Royal Parks continues opposition to Boris Johnson's Cycle Superhighway plans

Cyclists using a key part of Boris Johnson’s flagship £47 million east-west Cycle Superhighway, currently under construction, could be left without physical segregation from motor vehicles due to opposition from The Royal Parks.

Cyclist hurt as fishing line stretched across country park bike path near New Forest

People riding their bikes at a country park close to the New Forest are being warned to be alert after a cyclist was hurt by fishing line  stretched at head height on a cycle path. A local cycling club is now aiming to raise funds so a reward can be offered to help track down the culprit.

Dunwich Dynamo 2015 - 'cycle friendly' train company bans bikes on some trains, severely restricts numbers on others

Dunwich Dynamo riders will have to find alternate ways to get home from the annual 120 mile overnight ride from London to the coast after train company Abellio Greater Anglia banned bikes from some of its trains and limited others to carry 50 bikes.

On its website the company says the changes are due to increased popularity of the event, which takes place on the night of Saturday 4 July/Sunday 5 July, and the pressures on its trains and inconvenience for fellow passengers.

Met Police: Cuts mean no more support for London mass rides

London's police will no longer provide officers for mass bike rides in the capital, in the face of budget cuts and to minimise traffic disruption, Road.cc has learned. Where the Metropolitan Police once provided officers on motorbikes for protests and mass leisure rides on open roads, allowing cyclists to travel as one group across junctions, now a handful of rides will be assisted at the police discretion - the rest will have to obey traffic signals.

Vote now for the UK's Best Coffee Stop for Cyclists! (Sponsored by road.cc)

We like a coffee here at road.cc especially when combined with a bike ride, that’s why road.cc is sponsoring the inaugural award for ‘The UK’s Best Coffee Stop For Cyclists’ at the 2015 UK Coffee Stop Awards.

#mycyclingweekend 12 - Through rain and shine, but mostly shine

We hope we didn't put too many of you off with our rather pessimistic forecast for this #mycyclingweekend's weather. Turns out it was rather lovely, eh?

Other than a couple of showery spells on Saturday evening, we rode through what was a fairly dry weekend down here in the South West. Sure it was a bit blowy, but it looked surprisingly summery elsewhere in the country too. Maybe we should stop taking the weather forecast so seriously, even if only through these turbulent spring months.

#mycyclingweekend 11 - Selfies in the sunshine

It must have something to do with the sunshine, because we've never been sent so many selfies on a #mycyclingweekend before.

Despite the sunshine, conditions out on the UK's roads this weekend were hardly idyllic. We had a fairly consistent cold wind all weekend, so we're super impressed at the number of you who sent us such smiley selfies

We'll kick off with a selection of the selfies in question:

#mycyclingweekend 10 - sunshine, showers, and socks

That's it, we're officially ten #mycyclingweekends deep! Before we delve into this week's photo banks, we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed pictures and helped us through this difficult, but very welcome, transition from winter to spring.

On Friday we decided mark this inaugural #mycyclingweekend landmark by running a springtime photo competition.

Could you organise the next World Naked Bike Ride? Leaders needed in the East of England

If you’re based in the east of England and like to feel the wind in your, erm, hair, rejoice, because there is  a Naked Bike Ride coming to a town near you.

Organisers of the World Naked Bike Ride are planning to bring their event to Ipswich next year, building on their success in Clacton and proposed rides in Colchester and Chelmsford later this year.

They’ll even bring it to Norwich too, if they can find willing organisers.

England squad abandon plans to cycle to Euros training over 'health and safety fears'

The England squad may have to abandon plans to cycle to daily training during Euro 2016 over traffic fears.

The team will be heading to France next year to compete, and Roy Hodgson was looking into alternative modes of transport after heavy traffic in Rio de Janeiro at the World Cup last year meant that it took the men 45 minutes by coach from Sao Conrado beach to their Urca military base training ground.

Recently, Hodgson found a base for his Liverpool players that allowed them to cycle to training.

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