• Brooks England MT21 Multitool13 hours 43 min agoLooks much nicer than my

    Looks much nicer than my Decathlon bargain basement (£2.50) special... Hmme, the sort of thing you'd keep forever & probably look at by the fire when your legs no longer work, opening & closing it whilst pondering "ah, them were the days..." over and over again. I imagine there would be an old romance somehow tied up in there too, oh, and the day you had to use it inappropriately to open that tin of sardines in tomato sauce that saved your life way back in 2014....

    Woah there, crikey, where am I going?!!... That's the Brooks 'magic' - how do they still do that? Bugger the expense, I think I'm going to buy one!

    (and if it says "Made in China" I think I'll probably cry)

  • 54 or 56 bmc team machine13 hours 43 min agotonyhogg wrote:Quick update,

    tonyhogg wrote:
    Quick update, had a second bike fit, I'm definitely a medium frame size, stem was flipped back the normal way, still really keen on the bmc team machine with dura ace mechanical, no other bike comes close to ticking all the boxes, 2nd choice bianchi infinito cv with di2 55cm, bh ultralight with di2 54cm, maybe cipollini bond (I could never decide on build) thoughts and opinions on geometries would be greatly appreciated.

    First, I think you need to narrow down your choice a bit. A BMC TeamMachine isn't really comparable to a Bianchi Infinito CV, they're quite different bikes - it would be fairer to compare the Bianchi Oltre XR2 as that's a very similar pitch to the TeamMachine

  • The Ashes on Bikes? Sky Vs OGE launches Monday (+ video)13 hours 47 min ago'team' mostly doesn't work in

    'team' mostly doesn't work in cycling because the team is 'trade' rather than 'regional'.

    If you had Crown paints vs Sharp Electronics rather than L*verpool vs Man Utd, I doubt there'd be so much throwing of faeces or attacking of ambulances at the matches. Unless you had a particularly unhealthy liking of your calculator or (as above) satellite tv supplier.

  • Bike industry anticipates ‘new era’ of co-operation with UCI13 hours 47 min agoVery happy about this

    Very happy about this development

  • Another cyclist follows satnav on to motorway13 hours 47 min agoI'm afraid I did it before

    I'm afraid I did it before too. It was the start of the M11 as you leave East London.
    It's an area I know really well, must of driven it a thousand times. Followed the Garmin, thinking erm.., but then remembered an imaginary slip road off it, there was a slip road but joining.
    Going back looked shady, so continued for about a mile desperately scanning the fence for a spot to scale.
    Found one and had a tricky climb down a thorny embankment to path alongside the River Roding.
    Felt like a right k***head..

  • Lezyne Sport Digital Floor Drive DV track pump13 hours 52 min agoI had a digital track pump

    I had a digital track pump many moons ago. It worked pretty well, didn't have any issues with wet etc. But yes, the display was particularly hard to read.

    High hopes with this one - Lezyne kit is such good quality.

  • Sneak peek: Blk Tec components13 hours 53 min agoLove the wheels..... they

    Love the wheels..... they look solid. Shame I dont have 3,000 dollars

  • Team Sponsors13 hours 55 min agoBig Brother would be great

    Big Brother would be great for the sport, camera's everywhere and 24hr live feeds on riders....That would sort out doping Devil

    I'd like to see Microsoft (bill gates foundation) - Specialized

    Not a chance Halfords - Apollo At Wits End

  • Campagnolo compatibility upgrade14 hours 3 min agoLooks good to me. Can

    Looks good to me. Can understand upgrade to Chorus ergos. I've a 9 spd Truvativ chainset with 10 speed Campag set up and I do occasionally have an issue with the chain dropping between the chain rings on down shift but I've just adjusted the front mech so going that'll stop. Spect therefore 10 chainset with 11 spd groupset will fine. There's a few forums out there which confirm this.

  • !!!!STOLEN £9K OF BIKES!!!!!!14 hours 12 min agoLocks work but you need to

    Locks work but you need to keep them of the ground as much as possible, as soon as they got something to lever against to cut it then that's it, I wouldn't like having the bikes in a separate garage though and my Strava is on lockdown unless I give permission.

