• opinions on a few bikes for newbie1 day 5 hours agoLittle update.. Went into a

    Little update.. Went into a lbs today for a browse and came out with a cannondale caad 8 Claris. I know.. It was not even on my list of potentials as until today I'd not seen one under 550 and that was without the pedals I wanted etc... I somehow managed to secure one with a set of SDL SL pedels and a few other bits for 450 brand spanking new...Basically by saying I'd take it there and then and pay cash.... Odd in this day and age that cash actually worked.
    Anyway.. Home and out for a ride almost straight away.. Ten miles down and I can honestly say I love it.. So much smoother and faster than my old 501 framed bike... Having the gear changes straight to hand makes a huge difference.
    Only niggling thing is I don't think the shop set the derraileurs up properlly.. So I'll be tinkering with them tomorrow.
    Odd how these things go...

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video1 day 5 hours agoLove it.

    Love it.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 day 5 hours agoQuote: I think we need to

    I think we need to challenge the notion of the "bad name" whenever it is trotted out.


    Try this: next time someone says that xxx "gives cyclists a bad name" try asking them to replace the word "cyclist" with any other "group"
    Black people, gay people, Jewish people. Anything you want really.

    Then ask if they'd use the same kind of contextual argument. Of course they wouldn't - at best they'd be accused of putting forward a stupid argument, at worst they'd be up on charges of inciting racial/religious hatred or homophobia.

    As mentioned above, if a "cyclist" jumps a red light and it doesn't affect you or anyone else, is it a problem? Now let's say a pedestrian crosses the road on a red man and it doesn't affect you or anyone else, does that give all pedestrians a bad name?

    Pointless argument and one that's easy to refute.

  • Glasgow bike shop “humbled” by response to its helping Malawi cyclists1 day 6 hours agoGreat shop and great guys!bb

    Great shop and great guys!bb

  • To buy a new lower end or old higher end?.. with specific examples1 day 6 hours agoUnless you are very

    Unless you are very experienced in assessing the condition of the bike and preferably able to replace most if not all components yourself I would definitely buy one of the new bikes.

    Components on high-end bikes are generally built to be light ... but not necessarily built to last for thousands of miles.

    With trickle-down technology, as new models come out each year, many of the expensive high-end features of the 6-year-old bike in its day will be commonplace on cheaper bikes nowadays.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 day 6 hours agoThat kind of attitude is what

    That kind of attitude is what really gets up the decent drivers noses, especially the inference that it's only the drivers who should be judged.

    I don't see anyone here suggesting that only drivers should be judged. Everyone is subject to the same rules of the road. What I am challenging is the popular assertion that cyclists have a bad name and have some collective responsibility to assume the moral high ground before they can be taken seriously.
    Speaking personally, as a motorist, all the factual evidence I can see suggests that we are the problem, not cyclists, and the roads would be far safer if there were more people cycling and fewer driving.
    I don't think it would actually transform attitudes if every cyclist behaved perfectly, and as Michael Hutchinson said "Why should my safety be dependent on the behaviour of other people?"
    There's nothing tribal about this, and there are very few adult cyclists who are not also drivers. I think we need to challenge the notion of the "bad name" whenever it is trotted out. Not in a sensationalist or confrontational manner; simply by asking people to look at the facts and consider if they have really thought about what makes the roads dangerous, or if they are just repeating what everyone else said.

  • To buy a new lower end or old higher end?.. with specific examples1 day 6 hours agoI'd be hesitantly inclined to

    I'd be hesitantly inclined to go for the older bike, as bikes tend to devalue in monetary terms much faster than do they do in terms of actual quality, and people can be keen enough to get The Next New Thing (or upgrade - there's always room to upgrade) as to part with something perfectly functional and decent.

    However, I'd be wary about the components being worn, or other bits being in need of replacement, as individual parts are generally quite expensive, and much cheaper if bought with an entire bike.

    I also have a soft spot for things with a bit of history behind them, and I'm sure there's a bike snob somewhere in me that's instinctively drawn to the swankier Italian brand, so those should be taken into account.

    Another disadvantage of the De Rosa is you can't pick your size, but if you're sure it fits that won't be an obstruction.

    Those are my impressions, but I hope other people can lend theirs too!

  • Video: Europcar's Kévin Réza picks up fan's helmet cam1 day 6 hours ago'No need for the elbow from

    'No need for the elbow from Sieberg'

    Every need.

  • Video: Watch Marianne Vos take the win at La Course1 day 6 hours agoAmazing, and that lunge over

    Amazing, and that lunge over the line was incredible to watch on the TV.
    She's got to be right up there as one of the outright GOAT - 16 world titles to her name!!

  • Always on—the plight of the humble gear cable1 day 6 hours agoMy carbon road bike, I

    My carbon road bike, I installed Di2 on there. It's great. I was always adjusting my ultegra gears, and sometimes they'd let me down on a gear change; not what you want sprinting away from the lights ahead of cars!
    I have a boardman MTB with SRAM X0 group set. No issues there. When there was chaos on the roads due to snow, I quickly changed the tyres to the fattest I had, and had great fun passing the stuck traffic, got to my important appointment and back on time.
    I like Di2 because it allows me to be efficient and consistent. I don't need that for messing around in the park with the kids.
    I've always liked bikes, and things always change. It's all good. However If I decided to cycle around the world, I wouldn't do if on a di2 equipped bike. Just common sense really.

