• Bank Holiday Cycling Sales and Deals10 hours 17 min agoWiggle are doing amazing

    Wiggle are doing amazing stuff with their pending warehouse move right now, some incredible prices across the board there.

  • Video: Manchester cyclist rides through red light ... and into the side of a bus10 hours 18 min agoWhat a pair of tossers, hope

    What a pair of tossers, hope the skid marks last a long time

  • Pavement cyclist faces charges and media backlash after hitting toddler in incident caught on CCTV10 hours 42 min agoYou get twats on bikes, twats

    You get twats on bikes, twats in cars, twats on horses, twats on motorbikes, twats on a plane (like snakes on a plane!)... They all have one thing in common, when they get off they're all still twats. Twats happen, fact.

    Personally, I would have twatted him.

  • Matt Richardson rides 32km in an hour - on a Raleigh Chopper10 hours 43 min agoEither he's a dwarf or that

    Either he's a dwarf or that seat is definitely not unmodified. Not that I want to take anything away from the performance.

  • Matt Richardson rides 32km in an hour - on a Raleigh Chopper10 hours 46 min agoI think I'm doing well if I

    I think I'm doing well if I can do 20mph on my road bike! Chapeau! Applause

  • Pinarello unveils Dogma F8 Disc10 hours 53 min agoI've been riding a disc brake

    I've been riding a disc brake road bike for about a year now. Never had discs before although I did a lot of mountain biking before they were affordable/commonplace.

    My thoughts are; one can get used to anything. I have ridden single speed, rigid MTB on black trails and yes, it can be done, would you have more fun on a full susser with discs, maybe, would you be safer, definitely.

    As to road bikes, of course rim brakes are fine. Most of us have survived perfectly well up to now with them. But here in Devon, hills are steep, potholes are deep and resurfacing is not a regular event. I find discs give more confidence.

    To me, the real advantage of road discs are in the extreme engineering non-elegence of rim braking. Why would you want to wear down your wheel rim? Those things are pricey! And a rim blow out is a a hell of a shock...

    As to aesthetics, I'm with Le Courbusier; form follows function.

  • Pinarello unveils Dogma F8 Disc11 hours 2 min agocrikey wrote:Nothing wrong

    crikey wrote:
    Nothing wrong with progression, nothing wrong with disc brakes. I am somewhat bemused at the way people seem to have absorbed and regurgitated the internet take on discs and are almost frantic to suggest that they are the only option to consider.

    Not the only option, but within 10 years they will be damned close ... just look at mountain bikes!

  • Pinarello unveils Dogma F8 Disc11 hours 6 min agocrikey wrote:...and for the

    crikey wrote:
    ...and for the hard of thinking, you do realise that you're being marketed to, right?

    Disc brakes are not being developed as a favour, or as a philanthropic exercise, they are being developed so people will buy more stuff...

    See ladies handbags for the fashion equivalent.

    What a stupid comment. Look around you and you will see loads of stuff that was purely developed in order to sell it to people, and yet I bet you'd rather have it than the older alternatives. For example, HD TVs, dishwashers, Lycra, coffee, pneumatic tyres, carbon frames, commercial LED light bulbs, etc. etc. etc.

    Everything is developed to improve something that has gone before, some bits may be developed in labs but all of it makes it to us as consumers in the form of stuff that people developed purely because they thought it might make us money.

    Disc brakes are clearly better otherwise they wouldn't be on every mountain bike everywhere, and it's only taken this long to get to road bikes because road riders tend to be stubborn Luddites, as demonstrated by many of the comments on these disc brake related threads.

  • Video: Manchester cyclist rides through red light ... and into the side of a bus11 hours 6 min agoPedestrians can't run red.

    Pedestrians can't run red. The red man is a warning it might not be safe, not a stop signal. (The red bike on toucans is the same.)

  • Pavement cyclist faces charges and media backlash after hitting toddler in incident caught on CCTV11 hours 8 min agoIdiot, certainly. Should be

    Idiot, certainly. Should be punished.

    But "horrific"? Shouldn't we save some adjectives in case we need them later?

  • Video: Manchester cyclist rides through red light ... and into the side of a bus11 hours 11 min agoI ride through this junction

    I ride through this junction most days and have seen plenty of cars run the red going right. I've seen cyclists run the red too but never like that. The biggest danger at this junction though is pedestrians running their red. I never seem to see many comments about that!

  • Pinarello unveils Dogma F8 Disc11 hours 24 min agoPandAttack wrote:modulation

    PandAttack wrote:
    modulation imo is more of a personal thing, rather than the braking systems'. And ime, rim brakes are more easy to handle under hard braking, as the braking fore is focused on the centre - disc brakes tend to veer off to the left/right depending on which side the brakes on.

    What? Disc brakes do not pull to one side.

    1. The disc brake on a bike applies the braking force to the disc, which is attached to the hub, which pulls on the spokes, on both sides, and then this force is moved outwards to a single contact patch on the tyre.
    2. For there to be a pull left or right you need two wheels side by side, and then the braking force on one of the wheels to be more/less than the other. This can happen with any type of brake, but it MUST have the two wheels side by side.

