• Canyon reveal Alex Dowsett’s Hour record attempt bike2 days 10 hours agoThe UCI dq-ed Graeme Obree

    The UCI dq-ed Graeme Obree for cutting the nose off his saddle to fit within the regs...

  • CX Sportive and Wiggle join forces to launch 100 mile CX Event2 days 11 hours agoWhen we did it, one of our

    When we did it, one of our party did it on a bog standard road bike.

    We were impressed. He only fell off once.

  • Fly6 Mk22 days 11 hours agoClicked on the link to buy

    Clicked on the link to buy one and in two days the price has gone up by £4 what price will it be in a fortnights time?

  • Three riders crash in five minutes on Brighton's latest bike lane2 days 11 hours agoLooks like the council will

    Looks like the council will have a pretty significant number of personal injury claims to defend shortly...

  • Bianchi reveals celeste Oltre XR2 for new Lotto.NL-Jumbo team2 days 12 hours agoIt won't notice much once

    It won't notice much once it's covered in mud.

  • Oleg Tinkov accuses Dave Brailsford of "hypocrisy" on zero tolerance - and says Sky weaker without Sean Yates2 days 12 hours agoThose two British riders not

    Those two British riders not winning again is more to do with a waning attention span of the riders than anything else. Win the Tour once and soon after it becomes too hum drum, a clinical procedure to be followed. Too boring for the riders who want repeated excitement.

    Before we get into that, why isn't Sky a Tescos or Asda? Something synonymous with everyday British life? The last time I used Sky internet the quality and performance of the service sucked. The customer service response from some third world shack was so diabolical that they could only care to cover their bottoms by the skin of their teeth. When I see Sky, what do I see? Confusion.
    A team desperately hell bent on winning the Tour at all costs and nothing else. Like as if they have a point to prove. Maybe they do, to show how 'tpid they are.

  • Cyclists are… How others see us (according to Google)2 days 12 hours agoGoogle is crap. I just

    Google is crap. I just googled 'best response to aggressive drivers', and it didn't even come up with 'muzzle flash'.

  • Volvo teams up with POC for collision avoiding helmet that 'talks' to cars2 days 12 hours agoJust had a thought. You could

    Just had a thought. You could have an app that you link to your social media accounts and when the collision detector sees you are about to be hit, it could play a quick montage of highlights from Facebook up on the HUD. You could literally have your life flash before your eyes before you die.

    It could even have rider facing camera and take a selfie of your final moments and tweet it to the driver. #smidsy

    Kickstarter here I come.

  • Cyclists' Defence Fund joins fight for justice for Michael Mason2 days 12 hours agoJust donated a tenner as

    Just donated a tenner as well. What an appalling decision not to charge the driver At Wits End .

  • Turbo training2 days 12 hours agoThanks 3000ST1, great

    Thanks 3000ST1, great response and plenty of ideas there. I have been mixing up the turbo sessions, doing 30 to 35 mins at a time with some interval stuff and some easier steadier sessions. I plan just building up to 45 min sessions over time and adding some harder interval sessions. I will have a look at the Chris Carmichael and Joe Friel programmes...

  • Alex Dowsett confirms Hour record attempt in New Year2 days 12 hours agoAlex is Good Boy. Might as

    Alex is Good Boy.

    Might as well, nothing to lose.

  • Volvo teams up with POC for collision avoiding helmet that 'talks' to cars2 days 12 hours agoIsn't this just legitimising

    Isn't this just legitimising drivers not doing the low-tech stuff properly, like, you know, looking through the windscreen and in their mirrors, instead of checking their phone and satnav?

  • Cyclists are… How others see us (according to Google)2 days 12 hours agoYou can also play the

    You can also play the alphabet game by typing in "cyclists are" + the first letter of a new word:

    Cyclists are...
    A hazard, Better lovers, Cockroaches on wheels, Dangerous, Elitist, Fair game, Gay, Hot, Idiots, Jerks, More intelligent, Not rockstars, Obliged to use cycle paths, Part of the normal, Rude, Skinny, The worst, Untrustworthy, Weird.

    Generally positive then...

  • Volvo teams up with POC for collision avoiding helmet that 'talks' to cars2 days 12 hours agoI was just thinking that

    I was just thinking that things have gone a bit quiet from Smart Hat. Have POC picked up the rights?

  • Cyclists are… How others see us (according to Google)2 days 12 hours agoThis is poor journalism. It

    This is poor journalism. It didn't take me 10 seconds to find out the real reason is just sour grapes...

    Try: cyclists make... Party

    I concur...

  • Mauro Santambrogio, just back from a ban, fails another anti-doping control2 days 12 hours agomanmachine wrote:I find it SO

    manmachine wrote:
    I find it SO hysterical how disjointed and upset some these little whining momma's boys get when their false idols are found to be taking anabolics! Is that really what you're focused on?

    Let's see, for the Brit's, your government is FUCKING you every second of the day. But you LOVE it! Rolling On The Floor

    To the Euro dopes...your government (the Trans Global Tyranny) is enslaving YOU everyday. But you LOVE it! Rolling On The Floor

    To the American jackoff's, your government (the Fourth Reich) ONE of the most devious, scumbag governments in the world is FUCKING you every moment, of every breath you take. #PoliceState. BUT YOU LOVE IT!!!!!

