• Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him2 hours 50 min agoWow, lucky to get away with

    Wow, lucky to get away with no serious injuries from that! It's amazing really that the driver tried to contest being at fault, given she knew it was on video. It was a very poor piece of driving.

  • Best Sealant for Tubulars?2 hours 52 min agoI've used caffe latex on two

    I've used caffe latex on two punctures and it worked both times. Luckily on both occasions the tire did not flat immediately so it was after the ride when I used it.

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him2 hours 53 min agoQuote:Dear road.cc Please

    Dear road.cc

    Please post a youtube video of someone have a really nice, peaceful, relaxing ride in some beautiful countryside.

    Ideally, it should contain friends and cake.

    Best wishes,

    Your readers.

    Agreed - Roadcc, you're sending out totally the wrong message by focussing on these stories. We ride bikes because we enjoy it and seeing repeated stories about collisions suggests cycling is dangerous rather than enjoyable. c 120 cyclist died in the UK last year, and 50,000 died of heart disease so sitting at home on the sofa is actually far more dangerous.

    If it helps, I'm starting to avoid using roadcc because of the focus on the negativity. You may want to let your advertisers know that!

    There's plenty of campaigning groups fighting hard for our rights and our protection so if you show fewer of the negative stories I'm sure we won't lose out

  • Suggest me a cycle gps nav please2 hours 55 min agoI don't do 'training' but I

    I don't do 'training' but I did want a sat-nav for the bike. Went for the Garmin Touring Plus, but it's not what I'd call cheap. Clever little gadget though.

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 2 sec ago237 inc Bardet's most

    237 inc Bardet's most combative I think

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 5 min agoYep, not counted those

    Yep, not counted those points.

  • Which energy drink?3 hours 5 min agoFor anything over a couple of

    For anything over a couple of hours I take a pocket full of fig rolls and jelly babies and drink dilute squash with a bit of salt in it. I find the commercial energy drinks a) too expensive and b) give me industrial levels of flatulence which is amusing for the first 5 minutes but the novelty soon wears off.

    For an all day ride I'll strap on the Carradice and take a full-on packed lunch.

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 6 min agoCareful with your points

    Careful with your points predictions.....summit finish so the KOM pts for the last climb won't count?

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?3 hours 6 min agoOolon Colluphid wrote:Gary

    Oolon Colluphid wrote:
    Gary Imlach is absolutely top drawer, effortless delivery not to mention his wry sarcasm.

    My favourite Gary Imlach line from this year's Tour was in programme on the 2nd rest day following an interview with Vino about Astana's stance on doping: "It's hard not to wonder whether a pledge from Alexander Vinokourov is worth the French it's mumbled in" Laughing

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 6 min ago1,2,3,4,11,14,16 Not too bad


    Not too bad

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20143 hours 8 min ago15th January - 110km - 1

    15th January - 110km - 1 point
    7th February - 116km - 1 point (Total 2 points)
    19th February - 106km - 1 point (Total 3 points)
    28th March - 110km - 1 point (total 4 points)
    11th April - 121km - 1 point (total 5 points)
    27th April - 170km - 1 point (total 6 points)
    17th May - 115km - 1 point (total 7 points)
    6th June - 103km - 1 point (total 8 points)
    13th June - 105km - 1 point (total 9 points)
    20th June C2C - 133km - 1 point (total 10 points)
    21st June C2C - 158km - 1 point (total 11 points)
    11th July - 116km - 1 point (total 12 points)
    23rd July - 136km - 1 point (total 13 points)

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists3 hours 15 min agobikebot wrote:cyclingDMlondon

    bikebot wrote:
    cyclingDMlondon wrote:
    Disclosure: I'm a solicitor.

    Are you sure, I don't see a bill anywhere? Big Grin


  • Tour de France Stage 17: Rafal Majka takes his second stage win3 hours 18 min agoGT is out of the top 20

    GT is out of the top 20 aswell Yawn

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?3 hours 26 min agoITV for the punditry are much

    ITV for the punditry are much better than ES.
    ES has better commentary though.
    I can't stand Phil and Paul, Phil just doesn't seem to have a clue whats going on, getting riders wrong, palmares etc.
    And Paul purely for telling me around 400 times this tour that Tony Gallopin is from a large cycling family.
    Millar still seems to be stuck in the whiny bitch phase about getting dropped from the tour team, but I could see him been better over time and offering more recent insight that the rest of the ITV team.

