• Bianchi Infinito CV Disc road bike1 day 3 hours agoShamblesuk wrote:Nearly 6

    Shamblesuk wrote:
    Nearly 6 grand for an admittedly pretty frame with fairly average components(eg alu bar and SL-K seat post) and weighs a ton. There are much better bargains out there from some of the more bespoke manufacturers.

    Not everyone's looking for a bargain, if I had that much to blow on a bike I'd certainly have one of these on my shortlist, I'd be happy with the groupset & the weight wouldn't bother me too much either... But it would be a tough call, especially as I do like to grab a bargain!

  • Biggin Hill resident rails against ‘lycra louts’1 day 3 hours agojust do an audax

    just do an audax Wink

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 day 3 hours ago18 Jan | 1 Point | 105.2

    18 Jan | 1 Point | 105.2 miles | 169.3 Km Wirral & Eureka Cafe

    02 Feb | 1 Point | 104.0 miles |167.3 Km Feb Gran Fondo
    16 Feb | 1 Point | 87.3 miles | 140.5 Km

    01 Mar | 1 Point | 108.3 miles | 174.3 Km 'Roman Road' recce
    08 Mar | 1 Point | 76.2 miles | 122.6 Km
    15 Mar | 1 Point | 73.3 miles | 118.0 Km
    22 Mar | 1 Point | 71.4 miles | 114.9 Km
    29 Mar | 2 point | 125.8 miles | 202.5 Km Hill day including Horseshoe Pass

    13 Apr | 1 point | 105.0 miles | 169.0 Km Chester
    19 Apr | 1 point | 117.7 miles | 189.4 Km Blackpool & Roots Café
    26 Apr | 1 point | 110.3 miles | 177.5 Km 'Fred' training

    04 May | 1 point | 100.8 miles | 162.2 Km 'Lancs Lanes'
    11 May | 1 point | 112.1 miles | 180.4 Km 'Fred Whitton'
    17 May | 1 point | 102.5 miles | 165.0 Km
    25 May | 1 point | 104.3 miles | 167.9 Km 'Roman Road'
    31 May | 1 point | 79.1 miles | 127.3 Km Tour de France Stage 1

    15 Jun | 2 points | 164.4 miles | 264.6 Km 'Ice Cream Ride'
    21 Jun | 1 point | 102.0 miles | 164.2 Km Bwlch y Groes / Ffordd Pen Llech

    12 Jul | 3 points | 214.7 miles | 345.5 Km 'Tommy Godwin'
    20 Jul | 1 point | 70.4 miles | 113.3 Km UK Ironman
    26 Jul | 1 point | 65.5 miles | 105.4 Km Greatest UK hill climbs (3)

    02 Aug | 1 point | 88.6 miles |142.6 Km 2 x Els Angels & Montnegre, Girona,
    06 Aug | 1 point | 108.1 miles| 174.0 Km Rocacorba, Banyoles with girls from Specialized Lululemon Team
    08 Aug | 1 point | 80.5 miles | 129.5 Km 3 Spanish mountains, Girona / Palamos with Lars
    23 Aug | 1 point | 117.0 miles| 188.3 Km Blackpool- for a stick of rock!
    25 Aug | 1 point | 64.6 miles | 104.0 Km Tour of Britain Stage 1- Liverpool Circuit
    31 Aug | 1 point | 68.1 miles | 109.6 Km 'Ride of The Roses'

    06 Sep | 1point | 63.3 miles | 101.9 Km
    13 Sep | 1 point | 106.2 miles | 170.9 Km
    20 Sep | 1 point | 84.4 miles | 135.8 Km 4 of '100 Greatest Climbs', 2 of 'Another 100..'
    27 Sep | 1 point | 107.7 miles | 173.3 Km

    04 Oct | 1 point | 105 miles | 169.0 Km
    19 Oct | 1 point | 65 miles | 104.6 Km

    Total KM: 5190.6 Km
    Total Points: 37

    Big Grin

  • Btwin FC 51 day 3 hours agoPlease anyone Advice...

