• Bransons back Blaze laser-projection bike safety light1 day 11 hours agoPeople say we should have

    People say we should have separate cycle paths, but we haven’t got the space in the UK.

    Sorry, but I'm out.

  • Tour of Qatar - stage 61 day 11 hours agoKept DeMare and Markus in,

    Kept DeMare and Markus in, brought in Bennati and Guardini and didn't go for Greipel.

    As Barry Markus got some youth points, I believe I have a full house badge.

  • Campagnolo Vento Asymmetric wheels1 day 11 hours agoAlloy nipples on training

    Alloy nipples on training wheels + salty roads = seize.

  • Drunk driver who broke cyclist’s leg escapes jail1 day 11 hours agoi dont give a f**k about the

    i dont give a f**k about the daughter, her dad is drink driving scum who is going to kill one day. what would we prefer, a daughter whos dad is being punished for bad behaviour on the roads, or dead people?

  • 50mm aero wheels - advice appreciated1 day 11 hours agoFile Transfer

    File Transfer Protocol.

    Oh. Sorry.

    Anyway, how long do you have to hold it for, for it to be your FTP? 30 secs? 5 mins? 30 mins?

  • Bransons back Blaze laser-projection bike safety light1 day 11 hours agoSo - how exactly is this

    So - how exactly is this supposed to work? (Sorry, it's a bit difficult to view the images so I may be missing something).

    Drivers are supposedly looking at the surface of the tarmac - rather than looking out for cyclists etc. - and then see an image which most cyclists won't project, and then look back to where they were supposed to be looking, and, er....

    Maybe it's just me.

  • Le Tour Mediterranéen - Stage 21 day 11 hours agoOooh, just noticed I also got

    Oooh, just noticed I also got LR with Wyss - so should have the coveted Bookends badge!

  • Just A Ride1 day 11 hours agoLiberating read. This is me,

    Liberating read.
    This is me, going for a ride:
    Stuffing my carcass into bib-tights, they seem to have shrunken somehow.Where the f*ck are the gloves. And knee-warmers. Should I take some more clothes with me? I'm out of the energy bars I like.These shoes are always too loose or too tight. Where is the HRM? Where is the strap? Should have put on the HRM before the jersey. The HRM was not working right on the last ride. Is the strap tight enough? Getting the bike out of the basement, and it's just as not-spacious as the last time. Forgot the water bottle up in the apartment. Forgot to use the pump. I have to take my cold weather gloves off to adjust the touch screen of the smartphone, glove won't come off. Dropped a glove. HRM wont sync with the phone.
    By the time I'm ready to ride, my heart rate is already almost 90.
    Usually, I calm down after a while on the bike.
    Leaving the HRM at home and not ranting about the ride on the website for the social app afterwards makes all this a bit easier. Some times I also manage to convince myself that I don't have to try for new personal best and that I really don't have to be pushing harder or going further, today. Those rides are often quite pleasant. Not epic at all. Just nice.

  • Le Tour Mediterranéen - Stage 21 day 11 hours agoDNF NOCENTINI Rinaldo AG2R

    DNF NOCENTINI Rinaldo AG2R La Mondiale
    DNF EDET Nicolas Cofidis, Solutions Crédits
    DNF BARBIER Rudy Roubaix - Lille Métropole
    OTL GAWRONSKI Piotr CCC Polsat Polkowice

  • Campagnolo Vento Asymmetric wheels1 day 11 hours agoI have a campagnolo aero

    I have a campagnolo aero alloy seatpin on my Shimano equipped bike cos it is the prettiest seatpin there is Smile

  • Le Tour Mediterranéen - Stage 21 day 11 hours ago1,6,18,19 plus Pantano. Made

    1,6,18,19 plus Pantano. Made no transfers, but if Nocentini has abandoned I'll have to bring someone else in for tomorrow.

    So-so from my purist thus far. Having Degenkolb in has spared my blushes a bit as otherwise I think I've made a couple of expensive dud choices.

  • Le Tour Mediterranéen - Stage 21 day 11 hours agoofficial top 20 on stage,

    official top 20 on stage, slight change to the earlier top 20

    1 DEGENKOLB John Team Giant-Shimano
    2 MARTINEZ Yannick Team Europcar
    3 FONSECA Armindo Bretagne - Séché Environnement
    4 COLBRELLI Sonny Bardiani - CSF
    5 KREDER MichelWanty - Groupe Gobert
    6 GAUTIER Cyril Team Europcar
    7 BRUTT Pavel Team Katusha
    8 SELVAGGI Mirko Wanty - Groupe Gobert
    9 ROUX Anthony FDJ.fr
    10 CHEREL Mikael] AG2R La Mondiale
    11 FELLINE Fabio Trek Factory Racing
    12 PINEAU Jérome IAM Cycling
    13 JUNGELS Bob Trek Factory Racing
    14 CHAVANEL Sylvain IAM Cycling
    15 VANTOMME Maxime Roubaix - Lille Métropole
    16 SANCHEZ GIL Luis Leon Caja Rural - Seguros RGA
    17 CUMMINGS Stephen BMC Racing Team
    18 BILBAO LOPEZ DE ARMIENTA Pello Caja Rural - Seguros RGA
    19 LUDVIGSSON Tobias Team Giant-Shimano
    20 GONçALVES Domingos Team La Pomme Marseille 13

  • 50mm aero wheels - advice appreciated1 day 11 hours agonotfastenough wrote:andyp

    notfastenough wrote:
    andyp wrote:
    This thread should win a prize for featuring the snobbiest response of ALL TIME.
    OP. Go buy your wheels. Ride your bike. Have fun.

