• Show off your bike/s1 day 4 hours agoRibble R872 Ultegra w 105

    Ribble R872 Ultegra w 105 c'set, just added Swissside Gotthards for this year, great so far

    Plus my recently refurbished and painted 94 Team Marin, full XT M737, Manitou Magnums supplemented by some modern black kit

  • Die-in protests — changing public opinion or scaring people away from cycling?1 day 4 hours agorogermerriman wrote: yes that

    rogermerriman wrote:

    yes that *one* event got in the london papers and london tv, national tv, papers? no.

    did the interviews express clearly what it was about, or was it a fluff news story with folks dressed up having fun during the a quiet news week?

    I've objected to the use of unnecessary bad language on this site in this past, but the following is entirely necessary.

    You're talking bollocks mate. Research the coverage yourself.

  • Jersey for someone with large breasts1 day 4 hours agoSarah Connolly aka @_pigeons

    Sarah Connolly aka @_pigeons has a couple of useful blog posts with recommendations at the bottom of the page. I think the first is probably of more use to you than the second but here are the links:



  • Die-in protests — changing public opinion or scaring people away from cycling?1 day 5 hours agoKiwiMike wrote:bikebot

    KiwiMike wrote:
    bikebot wrote:
    Let me try to explain the problem with that approach.
    without it after a certain amount of inconvenience the Police will act and make ultimately make arrests. Even the LTDA had the situation made very clear to them last year when they threatened to gridlock central London.

    The people that attend these protests come from quite a mix of backgrounds. The young and fairly militant may want to risk the threat of arrest, but the majority wouldn't. In fact an awful lot of the people attending are the exact opposite of the hardcore protester and wouldn't attend such an event.

    You'd end up with something resembling a rowdy student protest, with press coverage to match. At the moment, the press coverage is largely sympathetic.

    Are you seriously telling me that the Met would *arrest* hundreds of office workers in suits, families and retired people?


    Even in Cameron's Britain, that would be beyond the pale. young-to-middle-aged weirdos in lycra and Hi-Viz, sure. But upstanding, nicely-dressed office workers, parents with kids and retired folks?

    Just can't see it. They don't have the logistic capability, even if it would be politically acceptable.

    No. I'm telling you that those types of people don't attend protests, when they aren't legal.

  • Police release CCTV image of cyclist who left London woman scarred for life1 day 5 hours agoHow come this irresponsible

    How come this irresponsible cyclist also wears a helmet?

  • Show off your bike/s1 day 5 hours agoSummer bike ready to go now

    Summer bike ready to go now the weather is drying up.

    Scott Foil HMX Team Edition / UDi2 / Cero RC45 Carbon clinchers

    I'm not sure the extra 4 wheels on the back are gonna make it go faster though!!

  • Vermarc Zero Aqua PRR Long Sleeved Jersey1 day 5 hours agoSounds a good alternative to

    Sounds a good alternative to the Gabba. On the waterproofing front, I have a Gabba long sleeve (£150 from LBS) and it gradually lost it's waterproofing over a few months but washing and reproofing with Nikwax products (or similar) has restored it, sadly may get a chance to test it this weekend. I suspect it will be similar for this Vermarc jacket, its not a big problem, any waterproof clothing benefits from this kind of care. Finding it a great jersey for exactly conditions described above and it doesn't overheat too much on mild days if you mis-judge the temperature.

    The Vermarc sounds like a good alternative & good to see some competition in this area but, really, two rear pockets? Proper cycling jersey should always have 3 rear pockets Wink

  • Excessive cassette weight?1 day 5 hours agoIn the immortal words of

    In the immortal words of Keith Bontrager:

    "Light, Strong, Cheap. Pick any two."

    260g is not particularly heavy for a cassette, Shimano 9 speed 12-25 is only 230g.

    Back in the 1960s and '70s riders drilled everything they could (google 'drillium') then realised it didn't make them any faster. A cassette is already full of holes, I'd save your energy for something more productive.

  • Value of exercise in fighting obesity a "myth" claim experts1 day 5 hours agoJunk food doesn't food you,

    Junk food doesn't food you, it's full of chemicals and pesticides that disorder your very complex organism. Did you notice that, 30 minutes after eating a big mac, you are hungry again? No coincidence there... There are chemicals that trigger your brain to eat again, and again ... Like with cigarettes !

    The junk food industry want you to believe you could eat as much of their garbage, as long you exercise! They can be compared to the tobacco industry 50 years ago.

    I'm taking great care of what i eat (essentially organic), and commuting around 30+ kilometers a day. Even so, i don't think i'm losing a gram while riding 150+ kilometers a week. I'm just heavily restraining myself from eating more than i need.

  • Planet X slipping BB - customer services couldnt care less1 day 5 hours agoEmail the boss, take to

    Email the boss, take to twatter...be a nuisance.

  • Police release CCTV image of cyclist who left London woman scarred for life1 day 5 hours agoWhat a scumbag.

    What a scumbag.

  • Tour of Turkey1 day 5 hours agoCan anyone tell me if the

    Can anyone tell me if the riders from Torku Şekerspor will be added to the Fantasy Cycling roster of those taking the startlist in the Tour of Turkey?

  • Die-in protests — changing public opinion or scaring people away from cycling?1 day 5 hours agoAfter reading this:

    After reading this: http://www.voleospeed.co.uk/2011/07/cycling-is-dangerous.html

    I'm inclined to agree. There's only so much that can be achieved by refusing to point out the current issues with cycling in places like London for fear it might 'put people off' doing it. I think cycling has gained enough momentum that there's no excuse for fudging the current reality.

    If 'die ins' are putting people off cycling, it's because the actual 'dying' that preceded them is putting people off cycling. It's the dying that we need to put an end to, not the die ins.

