• Kona Kapu 853 returns along with two new Rove bikes for 20151 day 7 hours agoLet my Kona Jake go about 3

    Let my Kona Jake go about 3 years ago due to more focus on road riding. Wished ever since that I'd kept it - loved that bike!

  • Jersey finally passes mandatory helmet law - for under 14 year olds1 day 7 hours agoKiwiMike wrote:stumps

    KiwiMike wrote:
    stumps wrote:
    Just read this and as usual there are the "yes brigade" and the "no brigade" each being typically arsey with each other.

    Why doesn't the site, when reporting on helmet stories, do like they do with fatals and not allow comments because to be honest i think everyone who comes on this forum already has a firm opinion set in stone in relation to helmet use and all that happens is that we go round and round and round in abusive / sarcastic circles.

    ...I used to be very pro-helmet - growing up in NZ probably had a lot to do with it. Then I read comments like the above, the references they cite, the 'references' cited by pro-helmeteers (usually including the 1998 Thompson-Ravera '88%' publication) and decided for myself that on balance and taking population-level effects into consideration, I had been completely wrong. Presented with evidence or lack thereof, minds can and do change.

    Debate is good. And when one side of the argument hasn't got a leg to stand on and regularly gets its arse handed it by rational debate, that too is A Good Thing.

    Nothing wrong in rational debate and i agree people will have their minds changed by such debate, however what i find distasteful is forum users basically slagging off another user purely because they dont agree with them, debate and argue yes, abuse no.

  • Richie Porte says chest infection put paid to Tour de France hopes1 day 7 hours agokeep going Ritchie

    keep going Ritchie Applause

  • Deda Superleggero Black 120 Stem1 day 7 hours agoIf I'd get a stem, I'd need a

    If I'd get a stem, I'd need a white one, with red graphics. Fortunately, Deda do those also.. But Kalloy Uno ultralights too. Would be glad to see a "comparison" between big-brand named stems with those "budget options". Thinking

  • Tour de France Stage 151 day 7 hours agoThe updating page appears as

    The updating page appears as soon as the update starts and ends as soon as the update ends....It is not a manual system, it is all done automatically

  • Portugeese Algarve - Lagos1 day 7 hours agoI have not been there for

    I have not been there for years so my opinion is a bit out of date, but I can say that the area is going to be hot! It was hot enough in March/April when I used to go.
    A ride up to Monchique is a must, I do not think you can go all the way up to the top (Foia) anymore. Back then I could average 20mph from Silves to Monchique Cool on the way down my clubmates claimed 60+mph Cool
    Happy days Love Struck
    The main coast road was/is s**t, just a race track, but it did/does have a hard shoulder to ride on. I think it was the most dangerous road in Europe in terms of deaths per km Plain Face
    One of the things I remember was being chased by dogs uphill Crying They position themselves at intervals and you have to sprint or be eaten Sad
    I do remember being very welcome everywhere as a cyclist and never had any problems with any motorists, the roads I rode on were quiet, wide and smooth except for a few bomb crater like potholes!
    I am very jealous and getting all nostalgic.... don't forget the factor 50 sunblock!
    I had better not mention the amoebic dysentery I caught there....... whoops, I just did Sick
    Forget I said it....
    Please let me know how it went as I would love to go back

  • How long should a frame last?1 day 7 hours agocool, thanks, I asked Trek

    cool, thanks, I asked Trek and they said pretty much the same, theres no real answer, but they have a lifetime warranty on their frames.

    I had a good check of it today whilst cleaning and it seems solid aside from a few patches where the laquer has peeled and needed respraying.

  • Jersey finally passes mandatory helmet law - for under 14 year olds1 day 7 hours agoAlways glad to get a

    Always glad to get a reference. I presume it was in all the Belgian grotty rags because the fund understandably doesn't dwell on the detail? I apologize to you for assuming you had an fictional source.

    I guess I should also apologize to people who have looked at the evidence for engaging with the fallacy that individual cases mean anything. V' interesting that a fund based upon a tragedy happening to a scientist in a Pharma Co has concluded counter to the sort of statistical studies and results that are bread and butter to Pharma Cos when gauging effectiveness of their products.

