• BackBottle water bottle10 hours 32 min agoMore seriously: My pockets

    More seriously:
    My pockets are usually stuffed with food, additional clothes, 1-2 hats, a phone, keys and money.
    Place's taken, sorry Wave

  • BackBottle water bottle10 hours 41 min agoI sell bottles that fit…

    I sell bottles that fit… let's say bottles that fit in a very light cage.

    There's even room for 3 bottles on one frame… and you could add bottles behind the saddle, on the handlebar or a vessel fitting inside the frame… yeah.

    (ground breaking)

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front10 hours 42 min agoThe driver clearly moves over

    The driver clearly moves over to block the cyclist from filtering down the centre. The filtering was obviously annoying the driver for some reason as it was the first thing he said when he got out of the car.

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front10 hours 56 min agoCalm down everyone, this is

    Calm down everyone, this is clearly another spoof. "LOOK HOW CLOSE HE WAS!!!!!!"

  • Northern Ireland: we want 40% of journeys under a mile by bike10 hours 57 min agoI've been visiting the

    I've been visiting the in-laws in NI at least once or twice a year for the past 20 years, and I often take my bike over. Having seen the road infrastructure, the rural nature of much of the province, the standard of driving when around the few cyclists actually out on the roads, the low level from which they are starting, and the fact that it mostly rains almost all the time, I can confidently predict that they've more chance of putting a man on the moon than hitting this target!

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front11 hours 4 min agoIt's like reading the

    It's like reading the comments section of the daily mail. I liked the video, the drive made a right tit of himself.

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front11 hours 7 min agoThis idiot on a bike isn't

    This idiot on a bike isn't doing cyclists any favours!

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front11 hours 18 min agovbvb wrote:Flying Scot

    vbvb wrote:
    Flying Scot wrote:

    3. More cyclists than drivers in Glasgow have a problem with this particular self righteous idiot and his cameras
    Who knew he was so divisive? Isn't he the guy that organises Pedal on Parliament, with tens of thousands of cyclists attending? Confused

    Have a look at any Glasgow specific cycling forums.

    He noises up everyone we share the road with and his videos grossly exaggerate the poor driving seen and put people off cycling on the road.

    He posts videos when there is no problem, (like this ) confronts and distracts the drivers of moving vehicles (like here to the point the guy crashes) and doesn't know the difference between bad driving and mistakes.

    Don't get me wrong, careless or wilful bad driving, I sometimes confront drivers on too, but when they have stopped. Or with apprpriate short hand signals when moving....then I move on. Those many drivers who hold back and allow me to turn right get a thumbs up

  • BackBottle water bottle12 hours 20 min agoOr, memorise the graveyard

    Or, memorise the graveyard taps at any churches that are en route! Always handy!

  • Cannondale Slate - Eurobike First Ride Review14 hours 39 min agoWhy couldn't you set up a

    Why couldn't you set up a hydraulic system with a secondary lever? There's no reason that the hydraulic system couldn't take it. In fact, it would probably be easier to do that than with a cable based system.

  • Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack 2D15 hours 13 min agoGood design - especially

    Good design - especially brake cable clearance.

    ....Shame about the wall colour behind Sick

  • First Ride: SRAM Red eTap wireless groupset15 hours 36 min agoNo mention if the brake hoods

    No mention if the brake hoods feel the same as mechanical? One of the reasons I made the Di2 jump was the hoods were a more comfortable fit for my hands - interestred to know if the removal of the mechanical parts has done the same for SRAM?

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front15 hours 48 min agoMungecrundle wrote:If nothing

    Mungecrundle wrote:
    If nothing else this is a fascinating example of how people perceive the same event. I wasn't there, Mr Magnatom obviously felt in danger and responded in a way that he is rather becoming infamous for.

    However for the rest us keyboard observers who have the benefit of being able to re-run the footage with stop frame analysis, we are all seeing the same video and coming to remarkably different conclusions.

    These are the key points that I am seeing.