  • Excessive cassette weight?1 day 5 hours agoDon't think 300g is

    Don't think 300g is excessive, apparently the centaur 10s I just fitted is close to 250, and that wasn't cheap..

    Interesting that actual and claimed weights can differ by more than the 50g margin you're worried about here - eg the two weights quoted for ultegra in these comments are 90g different

  • Value of exercise in fighting obesity a "myth" claim experts1 day 5 hours agobikebot wrote:It's worth

    bikebot wrote:
    It's worth reading the editorial, the headline is obviously a simplification of the argument.

    He seems to be making a very specific point, that at the level of society as a whole rather than the individual, we're fatter than we were 30 years ago. Our activity level hasn't changed that much in that timeframe, but our diet has.

    He's laying the overwhelming blame on diet, and specifically the growths of sugars, and he's doing so because the food industry has been using our lack of activity as a defense for the medical data.

    For an individual, exercise will make a difference to health and your weight. A bad diet will do more harm than the exercise will do good.

    I've have also seen quite a bit of medical debunking recently of our gym culture. Someone that leads a relatively sedate life, but works outs at the gym everyday probably gets very little health benefit for their effort.

    Cycling however, is still good for you.

    Absolutely. The human body has to work quite hard just to stay alive and it consumes quite a lot of energy in doing so. The brain alone consumes about 20% of the total energy expenditure of a person at rest. The brain generates about the same amount of heat as a 9w incandescent bulb and that heat then has to be dissipated by the heart pumping blood through it and the body. This is all going on 24 hours per day.

    During that day the average person will expand and contract their lungs about 23,000 times and their heart will beat about 110K times.

    It actually amazes me how little food we actually need to perform all the functions necessary to stay alive whilst still maintaining weight.

    I very often hear an overweight person complaining about their weight ... and then go on to say "I need to get more exercise". I relatively rarely hear them saying "I need to eat and drink less" instead.

    I think many overweight people put such emphasis on their perceived need to exercise that unless they are successful in doing so (which they rarely are) then they don't even bother adapting their dietary regime.

    They wrongly believe the exercise to be so essential to their goal of losing weight that it is pointless to even seriously attempt to do so via their diet alone. Even if they actually do some exercise they will then often 'reward' themselves with food and drink treats afterwards, thus destroying most of the gains.

    These are the people this report sets out to help. These people really *can* lose weight without doing any significant exercise and they need to be told that.

  • Giro Del Trentino - Stage 41 day 5 hours agoPozzovivo Porte Landa Konig C


  • Fizik R3B Uomo Men's road shoes1 day 5 hours agoThese look lovely in both the

    These look lovely in both the black & white colourways.

  • Jersey for someone with large breasts1 day 5 hours agoContact Dame Cycling on

    Contact Dame Cycling on Facebook, kelli who owns it is an ex DH champ and she gets ladies clothing so she might be able to help.

  • How far do you commute to work (by bike)?1 day 5 hours agoMine varies depending on time

    Mine varies depending on time available. Normal morning commute is a 3.5km uphill blast from Leith to Waverley station, then the bike comes on the train with me to Bridge of Allan, from where it is a 6.5km ride to work. In the evenings I normally get off at Edinburgh Park and cycle home along the NEPN, which takes me up to 15.5km for the Edinburgh leg. However, if I have the time, I may ride to or from one of the intermediate stations, which can add quite a distance, and I'll be working up to riding all the way home (74km) at least once per fortnight, and I'm aiming to ride to and from work once per month over the summer...

  • Planet X slipping BB - customer services couldnt care less1 day 5 hours agoI would persue the matter,

    I would persue the matter, this should come under the sale of goods act and sale for intened use and there is the reasonable service life as well. 2 years isn't very long for a warranty.

  • Updated: Astana keep WorldTour licence1 day 6 hours agoianrobo wrote:not the UCI

    ianrobo wrote:
    not the UCI fault and see Aru has dropped out of the Giro 'sick'

    Greg Henderson @Greghenderson1
    I am so sick of it. It becomes common knowledge within days. Why try cheat.

    Greg Henderson @Greghenderson1
    Sad to see @FABARO1 "sick". Mate make sure next time u come back to our sport "healthy". Aka. Clean! #biopassport! Or don't come back!

    He has since apologised for this but not deleted the tweet. If this is coming from a pro cyclist within the peloton we should be worried.

    There is more than one way to look at this. There was a time when the code of silence or omerta would have prevented anyone speaking out. Now we have riders feeling able to call others out. Time will tell where this end for Aru.

    On the new boss, same as the old boss. Remember that the organisation that Cookson heads up wanted to remove the licence form Astana.

  • Giro Del Trentino - Stage 41 day 6 hours agoPorte Landa Cataldo Cunego Ku


  • Show off your bike/s1 day 6 hours agoLovely bike, that.

    Lovely bike, that. Applause

  • Honey Stinger Energy Waffle Lemon1 day 6 hours agoKiwiMike is awesome! Well

    Rolling On The Floor KiwiMike is awesome!

    Well argued sir- unfortunately common sense isn't common and ther will always be somebody that spends double the price for something when they don't need to.

    I used to have a friend that wouldn't buy sale items and preferred to by at RRP so he could boast about how much he spent on stuff!

  • Updated: Astana keep WorldTour licence1 day 6 hours agofarrell wrote:Greg Henderson

    farrell wrote:
    Greg Henderson is quite easily up for a fucking with that tweet.

    Aru and Astana's legal bods could very quickly and very easily take him to the cleaners.

    Unless of course.....

    we been here before, someone said there was doping, he was kicked off the peloton, only for it to be true. It is clear what he thinks and I would imagine a number of other riders.

    You can not ignore it.