  • road.cc Metric Century Challenge 201511 hours 25 min ago01 Jan 1 Point 63.8M/102.67KM

    01 Jan 1 Point 63.8M/102.67KM Total Points 1 Total KM 102.67

    01 Feb 1 Point 65.9M/106.05KM Total Points 2 Total KM 208.72
    15 Feb 1 Point 63.9M/102.83KM Total Points 3 Total KM 311.55

    07 Mar 1 Point 64.4M/103.64KM Total Points 4 Total KM 415.19

    05 Apr 1 Point 83.1M/133.77KM Total Points 5 Total KM 548.96
    09 Apr 1 Point 65.2M/104.92KM Total Points 6 Total KM 653.88
    26 Apr 1 Point 64.2M/100.42KM Total Points 7 Total KM 754.30

    10 May 1 Point 74.7M/120.21KM Total Points 8 Total KM 874.51
    17 May 1 Point 64.8M/104.28KM Total Points 9 Total KM 978.79
    23 May 1 Point 106.3M/171.07KM Total Points 10 Total KM 1149.86

  • Matt Richardson rides 32km in an hour - on a Raleigh Chopper11 hours 34 min agochapeau.


  • Giro d'Italia stage 1411 hours 37 min agoPhilip Unwin wrote:Alan

    Philip Unwin wrote:
    Alan Tullett wrote:
    Didn't know about the knee. Presumably Cataldo or Konig will be leader now.

    Come on Alan keep up. Cataldo is at Astana.

    Don't really keep up any more!!! Had him in my team as well.

  • Riding on your own - how many of you do this instead of a club ride?11 hours 40 min agoMainly by myself, i do like

    Mainly by myself, i do like riding with friends occasionally though, club rides are a bit sociable for me, i also dislike cafe stops, i would rather spend that extra time riding.

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 14: Alberto Contador back in race lead as Vasil Kiryienka wins ITT11 hours 44 min agoAll that talk of Porte

    All that talk of Porte regaining time and… nada. He does seem to fall off the pace in the later stages of GTs which is a shame given the promise he shows in shorter stage races.

  • road.cc Metric Century Challenge 201511 hours 52 min ago24 Jan: 1 Point (107.5km) 7

    24 Jan: 1 Point (107.5km)
    7 Feb: 1 Point (176.9km)
    14 Mar: 1 Point (104.1km)
    5 Apr: 1 Point (105.1km)
    6 Apr: 1 Point (107.3km)
    11 Apr: 1 Point (102.9km)
    25 Apr: 1 Point (103.6km)
    3 May: 1 Point (110.9km)
    9 May: 1 Point (109.1km)
    17 May: 1 Point (106.5km)
    23 May: 1 Point (100.7km)
    TOTALS: 11 Points (1,234.6km)

  • The best cheap cycling sunglasses11 hours 53 min agoAnother vote for the Bolle.

    Another vote for the Bolle. Enough different styles too.

    I forked out for a more expensive pair of glasses when I started cycling, promptly broke them. At least I don't have to curse myself when I drop the Bolle.

  • Matt Richardson rides 32km in an hour - on a Raleigh Chopper12 hours 6 min ago32km - meh. But 20 miles, now

    32km - meh.
    But 20 miles, now THAT'S an achievement.

  • "Two wheeled rehab" sees crash survivor cycling to Paris for charity that helped save his life12 hours 6 min agoCycling saved my life,

    Cycling saved my life, there's no doubt about it.

    It was up to me to discover it though. Had it been left to the medical fraternity, I would still be on double crutches and housebound, be about sixteen stone and addicted to several prescription drugs by now.

    It was pure fluke that I discovered that I could ride a bike. That first ride I took, along the Thames, moving under my own steam? It was like a glimpse of colour after years of black and white. I hate to think how many others there are who haven't been as lucky as Chris West and me.

    If you know of anyone with mobility problems, please encourage them to try cycling. There are charities such as Wheels For Wellbeing who can let you try different cycles.

    I just wish that there was more recognition of how important cycling can be to the less-abled.

  • Pavement cyclist faces charges and media backlash after hitting toddler in incident caught on CCTV12 hours 10 min agodon simon wrote:Why did the

    don simon wrote:
    Why did the parents allow the child to run onto the pavement unattended?
    Why wasn't the child wearing a hiviz jacket (SMIDSY)?
    Would the child have sustained lighter injuries had they been wearing some form of body armour?
    Not the cyclists fault as far as I can see. Cool
    I bet the sun was in his eyes too...

    Brilliant, how did I forget the, cast iron, get out of jail free card of the "the sun was in my eyes"

    Sorry that's only applicable for motorists, in a ton of metal, doing double the speed limit, and on the phone..... But that's ok, because all Sun readers do that.

  • Matt Richardson rides 32km in an hour - on a Raleigh Chopper12 hours 13 min agoamazing! it's like the

    amazing! it's like the article said, just getting to that speed is an achievement on a chopper.

  • Matt Richardson rides 32km in an hour - on a Raleigh Chopper12 hours 13 min agoThat's, amazing, I hope I'd

    That's, amazing, I hope I'd be able to do that on my road bike, but I'm not sure.

  • Video: Manchester cyclist rides through red light ... and into the side of a bus12 hours 16 min agoFluffyKittenofTindalos

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:
    bikebot wrote:
    zanf wrote:
    The second video the HGV obviously RLJ'd but not a single person mentions that. Just pointing out a cyclist who is a bit keen to go.

    Not a single person, except the author of the article, the person who posted the video, and most of the people commenting on it.

    Still not enough though - that ought to be the main point. The cyclist got his come-uppance for going too soon - that has to be a learning experience for them, surely?

    Trouble is, the lorry driver probably learned nothing.

    RLJing by motorists is too widely tolerated.

    You're preaching to the choir mate. But you must admit, it's quite funny to say "not a single person mentions that", when even the video itself has "Lorry RLJ" in the title!

    And if you want to see some ridiculous red light jumping, try ten seconds after the lights change - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtTIYREyI4Q