• Articulated lorry driver cleared of careless driving after running over and killing Birmingham cyclist1 day 20 hours agoLeaving aside weather and

    Leaving aside weather and lighting, which do not seem to have been contested in court,ie the lighting was poor or view obstructed( which as others have pointed out is tough, if view is obstructed you creep forward until you can see) ...i wonder if time of day was an issue. It was early, it can be the case that people expect there to be not much movement ,and having glanced, decided no one is there....
    Other than that, given the circumstances ,i really dont know how this can be acquitted...she made herself visible, it was a lit road,she had priority and he crushed her....unless you are claiming it was the lorries fault, it possessed by an evil cyclist killing demon,or that the cyclist did something wrong, it falls to the drivers of the lorry.

  • Boycott Creme Eggs1 day 20 hours agoAmerican chocolate may be the

    American chocolate may be the worst but the experts also generally say that British chocolate is the second worst.

  • Fantasy Cycling 2015 - game changes (and report issues)1 day 20 hours agoI know this has been asked

    I know this has been asked already, but I can't see that it has been answered - is there a list of what competitions are available to play this year? When I click on competitions, all it shows is the TDU & San Luis. As a previous poster has said, if you're playing the standard game, it would be nice to be able to plan out which competitions you want to enter.

  • Kingston cyclists unimpressed with Mini Holland plans1 day 20 hours agoYou really expected something

    You really expected something more that is supported by Ed Davey?

  • In the club1 day 20 hours agoMy aim this year is get back

    My aim this year is get back on the bike, get back to my old level and join a club.

  • Boycott Creme Eggs1 day 20 hours agoIt's a ploy, they sell these

    It's a ploy, they sell these new ones everyone complains so they bring back the classic cream egg and put the price up 10%

  • Edinburgh inches towards 20mph limits on most city streets - but Conservatives still say 'bad idea'1 day 21 hours ago20 mph limits are public

    20 mph limits are public relations b.s. unless actually enforced by police.

    We've had the 20 mph limit in LB Camden, London for 2+ years and its not enforced, local police commander admitted this in interview with local newspaper.

    Bad joke really? Looks nice in principle...

  • Tech Roundup: Featuring Lightweight, SIS, Tortec, howies, Gevenalle, Victory Chimp, B’Twin, RRP and more1 day 21 hours agoVictory Chimp = Style, and

    Victory Chimp = Style, and not hard on the wallet. like.

  • UPDATED: Essex road rage van driver hands himself in, but cyclist declines to press charges1 day 21 hours agoEebijeebi wrote:Kadinkski

    Eebijeebi wrote:
    Kadinkski wrote:
    Yesterday, before the social media storm the police said "We're aware of a You Tube video of a cyclist being assaulted + would advise the victim to contact police on 101 so it can be investigated"

    Its reasonable to assume that at that stage they had done sweet FA - not even spoken to the ape that could have killed the cyclist with his 3 tonne van.

    No, not reasonable to assume that at all.
    Essex police made a very sensible response. The scene was later identified as as within the MPD who later confirmed that they had a report of a PI accident and that the cyclist didn't want to proceed with a complaint re assault.

    That is all we know, everything else is conjecture and in some cases I suspect complete fantasy. As said before, you don't even know if the cyclist told them about the video.

    You're left with a minor injury accident report which would not involve speaking with the driver at this early stage.

    So no police fail there from from the facts - but keep at it.

    Again, this is about perception... and my perception is that you feel it is perfectly acceptable to shrug your shoulders and let this go. Now I appreciate that what happens behind the scenes means its far less black and white as us common folk will see it... but can you not see that in there is the rub?

    I go back to my point... there is clear video evidence of a physical assault and no one is going to do anything about it. Can you not see why there is frustration, and why some of that frustration is getting directed at the authorities we the uneducated common man were foolishly of the understanding were there to protect us?

    As mentioned, the cyclist in question is doing society a grave mis-service for this blatant advertising of what you can get away with in this fair land these days.

  • Litter and tourism – the legacy of Yorkshire Grand Départ?1 day 21 hours agoLocal waste management

    Local waste management company in shameless plug to attract more business more like. The graffiti is not a problem to anyone other than this guy it seems, as he clearly invested in equipment to remove it that has gone unused.

  • Kingston cyclists unimpressed with Mini Holland plans1 day 21 hours agoWe have the same b.s. going

    We have the same b.s. going on in London borough of Camden.

    Royal college street has been held up as a shining example of 'soft' dutch style infrastructure.

    They removed a segregated cycle lane and replaced it with white paint, rubber armadillo bumper and steel plant pots. Apparently 1/10th of the cost of installing concrete barriers?

    Within the first year we've had numerous plant pots smashed up, numerous armadillo ripped off their mountings and vehicles ignoring the paint line and parking in the cycle lane.

    Just before christmas I nearly crashed after riding at night into two planters that a lorry had squashed and thrown into the bike path, twisted jagged metal and dirt/plants across the cycle lane. I could hardly see this mess despite using a 50 lumen front light, as the lane is badly lit.

    Since Christmas, another planter north of my near collision has been squashed.


    Unfortunately the council and Camden cycling think this soft infrastructure is the future, apart from concerns about 'careless drivers', and want to roll it out across the borough including Kentish town road. God help us....

    Ride across Southwark bridge, really simple and effective. Pre-cast concrete barriers dropped by lorry crane, aesthetically not ideal but 100% protective of cyclists = win!!

  • Boycott Creme Eggs1 day 21 hours agoNations have fallen for less.

    Nations have fallen for less. I wonder can you get old ones on the black market ?