    Please anyone Advice... Worried Yawn Plain Face Confused

  • Biggin Hill resident rails against ‘lycra louts’1 day 4 hours agore the comment from an

    re the comment from an organiser above.
    Signs should not go up Friday/Saturday.
    The former is too early and is visual pollution. Coming down on Monday is wrong. Your course closing team should strip them.
    Arrows, PR notices the lot.
    Yes I know it is a pain but life is a pain and local residents have an equal if not greater right to have a say.
    Thing is if everyone did it properly there would be no problem.
    It would give the irrational, grumpy and down right miserable no where to go. As the sportive scene has become more self indulgent and excessive it has created the rod to beat the back of all cyclists.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 day 4 hours ago19 Jan 1 Point 123.7Km Total

    19 Jan 1 Point 123.7Km Total Points 1 Total KM 123.7
    02 Feb 1 Point 114.8Km Total Points 2 Total KM 238.5
    09 Feb 1 Point 136.3Km Total Points 3 Total Km 374.8
    16 Feb 1 Point 137.1Km Total Points 4 Total Km 511.9
    23 Feb 1 Point 133.8Km Total Points 5 Total Km 645.7
    02 Mar 1 Point 121.3Km Total Points 6 Total Km 767.0
    09 Mar 1 Point 117.3Km Total Points 7 Total Km 884.3
    23 Mar 1 Point 150.8Km Total Points 8 Total Km 1035.1
    05 Apr 1 Point 110.9Km Total Points 9 Total Km 1146.0
    18 Apr 1 Point 135.0Km Total Points 10 Total Km 1281.0
    21 Apr 1 Point 103.3Km Total Points 11 Total Km 1384.3
    03 May 1 Point 117.7Km Total Points 12 Total Km 1502.0
    05 May 1 Point 108.3Km Total Points 13 Total Km 1610.3
    11 May 1 Point 122.5Km Total Points 14 Total Km 1732.8
    18 May 1 Point 116.8Km Total Points 15 Total Km 1849.6
    25 May 1 Point 120.8Km Total Points 16 Total Km 1970.4
    15 June 1 Point 102.8Km Total Points 17 Total Km 2073.2
    22 June 1 Point 131.6Km Total Points 18 Total Km 2204.8
    29 June 1 Point 139.1Km Total Points 19 Total Km 2343.9
    04 July 1 Point 184.4 Km Total Points 20 Total Km 2528.3
    12 July 1 Point 108.5 Km Total Points 21 Total Km 2636.8
    27 July 1 Point 175.6 Km Total Points 22 Total Km 2812.4
    30 July 1 Point 100.7 Km Total Points 23 Total Km 2913.1
    03 Aug 1 Point 105.1 Km Total Points 24 Total Km 3018.2
    09 Aug 1 Point 100.1 Km Total Points 25 Total Km 3118.3
    24 Aug 1 Point 170.5 Km Total Points 26 Total Km 3288.8
    27 Aug 1 Point 105.4 Km Total Points 27 Total Km 3394.2
    31 Aug 1 Point 145.7 Km Total Points 28 Total Km 3539.9
    06 Sep 1 Point 114.0 Km Total Points 29 Total Km 3653.9
    14 Sep 1 Point 125.6 Km Total Points 30 Total Km 3779.4
    21 Sep 1 Point 135.8 Km Total Points 31 Total Km 3915.2
    28 Sep 2 Points 274 Km Total Points 33 Total Km 4189.2
    05 Oct 1 Point 131.9 Km Total Points 34 Total Km 4321.1
    12 Oct 1 Point 121.5 Km Total Points 35 Total Km 4442.6
    19 Oct 1 Point 106.2 Km Total Points 36 Total Km 4548.8

  • Seven areas of UK want a future Grand Départ in wake of Yorkshire triumph1 day 4 hours agoBetter still why not have the

    Better still why not have the whole Tour, including the french bit, in the New Forest At Wits End

