• Hewitt Alpine Audax Frameset1 day 2 hours agoWell said. I found this

    Well said. I found this review interesting in the fact that I would never think of looking at Hewitt Cycles. The bike is stunning, well priced and ideal for the reviewers type of riding. He will be out all year round. While the fat ex golfers who have bought a carbon race bike even though they never race have no bike to go out in the winter. I personally can't wait for some bad weather so real cyclist who just enjoy cycling for the pleasure of being ouf on your bike get to take the roads back of the wanna be fat Chris Froomes Johnny come lately posers.

  • Keep Calm And Peloton t-shirts… Thoughts?1 day 2 hours agoDo it! You don't want to live

    Do it!

    You don't want to live with the thought of 'What If' rolling around your head for the rest of your life. The shirts can have whatever logo or design you want (beware of copyright infringement).

    Remember that there is more to life than "Keep Calm' Smile

  • Fitness question1 day 2 hours agoDaveyraveygravey wrote:The

    Daveyraveygravey wrote:
    The frustration comes about because I am 49; next year the gold standard gives me an extra 15 minutes to do the trip, and I just want to do it in 3.10. I am actually thinking about having another go sometime in the next month or two before the weather gets nasty.
    Last year I was 10 minutes outside, and all year I have been thinking if I can take a minute out of all the climbs, that's almost it. Need to think about all 50 miles, not just the 10 or so that are major uphills.

    The youth of today. Eh? back in my day etc. (yawn.... )

  • Updated: 16-year-old girl killed in Cambridge named as Beth McDermott1 day 2 hours agoAll of these comments

    All of these comments regarding the fact she wasn't wearing a helmet are irrelevant, keep your opinions to yourself as they're not needed. Beth was a lovely girl who I've known for a number of years, really think her family would like to read this kind of stuff on here? Be more considerate and less stuck up. Was hard loosing her, disgusting comments.

  • Track star Craig MacLean gives backing to Scotland's presumed liability campaign1 day 2 hours agoWell I hope this causes some

    Well I hope this causes some changes to the rest of the UK too, maybe it'll eventually lead to people thinking that little bit more when they're driving, it's all a start at least.

  • Iranian cyclist wins Keirin gold at Asian Games - and gets excused military service1 day 2 hours agoGkam84 wrote:... I was taking

    Gkam84 wrote:
    ... I was taking the piss, sorry
    Good of you to apologize. If you happen to have a chance, can you clear up a doubt back at the WC Road Race thread? Thanks...

  • Councillor suggests red light & pavement cycling crackdown after Portsmouth injury rate soars1 day 2 hours agoWhereas I tend to agree about

    Whereas I tend to agree about the cycling on pavements and jumping red lights by adults, the level of driving in Portsmouth and Southsea is particularly aggressive.

    As said earlier it's densely populated and full of rat runs. A large majority of residential roads have parking on both sides leaving only space down the centre, not all drivers will let you pass if you happen to be most of the way down the road, they expect you to move out the way.

    Also a point that's made often in Southsea is that in places where there are cycle protected lanes (Albert Road, Southsea) cars and delivery mopeds regularly block the lane. The council seems to pay little attention to this so you are left wondering why have the cycle lane there. Most traffic that stops there seems to be local businesses so maybe the council turns a blind eye to it.

    Over the past 6 months there have been many signs put up on the approach to roundabouts and junction that warn motorists to be aware of cyclists, but that's part of the highway code when learning to drive in the first place.

    Without some bigs changes I don't see cycling being any safer in Portsmouth, it takes respect by all road users.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 day 2 hours agolatest toy ... one ride old,

    latest toy ... one ride old, and yes I know the
    pedals and gear selection are all wrong for
    display purposes Wink

  • Keep Calm And Peloton t-shirts… Thoughts?1 day 2 hours agoThere was a company that was

    There was a company that was computer generating "keep calm" T shirts a couple of years ago. That might have been a way of making money, althougth there generator was notorious for producing some politically incorrect phrases such as "Keep calm and kill a cyclist".


