Getting a taste for bike week

This morning I attended a bike breakfast in Islington (London) which was stationed along a very busy cycle route behind Angel tube station. It was a glorious day and the cycle path was incredibly busy with people pedaling their way into work. For any rider that chose to dismount and take a break were rewarded with homemade cake, croissants, brownies, orange juice, tea and coffee , even their bikes checked by a team of Bike Doctors and the obligatory flyer thrust upon them. This was all set up by the Islington division of the LCC (London Cycling Campaign) and it was free.

Everydaycycling - a moan

When will it be back?

My cycling life isn’t worth living without my hunger for mileage being fulfilled on

I have been studiously logging data from every training ride, time trial and sportive I have ridden since 2006 and making year on year comparisons based on distance, speed and how I have felt.

Over the weekend before last I tried for ages without success to sign in once my ride had finished. Not that I am overly competitive or anything, but I was keen to see how my June 09 had started in comparison with June 08.

Girl power comes to Philly

Here's something that doesn't happen very often, at the recent Liberty Classic/TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championships the women's peloton caught and over took the men's peloton – including Floyd Landis.


Presta Valve Caps

Commuter diaries - super cycles

Well, does it get any better than this?

Did any of you buy The Times yesterday? I was expecting the Cycling Supplement to be preachy and completely for beginners, as it happens I was mildly surprised!

Apart from Alistair Campbell, who seems to put a spin on anything and everything (excuse the pun), I found the rest of the editorial reaffirming!

Not that my cycling love and lifestyle need reaffirming.

Today, I have cycled along the river with my son to feed the ducks and have been on a 20 mile, gentle evening role, around some county lanes.

Exmouth Exodus - a night of two halves

When I'm not busy making I'm also involved in the organisation of a night ride, the Exmouth Exodus. This year's ride was last weekend on 6-7 June, when all of the rain for June swept through the West country in a single evening. That made for 'interesting' conditions on the night, and my job for the night was to dish out pasta to bedraggled souls at North Curry cricket pavillion. As such I'm not the man to write a report of the ride itself, so I'll leave you in the capable hands of Graham Brodie, who posted his account of the night on the EE forum, and it's a good read...

Road tubeless tyres: my first experience of fitting them

Hutchison very kindly sent us a set of their Fusion 2 tubeless tyres, complete with all the gubbins that you need to convert your wheels and get rolling without your inner tubes: special rim tape, valves and latex sealant. So yours truly was chosen as the guinea pig, and I set to work attempting to fit them.

Cool Eddy Merckx animation

I'm a sucker for nice bike animations and this tickled me: it's from illustrator Richard Mitchelson, and he says, "It is based around Eddy Merckxs' hour record set in Mexico city in 1972 when he travelled 49.431km in the hour."

Missing the point?

I don't want to disturb you readers but I sometimes get the inspiration for this blog whilst in the shower after a ride. Last night I led a charmed life arriving in village after village just after the rain had been dumped from the sky.

I did get a little bit wet, but no-where near the level of soaking I had been anticipating. Last summer the skies were deposting on me every time I seemed to step out of the door. So the cycling gods must be smiling on me at the moment and I am grateful for that. Anyway I digress.


Wheel the bike out the bedroom where it's been resting for the last few months, bounce it down the stairs on a soft back tyre and clamp it in the workstand.

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