  • Cyclist aged 12 injured at Cambridge's new 'Dutch' roundabout (+ gallery)1 day 10 hours agoYou can't improve cyclist

    You can't improve cyclist safety with paint or without impeding the driver's progress. So do this actively by forcing cars to adhere to speed limits, forcing vehicles to give cycles, horses, motorcycles safe passing room and by imposing severe penalties on those who kill or maim whilst driving regardless of intent.
    Stop trying to design out the flaw in road safety (The Driver) with road design, it can only go so far with current enforcement levels.
    Start enforcing collision avoidance and mitigation tech and the deployment of a black box data recorder for GPS tracking and video and audio logging technology in all new vehicles and use insurance, fleet regulations and VED to encourage retrofitting for commercial vehicles.

    Oh look, Fleet managers already do this: http://www.teletrac.com/fleet-management/topics/gps-tracking-driver-behavior?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=contentseeding&utm_campaign=Outbrain|2014-09&tc=Outbrain|2014-09&mc=Outbrain|2014-09

  • £3,000 fine for Milkman who hit cyclist left him for dead and carried on delivering to customers1 day 11 hours agoMilk floats aren't the

    Milk floats aren't the fastest moving vehicles around.

    Sounds to me like the driver turned in front of an unlit cyclist.

    Whilst his actions after aren't great - I'd put that down to shock in an old guy.

    The fault lay in the cyclist. No lights is verging on suicidal. It's not as if lights are expensive either.

    The road cc story seems biased pro cyclist here. I'd rather it was fair. We are not all angels all the time.

  • Cyclist aged 12 injured at Cambridge's new 'Dutch' roundabout (+ gallery)1 day 11 hours agoJIngs, what a screw up.

    JIngs, what a screw up.

    Maybe they ought to just make the roadways 7 feet wide, w/ rubber edges, so there's no overtaking of bikes at the roundabout at all.

  • Bianchi Infinito CV Disc road bike1 day 12 hours agoNearly 6 grand for an

    Nearly 6 grand for an admittedly pretty frame with fairly average components(eg alu bar and SL-K seat post) and weighs a ton. There are much better bargains out there from some of the more bespoke manufacturers.

    I've had a Bianchi in the past and have always been disappointed with the kit they come supplied with.

  • Cyclist aged 12 injured at Cambridge's new 'Dutch' roundabout (+ gallery)1 day 12 hours agoPiss up? Brewery?

    Piss up? Brewery?

  • Cyclist aged 12 injured at Cambridge's new 'Dutch' roundabout (+ gallery)1 day 12 hours agoso the money was spent to

    so the money was spent to create poor quality shared used pavements and the road layout changed so that cyclists have to become pedestrians to cross each road and then wait to rejoin traffic - we have a roundabout like that near my daughters school (Melbourne, Aus) were a segregated cycle path crossing two of the roads and the parent speaking above exactly replicates my experience of this road layout and why I won't allow my daughter to use that route to get to school:

    "She finds it difficult to cross from the path to the island in the middle of the carriageway because of the speed of the cars coming off the roundabout..........

    “Even as an experienced adult I found it difficult to judge the speed of the oncoming traffic and few cars signalled their intentions when exiting the roundabout." Exactly.

    Its a road layout that only contributes to cyclist and pedestrian safety by making things so dangerous that people either give up cycling or walking or are forced to cower and wait for a very large gap in the traffic.

    ...and shame on the driver for side swiping a kid and not stopping, did the driver deliberately pull out to intimidate the kid for not using the shared path?

  • Various Bike Bits, Helmets, Shoes1 day 12 hours agoThe Specialized and Spuik

    The Specialized and Spuik helmets are 'sold' - sorry

  • Win! Vulpine autumn clothing bundle worth over £5001 day 13 hours agoHow long is this comp

    How long is this comp running???