    1. Cyclist filtering - All OK

    2. Cyclist taking primary in the left hand lane, keeping up with the traffic flow and leaving plenty of space to the car in front - All OK

    3. The white van behind does not get too close, he does not flash lights, does not sound his horn, shows no kind of aggression over the cyclist pulling into the lane he was travelling in, none at all.

    4. The traffic in the outside lane is now travelling faster than the cyclist. The van signals, pulls into the outside lane and the camera switches to the front view. At around 60 seconds the van draws level, and moving with the traffic flow eases past the cyclist leaving plenty of space. He is not tailgating the car in front he is simply going with the flow. This is all OK and quite normal.

    5. We are now approaching the traffic lights, they are green, the traffic is flowing in both lanes, the van is ahead. It's about 10 seconds after the van has pulled into lane 2 and overtaken the cyclist. From the cyclist's vantage point you can see the cars on the other side of the junction slowing, we cannot tell if the van driver has the same view. To be honest he's probably more concerned about the blue BMW? and other traffic, including a large van coming from the other direction which is waiting to turn right across the flow of traffic.

    6. On entering the junction, the dual carriageway road markings disappear, but the van is certainly ahead in his lane and therefore has priority. He hasn't pushed his way through, he's just going with the flow of traffic in that lane. Ahead of the cyclist in the nearside lane a silver car slows and comes to stop more on the right side of the lane than on the left. The van drifts ever so slightly to the left to keep a reasonable distance from the blue BMW and other traffic waiting to turn right, really just looks like a few inches but is clearly still fully in lane 2 as it crosses to the other side of the junction and the lane markings resume. At no time does it move into Mr Magnatom's lane, but I can see how the very slight left movement may have looked like the start of such a maneuver, even though it would have ended in a collision with the silver car.

    The cyclist has plenty of room, due to his primary road position. His lane however is stopped and he is wishing to resume his filtering. He cannot fit through the gap between the silver car and the van which at worst loses him a few seconds of his precious time.

    Now I like a good road rage video as much as the next man, I firmly believe there is something to be learned from other people's mistakes and experiences. But there is nothing in this video to my mind except a ranty cyclist who appears to have very little empathy for driving a car, and I suspect quite a lot of experience of riding in traffic that he uses to put himself into conflict situations for the purposes of internet video stardom. Some of the videos he posts do indeed show very poor driving, dangerous passes and drivers doing things they shouldn't but many times I'm thinking that the rider, whilst apparently aware of the traffic around him makes no attempt to defuse a developing scenario until it gets to the point where he can throw his hands in the air and hurl abuse at drivers. He posts an awful lot of videos and to my mind, at some point you have to stop thinking that the poor guy is just unlucky in coming across so many idiots seemingly intent on running him over.

    100% correct. Most cyclists simply want other road users to 'share the road'. This aggressive 'dickhead-on-a-bike' seems to think that doesn't apply to him. It is he who needs to learn how to share road space ... not the unfortunate van driver who he abused disgracefully.

  • BackBottle water bottle16 hours 24 min agoor you could only drink capri

    or you could only drink capri sun on your rides.

  • Canyon Smart Computer using Android Wear launched at Eurobike + video17 hours 40 min agoIt'll work without a

    It'll work without a smartphone - quite well, by the looks of it. What you'll gain with a phone will be stuff like being able to use Google Now to give voice commands on the go to find things or plan new routes, being able to mirror other apps on your phone, etc. The Edge 520 does look really good, and I'm a very heavy FR920XT and Edge 800 user...but if I could have something this clean, relatively cheap, and this well integrated I'm afraid the Garmin loses.

  • Canyon Smart Computer using Android Wear launched at Eurobike + video17 hours 46 min agoearth wrote:This is

    earth wrote:
    This is definitely the way forward.

    Anything allows software to be developed independently to hardware will benefit users. There can be reliability issues but by comparison I have never found my Garmin to be reliable either and the software and in that case hardware are developed by the same organisation.

    This kind of thing will open up choices.

