• Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 day 8 hours agoI simply don't get how Lance

    I simply don't get how Lance is vilified when Europeans who did the same but were not as successful when the field was levelled by drug use are lorded? Either it was ok then because drug use was every where or they are all as bad as each other!

    IMO it is over the top the way Lance is being treated (though I'm not a USA fan).

    Jersey is not very nice, and I don't dislike rapha though Ido think you can get as good or better kit for slightly less hard earned cash. May be a yellow LA jersey would look better Applause

  • Bereaved parents tell government not hesitate in implementing EU lorry law1 day 8 hours agoPlease correct your headline

    Please correct your headline as it suggests that the parents don't want the new law implemented - when what they actually want is for the Government to speed up implementation.

  • London vs Europe in row over cycling on high-pollution days1 day 8 hours agoI continued to cycle through

    I continued to cycle through it too. However, the Saharan dust only highlighted the issue as it was more visible. There was a worse episode of pollution two weeks earlier. What was telling for me was that several colleagues (who were not exerting themselves) were complaining about hayfever/asthmatic type symptoms which had not presented before.
    Urban pollution is a serious issue that we bury at the altar of the automobile.

  • Rider Names1 day 8 hours agoI can confirm that there is

    I can confirm that there is no cyclist of that name on twitter. I found...

    Your search - twitter @umbungointhejungle - did not match any documents.

  • Pedal sheered from crank on SRAM Apex1 day 8 hours agoI've just asked for a new

    I've just asked for a new crank. The pedal thread is in perfect condition. The shop said they've only seen this if the pedal was wrong for the crank.

  • MEPs vote overwhelmingly in favour of safer lorries1 day 8 hours agoIt looks a lot like a truck

    It looks a lot like a truck that appeared in The Island

  • Carbon fibre engineer's advice sort after,,,1 day 9 hours agocarradice also make a

    carradice also make a seatpost-mounted bag that might work for you:


    these are definitely a better option than beam racks, might be a neater solution than a QR rack too if it's big enough to swallow the stuff you intent to carry

    other option is a frame bag. Alpkit will custom make one to your frame dimensions.


  • Carbon fibre engineer's advice sort after,,,1 day 9 hours agoI have two friends who use

    I have two friends who use sestpost/hub qr mounted racks on their PX procarbons and have done with no issue for over 18 months. One of them uses a bolt through hub rather than qr, only m4 bolts, not sure of the hub make though.

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 day 9 hours agoI didn't like the idea when I

    I didn't like the idea when I first heard about it, as I expressed on the forum, but I am ok with that, because it looks SH*T, cheap and tacky.

    They could have done something tasteful. Rolling On The Floor

  • Mark Cavendish to skip Giro d'Italia to focus on Tour de France1 day 10 hours agoI hope he has some mountain

    I hope he has some mountain legs then, Cali and Suisse are where the climbers go to prepare for TdF

  • Rider Names1 day 10 hours agoI don't care what they want

    I don't care what they want to be called. They could put their twitter name to "um bungo in the jungle" I'm not going to change it to that.

    All world team riders should now match up to the UCI listing.

    Conti teams will get done next week if I can find the time.

  • London vs Europe in row over cycling on high-pollution days1 day 10 hours agoI cycled through the whole

    I cycled through the whole event and never noticed a thing, except for a layer of Mr Cameron's 'Sahara' sand on the car parked outside.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Saddles1 day 12 hours agoI have the fizik aliante on

    I have the fizik aliante on all my bikes and tend to prefer the hammock shape saddles (I previously used the original selle italia flite and have tried the prologo scratch). I got a turbomatic on a bike once, and it was like riding a 2x4 sideways. Each to their own, I guess.

  • Proper Purist Classics - pick your Ardennes teams1 day 13 hours agoHere we go for

    Here we go for 147.1

    Kwiatowski. 31.5
    Valverde. 32.6
    Gilbert. 25.1
    Edmondson. 10.2
    Poels. 12.8
    Cunego. 10.2
    Slagter. 17.6
    Oliveira. 4.1
    Parinello. 3.0

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 day 14 hours agoDidn't take long, did it?

