• Tour De France - Purist6 hours 11 min agoJoelsim wrote:I've gone all

    Joelsim wrote:
    I've gone all sprinty. For FS reasons and intermediate sprint points. Time will tell whether it works out.

    I've gone all climbly instead of sprinty, but did not realise the scoring was skewed towards intermediate sprints and KOM points (was it the same in the giro?). So my lack of sprinters and/or breakaway 'specialists' may cost me....


  • Welcome fellow members7 hours 3 min agoI would love to commit to a

    I would love to commit to a rideout this side of the Irish Sea but I'm being made redundant on 31st July so am unsure what my plans are going to be regards when and where I will be working. But if a rideout is organised and i can make it I will- trying to look on the bright side of having forced time off in August since I will then get the miles in. The route followed by the Billy Kerr Sportive might provide a decent spin out- (though I will be dropped within the first 10km and might as well be doing it on my own!).

  • how many of us still riding Triples?7 hours 35 min agolike everything depends what

    like everything depends what you do and what you aspire to do - I run a triple MTB touring front 48 36 26 with STI's not a sweet enough gear change for riding in a chain gang but then I don't - but I do ride gravel roads up to 25% on a regular basis and will put panniers on for lightweight touring - if I had a road bike that I only rode on road and with riders that think 10% is steep then I'd be happy with a compact.
    One of my good cycling buddies in same age group as me (pushing late 50's) rides alpine climbs with a compact and a 32 on the rear but definitely only treats the 32 as a bailout/forgot to eat option.

    It does depend how much power you can put out and if you train - think that for a "club" rider with aspirations to ride fast and be aggressive on climbs then a double is what you want - if fairly new to riding and not a hard driven training type then for getting up hills a triple is what I'd suggest but fashion dictates otherwise and on challenge rides I find myself spinning past people pushing bikes on hills. Presumably their cycling mates and the store that sold them the bike didn't tell that could be the consequence of running the type of gear ratios that club riders run, a pity because I'm sure some of those riders have put in a big effort to do a long ride and may be put off cycling for good.

    As to the weight of a triple I'm not that heavy but losing a couple of Kg's from the waistline would be more useful than worrying about that horrible looking extra ring.

  • how many of us still riding Triples?8 hours 14 min agoex rugby league forward

    ex rugby league forward 107kg, you flippin lightweights Laughing
    I managed to spin around the alps nr Chamonix and Martigny on a 26/30 with a light load on my tourer, for guys of my size and not quite as fit as I used to be in my younger days, for the hilly stuff a triple is essential.
    Whilst one can attain similar low down ratios with a compact double & dustbin lid cassette (42T for instance) you lose the closer ratios that one desires as opposed to big jumps. keeping your cadence can be essential on some climbs when you're down to 5-6mph, big gear jumps make no sense whatsoever in any circumstances, having a triple gives you more gears between your desired max and min.
    That's not to say a double is no good, my audax bike has a 52/38 + 11-28 but I can swap that out for a 50/28 using my old Stronglight compact and run that with a 12-30 if the terrain dictates.

  • Alpkit Gourdon 25 drybag rucksack8 hours 26 min agoNot a rip off, worth every

    Not a rip off, worth every penny.
    Had my 25 for 2 years and still going strong, no broken buckles or any issues at all, you wont find a lighter waterproof bag, its comfortable and doesn't move around, another good thing about the bag is you can roll it down to reduce the size quite allot so for those days when you are not carrying allot it can become more compact. I have also even ironed on some ebay reflective panels to my bag so it looks like a 'hump cover', highly recommend this for light to medium lugging. Will get another whenever it disintegrates.

  • Dramatic video reveals full extent of Tour de France stage 3 crash9 hours 11 min agoPretty disturbing hearing all

    Pretty disturbing hearing all those people moaning in pain. Still, an interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes.

  • Dramatic video reveals full extent of Tour de France stage 3 crash10 hours 1 min agoIf a helmet needs fixing - it

    If a helmet needs fixing - it really should be replaced.

  • Simple inner Tube question10 hours 9 min ago23-32 is fine, 23-28 is

    23-32 is fine, 23-28 is better

  • Alpkit Gourdon 25 drybag rucksack10 hours 27 min agoI've got the smaller one, had

    I've got the smaller one, had it a few years and it's a great all round bag. Served me well up mountains, and down the beach as well as carrying my togs to work. The smaller one also has two pockets on each side and elastic cord to compress it if it isn't quite full.

    My only criticism is the faff opening and closing, a zip would be so much easier, but I guess a lot less waterproof.

