision then I know I would have had a least 3-4 seconds to take avoiding action ... from a significantly lower speed. There's no way that car would have hit me because I'd have been able to avoid it. Easily. Yes, I'm 'conceding ground' if you like to the bigger vehicle, but at least I'm alive to report it.

    I've never worn a 'cycling helmet' in my life ... because I'd already been cycling perfectly safely for 20 years before the bloody things were invented (worse thing that ever happened to cycling in the UK IMHO). I'll bet that *you* wear one all the time though ... whilst cycling like a reckless dickhead with absolutley no ability to judge the appropriate speed for the conditions. Heigh-ho.

    I'm sorry but I think you are well off the mark here. While its true that the road wasn't clear (there were other vehicles on it), his route certainly was and that's my interpretation of the part of the highway code you have quoted. It's good advice to generaly take care at junctions like this, to cover the brakes and be ready to react if someone does something stupid but to slow down substantially should not be neccesary and in many cases would not be the safest approach. Your pub conversation with a group of friends who have not seen the video doesn't carry much weight but I wonder how fast your taxi driver friend would have been going in the first place and what 'backing off' would consist of. If he was driving at 30mph and took his foot off the gas on approach to the junction his speed might easily have been similar to the cyclist's. Would he really have braked down to sub-20mph just in case someone ignored the way that the roads operate and drove right into him? For a cyclist to slow down like this for no apparent reason would be even worse due to the risk of being rear-ended. A following driver might also assume that the cyclist was turning left and move to overtake (not a wise move but there are a lot of poor drivers on the roads) which could have resulted in a much more serious collision.

    Sure, the guy could have been a bit more careful, he could have taken it a bit slower etc., he could have dawdled along on the pavement instead of using the road but it's clear that the cyclist is not really the problem here.

  • Hampshire cyclist recovers stolen bike after spotting it on eBay3 hours 52 min agoWhat i don't get about this

    What i don't get about this country is how everyone else has money stopped at source i.e. Tax, NIC, Child support etc. Yet the courts have no power to access benefits paid to these scumbags. Even if it were £2 a week at least this action would perturb thieves and gets the victim some sort of result...

    They already have criminal records and they won't have any money....so what does a court order actually achieve apart from costing the taxpayer more money?? hiring bailiffs to go and collect second hand tat which is probably stolen is a joke...

  • Beginner's advice on pedals & shoes?3 hours 53 min agoI've not had a clip-in fall

    I've not had a clip-in fall yet, so it can be done. Been one or two near misses, though, including when crossing the finishing line at a sportive in front of dozens of people Smile

  • Earphones on cyclists: Yea or Nay?3 hours 54 min agoI listen to music, not too

    I listen to music, not too loud as to drown out the traffic though - so I can hear cars coming up still.

  • Hampshire cyclist recovers stolen bike after spotting it on eBay3 hours 57 min agopants wrote:sgcoates

    pants wrote:
    sgcoates wrote:

    Next time, if they get past the alarms, chains, anchors etc. I'll do the same as this guy myself and take the risk.

    or, play it smart and send your wife to do it like the guy in the article.

    Not sure I'd send the wife... but I'm sure I could locate a mate or two who'd be happy to assist... Wink

  • Bradley Wiggins says sometimes he wishes he hadn’t won Tour de France3 hours 58 min agoAgreed. Reminds me of that

    Agreed. Reminds me of that Pete and Dud sketch of Greta Garbo aka 'Anna Bargo'. Pete being driven up a high st atop an armoured car, wearing a headscarf, and shouting 'I vont to me alone! Leave me alone..' into a megaphone.

  • Recommend me a... jersey3 hours 59 min agoFoska do some nice jerseys

    Foska do some nice jerseys with 2/3rds zip, nice material and plenty of colour/design options. Not too expensive either.

  • Recommend me a... jersey4 hours 1 min agoI prefer half-zip too, not a

    I prefer half-zip too, not a fan of the Tommy V flapping in the breeze look.

    My 'best' jersey is the Howies short sleeve - it's circular knit and outlandishly comfortable.

  • Hampshire cyclist recovers stolen bike after spotting it on eBay4 hours 2 min agoI gave North Wales Police the

    I gave North Wales Police the details of my stolen Mtb on eBay and they could not be arsed. I even emailed the officer who had emailed me a few months after the theft to see if I had heard anything only to get a response she no longer worked in that geographical area.

  • Beginner's advice on pedals & shoes?4 hours 2 min agoI first practiced with the

    I first practiced with the bike stationary, one hand against my garage wall, clipping and unclipping without going anywhere. If you have an exercise bike or a turbo trainer that would work too. Only after I felt comfortable with my technique did I (with much trepidation, I have to say) do a few lengths of the road where I live.

    Easiest mistake to make is to leave unclipping til it's too late. Panic ensues and it's not uncommon to unclip one foot then lean the wrong way. That split second between realisation and hitting the deck... At Wits End It's not a crime to unclip in advance; you can pedal one-footed with the foot that is still clipped in if you feel you're coming up short. Anticipation is the key and comes with practice.

    Now I've had some experience I unclip the left foot and that is my standing foot. I keep the right foot clipped in for taking off again.

    I bear the scars of getting used to clipless pedals too. I've also found myself questioning whether they are for me, but I persevered. Keep going and good luck!

  • Three cyclists hospitalised in hit-and-run on Kent A2 — police appeal4 hours 3 min agonm


  • Michael Albasini insists he’s not racist, apologises to Europcar’s Kévin Réza4 hours 3 min agoRich71, 1 out of 4, but then

    Rich71, 1 out of 4, but then you shouldn't let that stand in the way of your confident assumptions. After all you can't reason someone out of a position that they haven't reasoned themselves into.

    As to your banal dismissal of my 'rambling incoherent ideas' I shall simplify for you, though I shall still have to use words rather than pictures on this forum.

    1. You seem to have no understanding of the concept of causality;
    2. If there is racism, I hope it is stamped out; and
    2. Let's hope that we see a more mixed and representative peleton in future.

    I must say that I am fascinated by your trying to imply that somehow my spouse (you confidently assume wife) being non-white (and your confident assumption that I am white) means that I AM racist. Sounds a bit Sixth Sense - "I see racist people ... ALL THE TIME."