    Didn't take long, did it?

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 day 14 hours agoSo a jersey made by none

    So a jersey made by none other than Rapha to commemorate a confirmed doper, surely they're trolling us?

    I've taken a few minutes but cannot think of any reason somebody could buy this other than irony, but I shouldn't have to wait long to find out. I can picture the scene: A nice day in june I spot one on the left as I climb box hill, the cafe is packed so no suspicion is raised as I sit next to him, the jersey is a nice shade of blood pink, 60% hue with extra material added to make armband lines in case we didn't know it was Rapha. The owner was lucky to get one of the few XXL ones left to tribute the "Angel of the mountains". I then casually ask him about it, trying to look at his face and not the "very lightweight polyester" (read transparent) front of his jersey.

    I'll try my best not to spit out my tea if he uses the word "suffering".

    Rubbing my hands in anticipation, can't wait.

  • Don't take bikes on trains for Tour de France, say rail companies1 day 14 hours agoGiven that the train

    Given that the train operators expect to be running extra trains anyway, just to carry the passengers to the event there remain a few issues. If everyone gets off a train quickly when it arrives it can then get clear of the platform and another train comes in to unload/load up.

    Putting bikes into that equation is contentious a 1-2 minute stop for a major clearing of the train (stops are normally timed for 30-60 seconds of doors open - check the Working Timetables (WTT) and see the timings.

    I know that with plenty of open door space you can load 100 bikes into a parcels carriage in under 5 minutes, but persuading the rail operator that this can be guaranteed, even if it can be shoe horned in to the time slots available, is unlikely to see them taking the risk of a timetable melt down

    Then there is the problem having no National Body setting even a National standard for interoperability between train types over the past 66 years, if not longer. With the modern argument that trains should be tailored to the routes operated, so we don't have that flexibility to 'just add some parcels vans'. Even the nice red Royal Mail trains, which look so much like the Networker ones are totally incompatible with their passenger carrying 'twins'.

    Rail timetables are planned 52 weeks in advance, with the settling of the plans at 26 weeks and final cut-off at 13 weeks, and only if an emergency arises or a very clear case made can that be changed.

    I'd hope that some options can be accommodated for taking bikes which have been packed down in bags as luggage and simply carried on to be placed in the luggage racks pictures show P1000764 Bike in luggage rack (quick and simple) 3168 Bagged bike (fast -front wheel out only) and the CTC Bike sack folded to carry around in your bag and use as a groundsheet for the picnic) NB with back wheel out and bars turned it gets even smaller. If you are planning to do this, I'd suggest that the bike is in the bag and on a luggage trolley, when you walk in to the station, dismantling it and packing it in full view of the staff would not be very clever.

    Do look at the options for using coaches - scheduled or charter one as a group, or maybe someone can get a trip underwritten by a sponsor. Do contact me if you are looking at this.

    Note though that unless National Express of Megabus make special arrangements (in response to demand) to guarantee the carriage of your bike in a bag for this weekend, they will only carry it if there is space in the hold, or (Megabus) in the luggage trailer.

  • I may have found a good reason for a bike helmet!1 day 15 hours ago[[[[[ I've just thrown me

    [[[[[ I've just thrown me right leg over the saddle, ready to move off from kerbside, and I'm clonked on back of head by wing-mirror of lorry passing at about 8mph. Lorry then stops 20 feet past me (traffic gridlock). No helmet, no injury, but I'm far king annoyed....I ride up alongside the driver, his window's open, and I ask him if he noticed that he just hit hit my head. His eyes are unfocussed, his speech slurred. He thinks for a moment, and then says," thash yer own fault, for riding backwards", and drives away.
    I have several other true stories that are every bit as thrilling to read about.

  • Rider Names1 day 15 hours agoIf in any doubt, check the

    If in any doubt, check the rider's twitter. That's what they want to be called aside from Enrique's diligent romanisation of names

  • Carbon fibre engineer's advice sort after,,,1 day 15 hours agocarbon always explodes and

    carbon always explodes and everyone always dies instantly... lol just joking.

    petertaylor123 I would say your logic is sound. I am doing my masters in motorsport engineering at oxford brookes [just sayin' Cool ] and I am planning on taking my full carbon specialized sl3 tarmac on tour this summer.

