• Ageing Mamil's bodies14 hours 43 min agoQuote:I though it was meant

    I though it was meant as a dig at people getting into biking later in life

    I don't think it reflects the age at which you start cycling, just the age you are. I'm 50 (young or old, I don't care), I've been cycling since my teens, but I'm still a MAMIL.

    Whatever, you get to an age when what others think doesn't matter one jot.

    It's rather nice.

  • Ageing Mamil's bodies14 hours 46 min agoI'm only 35 and started

    I'm only 35 and started riding this year, I was getting better and was getting the miles in.

    The pain isn't my fault it's from being hit by a car not sure how I will recover. I've attached photo shows the resulting metal work I've had to had put in my spine.

    I will be back on a bike soon, and better than before.

  • GripGrab Easy On Toe Cover14 hours 49 min agoI've had the same old set of

    I've had the same old set of toe covers on my winter shoes for 3 or 4 years. I never wear any of my other shoe covers (oversocks, rain covers, neoprene, or thermal booties) without the toe covers under to get a few degrees extra warmth. I'll also slip a chemical heat pack on top of my shoe and under the toe cover for rides below freezing to keep my toes awake.

  • Video: On-bike footage from the 2014 Shimano Supercrit14 hours 58 min agoUmmm, yeah. I want to see

    Ummm, yeah. I want to see when someone puts in an 1000W surge. When guys are trying to make a break stick doing 500W+ for a few minutes. Or even when info like "so-and-so was sitting in easy for the last few laps doing whatever wattage and now he's blasting off the front." How about data from the front guy on a sprint train as it's reeling in the break. Maybe that's best served as post-race analysis, but then it's there in the computers ready for on-camera analysis rather than looking at pro's Strava files a couple days later to see what they were doing for all 6 hours of a race. What's not to like about that?

    Imagine if they could do live analysis of a combination of tactics and real-time effort data. There are race announcers who literally have nothing interesting to say (USA broadcast announcers who re-explain drafting every stage; that UCI CX guy who won't stop talking about disk brakes; etc). What if they had constant info coming in that could give them something relevant to talk about? In the minimum, you could have a live webpage that gives access to data while watching the regular broadcast on TV or online.

  • Oleg Tinkov says Tinkoff-Saxo may fall victim to Russian crisis15 hours 5 min agoHe's bluffing a million

    He's bluffing a million %.

    This guy is the king when it comes to creating publicity and playing the media games with windup/bluffing statements

    Tinkoff will not go out of business even if the russian economy gets worse and affects his business imo.

    Nonetheless this guy is a character he makes a stir at least once a month with interviews/media!

  • High-vis works says Danish study15 hours 8 min ago@don simon I agree with your

    @don simon

    I agree with your comments but a motorist explaining to police why the cyclist is dead, is just a bad outcome for the cyclist?

    We already have permanent cycle lanes (thick white line) and asl (advanced stop line I.e. bike box) that motorists ignore because they are not enforced and therefore no consequences to dangerous / illegal actions.

    Bringing in automatic liability would change driver behaviour, radically?

  • Police fail to fine a single illegal cyclist in Grimsby town centre pedestrian zone in a year15 hours 11 min agoI bet Nigel Farage would get

    I bet Nigel Farage would get this sorted in the twinkle of an eye. FFS!

  • Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc15 hours 23 min agoWicked bike. I've just sold

    Wicked bike.

    I've just sold my SL4 because I've been lent a Giant Defy Advanced Pro for the season and was blown away by the experience of riding hydraulic discs on a road bike. Going back to my caliper brake SL4 just felt primitive, and regressive. So I sold it...

    Tarmac disc is very interesting because I've ridden the new 'tarmac' caliper brake bike already and can only see hydraulic discs brakes adding to the experience.

