• Road Disc brake wheel upgrade4 hours 46 min agoI hadn't decided on which

    I hadn't decided on which discs, no immediate rush Big Grin

  • Join team road.cc!4 hours 52 min agoHmmm, I joined on 15 May,

    Hmmm, I joined on 15 May, payment confirmed and automatic annual payment schedule set up by PayPal on 16 May. Profile page shows membership valid until 15 May 2016.
    No farther communication received. Zip, nada, not a whisper!

  • A lesson in how not to descend wet roads4 hours 53 min agoNothing wrong with speedway

    Nothing wrong with speedway cornering... if you get away with it.

    Sky reportedly switched to Continental tyres to help with bad weather traction. Just as well they've not lost time to tyre problems like punctures, eh?

  • Tyres4 hours 54 min agoNobody reads the request? He

    Nobody reads the request? He doesn't want any other tyre recommendations besides the ones listed!

    I will rate
    1. Schwalbe ones
    2. Conti 4000
    3 Michline pro 4
    4. Schwalbe Lugano

  • Tyres4 hours 57 min agoI use lugano's for training,

    Party I use lugano's for training, the rigid ones, 8 quid each, as puncture proof as any road tyre.

    They are soft and don't last long though, but at the price, replace early.

    1 or 2 punctures per year at the most.

    Survived a wet etape caledonia with no punctures on a day when a good 10% must have punctured.

    A mate punctured 2 gp4000 on the same route as me last month, I'm not sure they are any better despite the money.

    Don't waste money on schwalbe tubes though, I've found them poor value and just use cheap ones.

  • Join team road.cc!5 hours 1 min agoI love socks, but argyle,

    I love socks, but argyle, shudder

  • Tyres5 hours 3 min agoConti GP4000s. Had 1 or 2

    Conti GP4000s. Had 1 or 2 punctures in around 15,000 miles of use, including rough roads.

  • Upgrading my giant defy 5, disc brake a must?5 hours 3 min agoDisc brakes look crap on a

    Disc brakes look crap on a road bike and are unnecessary. But then again the bike manufacturers need to churn that market..

  • Which Bike under £1,000???5 hours 5 min agoGiant Defy 0 for cycle to

    Giant Defy 0 for cycle to work scheme.


    I find the 2014 defy 0 has better components. They are all ultegra in 2014 but 2015 they have some 105 mixed in. hmmmm


    You can get 2015 for 899 with £100 discount already.


  • "Two wheeled rehab" sees crash survivor cycling to Paris for charity that helped save his life5 hours 12 min agoChapeau to Chris.

    Chapeau to Chris. Inspirational. I lived in the neighbouring village of Redlynch for about 10 years and his achievement is that much more impressive by the fact that outside of the New Forest, cyclists are not well served by the roads in that area.

  • Join team road.cc!5 hours 22 min agoI've joined, you know it just

    I've joined, you know it just feels "the right thing".

  • London bike-jackings hit 10 a week, say Metropolitan Police5 hours 48 min agoI go to work very early or

    I go to work very early or ride home very late. My commute takes me straight through East London. It can be quite worrying if you see a group of people. My scariest moment was having a puncture by Mile End station the day before New Years Eve. This bloke who was pretty much a double of Dappy, started trying to make conversation. I'm pretty sure he was just in high spirits and bored and generally a bit curious as to why people cycle when they could use a car, but it's the fastest I've ever changed a puncture!!

  • Upgrading my giant defy 5, disc brake a must?6 hours 2 min agoCome on folks, the OP asked

    Come on folks, the OP asked disc brakes and opinions have come forth. As said earlier, it's a Marmite question. There's a bloke who did the giro on a retro bike with cork brake pads - whatever floats your boat.
    Any piece of design and engineering is going to be a compromise, personally I will favour reliability, durability and cost effectiveness over weight for my riding.

  • Lance Armstrong helped USPS overcome negative PR caused by Cliff from Cheers, claim his lawyers6 hours 3 min agoSounds plausible to me. We

    Sounds plausible to me. We all knew of US Postal. Not that most of us were in a position to use it?

    And what are Festina doing with bloody Virenque as their figure head on their advertising on ES ?

    He got caught and lied too. Festina the watch you can't trust?

  • Schwalbe One Tubeless6 hours 5 min agocrikey wrote:I'm not that

    crikey wrote:
    I'm not that sure that pinch flats are an issue on a road bike; I've had 2 in 25 years because I rode through a puddle without looking. Punctures? maybe 1 a year in a bad year.

    It's an issue, just not a big one. I've had a couple of pinch flats the last couple of years, both in potholes that i'd missed as they appeared from under the vehicle in front. Punctures - none in a good year, a 2-3 in a bad one. So not much, but the punctures have typically been on the way into/from work when I commuted and so a pain time-wise and (no surprise) in crap weather. The year I was running tubeless for the commute I noticed about 3-4 white pin heads on the tyre - so they represent saved time and faffing for me.

    crikey wrote:
    Properly inflated tyres, not running them down to the carcass, and above all, looking where you are riding, ie, not in the gutter will see you right.

