• Appeal as cyclist found seriously injured on Buttertubs Pass in North Yorkshire1 day 17 hours agoHopefully he's just midjudged

    Hopefully he's just midjudged his speed (easily done on Buttertubs) and slid out, either way let's wish him all the best and hopefully he'll get back out into that beautiful part of the world again sooner rather than later.

  • Appeal as cyclist found seriously injured on Buttertubs Pass in North Yorkshire1 day 17 hours agoNo such thing as 'motorists'

    No such thing as 'motorists' or 'cyclists', just people.

  • Jens Voigt speaks to road.cc about racing into his forties and coming to terms with no longer being a pro1 day 17 hours agoOnly Human after all-and all

    Only Human after all-and all the better for it!

    Thanks for the memories and the miles Jens.

  • London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash1 day 17 hours agodanthomascyclist

    danthomascyclist wrote:
    washere wrote:

    Basically when I see any kind of junction or left turning coming up, I make sure I'm BEHIND the lorries. Not only due to their potential blindspot, but many are simply reckless. Another reason is they turn late as the vehicle is large. If there is no left turning, at the worst I can dive onto the pavement. But left turning or junction coming up: I stay behind the lorry.

    Sound advice. But in many of these instances the cyclist is already at the junction and the lorry pulls up behind. There's not much you can do. Which is why we should stop complaining about things that the victims could have done differently, and focus on the people doing the killing.

    Well yes we should try to stop this happening but it's not either or. As cyclists we also have agency in how we ride. Washere is right. You make a good point too about the lorry pulling up beside you and altering the situation but that would have my alarm bells going full on. Get off and on to the pavement get over the barrier if there is one leave the bike if necessary or ride through and around that corner but get the hell out of there any way you can.

  • Cycle campaign wins legal battle against McDonalds1 day 17 hours ago"McDonalds are reported as

    "McDonalds are reported as trying to argue that as cycling in Ealing is less popular than other boroughs use of the bike route would be low"

    As a cyclist in Ealing I resent that.

    Of note, September's Cycle Facility of the Month was in Ealing

  • BMX riders refuse to race on 'unsafe' Rio 2016 Olympic course1 day 18 hours ago@notfastenough The amount of


    The amount of work that goes into building any riding facility is never really understood unless you have been directly involved.

    After 'retiring' from professional trail building, I only get involved with some local trail work in NW London for my own, and others enjoyment. Its all 'singletrack' for cross country riding and does not involve any stunts / features as such.

  • Appeal as cyclist found seriously injured on Buttertubs Pass in North Yorkshire1 day 18 hours agoIn in hospital waiting for a

    In in hospital waiting for a wrist operation after falling off in Windsor last night, I was rescued within seconds by a passing motorust who took me to a&e when they saw the state of me_and my bike is having a sleepover at their grace and favour lodging in Windsor castle!

    Still hope yet

  • London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash1 day 18 hours agoWashere, Although not my


    Although not my place to hand out certificates of merit, thankyou anyway for going out of your way to go and see what you could do to help. It sounds like when you got there, a health care professional was on scene and there may have been first aiders before that who stabilised the casualty until the paramedic arrived.

    Which brings me on to my point.

    Any of the contributors to this site could potentially be first on scene at a similarly traumatic incident. Would you know what to do? What the priorities for basic life support are? Maintaining an airway, stopping blood loss, to move or not to move the casualty? identifying the need for and performing effective CPR if it came to it? etc. If you have not done a first aid course - what could you do to get yourself on one in the next few months? If you do have first aid skills, when was the last time you brushed up on them?

    Heartfelt wishes to the lady involved for the best recovery possible.

  • Peter Sagan's world champion's kit and bike revealed1 day 18 hours agoWhat would Mario Cipollini

    What would Mario Cipollini do? Every item of clothing and every part of the bike should be white, and adorned with rainbow stripes.

    I long for the days when world champions lacked any kind of restraint when it came to kit.

  • London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash1 day 18 hours agoThat is the actual incident

    That is the actual incident photo but some time after the incident at 3:30p.m. She was taken away in about 45 minutes as needed great care and stabilising first. The police closed the area and took many measurements and photos with special tripods as it was rightly deemed a crime scene. Both sides of the road, major way into east London, was only cleaned and opened well into the night, after about 5 hours. He was turning left to deliver to the small Tesco only 200 yards away in that little street, Central St. Maybe he was driving fast because he was late.

  • Toronto cyclist hit by motorist throws car keys down drain1 day 18 hours agoI want to be charged for

    I want to be charged for 'causing mischief'. Sounds like something out of the beano.

  • Appeal as cyclist found seriously injured on Buttertubs Pass in North Yorkshire1 day 18 hours agoalexuk wrote:When I'm out

    alexuk wrote:
    When I'm out riding solo around the quiet countryside, I do wonder, that if I was hit by a motorist, if they would actually stop to help me, or just drive off and leave me to die on the roadside.