    The Giant I am riding is an amazing bit of kit, certainly not a baggy endurance bike by any means, but that Tarmac disc. Hmmmmm

  • High-vis works says Danish study15 hours 36 min agoThe difficulty with getting

    The difficulty with getting riders to always use a jacket is significant in itself.
    The danger is to make it compulsory.
    With such a large proportion the likelihood is that the same would happen as with helmet law in Australia.
    Such a large number of cyclists stopped using a bike altogether that there was a significant statistic saying lives were saved by the helmet.
    The only place I know of that has a flouro jacket law is UAE and that has clearly shown itself to be simply against the bike altogether with other repressive policies also.

  • Sportful Light WS Jacket15 hours 44 min agoHaving recently tested the

    Having recently tested the Sportful R&D wind jersey how would you compare this in terms of performance, rain protection, warmth etc?
    Why would you choose one over the other as they are both similarly priced?

  • Ageing Mamil's bodies15 hours 47 min agokev-s wrote:Im 37 and been

    kev-s wrote:
    Im 37 and been riding roadbikes for 5 years now, been a bmx'er for over 20 years (here's to another 20 more!)

    tbh falling off dosent bother me (happens quite often on the bmx) which helps you to learn how to fall/deal with coming off

    wearing lycra actually bothers me more lol

    Baggy shorts on the MTB, lycra on the Road bike.......when you get old you can't give a toss.

  • Road bikes for £1000 and a 120k ex rugby player15 hours 48 min agoTrek have a maximum weight of

    Trek have a maximum weight of 125kg, A Madone 2.1 is around £1000.

    For Trek bikes at that price I would upgrade the breaks straight away (and maybe the saddle as well)

  • Oleg Tinkov says Tinkoff-Saxo may fall victim to Russian crisis16 hours 7 min agoHeadline should read; "Tinkov

    Headline should read;

    "Tinkov says 'Notice me! Notice me!'"

    He's the Russell Brand of cycling.

  • Ageing Mamil's bodies16 hours 25 min agoIm 37 and been riding

    Im 37 and been riding roadbikes for 5 years now, been a bmx'er for over 20 years (here's to another 20 more!)

    tbh falling off dosent bother me (happens quite often on the bmx) which helps you to learn how to fall/deal with coming off

    wearing lycra actually bothers me more lol

  • Ageing Mamil's bodies16 hours 43 min agoIm 32 and only back on the

    Im 32 and only back on the bike properly since April this year although i used to do cross country MTBing as a teen. I recently started the thread about a slipped disk. My guess is my injury is from years of not doing much exercise after leaving the forces and my body still isn't used to it.

  • Oleg Tinkov says Tinkoff-Saxo may fall victim to Russian crisis16 hours 47 min agoThis guy is a Bond villain

    This guy is a Bond villain right?

  • Oleg Tinkov says Tinkoff-Saxo may fall victim to Russian crisis16 hours 55 min agoLet's keep politics out of

    Let's keep politics out of sport, eh?
    Oleg is a keen cyclist who could afford to run the team from his own personal wealth for a good few years.

  • Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc17 hours 40 min agoStatement of the year: 'It's

    Statement of the year: 'It's not cheap' Rolling On The Floor

    Personally when I read the review I thought, dam that's not bad for 8000 of the queens pounds. Cool then I woke up and thought that looks like a rip off of the Colnago CX zero Nero, even stem looks very very similar in design to the Superleggera stem.
    6.9kg for 8 grand is a bit pants... Trek Emonda anyone...
    Still don't like them on top end road bikes, discs are ugly IMO, however they are here to stay, and they work well, it's as easy as that. I have hydraulics on my commuter and MTB... Not ready to have them on machine #1 yet though.

  • Specialized S-Works Tarmac Disc17 hours 41 min agoFried wrote:Surely Disc

    Fried wrote:
    Surely Disc brakes are better than rim brakes. But what about cost benefit considerations? And what about service considerations?

    By the way, I think the tested disc brake vastly failed a test in the German bike mag "Tour".

    Any moderately competent home mechanic can service a hydraulic disc brake with a simple set of tools.

    As for cost/benefit... bit of a moot point on a£8k bike Smile

    Re: the chainline, is a 2.5 mm offset at the back not something that you could adjust for in the front mech design or setting? It must mean less than 1mm deflection at the point the chain would contact the mech or chainring.

