• Tram tracks present biggest danger to Sheffield cyclists says campaign group1 day 9 hours agoThe Roe case, involving an

    The Roe case, involving an injured car driver alerted Supertram to the need to keep the rail profile in the road to a high standard, and make the crossing as 'flat' as possible.

    There remains the detail that the old trams ran in the middle of the street, avoiding the pinch hazard at tram stops which forces crossing the left side rail at a very shallow angle, and raises the kerb at the edge of the footway so that it has to have warnings for blind people that the drop is much more than a normal kerb. With tracks in the middle of the road many later systems such as the 1930's Glasgow network used reserved track to avoid the cost of laying it in the road, and put green space in the street. This also meant that the track at road junctions crossed the 'zones' where cyclists ride, at a much safer angle, and points could be in places where they did not need as much maintenance as current on street locations do.

    There are around 4 different ways that tram and level crossing rails can cause the contact patch of any road vehicle to lose grip or be forced to turn from the direction of travel. Making the rail as close to flush or very slightly lower than the high friction road surfaces either side does help, as the tyre contact patch can bridge the low friction area and there is no ridge to deflect the tyre (the limit for the steel edge of a manhole frame in a new road surface is 3mm - for a dropped kerb, and tramline tactile paving, 6mm) .

    The other detail to avoid is having any vehicle cross the tracks with side forces on the tyres, especially where the rails are 'high' as the tyres will slide along the rails. With 4 wheels the effect is normally a mild skid often unnoticed because the other 3 wheels are still gripping but with 2 wheels this can be catastrophic.

    A particular hazard for all 'small' cycle tyres is that they will rest on just 2 points of contact which are the 2 smooth steel edges of the rail and 'keeper' and any forces from the side force of turning or braking, or just the weight of the bike will see those 2 contact points sliding along the steel edges. There may be ways to manage this out at key locations, and we do have some ideas but that still needs both development, and a real understanding of what really does happen.

    One detail which is reported by experienced cyclists is that they can clearly identify how and where they lost control. This is not really being taken note of. Croydon's crash was at a junction where a junction layout creates an avoidable hazard (to create a pedestrian island that no one wants to use), and the track at that location was/is in a poor state - flatness-wise. To anyone who does fall my call is that you check the flatness, and ridges not only of the rail, but of the road surface as it fits around the concrete and other elements of the surface. Edinburgh cyclists, who were able to identify the point at which their tyre lost grip have noted that in some locations the thick green surfacing treatment had a sharp ridge, which had caused their bike to slide, and not the tram rail.

    20 years ago I was working closely with those specifying Nottingham's system and the efforts made there have delivers a system with near flush rails looking almost as good as it did when installed, although the hazard of a tyre sliding on each side of the rail groove remains, and is clearly seen in this video, where a skilled cyclist stands up on the pedals, transfers his weight and uses the grip on the front tyre to flick the back wheel off the slippery rail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q36PJrRtpCk.

    For rail level crossings a system is now approved and installed at a few notorious sites with results already apparent, but the construction system for tram lines makes its use prohibitively expensive and difficult to deliver. There are some options but these need to be developed

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: A yellow Trek for Fabian Cancellara?1 day 9 hours agoPlus, Cancellara has a decent

    Plus, Cancellara has a decent chance of gaining yellow on a differnt day in the first week if he narrowly misses out in the prologue.
    If he doesn't fall foul of the wind on stage 2, then stage 4 will be catching his eye as an opportunity for a stage win and possibly yellow.

  • Tram tracks present biggest danger to Sheffield cyclists says campaign group1 day 9 hours agoBuses with this feature

    Buses with this feature already supplied to Lothian Buses, and induction recharging on Manchester's electric bus fleet was on trial?

  • Tour de France Tech 2015: Chris Froome’s Pinarello Bolide1 day 9 hours agoSo the rear wheel is a

    So the rear wheel is a glorified version of the plastic or metal disc fitted to cheaper bikes to prevent over-shifting back when I started cycling in the 70s ....

    Who'd have thought all the electronics and technology would have brought us so far?

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: A yellow Trek for Fabian Cancellara?1 day 9 hours agocrikey wrote:It's not exactly

    crikey wrote:
    It's not exactly scoop of the year is it?

    Team with potential yellow jersey wearer bring yellow bike to Tour... in other news, some really obvious things happened...

    I can't wait for the rest of your Tour commentary.

    And we all look forward to your bilious meta commentary.

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: Mark Cavendish's Specialized Venge1 day 9 hours agoNixster wrote:A mountain bike

    Nixster wrote:
    A mountain bike saddle, in white Surprise

    Cav can do what he likes.

    The saddle angle looks extreme.

  • Guardian piece on attitudes to cyclists1 day 9 hours agoI used to ride a singlespeed

    I used to ride a singlespeed to work.
    There was a really big hill so had to have gearing to get up it.
    However that limited the top speed to about 15mph or so and I really noticed that not being able to keep up with the traffic made you a lot more vulnerable. You have to pull in and out of the side of the road and have more cars overtaking.