  • Coroner: "No doubt" that pothole caused crash that killed cyclist14 hours 24 min agoAirzound wrote:North Yorks

    Airzound wrote:
    North Yorks Country Council is going to get sued for a lot of £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££. People at this council should at least lose their jobs for such gross incompetence which has resulted in some one losing their life. Disgraceful.

    Authorities have audited processes which they have to follow for activities such as maintenance. For example, the Highways Agency has a defined 'grading' for severity of potholes which dictates how quickly they have to be repaired. As long as it can be shown that the employees were following the process correctly, no individual can be held responsible.

  • Coroner: "No doubt" that pothole caused crash that killed cyclist14 hours 30 min agouserfriendly

    userfriendly wrote:
    Ridgebackrambler wrote:

    you are reliant on the car drivers behind acting responsibly if you suddenly have to pull out to avoid one, or worse go down one.

    Sadly most drivers seem to have forgotten what a safe stopping distance is ("Stopping distance? Don't be ridiculous, I've been driving accident-free for 20 years ...")

    Erm, just for clarity are you suggesting that all cars should remain the correct stopping distance behind a bicyle at all times? In that case, how would they get close enough to overtake (or do you envisage one cyclist creating a tail back of 100 cars?), or are you also suggesting that cars should start overtaking 100m back from the cyclist? Either way, I think this is somewhat impractical on heavily trafficked roads and would simply create even more antagonism towards cyclists.

  • Paris Nice14 hours 40 min agoI'm afraid you have the wrong

    I'm afraid you have the wrong Yates brother - Simon is doing P-Nice


    Shame they don't cost the same

  • Opinion: We’ve worked hard to cater for every club, says Lee Valley park authority in row over Olympic Velopark access14 hours 58 min agoI'll be racing at the BMX

    I'll be racing at the BMX facility not long from now. I'll hold out on what I think until then. I know the guys who built the track. I'm curious what it's like.

    I'd like to do a session at the velodrome too, but it's not top of my priority list. Herne Hill is a lot easier to get to from where I live.

  • Video: Lyon's stunning new cyclist & pedestrian tunnel to feature in Dauphiné time trial15 hours 18 min agoSeems they have solved the

    Seems they have solved the problem of Dwindling Spectators ?

    Recall the 2002 start being very well attended , but in recent years i have seen far smaller numbers at Depart & Arrivee ? It could be that people are reluctant to travel when the TV is at hand ? Wonder if the French are also suffering from growing waistlines ?

    Guess Oz will not get the Brad Mc Gee & Baden Cooke result this time around ? Still have a copy of the backpage of the Dauphine talking of that other Aussie , " grey beard "!

  • !!!!STOLEN £9K OF BIKES!!!!!!17 hours 22 sec agoShocking how no decent lock

    Shocking how no decent lock over £100 lasts more than 30secs. I spent a lot of money on kryp locks


  • Paris Nice20 hours 9 min agoYay! We're up! But the

    Yay! We're up! Smile But the budget is at 140? Sad

  • Another cyclist follows satnav on to motorway20 hours 48 min agoCross the Forth and try

    Cross the Forth and try heading North for Perth and Inverness, and the only signs point you towards the M90.

    At Warrington early (ie 4am) one morning en route to Liverpool and not wanting to hang about for the train I looked for signs - yes you've guessed - directed to use the M62, which was pleasantly lacking in traffic at that time of day. However since I recognisewd the stations on the 1830 Liverpool-Manchester railway, I was able to navigate from local road signs. At the Liverpool event the Sustrans person suggested I should have followed the signs to use the Trans Pennine Trail, and was met by hoots of derision - no way would I be using an unlit unsurfaced track with the Manchester Ship Canal on one side and unkempt undergrowth encroaching from the other in the blackness.

    Dunblane-Stirling - same deal the signs send you down the M9...

    That about sums it up.....