  • Police fail to fine a single illegal cyclist in Grimsby town centre pedestrian zone in a year17 hours 59 min agoWho would want to go to

    Who would want to go to Grimsby anyway?

  • Shimano 105 10-Speed Cassette18 hours 11 min agoThanks all. Very helpful and

    Thanks all. Very helpful and much appreciated.

  • Ageing Mamil's bodies18 hours 23 min agoAfter the Fabrice Muamba

    After the Fabrice Muamba incident I got checked out by a doctor (I'm 49 and ride TTs competitively - I probably try too hard!).

    The Dr's verdict upon giving me a clean bill of health? "More people die from not exercising than from exercising."

  • Ageing Mamil's bodies18 hours 30 min agoI fell over sideways on black

    I fell over sideways on black ice this morning and would have fell in exactly the same way 20 years ago. But TBH I'm not sure I'd still be in bed hours later in excruciating pain as I now am... We do suffer more as we get older, but we're better off exercising than turning into old fatties.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-201418 hours 31 min ago18 Jan | 70.82M/113.97KM | 1

    18 Jan | 70.82M/113.97KM | 1 Point
    25 Jan | 71.70M/115.39KM | 1 Point
    01 Feb | 70.82M/113.97KM | 1 Point
    15 Feb | 82.17M/132.24KM | 1 Point
    22 Feb | 71.36M/114.84KM | 1 Point
    08 Mar | 71.18M/114.55KM | 1 Point
    15 Mar | 72.03M/115.92KM | 1 Point
    23 Mar | 65.00M/104.61KM | 1 Point
    29 Mar | 90.09M/144.99KM | 1 Point
    04 Apr | 65.65M/105.65KM | 1 Point
    12 Apr | 85.49M/137.58KM | 1 Point
    19 Apr | 75.25M/121.10KM | 1 Point
    28 Apr | 75.07M/120.81KM | 1 Point
    03 May | 71.03M/114.31KM | 1 Point
    17 May | 67.85M/109.19KM | 1 Point
    25 May | 67.07M/107.94KM | 1 Point
    30 May | 65.22M/104.96KM | 1 Point
    08 Jun | 95.55M/153.77KM | 1 Point
    19 Jun | 63.01M/101.40KM | 1 Point
    21 Jun | 72.11M/116.05KM | 1 Point
    22 Jun | 65.86M/105.99KM | 1 Point
    29 Jun | 80.55M/129.63KM | 1 Point
    02 Jul | 65.43M/105.30KM | 1 Point
    05 Jul | 85.63M/137.81KM | 1 Point
    11 Jul | 95.22M/153.24KM | 1 Point
    12 Jul | 65.20M/104.93KM | 1 Point
    26 Jul | 82.70M/133.09KM | 1 Point
    29 Jul | 63.28M/101.84KM | 1 Point
    02 Aug | 82.69M/133.08KM | 1 Point
    03 Aug | 71.39M/114.89KM | 1 Point
    30 Aug | 65.01M/104.62KM | 1 Point
    06 Sep | 83.00M/133.58KM | 1 Point
    13 Sep | 70.51M/113.47KM | 1 Point
    21 Sep | 75.52M/121.54KM | 1 Point
    27 Sep | 72.69M/116.98KM | 1 Point
    05 Oct | 65.19M/104.91KM | 1 Point
    26 Oct | 74.23M/119.46KM | 1 Point
    09 Nov | 72.08M/116.00KM | 1 Point
    28 Dec | 65.79M/105.88KM | 1 Point
    Totals: 4,619.53KM | 39 Points

  • Innovative solar cycle path breaks in poor weather conditions18 hours 37 min agoJust want to get this right,

    Just want to get this right, the pilot path is around 70m long and the damaged area, around one metre of path. Humm, so around 1.4% of an experiment path has failed and this is some sort of a disaster?

    If they knew it would work perfectly from the start, they wouldn't be bothering with an experiment... must be a really slow news day.