    I find that depressing even if much of it may be due to admirable loyalty to an ex employees family.

  • Game Suggestions1 day 8 hours agoenrique wrote:Dave, can we

    enrique wrote:
    Dave, can we have an option next year of having our first page to come up in the game be the rider selection page of the current competition?...
    Dave, I don't think we need a 'Home' tab, honestly, I don't think anybody ever really stops there except because it's where you land when you log in.... It's just a click-through page to get to the current competition in my opinion... Why don't you change the 'Home' page to a 'Badges' page and stick that in the background somewhere? I don't think badges are a talking point anymore, really, and, well, old people like me just want to go to the current competition to get our fix of our daily adrenaline rush... Thinking I hate to sound demeaning, but could you get rid of the 'Women's World Tour' Tabs, too? Not the races, just the tabs... In my rush to get to the TDF and the constant jiggling of tabs and the jiggling of the page layout due to the huge ads wreaking havoc on the page design I have to wait more than 1 second to click on the TDF tab, which is quite annoying in this day and age... In my haste I have been forced to go to the Women's World Tour on more than one occasion because of my haste in clicking... Thinking Something should be done about that... Waiting

  • Kona Kapu 853 returns along with two new Rove bikes for 20151 day 8 hours agoSeriously tempted to have a

    Seriously tempted to have a Kona again. Loved my old MTB.

  • How long should a frame last?1 day 8 hours agoThe real answer is: it

    The real answer is: it depends on the frame design, age, its material and its treatment.

    Generally, heavier frames will last longer than lighter ones. They're sturdier and survive crashes and falls better.

    Older frames tend to last longer than newer ones (this sounds Irish, I admit). Modern frames are lighter andstiffer. But this means using oversized tubes that have much thinner walls, which makes them much more prone to failure in a fall. Older carbon frames were overbuilt (see heavier above), so a 20 year old Kestrel SCi 200 could still be ridden, while a 2014 Kestrel Talon will probably not last nearly as well.

    Titanium will, all things being equal, last longer than anything else. Steel will last for a long time but is prone to corrosion if not treated. Aluminium can last for quite some time, but it is a fundamentally flexible material to use for cycling, which is why it's extruded into oversize, very thin tubes (see above). Carbon will eventually become flexible and fail, not because of the carboin itself but because the torque stresses the resin. Eventually the stress cycles cause the resin to crack which causes the flexibility.

    Finally, you have treatment. The more watts going into a frame and weight going on it, the more it's stressed per cycle and the sooner it will fail. Ditto for maintenance. So a large, powerful rider that neglects their kit will be buying frames a lot more often than a lighter rider that looks after their bike.

    Rules of thumb; titanium and steel will last decades if properly looked after (particularly for steel). Alloy bikes should last a similar time, but a very light alloy bike is probably built for a fast time, not a long time.

    Modern carbon bikes are built very light; maintenance is less an issue than usage. Ride a good carbon bike religously (like a pro), at their intensity, and you will get a couple years out of the frame before it starts to flex noticeably. At this point you should bin it (or relegate to a training bike) if you're a racer as the frame is absorbing precious power with every flex.

    Then again, how many of us are capable of putting out 400+ watts on a sustained climb? Chances are that a well looked after carbon bike on a non-racer will last just as long as an alloy bike.

  • Moral Dilemma - See Through Bottoms1 day 8 hours agoQuote Rule#53 and mention

    Quote Rule#53 and mention etiquette...


    If they don't know what you mean then leave it at that, for fear of sexual harassment claim if nothing else!

    Don't wolf whistle, lick your fingers, or wink! Devil

  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 day 8 hours agoWasn't he a commercial

    Wasn't he a commercial airline pilot too? Quiz nights of yore...

  • Michael Barry: Shadows on the Road, pub by Faber and Faber1 day 8 hours agoGreat review. Thanks. I've

    Great review. Thanks.

