• Audax UK ace Steve Abraham aims for Tommy Godwin's "unbreakable" Year Record in 20151 hour 7 min agotommy Godwin, how was it

    tommy Godwin, how was it proven he cycled all those miles? any proof?

  • Smart Hat designer puzzled by cyclists’ negative response1 hour 9 min agoThe helmet is that big...it

    The helmet is that big...it must have room to carry his mind altering drugs in

  • Smart Hat designer puzzled by cyclists’ negative response1 hour 11 min agoLet me put a box on my head

    Let me put a box on my head while I think this dumb ass idea through...DDDOOOOHHHHH!!!!

  • Police use speed guns to target cyclists on Bristol & Bath Railway Path1 hour 13 min agotonylen wrote:Bloody hell-its

    tonylen wrote:
    Bloody hell-its a shared use path-why would anyone want to blast past pedestrians and run the risk of injuring them or yourself ?

    but I suspect the vast majority of cyclists using that path do use their common sense & arent "speeding" or wilfully endangering people, there are a few idiots Im sure, a walk along the shared path on Brighton seafront shows that people always do stupid things, pedestrians included.

    IME on those types of shared paths pedestrians believe anything above their own walking pace is too fast and speeding, and anything that overtakes them that they werent expecting or hadnt seen, is passing them too close, as its the shock factor almost of having a big adult sized lump on a big bike pass them, the cyclist is nowhere near them and has planned a route around them safely as we know collisions hurt, but still the pedestrian is shocked/surprised/unprepared that their perception is that was too fast and too close.

  • Headset bolt covers1 hour 15 min agoDab of silicon adhesive will

    Dab of silicon adhesive will work just aswell.

  • Headset bolt covers1 hour 19 min agoCheers Tim... That's exactly

    Cheers Tim... That's exactly what I was looking for... Just pressed pay on an order too with a few spares in-case any go walk-about!

    I had seen the ones at BPF online but they wanted a minimum order of £50! I'm not sure at £0.02 each I would ever be able to warrant buying 2500 of them!

    Don't get me started with OCD cleaning... My bikes live on show indoors so I can't allow one spec of dirt on them!

  • Update: Arrest made following death of cyclist killed by A13 'street-racing' driver1 hour 21 min agoso whats the answer?

    so whats the answer?

  • iPhone holder1 hour 21 min agoTry ebay guys, there's plenty

    Try ebay guys, there's plenty there and low cost too, when I went on the Garmin Rideout a few years ago a speaker there said that best place for aero is just behind the handlebars on the top bar, just bought a new one from ebay but haven't fitted yet!

  • Police use speed guns to target cyclists on Bristol & Bath Railway Path1 hour 24 min agoUsual guff - ignore motoring

    Usual guff - ignore motoring slaughter whilst pointing the figure everywhere else when those not willing to subject themselves to the genocide instead look for alternative and safe routes. Cyclists are legitimate victims to cars but pedestrians should be protected from cyclists.

    Perhaps every cyclist should just resign themselves to the inevitable. I'd suggest something along the lines of:

    1: Buy the largest 4x4 you can, preferably amassing huge debt so you can compete in the Jeremy Clarkson game of car value being proportional to your intelligence and value as a human being.

    2: Eat, sit on your back end and watch a mindless soap, preferably with a lot of arguing in it.

    3: Look down on anyone using transport cheaper than yours whilst selectively ignoring anyone in a more expensive vehicle.

    4: Despite loving your fellow motoring chums ensure you park your offensive mass on pavements (as you secretly know your great compatriots will smash into your pride and joy and then drive off). Get aggressive if a peasant like pedestrian has the audacity to question why you've parked on the pavement.

    5: Dust off the credit card and get ready for the weekly trudge around the local retail park collecting more crap you don't need, might as well use that huge boot for something.

    6: On the way make sure you use your horn, sit up the arse of anything in front of you that you can see over and berate clogged roads whilst failing to recognise they are just like you and driving the same 4x4.

    7: Despite spending 50 minutes to travel 7 miles conduct a punishment pass on a vulnerable road user of your choice as they held you up for 20 seconds.

    8: Trip up on the broken pavement at the retail park then berate the wisdom of local council spending.

    9: Stop off with the kids at a fast food emporium 'as they're starving'.

    10: Make sure you use the disabled parking bay (wider so those pesky cyclists don't dent your doors)

    11: Buy a 'Baby on board' sign for the rear window. You love your pals out on the roads but somehow you still feel the need to place a public sign pleading with them to crash into someone else as your child is special.

    12: Marvel at your man boobs and gut, you've worked hard for those. Make sarcastic comments at anyone in the office who shows any sign of doing anything active whilst having a set of pre-prepared stories ready about your prior athletic prime.

  • Falling off on new road surface1 hour 25 min agoJust to sum up, I think I

    Just to sum up, I think I have found most of what I wanted to know, if you crashed a car you'd want to know why and learn from it, not just get back in it right? I think change of surfaces means I have to change tyres, but I may just have been unlucky and hit some diesel (most likely), thanks so much for all your positive and constructive help.

  • Accidental death verdict in case of Retford teenager hit by lorry1 hour 26 min agostop look and listen are all

    stop look and listen are all valid, just maybe in the wrong order?