    The 'rack supported by the quick release' jobby works fine. A couple of mates resorted to it when we rode to Rome and they held up fine. Why wouldn't it? lovely shimano XT 5mm diameter skewer just sucked it up, didn't moan once. Just make sure you do it up tight!

    What I would say however, is if you start bombing through potholes with an open pro rim and 10kg on a rack, you might get a few surprises. It's high spec Aluminium alloy, but it's a narrow and shallow rim. A mavic A719 would be better as it's wider, or even better, something with a bit of depth to it. The stiffness of a beam is proportional to the cube of its depth, so even a 30mm deep rim will hold up a lot better than an open pro. Yes - a 50mm deep rim would be even better... yep, an 80mm deep rear rim, 25mm wide, with 36 spokes would be immense, and it might even fit in your frame! I've done a spot of loaded touring (and loaded tandem touring) and it's always the rear wheel that starts popping spokes.

    Also you kind of want to be running the biggest volume tyre you can fit in your frame, e.g the new gp4000s II 28mm. (£50 a pair from rosebikes) This will reduce your rolling resistance and decrease your chance of pinch punctures. A wider rim, i.e one seats the tyre beads further apart from each other gives the tyre a wider base and further increases the volume.

    10kg on the rack is more aggressive to your wheels than an extra 10kg on your arse... basically because hitting a pothole is a dynamic impact, with a big fat bum getting in the way and reducing the peak contact patch force. Also getting out of the saddle over real nasty terrain really gives the wheels a breather. That 10kg on your rack however, is just going to sit there in waiting, ready to ping your spokes over the first big pothole and there ain't shit you can do about it! (maybe bunny hop your whole laden bike?)

    This is my first post on a bike forum as they're usually a bit dull and naff, but your question particularly tickled me, so anyway good luck and let me know how it goes.

    Gavin aka rainman onwheels

  • FORUM'S SCORUM's MINI LEAGUE 2014(Spring Classics and Pre-Giro tours)1 day 15 hours agoAnticipating the update...

    Anticipating the update...

  • Video: Brazilian cyclist drafts lorry... at 124 kilometres an hour1 day 16 hours agoWhat a strange little man

    What a strange little man

  • Carbon fibre engineer's advice sort after,,,1 day 16 hours agoWhy not think about something

    Why not think about something like the Revelate Designs Viscacha


    It took Mike Hall around the world, I think it'll do you for JoGLe

  • Inquest hears of 40mph head-on crash that killed Junior Heffernan during Severn Bridge Road Race1 day 17 hours agomonty dog wrote:IME There's

    monty dog wrote:
    IME There's too much tolerance of riders crossing the central white line in races - putting themselves and other riders at risk never mind pi$$ing-off drivers coming the other way.

    I guess you are taking a purist racing perspective.

    I believe you are mistaken (whilst it might not be directly applicable to this incident); regardless of racing, there is too much tolerance of drivers crossing the white line.

    Car drivers generally assume automatic rights to drive down the middle of the road bridging the white line, despite oncoming traffic/cyclist only occupying the one side of the road.

    I suspect that incidences of cyclists and/or racers crossing central white lines & impeding oncoming traffic, are a minuscule percentage compared to the daily occurrence of drivers doing the same. (albeit I concede your point re. safety & road race regs)

  • London vs Europe in row over cycling on high-pollution days1 day 17 hours agoIgnoring dead cats: I

    Ignoring dead cats: I recently had my first ever asthma attack as a result of the London pollution. I went for a run and developed a cough. It was only the next day that they talked about the air pollution associated with the blood rain. I then travelled to France and my cough got worse and eventually went to bed wheezing and breathing shallowly. If I hadn't had a doctor diagnose me with asthma a few years ago I don't think I would have known what was wrong. Apparently asthma can strike when the air quality gets better too....which explains the event. I still feel a little tight chested at the moment when I run, though I completed a 40 mile ride the other week since coming back with no issues.