    Once I got back on the road bike I was able to get up to traffic speed for the busy bits and made it all a lot less intimidating.

  • Tour de France1 day 9 hours ago"Team time trials: 20, 18,

    "Team time trials: 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 points for each participating member of the first 10 teams"

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: A yellow Trek for Fabian Cancellara?1 day 10 hours agoI wonder what happens to the

    I wonder what happens to the unused yellow frames? it's not like we will see it on ebay. maybe the manufacturers just store them in a warehouse somewhere.

  • Advice on a 2k sportive bike1 day 10 hours agoI like the trek's and they

    I like the trek's and they get great write ups. You are right about the spec though as the cost of the di2 version though is over 3k! I know it's a bit sad, but I don't like the colour scheme of this years bikes, and that put me off as well.

    The Cannondale sounds great and it has got me thinking again. I have found one in my size and am going to go and test ride it next week!

  • JetBlack WhisperDrive trainer1 day 10 hours agoWhat is 'virtual power'? Jet

    What is 'virtual power'?

    Jet black don't define it or how they reach the power figure.

    From their website they seem to be able to calculate power without cadence?

  • Leeds councillors to discuss construction of Olympic-standard velodrome1 day 10 hours agoGetting the closed race

    Getting the closed race circuit built in North Leeds is a step in the race participation direction as well.

    "...which comprises Leeds, Wakefield, Kirklees, Bradford, Calderdale, Harrogate, York, Selby, Craven and Barnsley".

    So we can just pop a roof on the one that's at York Day Dreaming

  • Tour de France Tech 2015: Chris Froome’s Pinarello Bolide1 day 10 hours agoIt all looks a bit

    It all looks a bit scabby!

    Good luck anyway, Chris.

    Looking forward to it all kicking off.

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: Tony Martin’s Specialized Shiv time trial bike1 day 11 hours agoNew Shiv for the World Champs

    New Shiv for the World Champs allegedly...

    Probably with a braking system very similar to the new Venge, which they are claiming adds no drag at all!

  • Mechanical doping - the pro cycling story that won't go away1 day 11 hours agoJust watch out for a team

    Just watch out for a team using magnetically attached water bottles...
    When you consider how often bottles are changed, it wouldn't be difficult to repeatedly fit fresh batteries through a race, so the bike would only need to be built as under-weight as the mass of the motor.
    Batteries & cables are now commonplace through the Pro peloton, with few riders using mechanical systems, so in theory, the big tell-tale when the frames are x-rayed is obvious & present!!
    I'm not saying that it is being done, just that it can be done. And what is more, no pro would need any more than a 50W system to make a huge difference to their performance.
    Regen is also perfectly feasible...

  • Sportful R&D Ultralight Jersey1 day 11 hours agoIf this is anything like my

    If this is anything like my Bodyfit Pro jersey (worn til it fell off me) then it will definitely be on the shopping list for the Aussie summer, the Bodyfit Pro was fantastic on the hottest of days and the sleeves were so comfy, all sleeves should be like this. Also looks like the same jersey Contador is wearing atm. Shame about the lack of color schemes though.

  • Video: Trials legend Martyn Ashton Back on Track in film charting his first mountain bike ride since life-changing 2013 crash1 day 11 hours agoVery inspiring

    Very inspiring Party Applause

  • Tour de France1 day 11 hours agoI'm assuming that the TTT

    I'm assuming that the TTT doesn't count in the TdF game scoring? I haven't been able to see much about that on any of the pages. Thanks.

  • Leeds councillors to discuss construction of Olympic-standard velodrome1 day 12 hours agoCracking idea by LCC, I hope

    Cracking idea by LCC, I hope this goes through. The Leeds area has a big cycling base and this if built multi sport would be fantastic.

    We have shown with TdF & TdY that we have the passion for cycling.

    Also it would stop us having to drive the 50 miles to the dirty side to use the velo there Love Struck

  • Fines for illegal mobile phone use at wheel set to double to £200?1 day 12 hours agoThis one is easily solved.

    This one is easily solved. The punishment should be confiscation of the users phone.

  • Shutt VR Isobel jersey1 day 14 hours agoIt's my opinion that lycra

    It's my opinion that lycra looks best on curvy women. It's fat women who have the most to fear from it.

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: A yellow Trek for Fabian Cancellara?1 day 17 hours agoI think you'll fine there

    I think you'll fine there will be two of these bikes in the Trek set up, Cancellara sized and also a Mollema sized one, although they ride almost the same size, although as you have noted, Cancellara prefers one frame over another

  • Tour de France Tech 2015: Chris Froome’s Pinarello Bolide1 day 18 hours agothere's something about the

    there's something about the construction of this bike that makes me think it's a Chinese knock-off of a Pinarello.

  • [sticky] Claiming your free stuff1 day 18 hours agoIs there a Mark Hockney in

    Is there a Mark Hockney in the house?

    It's your stuff I've been sent (as well as my own).

  • Tour de France Tech 2015: Chris Froome’s Pinarello Bolide1 day 18 hours agoI assume a bit of work

    I assume a bit of work fileing down the pulley mount bolt might have been in order, but it's a bit late now!