  • Councillor suggests red light & pavement cycling crackdown after Portsmouth injury rate soars1 day 2 hours agoThe number of cyclists killed

    The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured increased significantly around here last year.
    The percentage sounded impressive but using their own statistics it appears that the number is 8.85 more than last year.
    I suspect that this increase may not necessarily mean that the roads are more dangerous....

  • Philippe Starck presents novel aluminium-and-cork helmet1 day 2 hours agoThe French ISP 'Free' got

    The French ISP 'Free' got starck to design their modem - it has little ventilation and overheats but it does look good, at least before meltdown. This helmet seems to suffer the same problems.

  • Nottingham man says he's 'lucky to be alive' after his bike wheel is caught in new tramlines1 day 2 hours agoAapje wrote:kennethsross

    Aapje wrote:
    kennethsross wrote:
    My helmet definitely saved me from quite possibly a fractured skull.

    I love how your smart side kicked in halfway through that sentence. Fact is that you can't say that a helmet saved you from a fractured skull, unless you have had a helmet expert examine the broken helmet to see how much energy it really absorbed. Even then it is a guess.

    It's maybe not the best writing, but I stay with my point. I don't think it takes a materials lab to tell you that a blow which cracked the foam of a cycling helmet could do damage to a human skull. If folks don't want to wear a helmet, fine - I'm not forcing anyone.

  • Spanish shoemaker Luck offers massive customisation options1 day 2 hours agoNo link?

    No link?

  • Keep Calm And Peloton t-shirts… Thoughts?1 day 2 hours agoMombee - I'm not really sure

    Mombee - I'm not really sure your analogy with smoothies holds up here. When Innocent launched they were most likely doing something that was relatively new in a market that wasn't overrun with similar offerings, they had a refreshing image and a good product. You are trying to enter a very crowded market with a derivative product that is not just safe, it's actually more likely to turn people off because it's so out of date.

    There are a few more things you can consider if you're serious about this. For example, you've got a long spiel about why you're doing this and why you like cycling - that's a good start because it forms something like a core for a 'brand' but none of that is communicated in what you are trying to sell. It should stand on its own without an accompanying mission statement.

    Also think about the product itself, is it good quality? People might buy a printed t-shirt because they like the artwork, the slogan, the 'brand values' or the t-shirt itself, hopefully all of them. The design you have fails on the artwork side, for a start it doesn't have the right font or layout that is part of the 'Keep Calm' motif. People will buy slogan t-shirts but they have to offer some decent looking type as well - that’s especially important if you are doing a pastiche on a well known theme or logo, anyone can go to a high street print shop and come out with some words and clip art on a stock T-shirt for a few quid.

    The shirt itself is also important. There's nothing wrong with Gildan per se but if you are just using the stock tubular knit shirts then they don't really feel like a high quality product. The fit tends to be very square with loose sleeves and is not terribly flattering. Most Ts these days are a more fitted style for men and women - have a look at Continental and American Apparel for example. They are more expensive but they feel and look like it too.

    You mentioned about de-labelling or adding your own tags: you can probably find a local textile company or seamstress who can do this for you in bulk and it will help remove the perception that the customer is just getting a bog standard t-shirt with a screen print on. It’s not terribly expensive to get custom printed or woven tags made but you will need to pay to have them sewn on your product – similarly if you want to brand via sleeve or inside neck prints so it all adds to cost which you need to weigh against perceived value and what you can charge.

    I’m really not trying to pee on your fire, honestly, but you could easily spend a lot of money and get nothing back if you start off without a good product and a good plan. As a start, there are several busy online t-shirt business and design forums, it’s worth taking a good look at them for advice and feedback - be prepared for some honest opinions. Best of luck

  • Road race1 day 2 hours agoJoelsim wrote:That's what it

    Joelsim wrote:
    That's what it says further up this thread...
    That's what I understood, too... Thinking

    From what Gkam wrote:

    Gkam84 wrote:
    ... the breakaway points as far as I know are still they HAVE to finish the race... any group of 10 or under wi[th] a minute lead at the half way point will get 10 points, IF those riders finish..