  • The Ashes on Bikes? Sky Vs OGE launches Monday (+ video)21 hours 47 min agopjt201 wrote:Ah, the MCC an

    pjt201 wrote:
    Ah, the MCC an organisation even more shadowy than the McQuaid/Verbruggen era UCI

    Roger Knight (secretary of MCC at the time in question) taught me at school, and I got to know him beyond that by hanging around the Oval at Surrey CCC matches as a teen; I've also interviewed Pat McQuaid. I know which one I'd trust more...


  • Strade Bianche Rider List22 hours 6 min agoDave Atkinson wrote:getting

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    getting back to the point, the 'all riders' option was set to switch off after a competition starts... i've reinstated it for now

    Thanks! That works! Smile

    20thebear wrote:
    Please add FINETTO Mauro back to the start list.

    So now we can add Finetto, even though he's inactive and he'll be activated later, right? I can't read Italian but I think the Yellow Fluo website states he'll ride, right? (http://www.yellowfluoteam.com/det_news.php?id=631&ANAR=)

    northstar wrote:
    No it was not aimed at you...

    You, sir, are a gentleman...

    livestrongnick wrote:
    He grows on you...

    You've grown on me, too Smile

  • When do the mudguards come off?22 hours 24 min agoASS SAVERS have literally

    ASS SAVERS have literally emailed me today with their new design, now in colours!
    Use the discount code ASO3LOVE at checkout for instant joy! - they say.

    I have never taken my Ass Saver off in two years. Filthy beggar.

  • Strade Bianche Rider List22 hours 28 min agodrheaton wrote:I'm sorry,

    drheaton wrote:
    I'm sorry, when it comes to enrique I have a short fuse, I shouldn't have said what I did and I apologise.

    If you go back a while I think its fair to say that I gave enrique the benefit of the doubt for a long time, much longer than others, but that in the end his largely patronising way, incessant "suggestions" which were basically becoming almost hourly posts on how things would be better if X, Y or Z were allowed (often contradicting each other) or how things were better before something was changed (despite enrique requesting or supporting that change) and general forum demeanor pushed me over the edge and to get to the point at the end of this thread


    I admit that largely the behaviour of enrique has improved at the start of this year (the astroturfing using a second account aside) but my opinion has been coloured by past behavior which means that I have less patience and perhaps 'go off on one' a little too easily when it comes to enrique. I'll try to do something about that and give him a fair chance so long as he stops offering me a hug.

    This probably will also go some way to explain why those who've been on the forums longer appear to have an unfairly negative opinion of enrique, at least in the eyes of newer players. As a whole the forum is generally a nice play to be and to chat and I'd hate to think that the way some that some of the long standing users react to enrique give new forum people a negative opinion of the forum as a whole so I will try and be better Smile

    Applause with you on this dr H.
    He grows on you, I am getting used to him.....but he still needs to learn when to back off a bit. Yes he's helping and willing but can also push things a just that bit to far! Silly

  • Merseyside woman thrown from bike by rope strung across path22 hours 44 min agoThis is two silly little

    This is two silly little girls who carried out actions they thought would be funny without considering the implications.

    Nothing more. This is not a global attack on cyclists or worthy of re-introducing the death penalty, simply immature idiots who have not enough experience to contemplate the outcome of some hastily considered , ill-advised pranks.

    Clearly this was an incredibly dangerous thing to do and I am glad this lady has no permanent damage but lets not blow this up beyond proportion.

  • When do the mudguards come off?22 hours 52 min agoThe commuter bike never goes

    The commuter bike never goes out without guards.
    The Audax bike only loses the guards when it comes to sunny places on holiday
    The Bella Bianchi never wears guards because she's never worn then in her 25 years and now never goes out unless it's been dry for at least a week

    Living in the West of Scotland means a very small window of opportunity when it comes to riding on dry roads.

  • Brooks England MT21 Multitool22 hours 53 min agoDapper Giles wrote:You mean

    Hard to tell. They neither show the dimensions nor the actual tools. No mention of a chain tool. The tools would have to be pretty ingenious to justify that £145 price tag.