• Quiz: which cycling brand are you?1 day 9 hours agoMercuryOne wrote:My oldest

    MercuryOne wrote:
    My oldest top is from 2007, has been washed 200 times and my wife asked in January if it was new?

    You mean she'd forgotten that she'd washed it 200 times? Confused

  • Find Me Fast app calls for help if you crash1 day 10 hours agoI've spotted a free Android

    I've spotted a free Android app called Road ID which appears to have a similar functionality. Unfortunately it won't install on my phone, but I had a look on the tablet and it appears legit, if not quite finished yet.

    Another app, Ride ID, is limited to a lockscreen display, without automatic call/text/email functionality. Useful but can be replicated by carrying ID or an information card.

    Using a crash reporting app seems like a no-brainer to me, so if I can't find a decent one I may just have to code my own.

  • USA Bro Challenge. Stage Four.1 day 10 hours agoBrought in Tvetcov and

    Brought in Tvetcov and Huzarski today. Not expecting much


  • USA Bro Challenge. Stage Four.1 day 10 hours agoWell Jens has attacked! See

    Well Jens has attacked! See how he gets on!
    Be good if he can get a stage!

  • Find Me Fast app calls for help if you crash1 day 10 hours agoThere's a similar app I've

    There's a similar app I've downloaded called Road ID which is free.
    You choose the length of the ride and can send a message out to up to 5 people beforehand and they can then track your ride, as well as receive stationary alerts.
    The Road ID stationary time is 5 minutes, after which the app starts a 60 second countdown before sending out the alerts.

    Maybe worth a look as I know firsthand it's definitely on Android (not sure about iPhone)!

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 day 10 hours ago11 Jan 1 Point 100.7KM 23 Feb

    11 Jan 1 Point 100.7KM
    23 Feb 1 Point 104.7KM
    9 Mar 1 Point 116.3KM
    23 Mar 1 Point 103KM
    9 April 1 Point 106KM
    27 April 1 Point 104.6KM
    3 May 1 Point 112KM
    13 May 1 Point 132.4KM
    19 May 1 Point 111.9KM
    23 May 1 Point 105.3KM
    1 June 1 Point 105.5KM
    8 June 2 Points 226.4KM
    12 July 1 Point 113.3KM
    13 August 1 Point 110.0KM
    20 August 1 Point 116.9KM

    16 Points

  • Quiz: which cycling brand are you?1 day 10 hours agoCastelli for me, though in

    Castelli for me, though in real life I own none. Pearl Izumi, Craft and Madison for value.

  • Gore Bike Wear Xenon Race bib shorts1 day 10 hours agoDo unsponsored people really

    Do unsponsored people really pay £180 for a pair of shorts?

  • Bigger field for 2015 RideLondon 100 to make it Europe's biggest sportive1 day 10 hours agoandyp wrote:£58 for a 160km

    andyp wrote:
    £58 for a 160km ride.

    £5 for a 400km ride.

    Decisions, decisions....

    Seems like an easy one.

    Hope I get a ballot place this year...

  • Ride 1,000km in Campagnolo’s Grande Giro Challenge on Strava1 day 10 hours agoI do over that every month

    I do over that every month just commuting to work and back. Doesn't seem too much of a challenge more a hassle with recording it all. Pff

  • Lance Armstrong says despite fallout from doping ban, “day to day life is positive”1 day 10 hours agoHe was right about the

    He was right about the comments...

  • Cycling to work really does make you thinner study confirms1 day 10 hours agoThis is great news. Now

    This is great news.

    Now we've established cycling makes you thinner (I suspected this for some time), we just have to await confirmation that eating too much food makes you fat.
    Once that happens, if we can get some government commission to join the dots, perhaps cycling infrastructure will be upgraded....maybe.

  • rims with a 2:1 spoke ratio?1 day 10 hours agoWas the original lacing

    Was the original lacing radial non drive and 2 cross drive side? Does the hub have regular flanges or are they a proprietory configuration?

  • Vinokourov and Kolobnev may face criminal charges over alleged Liège-Bastogne-Liège bribe1 day 10 hours agomattsccm wrote:Just where is

    mattsccm wrote:
    Just where is the problem? Riders have been buying races like this for at least a century. You scratch my back etc. It's commercial business not a school sports day.
    I assume that all those who disagree will also have a go at the sacred Tom Simpson who wasn't beyond this trick. There is a photo of him braking in a sprint for the line.