    Gkam84 wrote:
    ... the team bonus doesn't matter if they finish... [b]reakaway is different

    I understood Kvasina, Savickas, Polivoda or Quintero wouldn't get any points... Thinking

    I'd think Gkam scored this race... Thinking It makes me wonder if it's an inadvertant mistake by Gkam in the scoring or if Gkam reversed course on his understanding of the scoring or if someone else did the scoring with a different understanding of the scoring or if Gkam was confused about the scoring or if Gkam was notified his understanding of the scoring was not 'correct' or if it was late at night and Gkam was tired and didn't notice Kvasina, Savickas, Polivoda and Quintero didn't finish the race or if Gkam got an email from Dave 'clarifying' the scoring before he actually did the scoring or maybe they finished the race and the organizers reported it wrongly... Waiting

  • Iranian cyclist wins Keirin gold at Asian Games - and gets excused military service1 day 2 hours agoOppps, it seems my lack of

    Oppps, it seems my lack of smiley faces in my post sparked a reaction from others things I had come up with what I thought was a serious idea.

    I was taking the piss, sorry

  • Nottingham man says he's 'lucky to be alive' after his bike wheel is caught in new tramlines1 day 2 hours agokennethsross wrote:My helmet

    kennethsross wrote:
    My helmet definitely saved me from quite possibly a fractured skull.

    I love how your smart side kicked in halfway through that sentence. Fact is that you can't say that a helmet saved you from a fractured skull, unless you have had a helmet expert examine the broken helmet to see how much energy it really absorbed. Even then it is a guess.

  • Strava: Michal Kwiatkowski’s world road race championship winning ride1 day 2 hours agoSurely Strava should provide

    Surely Strava should provide a 'World Champion' badge for his Strava Trophy Case?

  • Majority of Bristol-Bath Railway Path users "frustrated" with each other1 day 3 hours agoThe B2B is so sucessful as it

    The B2B is so sucessful as it links two cities that are close enough to commute between by bike and have enough of a bike culture that the route is well used. There are, however, points that, in my view, really let it down.

    The first is the way in which it has been marketed. Labelling it as a 'path' doesn't really give an acurate impression of what it is for. I associate paths with ambling along on foot, maybe with the dog, and not really having to concern myself very much with my surroundings. I'd prefer that it was labelled as a 'road' or 'highway'. Perhaps the name 'cycle road' or 'human highway' would be appropriote. We need to be clear that exists primarily as a piece of transport infrastrucure and is likely to be used as such. It's also marketed as 'traffic-free' which is a term that I dislike. Let's be accurate and change that to 'motor-traffic-free'. Walkers and runners should expect to encounter cycle traffic. When considering the language currently used to describe the 'path' it's unsurprising that walkers are found wandering all over the place, dogs are allowed to run loose and runners are plugged into their headphones and oblivious to those around them. These are all reasonable behaviours on a 'traffic-free path'.

    On the subject of speed, there is a balance to be struck. I wouldn't condone the behaviour of the Strava-heads but there is also a requirement for infrastucture such as this to be able to carry users at a reasonable speed in order that journey times are acceptable. To me, an acceptable commute time wouldn't exceed about an hour so anyone commuting between Bath and Bristol would need to average speeds that would put them in line for some critisism from certain quarters. Assuming that the powers that be want to encourage active travel (which I don't think they do) it's vital to make infrastructure like this work at at least 15+ mph.

    The B2B is good but it could be great if Sustrans and the local authorities started to treat it as a real piece of transport infrastrucure rather than a leisure facility.