    Definitely. I'm only surprised Trek didn't do it first. They've already got some nice integration happening with Duotrap - they've missed a trick here. This kind of integration and flexibility does indeed make another Edge 800 style purchase look pretty ridiculous. The fact that the unit can operate without acting as a phone mirror only makes it all the more attractive. Canyon are, at last, about to start selling here in NZ. I'm due a new roadie in 2016 and the top end Endurace will be getting a serious look...this is indicative of a company very much on the forward looking edge of real wold, rider focused product design.

  • Friends out for bike ride among those killed in Shoreham air crash18 hours 37 min agoVery sad indeed. Some nice

    Very sad indeed.
    Some nice words too from Geoff Roberts who had taught them frame building https://www.facebook.com/geoffrobertsframes

  • BackBottle water bottle18 hours 45 min agoI have a toolkit in a bottle

    I have a toolkit in a bottle cage pack, so regularly carry a bottle in-jersey, then swap it out when my bike one is empty. I barely feel it when carrying the empty.

    Nice idea but this doesn't really solve a problem that I have.

  • BackBottle water bottle19 hours 1 min agoedster99 wrote:Ok then. For

    edster99 wrote:
    Ok then. For some 'not in the UK' scenarios. Due to which, 'im out'.

    My cyclocross bike doesn't have bottle cage mounts. If I want to take it on a ride longer than an hour, I want a drink. I don't want to take a Camelbak. That's in the UK.

    Many other scenarios are available that are applicable to the UK, or to places UK cyclists might ride, and want to carry more than 2 bidons-worth of water - rural or alpine areas on the Continent, for example, where there may be only one shop/café/bar for miles, and you can't be certain it's open (especially in the middle of the day, when it's hottest).

    Having been caught out in exactly this manner a few years back, I'd much rather have the ability to carry extra water comfortably without resorting to a Camelbak.

    I totally accept everyone has a right not to agree with how others might want to ride their bikes, or to disregard use cases they don't see as valid.

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front19 hours 5 min agoFlying Scot wrote: 3. More

    Flying Scot wrote:

    3. More cyclists than drivers in Glasgow have a problem with this particular self righteous idiot and his cameras
    Who knew he was so divisive? Isn't he the guy that organises Pedal on Parliament, with tens of thousands of cyclists attending? Confused

  • Exposure Lights Strada gets brighter, and Link helmet light added to 2016 range19 hours 17 min agoNot expensive in the grand

    Not expensive in the grand scheme of things.

    I have an Exposure Joystick that is 5 years old, a Toro that is nearly 3 and a couple of Redeyes of the same ages.

    Never had a problem with any of them, batteries still giving decent run times (Joystick is probably close to giving up the ghost, it must be?..)

    Some things are worth spending on, as a year-round commuter I think Exposure lights are one of those things.

  • VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front19 hours 19 min agoVan driver did basically

    Van driver did basically nothing wrong! Van driver was reacting to traffic on the other side of the road and staying in his lane. Cyclist causes unnecessary accident with distracting rant although driver should have kept eyes forward as he immediately realises. Not sure why roadcc is peddling this crap as bad driving. Distracting drivers unnecessarily is not good cycling. And the advert at the beginning seems to show that he's doing it primarily for money.

  • Road cable disc brake calipers19 hours 32 min agoHi ginger, that was what I

    Hi ginger, that was what I meant to imply; Internet messages don't always read like I want them too. All I meant to say is that the link suggests that there's no physical reason why you can't use 140s but it's not a good plan Smile

  • Best cycling car racks19 hours 47 min ago"....or just a case of I'm

    "....or just a case of I'm alright Jack"?

    So, your point is what exactly ?

    You struggle with the concept of people who drive a Renault Clio rather than 'a big car' ?

    Or who have fewer than 3 friends ?

    Or who actually read articles before commenting?

    Or who are not exactly like you ?

    Simple statement of fact - odd response.

  • BackBottle water bottle19 hours 48 min agoNice idea saves me using a

    Nice idea saves me using a old 500ml coke,water,oasis (whatever is to hand) bottle that i can just throw away once finished with and don't have to carry in my jersey pocket for the whole ride Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes