• Hands on: Cycliq Fly121 day 8 hours agoExpensive, but isn't it

    Expensive, but isn't it refreshing to see a company attempting to develop a genuinely better product to justify the price, rather than investing a lot of money in building a brand image that then needs to be recouped from the customer.

  • How to fix my knackered knee1 day 8 hours agoKadinkski wrote:Keyhole knee

    Kadinkski wrote:
    Keyhole knee surgery is a waste of time, it can make things worse and cause new issues altogether. A good physio and exercise program are more effective.

    The NHS are considering halting keyhole knee surgery altogether.

    That statement is a bit sweeping. Some will need to have surgery whether keyhole or full open surgery and others will benefit from minor damage by rest and physio.

  • Cyclist doing trackstand leaves Google's self-driving car confused1 day 8 hours agoQuote: The odd thing is

    The odd thing is that even tho it was a bit of a CF, I felt safer dealing with a self-driving car than a human-operated one.

    self driving cars don't hate.

  • Vuelta - Stage 71 day 8 hours agoWent with Majka over Landa in

    Went with Majka over Landa in the end,


  • How to fix my knackered knee1 day 8 hours agoKeyhole knee surgery is a

    Keyhole knee surgery is a waste of time, it can make things worse and cause new issues altogether. A good physio and exercise program are more effective.

    The NHS are considering halting keyhole knee surgery altogether.

  • Boris Bikes management - and redesign - contract up for tender1 day 8 hours agoThat downhill bike is lovely.

    That downhill bike is lovely. Well, not lovely, but right smart. That, but with a shopping basket on the front please.

  • Cyclist doing trackstand leaves Google's self-driving car confused1 day 8 hours agoDan - my thoughts exactly! On

    Dan - my thoughts exactly! On one hand it might look funny but on the other, it's the ultimate piece of evidence how safe this technology is.

    By the way, it might be just my guess, but I think an average human's eye would be unable to notice such a slight movement when a driver is already focused on the exit from the intersection. Kudos to Google!

  • Open U.P. - Eurobike first ride review1 day 8 hours agoI was unsure so I googled it

    I was unsure so I googled it and according to urban dictionary 'thwap' is a c*ck slap to the forehead. Just saying.

  • Police chief writes to cyclist to explain why he can't investigate crash1 day 8 hours agoIt's easy to say your

    It's easy to say your treating the symptoms not the cause. Does that mean we should ignore those that have been victims and focus on stopping new victims? Or just focus on victims? Or try and help both, those that have been affected and those that might be? It is resource intensive. And when swinging savage cuts come we have to make a decision on what is important and affects more people. Unfortunately, protecting children comes first ad always will.

    It is not trivialising road incidents, but it's about saying we can't do everything anymore. Instead of blaming the police why are you not protesting against the cuts? Or why not petitioning the driver standards agency to be more involved in bad driving and dealing with repeat offenders? It's an easy answer to blame the police.

    What do you suggest? GMP had over 8000 police officers in 2008. Now they have about 6500 and are set to lose another 1000 potentially more. How do we provide justice to victims, stop the causes of crimes in the first place, protect road users, search for missing people, deal with all the other day to day stuff you don't see or hear about that needs to be done? A lot of people are quick to say you should be doing this or that but not many realise the complexities of doing it.

    The fact I am on this site suggests I am a cyclist as well. I am not defending the police for not getting involved because as I have said the police do a lot of stuff I don't think we should. And waste time in the wrong places. But about 40% of the cops I have worked with are all cyclists too who commute, race, and just enjoy Sunday rides etc. none of us want to be in a situation where we are the victim of someone's poor driving. And we all know we won't get special treatment ( despite what you might think ). I would love to spend more time dealing with poor drivers, who run red lights, speed, park illegally and dangerously, and I'd also love to spend more time dealing with poor cyclists who ride without lights, through red lights etc. but unfortunately the next job I'm going to needs me there right that minute so I don't have the luxury to stop and do what I want to.

    Sadly there isn't an answer which isn't "invest in more cops" because this government won't be doing it. So we have to make that judgement call which job we go to and where we invest time and resources with every single call. Sometimes we get it wrong. And CC Fahy is making no apology for it because he's just telling you what every front line police officer would tell you if you asked.

    Trust me, nothing annoys a cop more than someone breaking the law in front of them and them not being in a position to deal with them.

  • Cyclist doing trackstand leaves Google's self-driving car confused1 day 8 hours agoAnd here is why self-driving

    And here is why self-driving cars will replace humans.

