Cheshire West and Chester named best highways authority for filling potholes

CTC has named Cheshire West and Chester the country’s top highways authority when it comes to fixing potholes, with all 47 defects reported to it via the national cyclists’ organisation’s Fill That Hole website getting speedily repaired.

CTC votes to convert to charitable status as membership reaches record levels

CTC members have voted to take the necessary steps to allow the organisation to convert to charitable status after 133 years as a mutual. At its recent AGM the organisation whose membership now stands at a record 67,058 voted to chance the CTC's Memorandum and Articles of Association and convert in to a membership charity from its current status as a mutual organisation with a charity attached. In effect the 133 year old mutual membership organisation will convert to charitable status and merge with the much newer CTC Charitable Trust.

York beats Cambridge in Cycle Town Challenge

When two flagship cycling towns went head-to-head in a bid to see which one could attract the most new cyclists, it was York that beat Cambridge in a so-called Workplace Challenge.

Some might consider the numbers persuaded to take to pedal power were modest, with York attracting 134 new cyclists and Cambridge 111, but those figures were achieved in just three weeks.

The CTC-backed competition was designed to encourage the uptake of cycling among the workers at some of the towns’ major employers.

Three weeks left to rate your council on pothole performance as CTC league table revealed

National cyclists’ organisation CTC is urging road users to rate their local council’s performance when it comes to repairing potholes. A league table on its fillthathole.org.uk website currently shows Chester West and Chester Council as the best in Britain in tackling the issue, filling in all 243 potholes so far notified to it and putting it in line for an award.

Sustrans slams "disastrous budget," CTC says government should encourage bike use

Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity, has accused Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne of yesterday delivering “a disastrous budget which focuses on short term gains to get popular support.” While cutting fuel duty as a sop to motorists the Chancellor also cut tax relief for "biking breakfasts" one of the methods used by organisations to tempt new cycle commuters to give riding to work a try.

Pavement cyclists under the spotlight in Wales as fines rise sixfold

Figures released in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed a sixfold rise since 2008 in the number of fines given to cyclists for riding on pavements in Wales. While shop owners maintain that anti-social cycling is a menace that needs to be eradicated, cycling campaigners insist that the data highlight that greater provision is needed for cyclists on the principality’s roads.

CTC and Sustrans launch online petition to fight helmet compulsion

Sustrans and the CTC are have launched an online petition in their continuing efforts to fight a bill that would make cycling with a helmet compulsory in Northern Ireland by launching a petition and presenting evidence to the committee of the NI assembly that is currently scrutinising the bill as part of the legislative process. The online petition can be signed by anyone living in the UK.

CTC says cycling may be getting safer despite rise in DfT casualty statistics

National cyclists’ organisation CTC says that a 3% rise in the number of recorded cycling fatalities needs to be put in the context of an increase in the number of cyclists in recent years and that in proportional terms, cycling may actually be getting safer, while AA president, Edmund King said the increase in new cyclists was itself a contributing factor as motorists switched from four wheel to two to save money.

BBC reports on the rise of the helmet-cam

BBC Breakfast news today ran a report on the use of video cameras by cyclists who increasingly, it seems, view them as a pre-emptive evidence gathering tool, potentially bolstering their case against negligent and/or aggressive motorists.

Victoria Pendleton backs 'Fill That Hole' council campaign + CTC launches revamped pothole app

Victoria Pendleton’s Olympic and World Championship success may have been forged on the smooth boards of velodromes around the world, but Britain’s potholed roads have left the track star less than impressed, and now she’s backing a campaign to highlight the issue and reward those local authorities that take prompt action to remedy damaged roads.

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