Sustrans: Racers not welcome on shared use paths

Sustrans has told cyclists not to race on shared use paths, telling riders to slow down or even keep off traffic-free paths, which are also used by pedestrians and wheelchair users.

The sustainable transport charity has also called for apps like Strava, which allow cyclists to virtually race each other and their own best times, to highlight routes that are deemed inappropriate for riding fast on.

Department for Transport's Action for Roads plan details inaction for cycling

The government yesterday released ‘Action for roads: a network for the 21st century’, which details how the Department for Transport plans to spend £50 billion on roads over the next generation. How much of that will go to cycling? Somewhere between none and not much.

Cycling campaigners visit Police and Crime Commissioners to call for urgent improvements in policing

Campaigners and victims of road cycling road crashes are today visiting over 30 Police and Crime Commissioner to hand over the CTC’s Road Justice report which examines the deficiencies of roads policing as it relates to crashes involving people on bikes.

As many recent cases have highlighted, cyclists generally feel theses cases are not taken seriously by the police and prosecution service.

Traffic police numbers slashed across England and Wales, reveals new research

The charity Brake has criticised cuts made to the number of traffic police in England and Wales as “a false economy” that threatens to undermine efforts to improve road safety and has urged the government to make policing the roads a national priority.

Research conducted by Brake in partnership with the website webuyanycar.com established that across Great Britain as a whole, the number of traffic police fell by 12 per cent between 2008 and 2012.

CTC to deliver damning report on Devon and Cornwall police attitude to cyclists

Want to drive like an idiot with little fear of the consequences? Head to Devon and Cornwall, where the force disbanded its traffic unit in 2011, and where the number of fines for motoring offences has since halved.

That’s the background to a report about to be submitted by the national cycling charity CTC to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, Tony Hogg next week.

Family of cyclist Kenny Lush, killed by hit-and-run driver, gets record compensation

The family of a cyclist killed when he was hit by a driver in May 2009 has received compensation that the CTC says is the “highest ever sum of damages for a claim for fatal injury through the CTC’s insurance scheme.”

Father of four Kenny Lush, 47, was hit by motorist Deborah Hearn while on his way home from work on the A414 between Hatfield and Hertford.

Eurostar clarifies its bike carriage system

Planning to take your bike to the Étape, Marmotte or other European event by Eurostar? Take a good look at the new luggage regulations Eurostar recently introduced and plan accordingly.

The Eurostar train service was at the centre of a storm of consternation among cyclists last year when it changed its terms of service for bikes. Where you could previously take a bagged bike as hand luggage, you now had to check it in and you could no longer be certain that your bike would travel on the same train.

Date set for Crown Office appeal against "unduly lenient" sentence for double cyclist killer Gary McCourt

Scotland’s Crown Office has announced that a date has been set for the appeal against the sentence of Gary McCourt, the driver responsible for killing cyclist Audrey Fyfe in August 2011.

In a brief announcement on its website, the Crown Office said: “The Crown can today confirm that a date has been set for the hearing of the sentence appeal in the case against Gary McCourt. The hearing will take place on 6 August 2013 at the Appeal Court at Lawnmarket, Edinburgh.”

£55 fine and three points for driver who left cyclist with broken leg, elbow & weeks in hospital

Cycle campaigning charity CTC has strongly criticised Preston magistrates after they handed down a £55 fine to motorist who caused a crash that left a cyclist with a broken leg, fractured elbow and soft tissue damage.

Road Justice Campaign challenges justice system to investigate, prosecute & sentence road crime properly (+ Powerful videos)

National cyclists' organisation, the CTC has today launched its Road Justice Campaign which aims to get the justice system to take a more rigorous approach to investigating, prosecuting, and sentencing incidents of bad driving on Britain's roads.

In a statement on its home page at www.roadjustice.org.uk the campaign sets out what it is seeking to change:

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