    The default for a self-driving car when it is confused is to brake, proceed slowly or stop. The default for a human during moments of confusion seems to be carry on regardless then blame lack of visibility / blind corner / unpredictable cyclists when they kill someone.

  • Road cable disc brake calipers1 day 9 hours agoThe cx77 (and BR517 : same

    The cx77 (and BR517 : same brake different paint) work very well in my experience. Downside is that they need 3 different sized ale keys to adjust them but otherwise they Re effective and low maintenance. Regarding the rotor size, that is mostly determined by the mount on the frame so if you have a 140 on the back then it shouldn't be a problem. You can use an adapter to size up To a larger rotor but not down.

  • 6 disc brake road bikes from Eurobike1 day 9 hours agoI've actually just bought a

    I've actually just bought a brand new caliper brake road bike (super six evo), after 9 months of riding a hydraulic disc brake endurance road bike (which I was lent by my employer).

    It's actually really refreshing being back on a caliper brake bike, and especially a snappy feeling race bike which is lovely up steep hills.

    I will certainly be getting another hydraulic disc brake endurance road bike as soon as 2016 stock is available, and using it as my winter commuter and bad weather / long distance bike!

  • Wheel upgrade from shimano rs111 day 9 hours agoA few hundred grams in the

    A few hundred grams in the overall rider+bike weight is insignificant. Better tyres will give a smoother ride and confidence with grip.

    I was chatting with an old fella last night at our club time trial. We were discussing time trial bikes and wheels. In his prime he could do sub hour 25 mile TT and sub 22 minutes for 10TT on his steel framed bike with no time trial bars.

    I asked him about the kit he had bought over the years and whether he thought the solid carbon rear wheel was giving him better times. He commented that it helped once upto speed to maintain a certain speed, but could be a detriment on rolling courses where it would weigh him down. He said it was down to the engine. Overall carbon wheels didn't make him that faster. Its just the way trends go and the pursuit of the retail side for us punters to keep buying new kit. A little cynical but this was from a veteran with many years of practical knowledge, it didn't stop him though being dressed in a skin suit, aero helmet and shoe covers Smile

  • Boris Bikes management - and redesign - contract up for tender1 day 9 hours agoI used to work for the

    I used to work for the Devinci distributor in the UK and can tell you from talking to them directly, how hard it is to get the design right for an urban bike hire:- needs to be incredibly robust, easy to use for non cyclists and theft resistant.

    Following on from lessons learned in Paris with Velob and Montreal's Bixi bikes, Devinci and their design team made 140 changes to the design.

    I was asked to visit Serco's assembly site before the scheme went live, to represent Devinci and advise Serco as they were having some technical issues with assembly of the bikes.

    The bikes are manufactured in their plant in Chicotoumi, just outside Quebec.

    Great to see domestic manufacturing being done successfully (like Brompton here in the UK).

    They also make cool bikes like these:

  • Pierre Rolland leaves Europcar for Cannondale-Garmin1 day 9 hours agoLOL - good point above, but

    LOL - good point above, but that aside it's good to see a big name French rider going to a foreign team. The big French talents are seemingly just a bit too comfortable and haven't recognized the potential of going abroad to better funded/better organised teams that may be able to offer them a higher level of support both in training and in terms of team-mates in GT's. Imagine Romain Bardet in a couple of years with big-budget team firepower behind him!

  • Police chief writes to cyclist to explain why he can't investigate crash1 day 9 hours agoBelieve me, I appreciate your

    Believe me, I appreciate your predicament. There are 30 million tax payers in the UK, would I pay £10 more tax a year if it meant £300m extra in the police budget (for example), yes I would. And yes, I'd rather you went and 'dealt with' someone hitting their wife than coming to take the details of someone who's had a minor bump.

    Sswindells wrote:
    More people are killed on the roads that murdered - Oh ok, so an intentional act of violence designed to end someones life is less important than usually poor driving behaviour? Ok, less women get beat up by their husbands than have their cars scratched. Lets give up on helping domestic violence victims too. Yes cyclists and pedestrians can be killed on our roads, but the vast majority of the time it is not intentional. Murder on the other hand is.


    Lets put it simple, there are a lot fewer police officers now, and what is left have to prioritise what is important right now, what's important later, and what can we hopefully sort out when we have a free minute. Vulnerability is our biggest priority, protecting vulnerable children specifically. Then vulnerability in violence and abuse. Sexual crime features high up there. Because MOST road traffic incidents are accidents (as in not intentional) we don't prioritise unless it is really serious, in which case we do go.