  • Cyclist aged 12 injured at Cambridge's new 'Dutch' roundabout (+ gallery)1 day 13 hours agowildnorthlands wrote:I don't

    wildnorthlands wrote:
    I don't think that is the correct translation. Having segregated tracks around the roundabout but expecting cyclists to then rejoin the carriageway would have introduced additional hazards for cyclists.

    Except that's exactly what has been done. There are bike lanes further along Perne Road and Radegund Road that the shared-use provision could connect with, but it doesn't. Instead, you're invited to join the carriageway a exactly the point where drivers are accelerating away from the roundabout.

  • Defy Advanced 1 2015 or Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 help?1 day 13 hours agoHello, Having just the same

    Having just the same dilemma myself - with the added left field choice of a Van Nic which I'm hoping to ride in a few weeks.

    I've just spent the afternoon on the 2015 Cannondale (loaned to me by my LBS Cyclesense) & was very impressed with the whole package. Seemed to accelerate nicely on the flat, was stiff enough up the hills (but notably more flex than my current aluminium frame) and particularly nice on descents. Ride position was a little more "upright" than I'm used to. The Shimano 105 worked fine - I'd pick out the brakes and front mech as being the strong points. It looked nice in black & white.

    Re the Giant, I've yet to ride one but I'm not an early adopter of new technology & am unsure over disc brakes on road bikes - I think a couple more years of rim / spoke /axle development will see some step changes.

    I'd just speak with your local shop, get a couple of rides and choose the one you enjoy most.

  • David Millar says cycling became a "burden," wants "to enjoy sport again"1 day 13 hours agoSorry mate, thanks for the

    Sorry mate, thanks for the personal attack .

    this article is something i have believed for some time.

    I am actually a big fan of contador too. His doping according to the press was unintentional.. who knows..

  • Richmond roundabout redesign has 'no significant safety benefit' for cyclists, campaigners say1 day 14 hours agoOoh well played!

    Ooh well played!

  • Shimano Sora 3500 groupset1 day 14 hours agoHad my Roubaix Disc for a

    Had my Roubaix Disc for a couple of months now and had nothing but problems with the Sora Gears, even from the demo, I had to take the bike back to get the gears set up.

    Then again and again, once I got to the 6 week mark, I was quite fed up, as bike I purchased was a demo bike, so cable was stretched, even so I was told new cables put in when I made the purchase.

    All I can say is thank god for another LBS, ended up taking to another shop. Told them the issue, without the slandering of the LBS I purchased from. I now have a Sora Groupset that has not slipped and gone in to gear when I have wanted it too.

    Issue, external cable warn!!!

    I was told by many Sora was good quality for money, now I'm seeing the benefits.... Big Grin

  • David Millar says cycling became a "burden," wants "to enjoy sport again"1 day 14 hours agoBecause training at altitude

    Because training at altitude enables the body to make its own short term natural adaptations in the way it is designed to do whilst EPO is artificially increasing the capacity of the body to supply oxygen to the muscles.

    By frequent dosing (micro or otherwise) the effect can be sustained for long periods giving a massive advantage compared to altitude training.

    Add to that the effect of EPO on the blood is such that it can cause serious circulation problems and seems to have been implicated in the deaths at young ages of quite a number of athletes including cyclists.

    That's why EPO is banned.

  • Richmond roundabout redesign has 'no significant safety benefit' for cyclists, campaigners say1 day 14 hours agoSo many circuses in London,

    So many circuses in London, no wonder the road system's run by clowns.

  • Cyclist shot while warming up for time trial - hunter said he was aiming at a hare1 day 14 hours agoCha-bleedin'-peau to that one

    Cha-bleedin'-peau to that one sir! Rolling On The Floor

  • Richmond roundabout redesign has 'no significant safety benefit' for cyclists, campaigners say1 day 14 hours agoHenry Lang died at Richmond

    Henry Lang died at Richmond Circus, these proposals are for Manor Circus which is the next roundabout along.

  • SealSkinz Mid Weight Mid Length Socks1 day 14 hours agoThe photos make them look

    The photos make them look like the big toe is separate. Perfect for flip-flops!