• Tech Roundup: Featuring Charge, Muc-Off, Swiss Side...4 hours 12 min agoJust checked and pre order

    Just checked and pre order cost is £716 inc shipping !!
    That's very good

  • Bicycle Sounder / Noise-maker: For continous aural-visibility, soundprint, hear-me-coming full time bell/horn/roar5 hours 28 min agoThey said it could not be

    They said it could not be done Smile But here it is

    The 6 sound horn (the all black horn shaped type in my video above) runs on a single AA battery. That means a 9V horn is being powered by a 1.5v battery for a long life sounder.

    The sound is a little quiet (and too loud with 3v) The case may fit two AA batteries in parallel or perhaps yes, with a bit of chiselling a C sized battery which holds 8000 mAH - the equivalent of about three AA cells and two full 1850 charges!

    The alarm has been on for more than 1 hour and it still is meaningul. Yes, even at 2 hours it should warn pedestrians of my approach.

    It should last at 5 hours on a C battery.

    I am only in town for about 20 minutes of my normal route and it is only during rush hours, or when I am in a rush, that I would want to use it, I think, So it should last about 15 rush hour rides or about 3 weeks on a battery.

    I ordered one of these push switches

    It is far from ideal. It would be far better if I could choose the sound - the buzzer sound is best rather than the syren sounds.

    I wish it ran from a 18650 and were an option of the 6 sound horn that I have. If I were keener and bought the right push switch I could achieve that. I tried powering it with a 4.2 volt 18650 but it was too loud.

  • crank arm length7 hours 36 min agoIt's not unusual (cue burst

    It's not unusual (cue burst of Tom Jones) for the cranks on recumbents/HPVs to be around the 150 mark, advantages seem to be reduced knee strain/pain and requiring/aiding a faster cadence. AFAIA there's no great argument to say what the length should be, much like the knee-over-pedal-spindle myth, but the powercranks link is interesting. Train with them and you get used to them, allegedly. One proponent of short cranks is Mike Burrows , who can also shorten them for you if the crank allows it.

    I'm tempted to try 'em on the next recumbent, in 30-32 on one local 18%-er on a 36+lb 'bent is bloody hard work winching yerself up when you can't stand up for more leverage - dropping to a 26 inner with a short crank might make the difference if it can keep just enough cadence, with the downside of some loss of leverage.

  • crank arm length9 hours 11 min agoI went from 170 to 175 and

    I went from 170 to 175 and noticed no difference at all. And going on the calculations, my teeny legs (length, not girth, haha) should be pedalling 165's!

  • Sportful No-Rain Arm Knee and Leg Warmers9 hours 37 min agoThese are all size large

    These are all size large

  • Pictures of your Bike10 hours 21 min agoVery nice bike Dr!

    Very nice bike Dr!

  • DannyShane Genova II Grey Jersey10 hours 39 min agoThink this is a case of the

    Think this is a case of the man not fitting the jersey. The guys I know and seen wearing them on local rides all seem very happy. And they look good across a range of body sizes. Maybe Road.cc needs a new model... sorry model guy.

  • Zefal Trekking 700S water bottle10 hours 51 min agoMy GF has a version with a

    My GF has a version with a "flip" valve and a straw on the inside. She's just so happy with this product!

    It seems like once another Zefal have managed to provide a simple, but thoroughly thought out product at a decent price. One just shouldn't ask for more!

  • Mason Bikes announce pricing and geometry11 hours 12 min agoHello All, long time lurker

    Hello All, long time lurker first time contributor.
    I'm pretty new to this road bike thing (long term mountain biker), but I'm quite enjoying it and I'm looking for something new and exciting to replace my initial cyclescheme bike (Fuji Sportif if you're interested), but I'm a little torn here. I like the look of the Definition and it's ticking a lot of boxes (not least as a bike snob), but I'm struggling a bit with the whole concept. I'm looking at the Definition next to the Aethein and whilst I get that there will be a little more weight on the chainstays and fork to resist the braking forces, and a bit more for the longer top and head tubes, it's a nicer tubeset that I would expect to offset the additional weight. The Definition is the thick end of a pound heavier than the Aethein and I perhaps naively, thought this would be engineered out. Obviously the lack of any reviews of the Definition doesn't help; maybe it rides a lighter than the numbers suggest, but there's likely to be a rash of disc frames coming along in the next few months so while I really, really like the look of the Definition I'm struggling to justify it. Without a test ride (tricky for a new company) do I chuck enough cash to cover the inevitable Canyon disc frame that must be about due at it, or do I hold off? The relatively slack angles also worry me in so much as my current bike (massive headtube excepted) has pretty traditional 73/73 angles and I have no problems with that. I guess I'm looking for a bit of reassurance that I wouldn't be making a mistake with the Definition and that it would be both quick and comfy enough as a long termer. I understand that all I'll get just now is opinion, but that's what I'm after at the moment.