    So, who do you think wins? It appears to be a 2-horse race between valleys cyclist and angelfishsolo... Big Grin

    well... Valleys cyclist was reasonably polite with his/ her snobbery, angelfishsolo kind of jumped on the bandwagon afterwards..

    I think now that the snobbery's been called, there might not be any more of it. I quite like the way the forum 'self-polices' in this way!

    On a related note, I now want to find out what my 'FTP' is!

  • Tour of Qatar - stage 61 day 11 hours agoWorst day of the tour for me.

    Worst day of the tour for me. Daftly traded out Eisel (for Van Staeyen). No Demare, no Benatti or indeed anyone in top ten. Could've been worse though - I had considered taking a penalty hit to bring in Greipel.

    Not a bad day for my purist, though, as had Demare.

  • Campagnolo Vento Asymmetric wheels1 day 12 hours agofulcrum is owned by

    fulcrum is owned by Campagnolo, do you want Campag wheels on your shimano/sram equipped bike?

    Campags solution rebadge their wheels so you don't have to worry.

    I am not sure if all the wheels are available from both but many are.

    Shimano have some tie in with Pro, not as close I believe but again it keeps a bit of distance.

  • London Nocturne race entries open1 day 12 hours agoJust entered the folding

    Just entered the folding race!

    20" wheel size limit i'm afraid...

    5.1 Only folding bikes with wheels sized 20 inch or less are permitted to race.
    5.2 Permitted brands include Tern, Airnimal, Brompton, Dahon, Mezzo, Moulton, Strida and Xootr. If you wish to race on a different brand please contact the organisers to check if the bike is permitted to race.

  • Should good cyclists do more to stop bad cyclists1 day 12 hours agosurly_by_name wrote:Who the

    surly_by_name wrote:
    Who the hell are you (am Sleepy to decide who/what is "good" and "bad"?

    The reason I said 5% of bad cyclists in the original post was to remove any ambiguity over whether the cyclists actions we talking about here were bad (as in its blatantly bloody obvious to all) or just a minor blip or lapse of concentration by an otherwise good cyclist.

    For the record, i don't go round abusing cyclists in case this all reads like that. I started this thread because I've witnessed terrible cycling on numerous occasions and have done nothing about it.

  • Campagnolo Vento Asymmetric wheels1 day 12 hours agoIs it me, or are these

    Is it me, or are these EXACTLY the same as my 2014 Fulcrum 5's ? Slightly cheaper though.
    Can anyone recommend softer compound pads as this article has spooked me!

  • Fabian Cancellara set to retire in 20161 day 12 hours agoWhat's the latest on his Hour

    What's the latest on his Hour record attempt?

    I think him giving it a crack in Manchester is out of the window but it would be good to see it happen, regardless of venue.

  • Fabian Cancellara set to retire in 20161 day 12 hours agoWhat's the latest on his Hour

    What's the latest on his Hour record attempt?

    I think him giving it a crack in Manchester is out of the window but it would be good to see it happen, regardless of venue.

  • Fabian Cancellara set to retire in 20161 day 12 hours agoHe has been bullet proof over

    He has been bullet proof over the years when accused of doping and having an engine in his seat tube.

    He looks to have got away with it so fair play and good luck in the twilight of your career Fab.

  • Le Tour Mediterranéen - Stage 21 day 12 hours ago1. for standard, for standard, got to be happy with that. Could keep it the same and have 6 transfers for the TT.

    And glad Napolitano wasn't up there today, I feel better about not picking him now...

  • Confused by Wheels1 day 12 hours agoI have Zondas on my road bike

    I have Zondas on my road bike and really like them. I'm 82kg and get a bit of brake rub when honking on the bars, but they roll nicely and remain straight and true even after a few fairly hard pothole hits. I've only been riding them for a couple of months, so can't comment on durability, but prefer the ride to a pair of Ksyrium Elites that I also own (the Ksyriums just don't spin up as quickly and aren't as comfy, although they are stiffer). FWIW, Zondas have the "good" Campag hubs with proper cup & cone bearings.

    £246.52 on Ribble today with the "XTRA11" Campag discount code.

  • Leaked 'Plebgate' email claims Andrew Mitchell continually ignored Downing St bicycle rules1 day 12 hours agoPaulVWatts wrote:jacknorell

    PaulVWatts wrote:
    jacknorell wrote:
    PaulVWatts wrote:
    Stumps the the man is an elected politician who makes the law unlike your colleagues who are scum that think they are above the law. When police think they are better than the lawmakers you have a police state. You comments supporting these lying criminal officers do neither your or your service any credit

    Stumps hasn't supported those crooks in any way. Ad hominem attacks are not OK.

    Yes he has. Also stumps wrote:

    "!He is a small minded buearocrat and a bully (being chief whip requires that in a politician) - as the earlier email proves. But hey dont let the truth get in the way of having a pop at the Police, its never stopped people on here before has it, lol"

    If you make Ad hominem attacks then surely you should expect them back.

    You quoting him disparaging Mitchell does not equate to him supporting the lying police officers.

    What evidence backs up your assertion that he does?

  • Sealant Tips1 day 12 hours agoThis gives me an opening for

    This gives me an opening for my own novice question.

    I recently bought a 40 year old bike with the intention of taking part in the Retro Ronde. It has tubeless tyres of which I have no experience. I guess the Ronde is tough on tyres and I have some arthritis in my hands which makes tyre changes difficult.

    Is it a good idea to fill the tyres with gunk as a preventative measure or should I wait for a puncture before using the sealant? I doubt whether I would be capable of changing a tubeless tyre by the roadside.

    For the record the wheels have Campag Record hubs and Nisi rims.