  • Nottingham man says he's 'lucky to be alive' after his bike wheel is caught in new tramlines1 day 3 hours agofarrell wrote:It was

    farrell wrote:
    It was facetious, but I'm still at a loss as to how you can fall so heavily on your chest and your head at the same time.

    I'm all for choice too, it just amazes me when people instantly jump to praising a helmet despite their injuries showing elsewhere took the brunt of the impact.

    Maybe someone cracked it afterwards in a nefarious plot to force us all to wear helmets. It's the only plausible answer, since it is obviously impossible to fall on your head and ribs at the same time. Impossible because you can't imagine it.

  • Nottingham man says he's 'lucky to be alive' after his bike wheel is caught in new tramlines1 day 3 hours agoSimilar thing happened to me

    Similar thing happened to me in Croydon, scars down my shoulder, broke a front brake and my helmet. I emailed my councillors, who fobbed me off to TfL who responded with this (extract):

    "...the geometry of the road is such that a designated cycle path at this location would not afford maximum benefits, as any path or facility to assist cyclists to cross the tram tracks at a 90 degree angle would not provide cyclists with a direct route. "

    To which I pointed out that taking the direct route goes around on a curve, where the angle of the wheel meeting the tram track is reduced, which is exactly what caused the accident!!! A complete ignorance of what the issue is.

    The road at that point has five lanes, an unused central island about 1.5 lanes wide and 2 tram tracks but apparently "road widths are very constrained."

    Bunch of morons.

  • Councillor suggests red light & pavement cycling crackdown after Portsmouth injury rate soars1 day 3 hours agoI quite often find myself a

    I quite often find myself a bit skeptical of PCF's statements and what not, but I must admit they fight hard and don't give up. The definitely deserve respect for what they do.

    Portsmouth City Council are a bunch of morons though, they don't care about cyclists and there are rumours (with no evidence) of them being institutionally anti-cyclist. Who knows the validity of that though?

    Couple this with the Portsmouth police force (or is it Hampshire?) deciding that 20mph speed limits aren't worth policing and you can see why Portsmouth is one of the most dangerous places to ride a bike in the UK. I live in a residential 20 and I reckon it is in excess of 50%, even taking confirmation bias into account, of people doing 30-35mph in a 20 limit that has 2 semi blind kinks back to back.

  • What do people thing about this bike?1 day 3 hours agoI had a look at one in Swift

    I had a look at one in Swift cycles a few weeks ago, similar, but it had Racing Zeros instead of whatever wheels are on that. It looked great, light as a feather in a 58cm. Should be a good bike. Focus make good bikes.

  • See.Sense intelligent bike light automatically flashes brighter and faster to improve visibility1 day 3 hours agoThe sensors are smart so the

    The sensors are smart so the lights do NOT activate when in your bag. In fact, with the new version you can turn them off by simply facing them to the ground for a few seconds.

    I have been using these lights for months and they are effective as lights "for being seen". Also, as far as I can tell from my usage, they are keeping the water out. My only small gripe is that you need some Sugru or somesuch to make them sit comfortably on an aero seat post. Otherwise they are my fave lights for the job.

  • Councillor suggests red light & pavement cycling crackdown after Portsmouth injury rate soars1 day 3 hours agoI see your point. I think the

    I see your point. I think the rational behind this is to create a system where there is a strong deterrent for a driver of a bigger vehicle to perform risky manoeuvres putting a vulnerable road user at risk. To put it in contest, I don't ride a bike in Rome (where I am originally form) but I mainly drive a car when I visit my family. If a scooter or a motorbike is a around me I make sure to give it penalty of space because I know that if I even touch it (or the scooter touches me) it is automatically my fault until the police investigation proves otherwise.

    I am a big fan of infrastructure, my concerns about that are : 1) probably it wont be available any time soon because it takes money and political will. 2) It has the potential risk to effectively segregate cyclists into it. Imagine if you go for a Sunday ride on a B or country road and motorist could think you ore not meant to be there and abuse you with hazardous manoeuvres.