    Thankfully, you are in a position to wonder if they would help or not, where if you were in China, you would be wondering if the driver would be prosecuted for repeatedly driving over you deliberately to kill you

  • Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow saddle1 day 18 hours agoAdd pink - check Call it a

    Add pink - check
    Call it a silly feminine name - check

    Womans cycling kit continues to keep its sexist approach going.

  • Colnago C60 vs Canynon Ultimate CF SLX1 day 18 hours agoNice bike! That's a healthy

    Nice bike! That's a healthy bar drop you've got going on there!

  • Tour de France winners' blood samples to be stored for 10 years for retesting1 day 18 hours agobikeboy76 wrote:Where are

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    Where are TheDoctor or DaddyElvis at this time of year. Obviously trolls are seasonal.

    Obviously a non-story for the conspiracy theorists. But surprised that no-one has been on here stating that it's common knowledge among those 'in the know' Wink that Team Sky and Froome are, at least, eleven years ahead of the testers.

  • The Best Road Bike Bargains for under £5001 day 18 hours agoVegita8 wrote:I don't think

    Vegita8 wrote:
    I don't think it is realistic to believe that these are bargains. They cost exactly the same all year around so this is pretty much what they worth.

    The Boardman and Giant look like good deals. The Decathlon bikes are often discounted a bit but Halfords are worst with their own brand Carreras (and Apollos, although those aren't worth the money at any price). It's like supermarket wine - it might be alright for the money but it was never worth what they claim it previously cost. Caveat emptor!

  • Best cheap cycling helmets1 day 18 hours agoI wish someone had told me

    I wish someone had told me about Bikesafe 30 years ago, I would saved a fortune on helmets damaged in crashes with trees, vehicles, dogs, dog walkers, potholes............... and pillocks!

  • Peter Sagan's world champion's kit and bike revealed1 day 18 hours agoHe had better paint jobs on

    He had better paint jobs on his Cannondales, that's a lot understated not like him at all.

  • Peter Sagan's world champion's kit and bike revealed1 day 19 hours agoWhite shorts are perfectly

    White shorts are perfectly cromulent, ooh do I feel rain?

  • Appeal as cyclist found seriously injured on Buttertubs Pass in North Yorkshire1 day 19 hours agoalexuk wrote:.....Although we

    alexuk wrote:
    .....Although we don't know the facts yet, we have to consider this may have been a hit and run,........

    why speculate? as you say we don't know the facts.

  • London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash1 day 19 hours agoIs the photo a stock photo,

    Is the photo a stock photo, or was it a Tesco lorry involved in this incident?

  • London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash1 day 19 hours agoYes true, in this case the

    Yes true, in this case the lorry driver was actually reckless and imo turned without looking properly because he'd turned slightly right first to turn left in the tight corner and could have seen her if he was slightly mindful or not so fast. As I said, I would not give that person a lorry to drive. He was definitely at fault.

    Another true point is even if you stay behind the lorry when a left turning or junction is coming up, another lorry could come up from behind. Which is why it's good to check over the shoulder before major left turnings and junctions. Frankly in London I glance briefly over my right shoulder regularly, at least once a minute. Doesn't have to be a full head turn, just a slight nod to the right and it increases the field of vision on the right greatly.

    If there are junctions, major turnings, unusual noise or light, etc or some major activity I glance every thirty seconds or so. Till the situation calms. If not I get a proper look and more regularly till it does. Basically in the city you could do everything right and still get run over by those who are reckless, on drugs, alcohol, having rows or bad moods, psychos, etc. That lorry driver yesterday was not just reckless and at fault, imo he did not particularly care about people. At least that was my impression.

    However staying well behind lorries before a left turning or junction is a rule I never break. The rubbish lorries are amongst the worst in London and the smaller shabby private contracted ones with tall side netting are even worse than the bigger council lorries, watch out for them.

  • Rose Xeon CDX 3100 Di21 day 19 hours ago@BBRAP You didn't misread my


    You didn't misread my question. Smile
    English isn't my mother tongue.

    I already tried to adjust the headset without significant aprovement.
    But maybe I have the impression that the front isn't stiff and are the front disc pads the issue like you said in your second answer? After work I will inspect the bike more thorough.


  • Appeal as cyclist found seriously injured on Buttertubs Pass in North Yorkshire1 day 19 hours agoalexuk wrote:Human life has

    alexuk wrote:
    Human life has been devalued by modern society

    Rather off-topic, and at the risk of starting a philosophical debate, but if by "human life" you mean our very living, breathing state, I'd argue that human life has never been valued more. Look at the advances in healthcare, the reduction in road and workplace deaths, and the reluctance to go to war (and the controversy around casualties when we do).

  • Peter Sagan's world champion's kit and bike revealed1 day 19 hours agoIt looks smart to me. I tend

    It looks smart to me. I tend to ride in predominately white kit on my black bike. Looks ace.