• Cat 4 #2: progress. Of a sort.1 day 10 hours agoYou need to join in on the

    You need to join in on the chaingang fun Dave, its by far the best spring board into racing!

    We'll expect you there tomorrow

  • Petition against surface dressing gets 10,000+ signatures1 day 10 hours agoA couple of weeks ago when I

    A couple of weeks ago when I couldn't drive having fallen off my Brompton and broken my wrist I walked my dog to the local heath. Foolishly not wearing socks I got the mother of all blisters on my heel and had to walk back barefoot. It was extremely painful walking two miles back along pavements covered in gravel from the recent road resurfacing and I don't think the dog reckoned much to it either.

  • Osymetric Chainring For Campagnolo?1 day 10 hours agoThanks glynr36. I thought

    Thanks glynr36. I thought that Rotor Q Rings would be the best bet. Have you ever tried them or know anyone who has? I've read a few reviews with lots of people saying they are a pain to fit if you have a braze-on mech?

  • BMX1 day 10 hours agoYou could try

    You could try www.bmxtalk.com

    Bikes come and go on there. You could also try and hook up with some of the East Anglia BMX Clubs. Riders tend to upgrade and sell on bikes pretty regularly. The people in the East Anglia clubs would probably be able to put you onto something. GT did a cruiser that was sold by Halfords at rock bottom prices some years back. A few of those turn up from time to time and they are cheap. A guy in my club got one for £125.

  • Pinnacle launch updated Arkose and Dolomite for 20151 day 10 hours agoArkose 4 sounds interesting,

    Arkose 4 sounds interesting, any idea on overall weight? Also, any pics?

  • Petition against surface dressing gets 10,000+ signatures1 day 10 hours agoLeeds is going through this

    Leeds is going through this now, they don't fill pot holes at all and what you are left with is a gravel mess with potholes, great for car tyre grip in winter useless for anyone else.

  • USA Bro Challenge. Stage Four.1 day 11 hours agoTvetkov was the killer - if

    Tvetkov was the killer - if I'd brought him in instead of Busche, I'd have won the stage. Wanted them both in for today anyway, didn't think it would really matter which one I brought in early. Never mind - green arrows anyway...

  • Petition against surface dressing gets 10,000+ signatures1 day 11 hours agoSame old story - use a

    Same old story - use a substandard alternative to cut costs instead of doing a job properly which costs a lot more. Probably doesn't cost that more as a proper newly laid road will last a lot longer than a crappy worn out one that has been surface dressed. The loose stones are really dangerous for cyclists and presumably even more so for motor cyclists. I have been hit by flying stones thrown up by passing cars as they speed by and I had to replace two car windscreens as well due to loose stones thrown up by inconsiderate t**ts who don't adhere to the reduced speed limits shortly after the stones chips have been laid. Also numerous chips on car paintwork. This cheap dressing alternative should be banned.

  • La Vuelta - pick three Spaniards forum comp.1 day 11 hours agoGhedebrav wrote:Interesting

    Ghedebrav wrote:
    Interesting that nobody has gone for Valverde...
    Who are you going to pair him up with when he's at 40.0 credits?... Waiting

    chokofingrz wrote:
    ...L. Mas Rapido...
    Burnt a few brain cells there... D Oh

  • BMX1 day 11 hours agoWould there be a secret bike

    Would there be a secret bike shop to find cheap starter/muck about cruisers?
    I've been having a google but coming up pretty empty and the published dimensions on what I do find is small pickings!
    (I'm Norfolk based if there is a secret LBS I should look at as well)

  • Find Me Fast app calls for help if you crash1 day 11 hours agoduplicate post.

    duplicate post.

  • Find Me Fast app calls for help if you crash1 day 11 hours agoSaw this article before

    Saw this article before heading for a ride, didn't pay attention. 5 mins later crash, sirens and loads of people. Coincidence, think not Plain Face

  • Find Me Fast app calls for help if you crash1 day 11 hours agogorbie wrote:£2.99 for the

    gorbie wrote:
    £2.99 for the app I can understand, then a further £2.99 for 10 SMS messages... Seems a bit steep. Does it come with an initial 5 SMS messages with the app?