    Do you muppets get this upset about your piece of shit corrupted governments? Hardly. Ideological Statists...
    Instead you RANT and cry and whine about athletes! So fucking IGNORANT. So fucking STUPID.

    I cannot wait for the COLLAPSE of the WEST! Then we'll see what really matters to your pathetic little lives... Rolling On The Floor Applause Laughing cunts

    Oh well done ! in one go you have managed to show so much ignorance that i doubt anyone on here will ever take you seriously. Also is there any need to use such profanity on the site ?

  • Cyclists' Defence Fund joins fight for justice for Michael Mason2 days 12 hours agoTragic....she has no

    Tragic....she has no recollection of seeing the cyclist (by her own admission), yet she knows she was travelling at a speed of between 20 and 30 MPH....?
    Have any witnesses corroborated that?
    I fail to believe that she was paying any attention whatsoever, therefore would have no idea of the speed stated
    ...also 30mph is 50% faster than the lower speed mentioned...so maybe she was doing 45 instead of 30...? Failed to brake - at 30mph the total given stopping distance is 23 metres, claimed stopping distance was 30 metres....looks like a well rehearsed chat with a legal consultant
    ...even less total stopping distance if going at 20mph (if you're emergency braking to avoid a collision)....but looks like her reaction time may have some bearing...seeing as she didn't seem to think she had hit something...let alone another human being...or was that guilt pangs made her pull over?

    All in, I hope the family of the cyclist get some closure and the correct decision is made to re-investigate/re-open the prosecution.
    I wish no malice toward the driver, we all make mistakes...and I'm sure if the situation were reversed, the driver would be following the same path...and feeling bewilderment that nobody was being 'held accountable' for the death of a family member...

  • Bianchi reveals celeste Oltre XR2 for new Lotto.NL-Jumbo team2 days 12 hours agoBest colour ever. Although

    Best colour ever. Although Trek do it pretty well too Day Dreaming

  • Carbon Clip On Bars Help!!!!2 days 13 hours agoForget the weight, but worry

    Forget the weight, but worry that the full tri-bars over your handlebars will be too high (or you'll have to change the handlebar height and affect your normal road position), and you might affect pedaling standing up.

    Have you considered one of the smaller clip on bars that go under the handlebar? I use a deda clip on that is a central mono-bar mounted under the handlebars that only takes up a cm or so either side of the stem, the mono bar splits into two at the end and is a decent length. I didn't add the arm pieces, I just add some extra padding under the tape. No problem using the tops, drops or hoods, but added an extra aero option. Not something optimal for a time-trial, especially a long one, but you can definitely get into a reasonable position for that 10% of the time when you need to.

    Another compromise option is the draft-legal bars but to my mind they are too short to get into a decent position.

    Good luck!

  • Volvo teams up with POC for collision avoiding helmet that 'talks' to cars2 days 13 hours agoCouldn't they come up with

    Couldn't they come up with something that would make drivers use their fecking eyeballs and look where they're going?

    I'd suggest a gizmo on the car that detects cyclists ahead and if the driver doesn't acknowledge the rider by looking directly at him within a suitably short time frame, either the car slows to 5mph, or gives the driver a waterspray in the face, or just bloody explodes.

  • Volvo teams up with POC for collision avoiding helmet that 'talks' to cars2 days 13 hours agoracyrich wrote: Can't someone

    racyrich wrote:

    Can't someone develop a 'cock sensor' helmet that drivers wear, that disables the car on recognition. That would save far more lives.

    ^ This. I'd love something portable and light-weight that generates a directed electro-magnetic pulse, fitting neatly into a pannier bag.

  • Canyon reveal Alex Dowsett’s Hour record attempt bike2 days 13 hours ago^ spot on. In other news,

    ^ spot on.

    In other news, that's the best looking bike Canyon have ever produced. I think it has something to do with the fact that I can only see two Canyon logos on it, instead of the usual twenty seven. They really need to change that about their bikes, and the font too, looks cheap.

  • Cyclists are… How others see us (according to Google)2 days 13 hours agoChristmas is _ _ _ _ _ _

    Christmas is _ _ _ _ _ _ Party

  • Exclusive sneak peek: First frames from Mason Cycles2 days 13 hours agojoemmo wrote: On that topic,

    joemmo wrote:

    On that topic, where did you hear about a new frame from kinesis?

    It was a forum post at bike radar, I think. Hardly the most assured information, but I can believe it, as I emailed Kinesis to ask if a disc GF Ti was in the offing and they said it was for January.

  • Carbon Clip On Bars Help!!!!2 days 13 hours agoRoyal1664 wrote:It's a long

    Royal1664 wrote:
    It's a long distance triathlon with the bike leg being 180km with 4400m of climbing! Hence the decision to use my road bike and the idea of clip ons as it is a non drafting race.

    Yorkshie Whippet wrote:
    Do you really feel the areo advantage on 22km out of 80km really worth the disadvantage of hauling the tri bars up the other side?

    Definitely. Aero is (mostly) everything. The debate about a few extra grammes is heavily overweighted Smile