    I've checked on Amazon and the book is currently available on Kindle for just £2.99. Bargain.

  • Tour de France Stage 151 day 8 hours agoGkam84 wrote:Scores are done

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Scores are done outside the game... it is not us that take the time. It is the process of updating thousands of teams and leagues that takes the time.
    Now a couple of questions...once you do the scores outside the game, do you enter each riders score individually into the system or do you upload a file?... Do you tell the system not be available each time you hit 'update' or is that a 'built-in' feauture? Meaning, once you hit 'update', is access automatically denied to all users who are not logged in as administrators of the system, and we all get the 'We are currently updating the game' message? Or do you have to tell the system to 'become available' to all users after you've finished the updating? Thinking Thanks for taking the time to clear this up... I know so little about how these things work... Plain Face


    ray silvester wrote:
    And he's got 'love' points in Forum's Scorum's...
    *sigh* I wish I could fix that without a major uproar... Smile

  • Chris Snook's 5th generation Genesis Volare 953 race bike1 day 8 hours agonotfastenough wrote:DrJDog

    notfastenough wrote:
    DrJDog wrote:
    It is beautiful, but I still have weight reservations. And price reservations.

    Agreed. I visited a new bike shop in Manchester recently, who are a rare stockist of the Italian Ciocc brand. They have a very smart-looking steel frame in Columbus SL which he said I could have for 'just over a grand', and that is lighter than 953. Italian-made, and with a custom paint job too. 6-week turnaround direct from Italy.

    I thought they were same weight ~1.8kg for the bare frame. The Ciocc has the advantage (to my mind) of coming with a steel fork - if you were looking at the "vintage" range that is. I agree that the Genesis has always seemed expensive compared to Rourke's prices for example.

    But you can't really compare 953 with Niobium steel in the durability stakes either as it should last a lot longer. Mind you my old Columbus SL (non-Niobium) will probably outlast me even so!

  • Video: California reserve police officer suspended for posting “I hate cyclists” YouTube clip1 day 8 hours agoLet's be fair, it's only

    Let's be fair, it's only bicyclists she doesn't like, she has time for trikes and unicycles I have assumed.

  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 day 8 hours agoNorman Tebbit was born in

    Norman Tebbit was born in Ponders End and flew Meteor and Vampire jets for the RAF.

    Just saying! Big Grin

  • Crack in seat tube1 day 9 hours agoGiant have a lifetime/ first

    Giant have a lifetime/ first owner road frame warranty on carbon anyway.

    Hope it's sorted quick for you.

  • How long should a frame last?1 day 9 hours agoMy daily ride was built in

    My daily ride was built in Glasgow in 1953, from Accles and Pollock KrOmO air hardening tubing.

    It's had a few re-enamels, but I must admit in 2012 there was no longer enough metal in the drop out to support another thread being cut and I had to use a frame saver......

  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 day 9 hours agoSteppenHerring

    SteppenHerring wrote:
    jamtartman wrote:
    What was it Norman Tebbit said?

    Die pauper scum?

    Norman Tebbit was German?? Surprise

  • Video round-up: How to wash your bike like a pro, Texas close pass, TdF peloton goes bug hunting and more1 day 9 hours agoLooked intentional to me not

    Looked intentional to me not to mention it is a hit and run.

  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 day 9 hours agoIn theory, great idea.

    In theory, great idea. There's always potential for a novel scheme (and I don't think this has been tried before) to go wrong but cautious optimism eh?

  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 day 9 hours agojamtartman wrote:What was it

    jamtartman wrote:
    What was it Norman Tebbit said?

    Die pauper scum?

  • How long should a frame last?1 day 9 hours agoMy riding buddy commutes

    My riding buddy commutes daily on a 1970s steel machine, made in Italy by Ciocc but badged under the name of a local builder. It copes brilliantly with all sorts of weather and very rarely gives trouble.
    He obviously loves the thing to bits, keeping it immaculately dressed in Super Record and he reckons it's definitely more comfortable than his 21st century carbon "best bike".