    I think the problem is, you are prioritising vulnerability, but treating the symptoms not the cause. Yes, on this occasion I've only got bumps and bruises. Or, in my case from a couple of years back, a broken wrist that means I can now only hold a pint or a saucepan with one hand. But if you (for valid and understandable reasons, as stated) treat such collisions as trivial, it reinforces the impression that driving with due care for other vulnerable road users is OK. And next time someone doesn't bother looking, I'm cooling on a slab in the mortuary.

  • Report - Le Mans 24 Hours 2015 solo1 day 9 hours agoRe gradient - there's

    Re gradient - there's basically only one real uphill incline on Le Mans but it's 600m long and it's claimed to reach 7% at one point though my Garmin never read above 6%. You get that out of the way and the rest of the lap is either downhill or almost flat. Brands Hatch, on the other hand, doesn't have a level surface anywhere on it.

    Big prezzie for Joan? Absolutely. I'll pay for her entry into next year's event Smile Oh. Wait. She doesn't think that's funny.

    On-track photos are bought from Maindru Photo - official event photographers. All others are Joan's handiwork.

    There were a large number of GoPros attached to various bike and body parts, so I'm expecting to find a couple of videos on YouTube - then you'll see the true difference in speed between me and the real cyclists!

  • How to fix my knackered knee1 day 9 hours agoHi stumps, what procedure did

    Hi stumps, what procedure did they do to your knee if you don't mind me asking. That is a long time to be inside someone's knee.
    You mentioned injury at work was this traumatic or repetitive like in the post? Just curious.

  • Hoy Cammo 650c1 day 9 hours agojoules1975 wrote:Gearing on

    joules1975 wrote:
    Gearing on kids bikes never fails to puzzle/amaze me. It's almost always wrong!

    Especially if the rider ever wants to race. OK, that won't apply to every child, but seeing the sheer amount of riders in U8 and U10 circuit races at the moment, it will be a fair few.

    Even if children don't race the British Cycling youth gear restrictions are a great guide for all parents and manufacturers to follow. The limit how high a gear the child can push, and stop over gearing and potential injury. They also teach children to spin, as the only way to go faster if they are on their max gear is to spin quicker.

    I would love to see a manufacturer apply that to youth bikes.

  • Witness appeal as cyclist found on Dartmoor with "life-changing" injuries1 day 9 hours agoVery remote road, even in

    Very remote road, even in summer visibility is often really poor. Thoughts are with his family.

  • Hands on: Cycliq Fly121 day 10 hours agoI'm really liking the look of

    I'm really liking the look of this, the fly6 is a great bit of kit (I took the plunge at the new £99 price when wiggle started doing them).

    I missed kickstarter but there were doing a preorder price of £180, supposed to ship end of this year but the biggest problem for me was it'd ship from downunder and we'd probably get stung for import duty here in the UK. I'm going to wait till wiggle get them over here.

  • Hoy Cammo 650c1 day 10 hours agoBuy it, you know you want to.

    Buy it, you know you want to. He will grow into it. Meanwhile just hang it on the wall & admire it.

  • Witness appeal as cyclist found on Dartmoor with "life-changing" injuries1 day 10 hours agoA victim of the Hairy Hands?

    A victim of the Hairy Hands? http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2011/11/the-hairy-hands-horror/

    Seriously - hope he's OK. That's a wild place to have an accident on your own, stuff like the ICEdot tech starts to really have a use...

  • How to fix my knackered knee1 day 10 hours agoTotally agree with the

    Totally agree with the comments on MRI. I damaged my knee at work and like most people rested it, took pain killers etc etc. It didn't get better and i went to see my GP who advised physio, no good. Ultimately an MRI was scheduled and it showed the problem.

    A subsequent key hole surgery found large scale damage inside the knee, round about where you are getting pain and that meant a massive 7 hour op and 6 month on the sick recovering.

    Basically what i'm getting at is keep pushing your GP for the scan and then push some more to see if they will do key hole surgery as thats the only way to really see whats going on in there. My knee is now spot on with no pain.

  • Hands on: Cycliq Fly121 day 10 hours agoVery interesting stuff. I

    Very interesting stuff. I don't quite see why the Fly12 does the crop/edit stuff - surely it would make more sense to send it to the app and let the phone's processing (and battery) do it. But still, very interesting tech and very well integrated.