    I'd agree, but as Blackhound noted this is an exceptional amount of money. Agreements made on the road seem to usually consist of a return of the favour or a split of prize money; this doesn't add up in this case as the prize money for L-B-L was about €20k. If the payment was related to contracts or similar then, in any business, that is likely breaking some law? That seems to be the problem...

  • Nerve 600SL frameset1 day 10 hours agoA good read, seems like a

    A good read, seems like a nice bike. However, there are so many bikes that are reviewed as good/4.5,stars. How to distinguish between them.

    Perhaps we should have a top 10.

  • Quiz: which cycling brand are you?1 day 10 hours agoVulpine! I'm more of a Rapha

    Vulpine! I'm more of a Rapha come Castelli kind of guy though.

  • Denbies Duels elimination hill climb 20141 day 11 hours agoHi, the course is actually

    Hi, the course is actually within the Denbies estate. Its the route their tour 'train' takes. Starts on the straight cement 'road' just beyond the B&B to the left and behind the main Denbies building. The road then bends round to the right into the trees (its smooth tarmac by now) then tight round to the left and then follows the line of the hill. The finish is approx 25 metres before the penultimate set of gates on the hill (just before the 'S bends' under the trees at the top). Distance is about same as Box Hill Zig Zag...so that would be your nearest comparison!

  • CrankPump on KickStarter1 day 11 hours agoThats really neat. Its a

    Thats really neat. Its a good partial solution but still need a tube and possibly a multi tool along for the ride as ratfink says so in some ways is solving a problem that doesn't exist. Good luck though. The TyreZips are good on their own as well

  • Find Me Fast app calls for help if you crash1 day 11 hours agoI'd like to see an Android

    I'd like to see an Android version of this app. But no mention in the article as to whether the developer has any plans to develop it.

  • Rapha Super Lightweight Jersey1 day 11 hours agoThe wife has one and she

    The wife has one and she loves it. I have the Castelli climbers jersey (good in its own way), but this is way cooler (looking).

  • Cat 4 #2: progress. Of a sort.1 day 11 hours agoOh and there are some big

    Oh and there are some big lads out there who keep with the bunch so I wouldn't put it all down to weight loss. Its power and strength thats needed.

  • Cat 4 #2: progress. Of a sort.1 day 11 hours agoI found it depends on the

    I found it depends on the circuit too. Some circuits I keep getting dropped, cos there is a low speed hair pin and so every lap its a full on sprint out of it. Similar to you, the change in pace bins me off the back. Other circuits where the pace is more steady, I've done better and got the points to move up to 3rd cat (in my first season). But it started with getting dropped and lapped, then just getting dropped, then getting dropped but keeping with the other dropped riders, then hanging on the back of the bunch, then riding at the front (for the circuit that seemed to suit me) and getting some points. Its taken most of the season.

    I still often get dropped on the last lap of chaingang too.

    Its all good fun, and it still feels like i'm learning new stuff as well as working to get fitter and hang with the bunch through fitness as well as good race positioning.

    Up North the race season seems to come to an end around now, so I'm going to put some effort in training for next spring and see what that does....

  • Rapha Super Lightweight Jersey1 day 11 hours agoNick T wrote:One thing that

    Nick T wrote:
    One thing that bugs me on mine is the sleeves, like all the regular Rapha jerseys the cut suits a more relaxed position - when you give it the beans with your teeth on the bar, the sleeves ride up like no ones business. I also managed to snag the wafér thin fabric on the first trip.

    That's my experience as well. I've been using mine since spring and it has been great for the heat and humidity here in Texas, but it's already got loads of snags on it and looks a bit tatty now. I'd go for one of Rapha's sportwool jerseys every time, but it's just too bloody hot here. Horses for courses, I suppose.

  • Cool reception for "hugely complicated" London segregated roundabout plan1 day 11 hours agoIt is being built, the work

    It is being built, the work has started.

  • Quiz: which cycling brand are you?1 day 11 hours agoVulpine - Remarkably accurate

    Vulpine - Remarkably accurate assessment.