  • Accidental death verdict in case of Retford teenager hit by lorry1 hour 28 min agoPlasterer's Radio wrote:Did

    Plasterer's Radio wrote:
    Did the driver have their stereo on high volume?

    could be worse,,,,, a headphone wearing driver, cant be any less dangerous then a headphone wearing cyclist or pedestrian?

    seems the issue is of cycle path layout or the lack off, and the possibility of poor judgement on both partys?

  • Copenhagen looks to build a cyclists’ paradise1 hour 29 min agomad_scot_rider wrote:Frankly

    mad_scot_rider wrote:
    Frankly I'm trying to think of even one good reason not to emigrate!

    Hills -- or the lack thereof

  • Smart Hat designer puzzled by cyclists’ negative response1 hour 31 min agoI think some of the German

    I think some of the German lights have a brake-light function, at least for dynamo lights. So called bicycle "dynamos" are really magnetos and produce AC, so it is not hard at all to monitor the speed of the wheel spin, and to do something different when it spins more slowly.

  • Falling off on new road surface1 hour 31 min agoThanks good comment, however

    Thanks good comment, however please see my reply to Bike Food.

  • Smart Hat designer puzzled by cyclists’ negative response1 hour 32 min agoWow. And I suppose I'm

    Wow. And I suppose I'm supposed to be respectful and polite in my criticism of this device and its clueless inventor.

    If the helmet had a heads-up display and I could call in drone strikes on some of the more boneheaded driving stunts I see, that would be interesting.

  • Falling off on new road surface1 hour 34 min agoThanks, I think you could be

    Thanks, I think you could be right here, good constructive comment.

  • An obscured windscreen is a potential killer warns the AA1 hour 34 min agoLarryDavidJr wrote:It's a sad

    LarryDavidJr wrote:
    It's a sad day when the best large organisation that defends cyclists on the roads these days seems to be a private organisation dedicated to the motor car!

    The police are too busy waving their little cameras at people on bikes going above twenty so I suppose someone has to pick up the slack.

    In the early days of the AA the mechanics originally got around by bicycle looking out for broken down vehicles and warning drivers of hazards in the road. So even this car centric organisation had to rely on two wheels.

  • Falling off on new road surface1 hour 36 min agoThanks, this is very valid as

    Thanks, this is very valid as I was on Vittoria Rubino Pro's, the slick version, I have been running them for the last 2 years without issue however. I also have the version with tread on that I used during last winter during all the wet conditions, again without issue. I was drawn to using them on account of a large amount of punctures I was suffering and have not had any since running these. I believe that in conjunction with road surface improvement and/or possible diesel spillage they are not suitable other than dry conditions. I am thinking to go back to the treaded version for winter and also to use normal pedals and flat shoes so as I can get my leg out if required, in order to build confidence back. I get your point about better tyres, but I am not convinced as there is still such a small contact patch, I also believe running lower pressures is good, but this will not save me if there is diesel on the road, in fact nothing will. The ultimate scenario will be in good time when most of the resurfacing/diesel spillage is complete perhaps. I hope this is valid to us all, as new risks are arising and we all should consider, thanks again.

  • Accidental death verdict in case of Retford teenager hit by lorry1 hour 43 min agojacknorell wrote:Blindspot?

    jacknorell wrote:
    Blindspot? What blindspot?


    Did you bother reading the long and informative comment from Nick, the cyclist lorry driver? Worth a read, and thinking about it.

  • Headset bolt covers1 hour 45 min agoYou really do have OCD don't

    You really do have OCD don't you Phil Wink .....think about the extra weight!!

    As I have mild OCD and need to clean my bike regularly I can sympathies Smile

    A quick google has come up with some possible options, not sure they are exactly what you are after:



  • Update: Arrest made following death of cyclist killed by A13 'street-racing' driver1 hour 45 min ago"Today, two children woke up

    "Today, two children woke up without a father because some prick thought that the A13 was a suitable place to drive like he was playing Grand Theft Auto."

    No, GIZMO, he was allowed to drive like a prick, like thousands more. It is not an "accident". This society is simply not taking steps to prevent those things. One out of two driver is allowed to use a smartphone while driving for obvious reasons. First they use a car, Second they use a smartphone. It's a big business.

  • Police use speed guns to target cyclists on Bristol & Bath Railway Path1 hour 50 min agoBloody hell-its a shared use

    Bloody hell-its a shared use path-why would anyone want to blast past pedestrians and run the risk of injuring them or yourself ?

    As I understand it the main issue is where the path nears a school-what is there to disagree with here? If the cops really are responding to anti cycling comments in the press,how about going on a charm offensive rather than all this reactionary stuff that plays right into the hands of the bike bashers?

    Of course pedestrians can be unpredictable and daft -even more reason just to slow down a bit-there was life before Strava and not every commute needs to be a TT

    Just show a bit of common sense !!

  • Police use speed guns to target cyclists on Bristol & Bath Railway Path1 hour 59 min agoIts worth reading David

    Its worth reading David Hembrow's article about shared use paths.

    In their code of conduct, Sustrans point out themselves that their paths "aren’t suitable for high speeds" and suggest that "if you wish to travel quickly [...] this is better done on quiet roads". For all their claims about having provided a network of cycling infrastructure, they're actually admitting that this network is not suitable for cycling.

  • Giant Defy Advanced SL road bike2 hours 7 min agoKiwiMike wrote:People first

    KiwiMike wrote:
    People first against the wall when the revolution comes:

    Designers of bikes for sale in the UK who omit the capability to fit mudguards.

    Or people who comment they don't like the look of a bike on here apparently.