    If by 'properly' you mean pumped up high enough to prevent pinch flats then of course that would help - I wouldn't have tyres that high myself as I prefer them pressurised for comfort, compliance and grip rather than pinch prevention. Pinch flats are also affected by the tyre to rim width ratio.

    As for the rest, well of course they are sensible precautions but i've had no punctures due to wear and very few from being near the kerb (never 'in the gutter'). I have got them from going on single track and back lanes, through some urban waste-land type locations and generally arsing about not on tarmac - I could avoid doing stuff like that by why on earth would I ? In those situations, especially mucking about on gravel and back-lanes, tubeless can be very handy... and you know what, i've had the odd puncture that just seems like shit luck. YMMV.

    Just to clarify, I run tubed clinchers as well, exclusively for the last year or so (one puncture in that time, pinch flat on the old bike, and none on the best bike) and don't have a problem with them - generally more supple is the one difference I see but that's between Hutchinson Fusion 3 (tubeless) and Vedrestein Fortezza Tricomp / Vittoria Open Pave/Corsa CX.

    crikey wrote:
    The performance advantages seem over-rated, so I'll not be a faffing.

    There's not much performance advantage i've seen, and the more theoretical ones are small. That said, they have a place and really aren't the faff people think IME. You're happy with what you ride, I am too - all is well.

  • Police launch appeal as cyclist pushed into Regent's Canal in East London6 hours 8 min agoAnd that is why after months

    And that is why after months of reading depressing stories like this, I finally invested in bike cameras' front and rear. I hope though that It will never document a disgraceful event like this and rather nice memories as when I was racing a fox that I came across last weekend. Would be surprised if they ever catch that scum.

  • Join team road.cc!6 hours 9 min agoPaul Bishop wrote:I signed up

    Paul Bishop wrote:
    I signed up and paid Wednesday 20th May. Got conformation first thing Thursday 21st. We will see if I get my membership card and free gifts. What next ?

    Well next is the Initiation Ceremony . . .
    I believe final decision yet to be decided but likely to involve a pair of Urbanist Cycling Padded Brigitte pants as they are so popular on this site and photographic evidence may be required.
    On completion of which you will be given the secret information on the club ‘nod’ and ‘special wave’ for those days you forget to wear the argyle socks and jersey?

  • Just in: Merida Ride Disc 50006 hours 31 min agoI wonder how this will

    I wonder how this will compare to the CDX 4400 from rose?

  • Which lightweight aluminium frame?6 hours 55 min ago.


  • Cyclist who died of head injury was either hit by car door or swerved to avoid it7 hours 25 min agoFluffyKittenofTindalos

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:

    Though, surely, if you are filtering through cars stationary in the general flow of traffic, those cars are not parked?

    Fair point though, I've a couple of times nearly been hit by passengers opening their doors while in a traffic jam and not actually parked. But I'd say a much stronger burden of care applies to the door-opener if the vehicle isn't even parked at the kerb. Not sure it should be legal at all, unless your car is on fire or you are escaping from a hostage situation!

    I've been doored once. Traffic 'almost' stationary and I was going up between the main stream of traffic and the footpath, aiming for a marked cycle lane I could see ahead of me. Suddenly I was on the floor with my bike next to me. Still don't actually remember it happening (too fast). Got up, looked back at the blank gaze of the woman who'd opened the passenger side door without looking. The car just carried on into traffic, and she grudgingly waited while I checked if my bike was broken (it wasn't, luckily). No apology, or even a hint of understanding of what she might have done wrong.

    And that traffic, again, wasn't stationery, just very slow moving.

  • Want to improve your time trial personal best? Ride in the evening, says academic study7 hours 59 min agoGoing out in the morning,

    Going out in the morning, usually less cars = more chance of getting home Big Grin

    Some days there are less cars in the evening too, but a nice warm summer morning ride with less cars and people around is better than a ride in the evening for me personally.

  • The coolest gadget ever... maybe?8 hours 31 min agoAnother piece in the SkyNet

    Another piece in the SkyNet jigsaw puzzle Laughing

    Put a couple of lazers on it and you've got an instant James Bond scene.

    In fact just get a whole squadron of them. I'm sure when the new aluminum batteries become available with a 10x longer life than lithium based batteries, then this will become interesting;

  • A lesson in how not to descend wet roads8 hours 32 min agoAstana going off the course

    Astana going off the course at 0:09

  • Giro d'Italia stage 139 hours 1 min agoNow comes the test of whether

    Now comes the test of whether planning to use transfers early on in the Giro (because the ITT specialists and GC favorites are one in the same) will really work.

  • A lesson in how not to descend wet roads12 hours 19 sec agoGeniez needs serious work on

    Geniez needs serious work on his descending/cornering skills. Surprise D Oh

    Number one skill for riding a bike is how to handle your bike- in all conditions. You can be the best climber, the best sprinter, all-arounder etc...but if you cannot corner properly, it's time to go back to training wheels Laughing

    Hands down the best descenders are the former mtb'ers, bmx'ers and cyclocross riders. Pure roadies usually never have the same skills. And when crunch time comes...their lack of good handling skills bites them right in their skinny asses...