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him3 hours 28 min ago"you may wish to turn the

    "you may wish to turn the volume down". lol, understatement! Pretty hushed in the parish office today, most of the nuns are in, quietly working away. Might just see what this video is all about, I thought..

  • Which energy drink?3 hours 29 min agoInteresting comments so far,

    Interesting comments so far, and maybe not as much love for the powdered drinks as I perhaps thought. Just for the avoidance of doubt, I'm not talking all-day riding here, rather rides up to about 4 hours/60 miles. Still need to work on the general fitness before I'll contemplate going much further in one go!

    As I am looking at about £20 for a whole tub, I'll maybe pick up a few different individual sachets from my LBS and see how I get on with them, coupled with some solid "proper" food too. The likes of flapjack and dried fruit are perfectly good in my book, and easy to carry in the jersey pocket too.

    I'm also intrigued by the thought of making your own energy drink too, doesn't appear particularly difficult, and especially if you're concerned about what's going in the ready-made ones. I do admittedly drink more diet Coke than I probably should do...

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists3 hours 33 min agobrooksby wrote:bikebot

    brooksby wrote:
    bikebot wrote:
    How do you think the traffic Police deal with most offences. Only a few can be measured, most tickets are the subjective view of the issuing officer.

    So a police officer who likely never cycles, can look at someone cycling, think that they seemed to be going a bit fast, and issue them a ticket??? Thinking That's actually quite worrying. I'd just always assumed that speeding tickets were issued based on something a bit more measurable...

    (Where is the poster called Stumps when you need them, for the cop's eye view on it? Wink )

    Yup, as they can with motorists. How often is that a problem, really?

    To make law enforcement work you need police officers who can be trusted to make the right call >99% of the time, for the <1% that's what appeals are for.
    Really, this won't affect you unless you actually are riding like a tit.

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 35 min agoAlso full house, which I

    Also full house, which I really didn't think I'd get. Been short on badges this Tour, despite rattling around the top 50 in the overall. Maybe I should pick Cheng Ji to get that elusive LR/bookends badge...

    No Majka today though. 2,3,4,10,11,12,13 plus classification points for Tommy V & Konig. Resisting changes tomorrow, banking them for the flat.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists3 hours 37 min agokie7077 wrote:ollieclark

    kie7077 wrote:
    ollieclark wrote:

    Ever been hit by a bike at 30mph? It hurts. Sometimes more than a car due to all the sticky out bits.

    Perhaps you should consider not repeatedly walking out in front of fast moving cars and bikes. Wink

    I wonder how well that attitude would go down here applied to cyclist the next time one gets run over... I'm told by reliable sources sometimes cyclists run red lights so it's not as though walking out means the pedestrian is in the wrong, is it?

    Maybe you should consider not cycling on the road the next time you get butthurt about some KSIed cyclist, eh?

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 39 min agoKing Leopold is 9th

    King Leopold is 9th overall.
    Taaramae gets 1 point
    Tommy V is 5th in mountain competition

    FULL HOUSE!!! Party

  • Guernsey judge criticises road layout as lorry driver acquitted of causing cyclist's death3 hours 39 min agooldstrath wrote:truffy

    oldstrath wrote:
    truffy wrote:
    Paul_C wrote:
    they expect the cyclist to give way...

    Given the size of a truck I'd give way. Wouldn't you?

    Yes you, and I, probably would. I can't see how that excuses killing someone who doesn't give way - are we really saying it's fine to kill someone for, at most, a minor traffic violation? Does that mean I can go and shoot the next guy speeding through our village? Or does it only work if I drive a truck over him?

    I didn't say, or mean to imply, that it does excuse killing someone who doesn't give way. Simply that the wise cyclist assumes total responsibility for their safety to be on the safe side. There are a lot of idiots out there who're well-protected by their vehicle and are not going to come of worst in a collision. Being in the right is no consolation if you're critically injured (or to your loved ones if worse).

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 42 min agoFull house, 200 pt badge

    Full house, 200 pt badge today. Yay! 227 I think.

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 48 min ago1,4,11,12,13,18 + Jrod, Tommy

    1,4,11,12,13,18 + Jrod, Tommy V & Konig(if he's still top 10)!

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 50 min agoHeh heh, he does score...full

    Heh heh, he does score...full house!

  • Tour De France Stage 173 hours 50 min ago1,2,3,4,7,11,12 for me today

    1,2,3,4,7,11,12 for me today plus J-Rod and Konig. Probably Konig won't score and so my full house goes!