• anyone know how to carve data out of strava ?1 day 8 hours agoI have handed it all in now

    I have handed it all in now with little expectation of it being taken seriously so let's see - I didn't break the law getting the Kom so it should be irrelevant.
    I suspect the only faint satisfaction I will get is that some my have seen the mask drop for this "eco friendly" company and the reg plate is out there.

  • anyone know how to carve data out of strava ?1 day 8 hours agoAlso maybe flag the segment

    Also maybe flag the segment (or get your friend to) so no KOM or leaderboard is available?

  • British cyclist killed in head-on collision as he descends Alpe d'Huez1 day 8 hours agoThe original article in the

    The original article in the Dauphiné Libere states the driver "could have" taken the bend too widely, so let's not hang the bloke yet eh?

  • Forum Competition: Tour de France Top 101 day 8 hours ago1. Contador 2. Froome 3.

    1. Contador
    2. Froome
    3. Valverde
    4. Talansky
    5. Rolland
    6. Majka
    7. Nibali
    8. Nieve
    9. Mollema
    10. König

  • Orbea launch new Ordu OME time trial bike1 day 8 hours agoid still get it thou

    id still get it thou

  • Forum Competition: Tour de France Top 101 day 8 hours ago1 Contador 2 Froome 3

    1 Contador
    2 Froome
    3 Mollema
    4 Van den broeck
    5 Bardet
    6 Valverde
    7 Talansky
    8 Nibali
    9 Costa
    10 Porte

  • Road traffic laws too "lenient" say widows of cyclists killed on charity ride1 day 8 hours agoWe absolutely need to clamp

    We absolutely need to clamp down hard.

    Any driver suspected of dangerous driving needs to be banned from driving asap until(if) and verdict and they are cleared.

    The vehicle needs to be seized and impounded until after the trial (it may be but I doubt it). For a transport company that would mean loss of a vehicle, but if they are allowing their drivers to act like that then they are equally culpable.

    Any incident where someone driving as their job is charged with dangerous driving, MUST also see the employer charged as well.

    Then we may see "professional" drivers have to tighten up.

    Too many have died and suffered. Enough is enough

  • iBike Newton PowerStroke1 day 8 hours agoKiwiMike wrote:Innovative

    KiwiMike wrote:
    Innovative cycling accessory in "It's not 100% perfect for me so it's worthess / overpriced / inaccurate / unuseable" shocker!

    I like the fact that they have approached the power measurement task from the 'other end', if you like. BUT it's not innovation when you end up with something that is less user friendly, no more accurate and less consistent than the existing technology. And unfortunately for them, their target market will be people who want a proven system (who wouldn't when you're shelling out big bucks) that doesn't depend on punching in a whole load of variables pre-ride, most of whom will already have an ANT+ compatible, GPS enabled head unit.

  • Tour de France Tech 2014: Nicholas Roche's Specialized Tarmac S-Works McLaren1 day 8 hours agoYeah! 'Cos that'll get my fat

    'Cos that'll get my fat arse up hills a lot quicker.

  • Road traffic laws too "lenient" say widows of cyclists killed on charity ride1 day 9 hours agoI think it's past time the

    I think it's past time the government stopped talking, commissioning yet another report, and actually did something.

    Death by dangerous driving MUST mean a perminent driving ban! Also serious driving crime should mean a "long" driving ban followed by retaking the driving test to get your licence back.

    A driving licence should be a priverledge and not a right.

  • Tour de France Tech 2014: Nicholas Roche's Specialized Tarmac S-Works McLaren1 day 9 hours agoI am not really a fan, prefer

    I am not really a fan, prefer the regular sworks Tarmac

  • Video: Backtracker uses radar technology to warn of approaching vehicles1 day 9 hours agoPeowpeowpeowlasers wrote:700c

    Peowpeowpeowlasers wrote:
    700c wrote:
    Peowpeowpeowlasers wrote:
    What a stupid invention. Haven't they heard of mirrors?

    But how many cyclists have them on their bike?

    As many as feel they need them, which I imagine will be many more than would ever buy this tat...

    bit harsh?!

    anyway, as I said, I assume the point of safety devices like these is to give some additional information to the rider, to assist in decision making, not to replace actually looking where you are going!!! (ref my earlier comment/ comparison to blind spot warning systems in cars)

    Not sure you can write it off until you've seen it in action.. Like I said, if it's done right, it might useful - and may help to make cyclists feel safer. There's another news story on here about people not cycling as they perceive UK roads as 'too dangerous'. Now I don't think that's the case, but something like this might provide some reassurance. Possibly.

  • iBike Newton PowerStroke1 day 9 hours agoThese guys look pretty pro:

    These guys look pretty pro: http://www.colombiacyclingpro.com/our-partners/
    and you can get the more basic model from the states for a lot less than £799.

    Also, there's no other power meter you can change between bikes in 30 seconds.

  • Trek launch superlight Émonda road bike1 day 9 hours agoI was saying it reminded me

    I was saying it reminded me of a U brake not that it was a U brake. I can't honestly believe the brakes are lighter than high-end conventional ones however I guess they offer superior stopping power. I suppose that they didn't go with discs because of the extra reinforcement that would be required on the frame which would almost certainly add to the weight.