  • Campag Power Torque bearing removal1 day 21 hours agoDid it twice using the

    Did it twice using the campagnolo puller, but have also flushed out creaking bearings and dirt with wd40 and forced in new marine grease with a pointy grease gun. Works!

  • Galibier AQUA Crono II overshoes1 day 21 hours agoBought a pair of these at the

    Bought a pair of these at the start of the summer and they are first choice still for time trials and a road race in rubbish weather. White! yes but I chuck em in the washing machine.

  • Biologic Bike Mount Weathercase1 day 21 hours agoIn the words of Danny Glover

    In the words of Danny Glover 'I'm too old for this shit'...

    Sean Yates once said 'Never put anything on your bike that doesn't make it go faster' and the fashion for sticking your £500 phone in a place which makes it more likely to get damaged isn't one I can agree with.

  • Biologic Bike Mount Weathercase1 day 21 hours ago"My iPhone usually travels

    "My iPhone usually travels wrapped in a plastic bag (cost: nil) in a zipped jersey pocket. That way it can't ... get smashed to bits if I fall off. "

    Erm...unless you roll onto your back?

    May I be the first to say:

    ****MY_EYES*** that is an ugly, enormous mount.

    And zip-ties only? The Quadlock mount is held on with two rubber bands. I take it on/off frequently, swap between bikes, take overseas to use on rental bikes etc. Any mount that's 100% zip-ties only is dead to me.

    The Quadlock case lives on my phone as general protection, and it gets the poncho when it's a bit damp. For full-on rain and impact protection the Lifeproof Fré + quadlock Universal stick-on looks to be the optimal solution. Sure, this may be 1/3 the cost of the Quadlock/Lifeproof combo, but you'll know you compromised every single time you use it. For a (typically*) £500+ phone, that seems a false economy.

    * yes yes cheap androids are available. But a straw poll of riding friends says either iPhone or high-end Android are increasingly the norm.

  • Tech Roundup: Featuring Lightweight, SIS, Tortec, howies, Gevenalle, Victory Chimp, B’Twin, RRP and more1 day 21 hours agoThe tortec bike hook is a

    The tortec bike hook is a generic rebadged product sold by many.

    We use it in our bike workshop(under another brand name sold by Madison) it works fine but don't use it for road bikes with aluminium rim/carbon shroud aero wheels as the weight of the bike will easily crumple the shroud Sad

  • Campag Power Torque bearing removal1 day 21 hours agoThanks for the recent posts

    Thanks for the recent posts on this...interesting to hear some people have successfully replaced the non-drive cup bearing. I got the Park tools a while ago and successfully removed the chainset. The bearings were fine but I reckon it's a good idea to pull off the LH crank now and again anyway to avoid it becoming stubborn one day.

  • Kingston cyclists unimpressed with Mini Holland plans1 day 21 hours agoI help run a not for profit

    I help run a not for profit organisation and if i was to apply to a funding body for something and then not deliver what was set out in the funding bid then we would have to pay the grant back.
    It seems when it comes to councils and cycling funding they bid with fancy ideas, secure the money and then just spend it on any old shit (often absolutely nothing to do with cycling) and consistently get away with it.
    I just wish we, as cyclists, could band together with enough legal know-how to challenge councils on this and have them made accountable for squandering public funds in such a way.
    At Wits End

  • 10 of the best cycling apps for your smartphone1 day 21 hours agoAn app I would recommend is

    An app I would recommend is CycleMaps (http://cyclema.ps), which is a great SatNav route planner. I use it all the time , with the phone mounted on one of my bikes, for commuting and for long weekend rides.
    It uses different databases to plot a route from A to B, which you can tailor to be a fast direct route or a quiet more scenic route via nice back streets. You can also import GPX files so it is great for long training rides. It has a very nice user interface with a very clear map/route, so it is easy to see in a glance. For long rides, you can turn off the screen and it will continue tracking and recording basic ride stats. It's available for iOS and windows phone

  • Inside Line Equipment Default Mini Backpack1 day 21 hours ago...and what I'd really like

    ...and what I'd really like to see is the reviewers buying things with real money that they earn at their jobs, and then telling us how much value for money they think they really got.

  • Inside Line Equipment Default Mini Backpack1 day 21 hours agoQuote:I've got a bigger

    I've got a bigger Karrimor one which I bought before my daughter was born, and she's 22...

    You see this bit, this bit is a clue. Wink

  • Litter and tourism – the legacy of Yorkshire Grand Départ?1 day 21 hours agoI really hope they're not

    I really hope they're not referring to the large graffiti wall opposite the bus station - that still makes me grin every day. There are yellow bikes around, but they have a similar effect.

  • Litter and tourism – the legacy of Yorkshire Grand Départ?1 day 22 hours agodotdash wrote:I love seeing

    dotdash wrote:
    I love seeing the road graffiti when driving around, most of bunting and bikes etc have been removed. I was out and about in Ilkey and Otley on Tuesday and saw 1 thing that had been left out.

    +1 any reminders still make me smile.

  • Inside Line Equipment Default Mini Backpack1 day 22 hours agocrikey wrote:£150 for a small

    crikey wrote:
    £150 for a small waterproof rucksack?
    8/10 for value?

    I've just bought two different backpacks for £17 and £15 respectively, both do exactly the same job as this one. I've got a bigger Karrimor one which I bought before my daughter was born, and she's 22...

    Ever wonder why people treat reviews like fairy stories?

    That's great.

    How many years of daily use in all weathers and heavy loads do you think those rucksacks will get through?

    This bag is really expensive, but so are Chrome messenger bags or Mission bags, and they last years for bike messengers...