    I'm inclined to agree with you, but then I thought that in theory, those message would only be use in the event of an incident. It comes with 10 initial messages according to the app store. I don't plan on having any incidents, let alone enough to use up the initial quota Smile

  • Find Me Fast app calls for help if you crash1 day 11 hours agoAnyone who owns a iPhone

    Anyone who owns a iPhone already has a partial solution. Use the FindMyFriends app. Create an event that lasts for longer than the duration of your ride and invite your wife (who ever is at home) to the event. Every now and then they can check the app on their phone and see where you are. If you are not moving they can call to check. If you are moving at 60mph in the direction of a hospital, they can assume the worst. Its not as feature rich a solution as the app above, but its better than nothing and its already available on iPhones.

  • Petition against surface dressing gets 10,000+ signatures1 day 11 hours agoI particularly like it when

    I particularly like it when they do this without filling the potholes first. You're riding along and suddenly you're on 2" deep gravel.

    I seem to recall they did it on the lower part of Coldharbour Lane coming down from Leith Hill. Not dangerous at all ...

  • Free-to-use prison-refurbished bikes for Derby workers1 day 11 hours agoMKultra wrote:Other prisons

    MKultra wrote:
    Other prisons have run schemes like this from time to time over the years. Stafford prison used to have one but discontinued it due to funding cuts and passed the tools onto a community project. You don't just get BSO's and some of the "old" bikes are very often unused and high quality. I call these "shame bikes". People bought them on a keep fit kick, gave up and then left them in the shed to gather dust.

    As for the people of Derby - no they are not "pretty cheap" they are just looking for ways to get to work. While in the long term a bike is quite an affordable way to get to work not many people can afford that initial outlay of what may be several weeks wages for something serviceable that will last. Before someone chips in with "bike to work scheme" not many minimum wage employers take part in this scheme, while it's a good scheme it tends to favour people in well paid lines of work with employers who treat employees more fairly - as in paying a living wage. As with most government schemes it tends to be better educated people with money who get to take advantage of it the most rather than the people who really need it. It's much like trying to get an allotment because you don't have a garden and finding the waiting list is full of people who can afford to buy a house with a garden but think an allotment would be super as organic veg is oh so trendy right now.

    If you are going to be snidey and just look at from the middle class daily mail readers point of view then why bother commenting?

    Talking out your back side. So you are saying people who don't earn a lot only have these sorts of schemes to be able to own a bike???? What a load of rubbish. I am sure the people of Derby are no different to most others elsewhere. There are a lot of people on lower incomes including those who may receive tax credits who save up or make sensible financial choices and buy themselves a reasonably nice bike and then ride to and from work. It is a no brainer. Cycling is really not that expensive compared to other means of transport.

    The C2W scheme is a tax relief scheme and has nothing to do with whether you have a good education or not. It does unfairly favour higher rate tax payers as you suggest the very people who could afford to buy a bike but don't or are too tight. Also it depends on whether your employer offers the scheme or not. Mine does but limits value of bike or accessories to £500 which was too low for me and doesn't get you anything really good or durable and anyway I bought my bike prior to it commencing. Being on a low income you just make sensible financial choices, cycling being one of them (plus fitness benefits etc), not wasting money by over eating, smoking, boozing or having a huge flat screen tv or the latest most expensive mobile phone.

  • Roof Mounted bike carriers for a carbon bike1 day 11 hours agoAs Raleigh already said i can

    As Raleigh already said i can recommend the OutRide 561 bike carrier from Thule, too. Very stable, cheap and reliable.

  • Secure bottle cages1 day 11 hours ago+1 on the Lezyne Flow cages.

    +1 on the Lezyne Flow cages. I have them on both bikes and use them with Camelbak Podium bottles. There's no way a bottle is going to come out accidentally. Added bonus is they are silent.

  • Charge Bikes launch Fabric saddle range1 day 11 hours agoI have the charge scoop, I

    I have the charge scoop, I love that thing if thats not too strong a word for a bike part haha It has seen me through a C2C and many rides since, its the one thing if I ever sell my bike I'd keep for the next one. Finding a good seat is like a cyclists grail-quest !

  • Pinnacle launch updated Arkose and Dolomite for 20151 day 11 hours agoInterested in the Arkose 4.

    Interested in the Arkose 4. Nice step up from Evans with this years range.

  • Cool reception for "hugely complicated" London segregated roundabout plan1 day 11 hours agokie7077 wrote:@ s_smith The

    kie7077 wrote:
    @ s_smith

    The traffic signal controlled roundabout is probably the best option but trying to fit cyclists into this melee must have given the designers plenty of sleepless nights.