  • Ride London 100 - too little too late?1 day 6 hours agobechdan wrote:100 is easy, I

    bechdan wrote:
    100 is easy, I did one around cheshire/wrexham in june and id onlu been on the bike three, times this year

    Oh to be as naturally gifted as you are.

  • Ride London 100 - too little too late?1 day 7 hours agoThe points about not having

    The points about not having to stop at junctions and drafting etc. are well worth noting. Being able to merrily barrel around corners with confidence will not only save energy you would have cautiously scrubbed off, but also preserve your rhythm, and keep you from digging into the glycogen reserves from getting back to speed. Add the fact that everyone else will be zooming along punching big holes in the hair, and you should find you can just happily and consistently sit and speeds you wouldn't have dream of under normal circumstances.

    The hills may not be pleasant, but you'll need something to mark the day, and they really make up a very small proportion of the route. Then you can go tell everyone of the 'suffering' you have endured, and what a glorious and noble human being you have become as a result. And that sort of thing.

    Anyway, don't do any mammoth training effort in the few days leading up to it (so, get in your last big ride soon). On the day, eat and drink often. Resist the urge to fly of with the faster lot at the beginning. Hopefully find that the majority of the ride consists of getting sucked along and admiring the scenery. It should be a lovely day out, and the slower you are, the longer you get to enjoy the countryside.

  • Vincenzo Nibali's Tour de France by numbers - how Astana rider made history1 day 7 hours agoHe survived where Froome and

    He survived where Froome and Contador didn't. He was the stronger rider this year, especially so over the cobbles.

  • Ride London 100 - too little too late?1 day 7 hours agoIt's not a normal 100-miler.

    It's not a normal 100-miler. The closed roads, huge numbers of people (therefore lots of drafting potential!) mean that it's basically the cycling equivalent of the London Marathon. And you'll have seen some of the people who manage to get round the Marathon... Wink

    It's a flattish route, just chill out and enjoy the day. Don't go off like an idiot at Mile 1 with all the fast folk, just find your own pace and make sure you keep on top of the feeding/drinking.

    It'll be fine, good luck!

  • replacement helmet pads1 day 7 hours agoAsk around your mates to see

    Ask around your mates to see if they have any of the bits of sponge that often come with a helmet. Then use scissors to shape them; they are all velcroed in much the same way.

    And also, if you ever buy a helmet, put all the unwanted sizing pads in a poly bag and stuff it in the bottom of your box of bicycle gubbins in the garage or shed or loft or whatever.

    Each of these steps supports the other.

  • Glasgow bike shop “humbled” by response to its helping Malawi cyclists1 day 7 hours agoSmart move.

    Smart move.

  • Video: Europcar's Kévin Réza picks up fan's helmet cam1 day 7 hours agoNo need for the elbow from

    No need for the elbow from Sieberg, but it did create a pretty cool vid!
    I'm so impressed with the high speed grab - "I've seen it, I must have it!"
    I suppose even pro riders need to pass the time with some distractions.

    As others have said, I like Reza, I don't know why but he's cool. Looks to be a decent cycle biker too.

  • Glasgow bike shop “humbled” by response to its helping Malawi cyclists1 day 7 hours agoIf I need a bike shop when I

    If I need a bike shop when I am in the area, I shall definitely go there. And maybe I will go anyway, just buy a couple of brake pads or something. Just to respond to a great gesture.

    I recommend everyone else to do this.

  • Noise when peddling hard uphill1 day 7 hours agoA creak is usually a sign of

    A creak is usually a sign of dryness; pedal bearings, BB bearings, it could just be a dry joint where the crank arm sits on the spindle.
    If it's a banging noise and you wince every time you hear it, it could be a bearing.
    I'd start off by lubing everything up, a small amount of grease on pedal threads, crank spindle and crank bolts. Whilst you have the crank off give the bearings a turn with your fingers. Everything should feel smooth, with no signs of jamming or play. Once everything has been lubed and the noise still persists it's time to look at new bearings.

  • Ride London 100 - too little too late?1 day 7 hours agoI am doing it aswell, my

    I am doing it aswell, my training has been interrupted by injury but I have got back up to 50 miles with no problems. I will doing a 75 miles this week then slowly tailing off training. I noticed one point on the forms saying you must complete within 8 hrs 30mins because of the professional race. How strict are they with this time. ? Not personally worried I normally do 100 mile in less than 7hrs.

  • Skoda FL1 day 7 hours agoI enjoyed the Skoda format

    I enjoyed the Skoda format too - happy with my 3rd in FS Smile

  • Glasgow bike shop “humbled” by response to its helping Malawi cyclists1 day 7 hours agoAnd here's why we should

    And here's why we should support our LBS'. Because you never know when you need them to support you.

  • If only there was a 5th Cat1 day 7 hours agostory of my life. go kick

    story of my life. go kick some ass.

  • Glasgow bike shop “humbled” by response to its helping Malawi cyclists1 day 7 hours agoWell done Bilslands

    Well done Bilslands

  • Video: Watch Marianne Vos take the win at La Course1 day 7 hours ago(No subject)