    Did anyone cop-on that the word is a bastardisation of "To Prune" in French. Tres Apt for the paired-down set up.

  • Road traffic laws too "lenient" say widows of cyclists killed on charity ride1 day 9 hours agoI bet solicitors representing

    I bet solicitors representing motorists being charged with causing death by dangerous driving are just telling everybody to pled guilty regardless of the circumstances as all they'll get in a year suspendend sentence.

    You give a sob story about needing your driving licence to drive some relative to the doctors once in a blue moon and they judge hands you back your licence to go about your murderous driving ways.

    Whatever the outcome I hope what goes round, comes round for this guy.

  • Tour de France Tech 2014: Nicholas Roche's Specialized Tarmac S-Works McLaren1 day 10 hours agoNot too clued up on these

    Not too clued up on these things but the saddle looks awfully far behind the bottom bracket - are there not quite strict UCI rules on this?

  • Tour de France Tech 2014: Nicholas Roche's Specialized Tarmac S-Works McLaren1 day 10 hours agolovely bike but the white bar

    lovely bike but the white bar tape looks terrible!

  • Road traffic laws too "lenient" say widows of cyclists killed on charity ride1 day 11 hours agoThey say you can't put a

    They say you can't put a price on a life.

    Well you obviously can- economic impact of properly enforcing, prosecuting and punishing traffic offences divided by however many people we are allowing to be killed .

    Work that out, it's the price of your life.

  • Cycling route to TDF Stage 21 day 11 hours agoarrieredupeleton wrote:Great.

    arrieredupeleton wrote:
    Great. Thanks for that. Now, what to do on a roadside verge in Yorkshire for 3 hours?

    My mate and I found ourselves on a lay-by on the coast road for stage 2 of the Giro. Had a camping stove so it was cooked breakfast and fresh coffee while we waited much to the disgust of a handful of unprepared spectators. Also had a 3G signal so could pick up commentary while we waited. Stage 3 was much the same. Unclassified road, camp stove another cooked breakfast and fresh coffee before a short walk to the KOM. Was great fun watching the bigger crowds licking their chops as they passed us on the way to the summit. Only disappointment was, no 3G as we were in the middle of nowhere.

  • Road traffic laws too "lenient" say widows of cyclists killed on charity ride1 day 11 hours agoSimmo72 wrote:dreamlx10

    Simmo72 wrote:
    dreamlx10 wrote:
    Peowpeowpeowlasers wrote:
    If a person has a track record of driving poorly and kills someone, they should be permanently banned from driving. Forever.

    And how is the motoring and fuel industry supposed to make their profits if we start taking drivers off the roads ? Cyclists don't buy cars and fuel, we don't count, end of story.

    WTF? We are talking about drivers that kill or maim people whilst driving dangerously. thats less than 0.0001% of the driving population. Cyclists pay income tax, income tax is used to maintain and build roads....are you really that blinkered or just trolling?

    I was trying to make a point in an ironic way, maybe not too well, but a point nevertheless about how cyclists have no power or influence.

  • Uvex Race 1 helmet1 day 11 hours agoBizarrely I've just bought

    Bizarrely I've just bought one! Tried loads of lids over the years-cheap and expensive. My first impressions: very comfortable fit which feels secure and cosseted, great ventilation in eighty degree heat, lots of little clever design features i.e. the velcro chin strap tidy. UVEX seem to have a fresh approach and it works. £89 at Merlin.

  • Scico AeroComfort Plus Bike Bag - Black1 day 11 hours agoPau, will PM you.

    Pau, will PM you.

  • Your guide to the best front lights for cycling1 day 11 hours agoI have recently bought The

    I have recently bought The Fluxient 3xU2 from http://www.bikelightsuk.com/ . One of its amazing features is upgraded LED’s that make it throw a 20% brighter beam of light! You are getting an output of 3000 lumens which is probably the highest by a front bike light. What I like the most about this light unit is an 8800mAh battery offering a run time from 3 to 10 hours depending upon your selection of the power level!

  • unshiny bike :-(1 day 11 hours agoBedfordshire Clanger wrote:I

    Bedfordshire Clanger wrote:
    I get the impression that Shiny Bikes is run by one bloke out of his shed.
    It took me a week to get through to them on the phone when my order didn't come through immediately and then it was missing a piece. I got everything in the end but I'm not sure that the hassle was worth the £25 I saved by using them.

    I guess we can come up with a simple formula:
    cheap not always best + phone to check stock + if not sure read a few reviews = better customer experience
    and don't add Shiny Bikes to your list

  • Road touring tyres, 700c x 28 - which to buy?1 day 11 hours agobikebot wrote:For slick,

    bikebot wrote:
    For slick, Conti GatorHardshell, tougher and lighter than the Schwalbe Durano Plus.
    Don't agree, Durano very good in my experience, esp the S variant. OP could try Marathon Supreme which is just 310 g in 28 x 622. For grip and comfort it has no equal. German discounters have it for as little as €20.