  • The best cycling child seats and trailers10 hours 37 min agoYou'd better quadruple the

    You'd better quadruple the price of the Oxford because you're going to have to buy a junky bike on which to mount it. As apparent pieces of junk go, that disaster is a winner.

  • Three UK cities in running to host Tour de France 2017 Grand Départ10 hours 37 min agoGrand Depart in Manchester

    Grand Depart in Manchester outside the Town Hall, fix some of my roads on the way, up into the peak district over Buxton and down to a finish in Stoke. Off to that London and then France and no Tour for Edinburgh, just to keep Gkam entertaining us grinding his teeth for another couple of years. Big Grin

  • CUBE Agree Alu road bike - 58cm Ultegra10 hours 38 min agoPrice drop and offers

    Price drop and offers considered...

  • Tour De France - Stage 310 hours 41 min agoCancellara abandons. Source -

    Cancellara abandons. Source - Cycling News.

  • The best cycling child seats and trailers10 hours 47 min agoWhat you don't mention is the

    What you don't mention is the extra coaching you get from the pint sized adrenalin junkies "faster daddy faster!!!"

  • The best cycling child seats and trailers10 hours 52 min agoThe Wee Ride is bloody awful.

    The Wee Ride is bloody awful. Weighs a ton, the bar clamp thing can damage head tubes, and the splayed knee style it requires limits rides to very short durations. Also people of smaller stature will find it nigh on impossible. I had to chop the corners off the foot rests to clear my bike's fork crown.

    I'm amazed that the Yepp Mini isn't there. It fits onto both quill and Aheadset-style bikes, fits with one hand - we sometimes took it on/off with a sleeping child still strapped in. It also locks, has the sleep mat, windscrean, your knees are safe and it weighs bugger all. When it's removed the bike is almost totally normal, unlike the WeeRide that still has a stupid heavy steel girder in place.

    Seriously guys, put the Yepp Mini in there. You're doing parents a disservice by omitting it.

  • Three UK cities in running to host Tour de France 2017 Grand Départ11 hours 16 min agoWhat happened to Newcastle's

    What happened to Newcastle's bid then? Have they lumped all their interest and funds on that new, shite cafe at the end of the new, shite, proposed 'cycling superhighway' next to the library?

  • Simple inner Tube question11 hours 24 min agoThe 23-32 is the better

    The 23-32 is the better option, however both will work.

  • Alpkit Gourdon 25 drybag rucksack11 hours 35 min agobloody rip off

    bloody rip off

  • Tour De France - Stage 311 hours 53 min agoSTEVESPRO 79 wrote:...Fab,

    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    ...Fab, Dumoulin and Bling all in my team...
    livestrongnick wrote:
    Bling showing as last man...
    That should be a consolation!... It'll get better... You did do a pretty good Dauphine and Tour de Suisse! Smile

  • Cassette/chain help please?12 hours 18 min agoI think it is commendable

    I think it is commendable that you would like to take on the task of maintaining your own bike instead of taking it to the mechnic. I think it is best you try it first and if you get stuck then take it to the mechanic to fix.

    I have trial ane error a lot of tasks for the last couple years from building my bike to building my own wheels. In the process I've learned a lot about bikes and how each components work and when things go wrong I know I can fix it without going to a professional machanic all the time. It saves you time and money in the long run. You don't have to buy expensive tools just do a bit of research and get the best value for money ones.

    Changing a cassette is quite easy and just go to any big cycle stores and ask them which one will best suite the job and they can even give you some pointers.

  • The best cycling child seats and trailers12 hours 18 min agoStarted off with the aviner

    Started off with the aviner seat til littlest got too big then got the burley bee trailer. Both great, but have to say wish I'd gone to the trailer straight away. Its fantastic. Really easy to clip on and off the bike. Stable and well made, its brilliant for one kid as the seat belts allow them to sit centrally (not tried it with two). There's also bags of room toa carry stuff behind the kid in the boot, which is accessible through its own flap.

    You also get a huge amount of room from passing cars. Its like being in a magic bubble.

  • Sportful R&D Ultralight Jersey12 hours 24 min agoYes lack of colour choice is

    Yes lack of colour choice is not great. I wonder if the black have those heat reflective technologies. I have not read any of it so far.

  • TdF Stage One French Riders Only comp12 hours 24 min agoPurist teams can't make

    Purist teams can't make transfers, so unless someone has hacked the system...

  • Tour De France - Purist12 hours 28 min agoI've gone all sprinty. For FS

    I've gone all sprinty. For FS reasons and intermediate sprint points. Time will tell whether it works out.

  • retirements - can we keep them on the team?12 hours 30 min agoYes you can but he won't

    Yes you can but he won't score any points. It's madness to keep him on the team.