    Conflicts with.

    As someone who is involved in road design for a local authority I can say for certain that Zanf's description of engineers is not the case in our organisation.

    As the 1st quote implies to me that they haven't been trained and don't know how to build decent cycling infrastructure.

    That is the biggest problem in this country, like Zanf said, the engineers don't know how to build decent cycling infrastructure. After all we have plenty of abysmal cycling infrastructure that is not fit for purpose in this country, half of it is outright dangerous, such as 1to2-foot wide cycle lanes that are painted on to the road and seem only to be there in order to keep cyclists from using the road.

    So, yes DFTs guidlines may need to be amended and the countries road engineers need to be trained - so they don't have 'sleepless nights' trying to re-invent the wheel.

    trying to fit cyclists into this melee

    You shouldn't be "trying to fit cyclists in" like it's some kind of afterthought, you should be designing all street infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and motor-vehicles.

    Prioritising 'traffic flow' is the problem.

    Kie, the reason they are having so many sleepless nights is because they know they can't "go Dutch" because the road laws and guidance in this country doesn't allow them to do it. There is no conflict in those two statements! There is also a lack of political will both at a national and local level in many places as well and ultimately they call the shots and hold the purse strings. Engineers do get training and there have been visits to the Netherlands to find out how the Dutch do it. Also other professionals, such as transport planners, who are very clued up on cycle friendly design, have an imput into the design process at least where I work (some of the time the transport planners are the ones commisioning the engineers to design new schemes).

    Traffic flow is important, the problem is you don't see cyclists (or pedestrians) as traffic which they are and they are all putting competing demands on the junction, trying to maintain the balance so that everyone gets through the junction in a timely and safe fashion can be a real headache.

  • La Vuelta - pick three Spaniards forum comp.1 day 11 hours agoJ-Rod Bilbao L. Mas

    L. Mas Rapido

  • Which energy drink?1 day 11 hours agoFor the last year Ive been

    For the last year Ive been using Elivar products as theyre catered for over 35's, with low index glycaemic sugars so I dont spike so bad with them. Always had issues with other drinks when out on rides & sportives and on a few occasions have had to cut it short due to stomach issues caused by them.

    Other than that, I'll mix 50:50 pineapple juice with filtered water and add a sprinkle of salt.

    I've made my own rice cakes using short grain/sushi rice and added various flavours such as crushed/chopped nuts (almonds or pistachios), dried fruit, chopped bananas and chunks of dark chocolate [A batch I made a while ago]. Usually make up a large batch (20 - 24 portions) then wrap the individual portions in foil and freeze them, moving a few into the fridge the night before a ride.

  • Buying Vintage1 day 11 hours agoMy main road bike is a 1979

    My main road bike is a 1979 Peugeot that used to be my Dad's. 531 frame. Lovely ride.

    As others have mentioned, rear triangle spacing is a problem. I'm not the most graceful of riders so I can have a tendency to mangle rear wheels. They rarely come up on EBay, and when they do they tend to go for stupid bucks as vintage bikes are fashionable and people are too lazy to go to jumbles.

    Jumbles are your friend. I picked up a lovely pair of Mavic MA2's for £20 at one earlier this year, the rear of which is currently at my friendly LBS for the 2nd time getting trued after I rode some fairly rough roads in Wales last week.

    (the right) LBS is also your friend. Ask around locally, chat to staff and owners and try to find out which have experience with vintage bikes. The last catastrophic failure I had on mine was when the seatpost sheared off. Fortunately I was about 2 miles away from the bike shop that would have been my first call anyway. Not too far to ride 1-handed and stood on the pedals to give them the sob story. Owner spends a few minutes getting the old one out (not so easy with no saddle attached and less metal than usual sticking out!) and then starts rooting around in a box of likely parts to find one the right size. After ruling out a few likely candidates the bottom of the box is nearing and I'm starting to fret but eventually a match is made, a wee bit of cash changes hands, I get back out onto my ride, he gets back to his (now cold) pasty.

    As well as the great ride feel, the other benefit of riding vintage is that all the folk who only started riding in the last decade who have never known a cassette with less than 8 sprockets, a small ring with more than 39 teeth, or a frame weighing much more than 3 lbs will look upon you as some kind of god. Especially if you live anywhere hilly!

  • Lidl cycling gear!1 day 11 hours agoGood point. Less cycling,

    Good point. Less cycling, more cake.