  • Carbon road bike x-ray11 hours 27 min agoRide it up and down the

    Ride it up and down the street and jump a couple of kerbs, or bin it and buy a steel bike. which you'll then have to ride up and down the street and jump a couple of kerbs each time it gets crashed.

    It's a bike, it doesn't need X-raying, it needs you to be sensible...

  • Carbon road bike x-ray11 hours 36 min agoTry Googling some NDT (non

    Try Googling some NDT (non destructive testing) firms. They can use a whole range of techniques - ultrasound might be a better technique for something like this.

  • Catalunya Stage 611 hours 36 min agoSo many guys who might have

    So many guys who might have gone into breakaway on Stage 7 went on Stage 6. Wonder who will still have any energy to climb Montjuic eight times in a small group tomorrow.

  • Genesis reveals updated Volare steel frame with new tapered head tube11 hours 54 min agoChasseur: That's pretty

    Chasseur: That's pretty amazing. How did you get a 10 speed into a 30yo old frame? A 130mm hub into a 125mm or even 120mm spaced frame? That's a lot of bending!

    That makes me think my next "new" bike should be an old high-end steel frame with modern light-weight components. (Though, first I have to find early 80s Campag groupset to replace the mid-80s "upgrade" Campag bits on my early-80s vintage Italian bike Wink ).

  • building a route on Garmin for Garmin Edge touring12 hours 16 min agoI wouldn't bother with the

    I wouldn't bother with the Garmin site, but plot it on BikeHike instead.

  • Genesis reveals updated Volare steel frame with new tapered head tube12 hours 27 min agoTrying to big up steel frames

    Trying to big up steel frames by weight in the current cycling market is simply foolish. Steel cannot compete with carbon in terms of weight, so quoting ever lighter steel frames is a cul-de-sac.

    Steel frames should be sold in a different way...

  • 15 things every cyclist loves12 hours 42 min agoThe wiff of wild garlic .Yes!

    The wiff of wild garlic .Yes! summer is fast approaching!

  • Genesis reveals updated Volare steel frame with new tapered head tube12 hours 44 min agoActually here's an even

    Actually here's an even lighter steel frame. 1475g in medium.


    Pleased to see that they actually post the frame weight, most steel frame builders are very coy about it.

    Mind you, a Colnago Master X-light from the 1990s is around 1650g in 55cm so there's not been a lot lost in the last 25 years.

  • Pictures of your Bike13 hours 9 min agoBeautiful bike drbilly46!

    Beautiful bike drbilly46! Very tasty celeste paint job Big Grin

  • Paint yourself visible at night: Volvo develops new Life Paint for cyclists13 hours 9 min agorowes wrote:A nice gesture I

    rowes wrote:
    A nice gesture I think, and perhaps the technology will be improved upon to last more than one week. Personally I think children's coats should legally have some reflective strips. It's not victim blaming it's helping and bringing something new to the table.
    Volvo appear a responsible company with their 2020 vision and should be commended on their attitude, not berated.

    New safer lorries delayed until 2022 - BBC News
    "The delay until 2022 is, in part, the result of a compromise deal after manufacturers such as Sweden's Volvo and France's Renault said the introduction of new cab sizes should be delayed"

    They don't care about cyclists.

  • crank arm length13 hours 15 min agoThere's some experimental

    There's some experimental data that shows shorter cranks are better for power output... because we 'should' be spinning at a high cadence I guess. Here it is:


    The research quoted there - about 3/4 of the way down the page - shows that cyclists produced the most power with quite short cranks. Very odd.

    Also if you have sore knees then go shorter, others say.

    I think the principle is, whatever works for you.

    I quite like shorter cranks as I used to hit the inner pedal on the ground when pedalling through corners. Your experience may be different.

  • Paint yourself visible at night: Volvo develops new Life Paint for cyclists13 hours 19 min ago[[[[[ Let us spray? Er, no,

    [[[[[ Let us spray? Er, no, not until drivers, b4 every trip, spray their eyes with Optrex....and remove all the in-car toys and gadgets contributing to some of the 19,000 collisions cyclists currently endure. But hey, why stop at spraying ourselves? How about attaching flags to our helmets, to flap in the breeze, three feet up! Yes, and a (compulsory) V.w.d.,--vocal warning device--on the 'bars, repeating over & over, "Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!" at 50 decibels? The words "done up" and "Christmas tree" occur to one, innit.

  • Paint yourself visible at night: Volvo develops new Life Paint for cyclists13 hours 23 min agohttp://www.bennetts.co.uk/mis


  • Tech Roundup: Featuring Charge, Muc-Off, Swiss Side...13 hours 32 min agoThat's quite the discount if

    That's quite the discount if you buy front *and* rear Swiss side wheels then.

  • "Is it April First?" Councillor criticises lorry cycle safety measures13 hours 49 min ago"...and it will clamp down on

    "...and it will clamp down on spurious claims against the council. "
    Call me cynical...

  • 250 bike parking places to be added to railway stations in Greater Manchester13 hours 52 min agoGreat if you work at the

    Great if you work at the station.
    Pile of old bollocks if you want to take your bike on a train...