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Myprotein ENERGEL Orange Zest Flavour

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Myprotein is a sports nutrition brand (the UK's No 1, according to its website) with a large portfolio of products ranging from fish oil tablets to weight gain powders, and including these Energel energy gels, which are tasty, effective and good value.

OTE Energy Gel

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OTE is a new range of nutrition products aimed mainly at cyclists and triathletes, including these energy gels. They're entering a crowded market place but the OTE gels do stand apart from some competitors thanks to their distinctive taste, the fact that they're made from all-natural ingredients, and their neutral PH balance to help reduce the stomach discomfort.

Science In Sport Rego + Fruitflow Recovery Gel


Rego + Fruitflow is a recovery product from Science in Sport (SiS). If you train hard and race hard, it may help you recover faster and improve your overall performance.

Unlike most recovery products, which are usually drinks or bars, Rego + Fruitflow is a gel. And unlike most recovery products, it does not contain much carbohydrate or protein. And unlike most recovery products, you take it before exercise, not during or after. Get the picture? It's different.

Mule Bar Kicks Energy Gel (box of 24)


Mulebar Kicks are energy gels from the company that produces Mulebar energy bars. Just like the bars, the gels have organic and '100% natural' ingredients. We've reviewed them before on but 2013 sees a new flavour and a slight change to the packaging, although the main formulas stay the same.

The new flavour is called Cafe Cortado, and not surprisingly the main ingredients include coffee, along with rice syrup, barley syrup, agave syrup, guarana and Himalayan crystal salt.

Sponser Red Power Gums


For cyclists needing to eat during long races or other endurance events, energy food usually means a gel or a bar. These Sponser Red Power Gums fall into a different bracket that can only be described as chewy sweets. They're tasty, easy to eat and deliver a good supply of carbohydrate for energy - plus a dash of caffeine for an extra little boost.

Nectar Sports Fuel Cell Energy Gel Sachets


Nectar Sports Fuel Cell Energy Gel Sachets are carbohydrate-based energy gels from the people behind For Goodness Shakes recovery drinks. Like many gels these days, it's a mix of glucose and fructose, designed to deliver as much energy as possible. For some riders, though, it won't last long enough.

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Sponser Liquid Energy Long Gel


Sponser Sport Food is a Swiss brand of nutrition products. We've previously reviewed their Liquid Energy gel on but this is the 'Long' version, designed for longer endurance events. Despite the name, it isn't really a liquid - it's also a gel - but the thing that makes it totally different from other gels is its flavour.

Bike Food Pure Energy Gel (25 pack)


The latest addition to the Bikefood range of nutrition products is Pure Energy Gel. The 'pure' tag is there to indicate that this gel is made from all natural ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It's also got a good taste and provides a quick and sustained supply of energy.

High5 Isogel and Isogel Plus Carbohydrate Energy Gel - 25 x 60ml


High5 IsoGel is not really a gel at all. Despite the name, it's a liquid. So it's a carb-based sports drink in a gel-style sachet. Thus, it delivers energy and hydration - unlike normal gels where you need to take on liquid separately - but it's of questionable benefit for most road cyclists.

Each sachet of IsoGel is 60g. According to the packaging, each gel contains 26g of carbohydrate, providing 104 kcal of energy. According to the High5 website, each gel contains 22g of carb, providing 88 kcal.

High5 Energy Gel and Energy Gel Plus - 20 x 38g


High5 Energy Gels are smaller than the gels available from some other brands, but they taste good and slip down easily - and certainly deliver the energy you need on a long hard bike ride.

Each sachet contains 38g of gel. According to the packaging, the main ingredients are maltodextrin (which the body breaks down into glucose), water and simple glucose. There's also some salt and flavouring. This mixture provides 20g of carbohydrate and 80 kcal of energy.

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